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If you would like to feature in the Member profiles, please answer these 20 questions and send me some relevant photos.

Audrey - CPT 2006

Crystal Palace Triathlon 2006

Audrey, Karen & Ruki at Southwater

Southwater 2006

Audrey - CPT 2007

Crystal Palace Triathlon 2007

Audrey Xmas party 2007

Christmas party 2007

Audrey - Austria 2008

Austria 2008

Audrey - The Bridge 2010

The Bridge 2010


Dawn's wedding 2010

Audrey - Clash 2011

Clash of the Tritons 2011

Audrey - Spain

Spain 2011

Audrey - Kingfisher Aquathlon 2012

Kingfisher Aquathlon 2012

Member profile - Audrey Livingston

Audrey in action


Sickle Cell SocietyWhat inspired you to try a triathlon?I had just qualified as a PT and was bored so I decided to raise money for the sickle cell society but did not want to do a marathon (why run that far?!?!?) saw an article about different things you could do to raise money and there it was ... TRIATHLON. Well I thought I can run, ride a bike and I know how to swim (or so I thought) how hard can it be (famous last words).


Crystal Palace Triathlon 2006Where and when was your first triathlon? What was the distance?Crystal Palace Triathlon
May 2006
Sprint distance


Audrey at SouthwaterDo you have a favourite race? Southwater has to be my favourite because it’s one of the few times we, as a Club, have a major presence at an event and overall it’s fun and, unless you really are, you never feel like you're the last one to finish.

Photo: Audrey at Southwater 2011.


Describe your first ever bike Audrey's first bikeNot sure what make it was or if it had any gears but I think it might have been white with some pink bits on it and it might have had tassels coming out of the bar ends and a little basket on the front. Cute is a word I might have described it but now.......


Where does your bike live? Audrey's garageIn the garage with three others (one is busted and one is heavy and cumbersome, only a ride to work bike).


Audrey's first raceOne piece of advice you would give a triathlon newbieEnjoy your first race.

Photo: Audrey looking nervous before her first race!



Where's your favourite place to ride?The Belvedere, RiccioneSpain and Italy. These countries know how to treat a cyclist.  Casa Ayers is a brilliant location and they are brilliant hosts and in Italy you get well and truly spoilt if you stay at the Belverdere.


ChecklistDo you have any pre-race rituals and meals? What are they?Not sure if it’s a ritual but I have a race pack check list that I go through the night or day before an event.


Favourite post-race drink/snack?Fish & chipsWhatever is being handed out on the finish line, followed but what ever I have remembered to pack, followed by whatever is available at whatever eating establishment we decided to stop at before heading home!


Do you prefer to train alone or with a group?With a group unless I get dropped then I work on my own LOL.


KeysWhat do you carry with you when you train?Mobile, money, keys, oyster card, credit card, drink and snacks.



Do you run to music? If so, what's your favourite?Heart rate chartYes, sometimes I run to music. I haven't got a favourite, just anything that takes my mind off running or something that has a good beat. It all depends on what session I am doing.


Shaved in race seasonLegs shaved, waxed or hairy?Shaved regularly during race season then I get a bit lazy during the winter.


No IronmanIronman - Yes/No/Again?Sorry what was the question..... No, Never, Not in a million years. Bad enough trying to get through a middle distance


Ironman tattoo - Yes/No/Where?I don’t like tattoos and see above answer.


SpinningWhat do you do in the real world, outside triathlon?Cardiac ehabilitation, exercise referral, personal trainer, spin and body pump instructor, aerobic classes and triathlon coach.


Audrey's dinner guestsThree people you'd like to have dinner with?Billie Holliday, Martin Luther King and Garfield the cat.


What are you currently reading?Read when I have time to read (see question 16) apart from industry related magazines.


What was the last film you saw?Can’t remember!


Trip to Australia What’s next for you?Level 3 coaching, trip to Oz, rehab on some aching joints and tired muscles and get a web page sorted.



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