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Find out about our annual training fees, which are extremely good value for anyone attending regular weekly sessions.

Note: Monday and Thursday swims at Crystal Palace, and the private Herne Hill Velodrome sessions on Tuesdays are only available to fully paid up members who have also paid the annual training fee.


Triathlon London News

We Live By the River

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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Forthcoming events


14 September - Wiggle French Resistance sportive

21 September - Brigthon Marina Triathlon

4 October - MacMillan Lido Challenge

2 November - Gravesend Cyclopark Team Duathlon Relay

2014 Club Championships

13 April: Kingfisher (Aquathlon)

11 May: East Grinstead (Sprint Triathlon)

6 July: Worthing (Standard Triathlon)

16 August - Midnight Man (Middle Distance)

26 October - Jekyll & Hyde (Duathlon)

Find out more about the Club Championships


2014 news - July

CPT in action


Results - 23-27 July

Rachel and Emanuele did the Dorney Midweek Triathlon on Wednesday 23 July. Emanuele beat his PB by four minutes and Rachel was eight minutes faster than last year!

Rachel and Emanuele at Dorney Midweek Triathlon

Jane at Castle HowardOn Saturday 26th, Phil and Jane took on the Castle Howard Triathlon (standard distance).

On Sunday 27th, Greig and Chris took on The Outlaw, where both got a new long distance PB, so Chris' sun burnt shoulders were worth it, and Scott, his first long distance race, Ironman Switzerland.

Their times have been added to the Ironman Roll of Honour.


parkrun results - 26 July

Crystal Palace parkrun
32 Andreas Bajohra 23:03
48 James Mullarkey 24:29

Dulwich parkrun
13 Stuart Milne 19:42
115 Rosie Peirson 28:36
125 Martin Rafferty 29:11 (1st time)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New member

Welcome to new member Don Debono


Club League update

Another update following two more events which count towards the Club League. Well done to all those who raced at Worthing standard distance triathlon and Tooting Bec Aquathlon. Well done to Suse Fairfax and Greg Lewis who both won their respective age/gender categories and got top scores at Worthing.
Scores on the doors are now....

Female senior: Suse Fairfax; Lisa Buchanan; Natasha Raggett
Female vets: Cathy Cooke; Sheila Horsman; Kati Pusey
Female supervets: Louise Alan-Smith; Karen Ayers; Sally Kidson

Male seniors: Rob Parry; Mike Dowds; Andrew Tappin
Male vets: Jon Horsman; Graeme Blair; Victor Thompson
Male supervets: Greg Lewis; Mark Thomas; Gareth Robson

According to race matrix - next race to qualify for Club League points is the London Standard distance triathlon on 3 August. Please let Karen know if your name is not on the race matrix for any races you are doing.


Weekend results - 20 July

Selwyn - Arundel Castle TriathlonCongratulations to Bill, our latest Club Ironman. Bill completed IMUK, and his name has been added to the Ironman Roll of Honour.

Helen and Claire completed the Grays Sprint Triathlon. Helen was 2nd FSV in her first ever race! Claire was 1st in the 25-29 AG.

Jon and Sheila did the Hillingdon Triathlon while Keith and Selwyn raced at the Arundel Castle Triathlon.

CPT was well represented at the Caterham Half Marathon, where Mark was 1st MV and Lisa 2nd female. John, Kevin and Lisa cycled to and from the race.

CPT cycle to the Caterham Half Marathon


parkrun results - 19 July

Crystal Palace parkrun
35 Andreas Bajohra 24:02

Dulwich parkrun
22 Stuart Milne 19:53


CPT on the telly

CPT on the Cycle Show

Did anyone else spot CPT members in the audience of ITV's Cycle Show which was filmed at Cadence and shown on 15 July? Grant, proudly wearing his Yellow Jersey top, Bruce and Suse and, top marks for wearing her CPT cycle jersey, Ruki, watched James Cracknell, Tom Allen and Jeff Brazier interviewed for the show.


Dunwich Dynamo - 12-13 July

CPT go to DunwichAnother great ride to Dunwich. Congratulations to everyone who made it through the night, Selwyn, Josie, Audrey, Brian M, Sara and Mark, Irish Claire, Andreas, Ruki, Gary, Glyn, Jane, James, Katie, Kati and me!

The journey started at Crystal Palace railway station followed by a short cycle from Hoxton station to the Pub on the Park at London Fields, where we were greeted by cyclists scattered all across the road and round the park. Unbelievably, James managed to find us and Fay and her husband passed by just in time to join the team photo, although they opted to cycle on their own.

Team CPT ready for the Dunwich Dynamo

The first group set off while the second group headed to McDonalds for a loo and coffee stop. The sky looked ominous but it was warm, with less traffic than last year as we headed out of London.

The group who set off first got caught in a downpour cycling through Epping Forest but the second group managed to keep the rain ahead of them, just having some surface spray to contend with.

Dunwich Dynamo route 2014It looked as though we were going to be one down after about 45k as Josie was badly affected by the red strobe lights and had to stop. A taxi was called to take her and her bike to the nearest Travel Lodge. At this point, the two groups merged and made it to village hall food stop, approximately 51 miles in, pretty much together.

There were bikes and people everywhere, with some having a quick nap in uncomfortable looking places, but CPT are made of hardier stuff. We enjoyed the hot food (although I'm not sure I'd recommend curry soup at 1am!), and a cup of tea before heading back into the night.

We had a couple of punctures along the way and the groups divided with riders jumping from group to group. At some point Josie rejoined us as the Travel Lodge was full and there was no way of getting home.

This year, although we still didn't see the full moon, the stars or the bats, we did at least have the wind behind us nearly all the way and what a difference that made, we seemed to fly along following the lights ahead through the winding country lanes. We took a couple of wrong turns but soon got back on route.

Ruki, Josie and Claire on the beach at Dunwich

It's hard to keep together as you can only see lights when you check behind you. So apologies to those who got dropped somewhere along the way. Andreas and James kept cycling off the front and disappearing, sometimes reappearing but towards the end weren't seen again until we reached Dunwich.

DunwichKati and I worked hard to keep up with Brian, Selwyn, Glyn and Gary. We should have stayed with the others as we got absolutely soaked about five miles from the finish. The rain came down so hard it wasn't really worth putting waterproofs on as we were already wet to the skin. The rain stopped almost as soon as we reached Dunwich and the following groups didn't get wet at all!

It's amazing that you don't feel tired as you are cycling but as soon as you stop you feel tired and hungry! We queued for a very welcome cup of tea and bacon buttie before loading the bikes into Audrey's brother's van and heading home on the minibus.

Approx 114 miles (slight variations depending on route taken and how accurate computers are), with average speeds of between 14-16 mph. Brian and I were more than an hour quicker than last year and that was longer stops and more punctures!

Tea and bacon butties at Dunwich

Comments from the riders:

"Thanks for great company and much fun. Next year is a defo from me" (Kati)

"Thanks all for a great Dunwich experience – I would not have made it to the end without everyone’s help and company!  I can recommend my recovery breakfast of Carlsberg and a scone" (Jane)

"Now the pain of the ride has begun to fade from my memory, I have put the date in my diary for 2015. Thanks for all your support, sorry for being so grumpy at the end! (Audrey)

"I actually quite enjoyed it - much more than I thought I might. If the forecast is for a dry / moonlit night I could be persuaded to do it next year. Afterall there's the best veggie sausage and egg butty to dream about" (Ruki)

Glyn at Dunwich"The most challenging event I have ever completed... and almost didn't complete! Thanks for being such a support bunch. With a solid 14hrs sleep and a faint recollection of eating a cucumber around 6pm... I have no urge to ever do that event again... but we will see..." (Josie)

"It's such a bonkers event that I for one will defo. do it again. (Glyn), although his picture (right) says otherwise!!

Thanks to Selwyn for organising everyone and the minibus and for keeping our spirits up along the way.


Mid-week and weekend results - 9-13 July

Matt with his bike at the Peak District TriathlonMidweek a few members raced the Tooting Aquathlon, Rob and Tom ran in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, Chris ran in the Standard Chartered City Great Race.

On Friday 12th, a few members did the 2.4 mile swim as part of the Long Course Weekend in Wales. On Saturday 13th the same members started the 112 mile bike. Unfortunately Emma abandoned at around 70 miles due to the dreadful weather conditions, while the others managed to finish. Then one brave member took on the 26.2 mile run on Sunday 14th.

On Sunday 14th, Matt (right) completed his first triathlon in CPT colours at the Peak District Triathlon..


Weil's Disease - current situation

The NHS has noted an increase in the incidence of leptospirosis (Weil's disease) cases this year. Maybe the warmer winter coupled with more open swimming ...... But just to be alert to the issue and be sure to cover up cuts before swimming and to shower as soon afterwards as possible.


City to Summit race report

RobBy Rob Parry

A belated race report from the City to Summit, (I was on holiay when he completed). Rob would like to recommend this race to members now entries have opened for next year, so thought it was a good time to do a write up.

Andy and I raced the Rat Race City to Summit back in May, which is billed as the toughest iron-distance triathlon in the world.

City to Summit

This race turned out to be every bit as savage as it sounds. We had expected – and feared – the typical Scottish weather of wind, rain and snow as they had in the previous year, but the freak heat wave that weekend turned out to be arguably worse as we burnt through our water supplies on the self-supported marathon, and had to resort to drinking from streams!

Despite this, the course was set in some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever raced in, and the organisation of the event by Rat Race was second to none.

I highly recommend this race for anyone who wants a real triathlon adventure, and if you enter before the end of July then you’ll get in for the quite frankly ridiculous price of £199, which is quite incredible given this includes having your run kit transported to T2 and your swim kit picked up and delivered to the finish for you, along with more than enough signage and support along the way (and a nice medal, buff, T-shirt and certificate if you finish).

Rob on the bike - City to SummitMy day can be summarised as: successful swim, hopes of a podium dashed 30k into the bike, unexplained disaster in the form of a back suddenly going into spasm, and then a long, slow, death march to the finish!

For a longer race report read my blog. More general details on the race are on the Rat Race website.

I will definitely be back one day as I feel I have unfinished business on this course, just won’t be next year as this clashes with my planned A-race being the ITU Long Distance World Champs in Sweden.

Rob on the run - City to Summit


parkrun results - 12 July

Brockwell parkrun
29 Stuart Milne 20:36
94 Kati Pusey 24:07 (1st time)
96 Glyn Tully 24:09 (PB)

Dulwich parkrun
32 Richard Lewey 21:08 (1st time)
143 Karin Courtman 35:48 (1st time)

Greenwich parkrun
3 Martin Leat 19:27

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Worthing results and Club Championships

Rob reports the Worthing Triathlon was a well run event, with mass starts for the women and men, a single lap swim in the sea where there was just enough current to make it interesting, an out and back bike that claimed a few victims to punctures in the wet conditions (not just our Lisa, and Mitch in the sprint race), and Emma got lost on the bike course, finishing with a flat multi-lap run on the promenade where you could work out where your competitors were for any final battles for position.

Congratulations to Greg on winning the MSV category and Suse for finishing 2nd female.

This was also our Standard distance Club Championship race. The 2014 Club Champions page has been updated.

Photographs are available on the Sussex Sport Photography website.

Lining up for the swim start at Worthing


July results

Dave completed Ironman Frankfurt and has been added to tIronman Roll of Honour, while Michael raced at the South Coast Standard Triathlon.


Late June results

Dan collecting his trophy at TrinityI've managed to catch up with the June results:

- Hillingdon Triathlon
- Trinity Triathlon (where Dan won the Junior race)
- ECF Monster Sprint Tri (where Richard was 1st MV)
- Velopark Duathlon (where Dave was 3rd MSV)
- Leeds Castle Standard Triathlon
- Tour de Essex sportive
- Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k


Dulwich Midsummer 5k

This year's Dulwich Midsummer 5k moved from Dulwich Park to Brockwell Park to flood defence works. Mark got a course PB by one second!


New members

Welcome to new members Steve Breslin, Marina Ravicini and Son Ly.


Club League update

An update following two more races qualifying for Club League points:
Windrush Aquathlon - well done to Greg Lewis for getting top score for his category
Tooting Bec Aquathlon (25.6.14) - note that only your best score from a race series counts so if you've done this race more than once then your best score only is used.
Latest top three standings in each age/gender category are as follows:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax; Kirsten Smith; Lisa Buchanan
Female vets: Cathy Cooke; Kati Pusey; Sheila Horsman
Female supervets: Louise Alan-Smith; Karen Ayers; Sally Kidson

Male seniors: Rob Parry; Mike Dowds; Andrew Tappin
Male vets: Jon Horsman; Graeme Blair; Victor Thompson
Male supervets: Greg Lewis; Mark Thomas; Gareth Robson


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