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If you would like to feature in the Member profiles, please answer these 20 questions and send me some relevant photos.

Member profiles

Louise 1999

Bournemouth 1999

Louise 1999

Montreal World Championships 1999

Karen - IMUK

Tandem triathlon

Cancun 2002

Cancun World Championships 2002

Ironman Switzerland

Ironman Zurich 2006 was a DNF

Ironman UK

2006 Ironman UK finisher

Budapest World Championships

2010 World Championships Budapest


Member profile - Louise Alan-Smith

Louise in action


What inspired you to try a triathlon?A friend persuaded me to join him to do a tandem triathlon – where one of you swims (that was me) – both of you cycle on a tandem and then the other one runs (luckily not me!). After a few years he told me he was learning to swim so I was ‘inspired’ to start running, start my solo triathlon career and do more than one race a year.


Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?South CerneyOther than a couple of tandem triathlons – my first solo effort was the South Cerney Summer Sizzler in 1996.  It was an open water sprint distance race.  I was the only one without a wetsuit and probably the only one on a mountain bike – I managed to find my slicks though.


Do you have a favourite race? St MawesNot really.  I did St Mawes sprint for the first time this year which had a lovely swim, a challenging bike and a hardish run. The organiser also sorted out a decent pasta meal at the sailing club the night before – what more could you want?


Describe your first ever bike Moulton MajorI can’t remember that far back… I think it was a Moulton Major (with small wheels but not trendy and foldable).  My first race bike was a lovely second hand Dawes with a purple frame.


Where does your bike live? Currently they’re in the hall.  They will be banished to the shed once it is bought, built, reinforced and alarmed.


One piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbieJust have a go – you’re probably much fitter than you think.  Find someone who’s happy to answer any questions you have.


Where's your favourite place to ride?MajorcaProbably Majorca - but closer to home Kent takes some beating.


Do you have any pre-race rituals and meals? What are they?Pasta & red wineChecklistRituals: Making sure I have the relevant kit – my well worn checklist is now about 15 years old. 
Meals: I generally have a large bowl of pasta and a glass of red the night before.


LatteFavourite post-race drink/snack?Milky coffee and a bacon buttie.  


Do you prefer to train alone or with a group?Prefer to train with a group but with evening and weekend working it’s a rarity these days.


RoadIDWhat do you carry with you when you train?Usual stuff but I try not to forget my RoadID.


Do you run to music? If so, what's your favourite?No – I like to focus fully on my lack of effort.


Legs shaved, waxed or hairy?Waxed.


Ironman - Yes/No/Again?Never again – once was enough.


Ironman tattoo - Yes/No/Where?No – it made enough of an impression on me at the time.


What do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?MassagePart-time sports masseur (discount for CPT members) and soon to be made redundant part-time HR systems advisor.


Louise's dinner guestsThree people you'd like to have dinner with?Michael Johnson, Meryl Streep, William Boyd.


The Girl Who Played With FireWhat are you currently reading?I’ve finally got round to The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.


True GritWhat was the last film you saw?True Grit


What’s next for you?parkrunSt Mawes was the end of the tri season for me.  I may have to fulfil those conveniently forgotten resolutions to do my first parkrun and some duathlons this winter….



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