Crystal Palace Triathlon - Sunday 23 May 2010

Crystal Palace Triathlon 2010


9 June 2010 - Congratulations to Cecily Barber (No 473) who won the Zone3 Aeroflo trisuit worth £65.

28 May 2010 - Coverage of this year's race has appeared in the Croydon Guardian (has anyone got a copy?) the Croydon Advertiser, Crystal Palace Magazine, Tri 24/7, The News Shopper, The Guardian and Triathlete Europe.

26 May 2010 - Photographs are now available for viewing and purchase on the ProSport Photos website.

Congratulations to Chris Ford (No 339) from Wimbledon Windmilers and Siobhan Bay (No 407) from East London Triathletes who are the winners of the Swimovate Pool-Mate watches.

David Shapton (No 566) is the winner of a three-month supply of CherryActive's sport recovery drink.

Results now have bike laps, where available.

Read a selection of the feedback received so far.

Course records

Both the swim and bike course records were broken this year. The swim record, held since 2007, was 09:16, this was broken by Conor Harrold from East Essex Tri, in a time of 08.52. The bike record, held since 2006, was 33:04, this was broken by this year's winner, Neil Harris from 7Oaks Tri Club, in a time of 32:43.

23 May 2010 - We hope you all enjoyed your race today in the sunshine. We would love to hear your comments and feedback so please email us to let us know what you thought. Results are on the Stuweb site. If you have any queries regarding please let us know and we will forward on to Stuart.

We have some items of lost property. If you've lost something, please let us know and we will try to reunite you!

Photographs will be available on the ProSport Photos website in the next few days.

2010 race information

The following documents are available in PDF format. Please read carefully as there are a few changes to last year.

Please note we are unable to change start times, make any further competitor transfers or give any refunds.

Junior race


If you have any queries please contact us.

26 April 2010 - We will be unable to reply to email queries and withdrawals until w/c 10th May. We hope to publish updated race information w/c 10th May. All competitors will receive email confirmation when the udpates have been posted.

Hope your training is going well and we look forward to seeing you on 23 May.

23 March 2010 - The adult race is now also full and a waiting list is in operation. You can add your name to the waiting list by going to the online entry page, then 'Click here to register', and scroll down to the Waiting list option.

Should you have to withdraw for any reason, please contact us to let us know.

21 March 2010 - To bring our Youth race inline with the distances covered at the IRCs we have amended the Youth cycle distance to 11k (from 8.8k), this will now involve five laps of the full cycle route (instead of four).

We have also revised the timing of the Junior races. The juniors, starting with the Youths working through to the TriStarts, will commence at approximately 12:30.

8 March 2010 - The race is filling fast with only about 100 places left. In the Junior categories TriStar 1 and 2 are already full. We are operating a Waiting List for those categories. Please add your details to the waiting list and we will contact you, on a first come first served basis, should a place become available.

Race information from 2009 is still available on the race page. This will be updated nearer to race day but might answer some of your questions.

29 January 2010 - Entries to the race and the junior race on 23 May are now open.

2010 sees the return of the popular Crystal Palace Triathlon, organised by Crystal Palace Triathletes (CPT). The race comprises a 750m swim in the 50m pool at the National Sports Centre, cycle nine laps of a closed circuit within the park (closed to traffic!) then run two laps around the park, finishing in the renowned athletics stadium.

Swim = 750m - 15 lengths in 50m pool
Bike = 20km - 9 laps of closed road circuit in park
Run = 5km - 2 laps in park

Competitors for the full Sprint event must be 17 or over on 31 December 2010.

Entries are also open for the CPT junior triathlon, to be held on the same day (after the adult race). Further details of the junior race categories are shown below.

We will operate a waiting list should the race fill before the closing date.

The race will start at 09:00 and run through to approximately 12:00, with start times allocated according to estimated swim times. The juniors, starting with the Youths working through to the TriStarts, will commence at approximately 12:30.

Please note we will be unable to accommodate requests to change start times as the smooth running of the event depends on everyone swimming at their given times with swimmers of a similar ability, allocated according to estimated swim times.

Crystal Palace Triathlon - Adult Entry

Entries closed


Crystal Palace Triathlon - Tristar Start Entry - 8 years

Entries closed


Crystal Palace Triathlon - Tristar 1 Entry - 9-10 years

Entries closed


Crystal Palace Triathlon - Tristar 2 Entry - 11-12 years

Entries closed


Crystal Palace Triathlon - Tristar 3 Entry - 13-14 years

Entries closed


Crystal Palace Triathlon - Youth Entry - 15-16 years

Entries closed


Junior Race Event Information

Entries for the CPT junior triathlon are in the following BTF categories:

•    TriStar - Start - 8 years
•    TriStar 1 - 9-10 years
•    TriStar 2 - 11-12 years
•    TriStar 3 - 13-14 years
•    Youths - 15-16 years

The approximate distances vary depending on age group/category, please see details below:

TriStar - Start - 8 years
- 50m swim in 25m training pool
- 1k cycle (1 x 1k loop)
- 600m run

Approx start time: 15:45

TriStar 1 - 9-10 years
- 150m swim in 25m training pool
- 4k cycle (4 x 1k loop)
- 1.2k run

Approx start time: 15:15

TriStar 2 - 11-12 years
- 200m swim in 50m pool
- 6k cycle [3 x 2k laps)
- 1.8k run

Approx start time: 14:30

 TriStar 3 - 13-14 years
- 300m swim in 50m pool
- 8k cycle (4 x 2k laps)
- 2.4k run

Approx start time: 13:30

 Youths - 15-16 years
- 350m swim in 50m pool
- 11k cycle (5 x 2.2k laps of full spring course)
- 2.5k run

Approx start time: 12:30

The junior race will be run according to BTF rules, ages and the distances raced.

Sharing your journey is a great way to reduce traffic to the Crystal Palace Triathlon 2010

JambustersYou can also look for people to share with to training sessions and other events and...

We've teamed up with Jambusters to make that easier. You can ask your fellow travellers for a contribution to costs and save some money on your own travel, or maybe don't bring a car at all. There are also links to various public transport and journey planner websites. If you are interested in car sharing please register on the Jambusters CPT car share website.

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Estimated swim times - You will be asked for an estimated swim time for the 750m swim. It's important that you are as accurate as possible as we set swimmers off according to their swim times.

The fastest swimmers complete the distance in around 10 minutes, the average time is between 17-18 minutes and the slowest about 30 minutes. We don't mind how long you take but the race runs much more smoothly if everyone is swimming with others of a similar ability.

Course records

Fastest 750m swim split 09:16 2007
Fastest 20k - 9 laps bike split 33:04 2006
Fastest 5k run split 15:15 2009
Fastest overall time 59:38 2005

Useful links and advice

FGSFor Goodness Shakes! nutrition advice

- Exercise nutrition made easy (PDF 483Kb)
- Do More, 40% more (PDF 900Kb)

For Goodness Shakes! will be giving away samples of their delicious recovery drink on race day.


11 January 2010 - Please note change of date for this year's event. We have had to bring the date of the race forward a week from 30 May to 23 May.

Pre and post race massage
CPSICWe are delighted that the Crystal Palace Sports Injury Centre is continuing their support of our triathlon.

They will be on hand at the event for pre- and post-race massage, but if you have any injury concerns before then please call the Centre on 020 8778 9050 to arrange an appointment.

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Free bike check-ups
Simon's Service Centre are offering technical support on the day of the event through free check-ups on participants’ bikes before the triathlon takes off and on-site technical assistance throughout the day.

If you need your bike servicing before the event please contact Simon's Service Centre on 07880 715100 or 07788 724307.

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We would like to thank our sponsors and encourage you to visit their websites:

2010 race sponsors Visit the CPSIC website Visit triandrun's website SwimShop Visit Pool-Mate's website Visit Foska's website Visit Zone3's website Visit Cherry Active's website Visit TSC's website Visit the TriTowel website Visit the For Goodness Shakes! website


If you have any queries about the race then please contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

ProSport PhotosProSport Photos will again be taking photographs on race day. You will be able to view and order your images online after the event.

Junior event photography
Crystal Palace Triathletes does not want to prevent parents/carers or other spectators being able to take legitimate photographs or video footage of competitors. However, there is evidence that certain individuals will visit sporting events to take inappropriate photographs or video footage of children/young people. As a Club and a race organiser, it is essential that we should be vigilant about this possibility.

CPT will therefore, for the purposes of our event on 23 May 2010, have in place registration for those wishing to take photographs or video footage of children/young people. Please read the attached guidelines, complete the permit request form and bring to Registration with you on the day of the race, where an identification pass will be issued giving an individual the authority to take photographs or video footage of children/young people at the Crystal Palace Triathlon.
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