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If you would like to feature in the Member profiles, please answer these 20 questions and send me some relevant photos.

Lisa's first bike

Lisa's first bike

Lisa - Beckenham Relays 2010

Beckenham Relays 2010

Lisa - Sevenoaks 10k

With Emanuele at the Sevenoaks 10k 2010

Lisa - The Bridge Triathlon 2011

The Bridge Triathlon 2011

Lisa - Clash of the Tritons 2011

Clash of the Tritons 2011

Lisa - Dulwich 10k 2011

Dulwich 10k 2011

Lisa - Christmas party 2011

CPT Awards Ceremony 2011

Lisa - Bexhill Triathlon 2012

Bexhill Triathlon 2012

Lisa - Midsummer Munro 2012

Midsummer Munro 2012

Lisa - The artist

Lisa's triathlon artwork

Lisa - Dulwich 10k 2012

Dulwich 10k 2012

Member profile - Lisa Collins

Lisa in action


What inspired you to try a triathlon?London TriathlonI was working for a charity and they were recruiting fundraisers for the London Triathlon – that was the first time I heard of triathlon and it sounded great. I cycled to work and I enjoyed running and swimming but with no plan or focus, so I joined CPT in December 2009. I was still new to London so making friends was another reason.


Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?Lisa at the Crystal Palace Triathlon 2010Crystal Palace sprint in 2010. I’d never swum 750m front crawl before and my transition times added up to nearly 8 minutes - what was I doing?!


Do you have a favourite race? That’s a tough one. Each race has something special to remember, whether it’s the course, the cakes or a personal best. It’s easier to name my least favourite, which ironically is the London Triathlon – soulless and expensive. I think London can do better.

Lisa at the London Triathlon 2010


Describe your first ever bike See picture (top right).


Where does your bike live? One in the hall, one in the living room and one in the spare room. They’re breeding.


Hangover cureOne piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbie1) Don’t overdo it i.e. three races in one week. Enthusiasm can get the better of you, so can injury.

2) Never ever race while still drunk from the night before. You’ll want to die and your performance will be dreadful. Obvious really!


Cycling up Stavrovouni in CyprusWhere's your favourite place to ride?Cycling up Stavrovouni in Cyprus was incredible. I also love Cumbria for its dramatic backdrop and epic hills. Kent and Surrey are beautiful too. Too many to choose from! But I think the UK still has a long way to go in terms of cyclists and motorists sharing the roads with equal respect and care.


A big mug of teaDo you have any pre-race rituals and meals? What are they?Toast or porridge and a big cup of tea. If it’s a long race then I’ll add a scrambled egg or a banana, even though I don’t really like eggs or bananas.


A bacon buttieFavourite post-race drink/snack?Bacon buttie, bran muffin or a date slice is perfect, but as post-race choices are usually limited I’ll eat anything, even the dreaded banana.


Do you prefer to train alone or with a group?A bit of both. Each has its advantages and it depends what I’m training for (I doubt anyone would’ve wanted to join in training for a 10km swim). Groups are fun.

Lisa doing a 10k swim at Dorney Lake 2012


What do you carry with you when you train?Kids day outJust keys when running, but bike training is like packing to go on holiday including the travel-size portions. Taking the bike out is how I imagine mums must feel when taking their kids out.


FlasherDo you run to music? If so, what's your favourite?No, I like to concentrate when I run, plus I like to be alert to muggers, flashers and peepers!


Legs shaved, waxed or hairy?Tired.


Vitruvian TriathlonIronman - Yes/No/Again?I’d love to, one day, but it’s a huge commitment in so many ways. I’m doing Vitruvian in 2013 (half IM) which is a start.


Ironman tattoo - Yes/No/Where?No, I’m done with tattoos. The ones I’ve got are mean enough.


What do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?Girlguiding logo1) Project Manager for Girlguiding UK

2) Artist


Lisa's dinner guestsThree people you'd like to have dinner with?Elizabeth I, Paavo Nurmi and Howard Moon.


The Book of ShrigleyWhat are you currently reading?The Book of Shrigley, and Elizabeth I: Queen of England. I’m a massive history fan.


What was the last film you saw?Looper. It was better than I expected.


BallbusterWhat’s next for you?Jeckyl & Hyde, Winter Ballbuster, and some good, winter running races.



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