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Annual training fees

There will be no Pay As You Go fee options in 2016. All members will be required to pay the annual training fee in order to attend Club training sessions.

Use the links below to earn commission for the Club through their affiliate schemes.




Mike Dowds and Helen Garrett are our coach and training coordinators. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback regarding our coaches or training sessions, please let Mike or Helen know.



CPT in action

The training opportunities CPT offers are the most comprehensive of any club in the Region. There is at least one session every day of most weeks for Adult members and at least four sessions a week for our Junior members.

Before joining you are welcome to try two sessions to help you decide.

Coached sessions cater for all abilities (unless otherwise indicated beforehand) and will be configured for the ability range present.

Find out more about our great value Annual Training Fee which must be paid by all members in order to attend sessions. We no longer have a Pay As You Go option..

Please check the weekly Training schedule to ensure the session you want to attend is actually running.

• Regular training sessions

Swimming - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Cycling - Tuesday (Veldrome), Sunday (Club ride)
Running - Monday and Wednesday

Check the training schedule for Saturday morning sessions, open water sessions and other extended training opportunities such as camps and trips.

• Annual training programme

Whether you are following your own training programme and using the Club sessions to support this, or using the Club’s structure of sessions to guide you, the following information is important.

Our coached sessions are based on an overall Annual Training Plan which focuses on Base Training and Preparation during the Winter months and gradually increases session intensities through the Spring in preparation for Competition through the Summer months. See link below for details.

Our coaches also recommend the use of a Heart Rate Monitor and your Heart Rate Zones for training purposes to get the most out of your time training. This is obviously not compulsory but be sure to make the coach at any session is aware if you are using one and need help or guidance on using it effectively.

• Links to training tips and plans




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