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If you would like to feature in the Member profiles, please answer these 20 questions and send me some relevant photos.

Ruki at Brighton Marina 2003

Brighton Marina Triathlon 2003

Ruki and Karen - CPT Christmas Party 2004

CPT xmas party 2004

Ruki and Stacey at the CPT Xmas Party 2005

CPT xmas party 2005

Ruki - Holly Run 2006

Holly Run 2006

Ruki at East Grinstead 2007

East Grinstead 2007

Ruki - Worthing 2007

Worthing Triathlon 2007

Ruki - Bookham 10k 2008

Bookham 10k 2008

Ruki - Sevenoaks 2008

Sevenoaks Triathlon 2008

Ruki - Mid Sussex 2009

Mid-Sussex Triathlon 2009

Ruki - Brighton Marina 2011

Brighton Marina Triathlon 2011

Ruki - Sevenoaks 2012

Sevenoaks Triathlon 2012

Ruki - Bexhill 2012

Bexhill Triathlon (duathlon) 2012

Member profile - Ruki Sidhwa

Ruki in action


Ruki & Mary - CPT groupiesWhat inspired you to try a triathlon?Watching ex boyfriend and fellow CPTers racing years ago.

Photo: Mary and Ruki, the faithful CPT groupies - supporting the Tonbridge Triathlon 2003.


Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?Brighton Novice Tri and East Grinstead Tri a Tri, both in 2001 in Sussex. (on a really naff bike).


Ruki at White Oak Triathlon 2009Do you have a favourite race? Probably White Oak Triathlon- it's local, and I like the bike and run courses. This year was the first time I've missed it since I first did it in 2003. Family commitment calls!


Describe your first ever bike Ruki's Giant FCRAs a child I think I had a Raleigh and I used to 'walk' the dogs on my bike until the leads got tangled up and I winded myself falling off onto one of the handlebars.

Triathlon wise it was a Giant FCR - I swopped the straight handlebars for drops. It was before I knew about Carbon bikes so it does seem a bit heavy now, but it proved reliable.


Bike shedWhere does your bike live? My bikes live in the garden shed.


One piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbieIt's the taking part that countsRemember it's the taking part that counts even if you never win - you can't compete with the likes of Suse - well I can't anyway!!


Pilgrims WayWhere's your favourite place to ride?Locally it's Pilgrim's Way and I love a view on Layham's Farm Road just before Bedlestead Lane - it looks like New Zealand. I don't think you can beat undulating country lanes for cycling.


Do you have any pre-race rituals and meals? What are they?Pasta, red wine and porridgeEvening before - pasta and maybe a small glass of red wine.

Race morning - porridge.


Tea with milk and sugarFavourite post-race drink/snack?A cup of tea with one sugar or a milk drink like 'For Goodness Shakes' or 'Yazoo'. I'll usually take a cheese and marmite roll for afterwards as I'm normally starving by the end.


Do you prefer to train alone or with a group?I think you try harder with others and it's more enjoyable.


What do you carry with you when you train?Puncture repairRun - Garmin watch if I remember as it measures distance and time. I don't bother with the HR monitor as it's too complicated and it rubs!  On the bike I'll have water or energy drink, spare inner tube and puncture kit (though I'm the first to admit I'll let the boys fix it if possible !), phone, money, emergency kagool, energy gel and nutrition bar.


Do you run to music? If so, what's your favourite?No - I can't bear the ear pieces and I don't think it's very safe but I can appreciate it probably makes the time go quicker.


Ruki - Smooth Legs - Southwater 2009Legs shaved, waxed or hairy?Laser -  I did win the smoothest leg competition at Southwater remember (OK, it was only a time filler).

Photo: Ruki winning the smoothest legs at Southwater in 2009.


IM Never!Ironman - Yes/No/Again?Never - Trust me!


Ironman tattoo - Yes/No/Where?Obviously no - but if I had done IM,  I would deserve a tattoo (it would need to be small and discreet).


Clearing the blackboardWhat do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?TV Producer / Director and occassional school supply teacher.


Three people you'd like to have dinner with?Ruki's dinner guestsGeorge Clooney, Barak Obama and David Beckham - (three HOT men - is that really shallow?)


Ruki's reading material What are you currently reading?Just newspapers and my subscription magazines (Grazia and Broadcast).... I go through phases when I read lots of books or none at all - I don't seem to have time at the moment.


Ruki's film choiceWhat was the last film you saw?Fast Girls - about elite athletes. It was okay but you can probably wait 'til it's on the TV.


Ruki at the London 2012 OlympicsWhat’s next for you?As I had to forgo Whiteoaks this year, I wasn't going to do another triathlon until Southwater... but I decided to do Bewl Water and I had tickets to the 100m Final at the Olympics (jealous or what?!).



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