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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Dates for your diary

26 July - Summer BBQ

2014 Club Championships

13 April: Kingfisher (Aquathlon)

11 May: East Grinstead (Sprint Triathlon)

6 July: Worthing (Standard Triathlon)

16 August - Midnight Man (Middle Distance)

26 October - Jekyll & Hyde (Duathlon)

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2014 news - June

CPT in action


London League update - Crystal Palace Triathlon

Update following our home match and Round 4/8 of the London League – slight delay as I have been waiting for the region committee to collate the results.

Men’s Team – holding 1st:  (Rob Parry, Greg Lewis & Jon Horsman) We actually came second to South London Harriers at our race, and only lead them by one point overall. Still need to push hard if we are to hold onto this spot!! 

Female Team – holding 4th: (Lisa Buchanan, Cathy Cooke & Emma Snowdon) LFTC, Serpies and CC are racing away from us with the battle for top spot, but it’s not over yet! 

Mixed Team – down 2 places to 4th: (Rob, Greg, Jon, Lisa & Cathy) Our mixed team did well with a third place on the day, but the Serpies are really racing away with this one. We’re a few down at the moment with injuries, so fingers crossed we are all match fit for the second half of the season. It’s not over yet!!

Mob Match – holding onto 1st: (Above ppl + Brian Morris, Josh Groenendijk, Phil Vickers, Dan Pinn, Trevor Chilton, Andrew Parsons, Richard Hallinan, Claire Sutton, Adam Efrat, Russ How, Amber Sheik, Amy Kubrycht & Rosie Peirson).

Despite the necessary restrictions for us in entering our own race, we still came third in this round of the mob match, and means we are top of the league, although just one point ahead of the Serpies. These guys have a huge member base and are focussed on the league, so we need as many of you out racing as possible to stay top.

Overall – 2nd: When all the teams are averaged, you can see that we are doing great again this season, especially as the new rules changes do not acknowledge our strong vet field as they did in previous years. It’s going to be a very exciting next four races, but it’s down to each of you to make it happen for us. Please enter all the races you can. These events are reasonably priced, local, and great training sessions no matter what distance you’re focussing on.

On behalf of all CPTers who competed at our race, THANK YOU to everyone involved in putting this race together and making it happen on the day. The feedback we've been getting from triathletes from across the region has been unanimously positive. This is by far the best event on the London League calendar, and the boost we all got from the support and encouragement of all those marshalling around the course cannot be underestimated. A very proud occasion to be a Crystal Palace Triathlete!

Good luck to all the 17-strong contingent doing Windrush on the 22nd – smash it


Club League update (17 June)

Updates from League Coordinator, Cathy Cooke

Apologies (again!) for tardiness in reporting but five more races to add to the club league scores: PruHealth London Sprint; White Oaks Tri - well done to Lisa Buchanan and Greg Lewis for winning their age/gender categories. Have used currently reported results so let me know if the first placed male gets DQ’d for running faster than Mo....; Fambridge Half - I’m not convinced about the accuracy of these reported results either as 1st and 2nd females are reported as Ali and then Colin and at least one of these is unlikely to be female... let me know if these get changed;
Tooting Bec Aquathlon (11th June) - well done to Jon H and me for winning age/gender categories; Southport Marine Sprint Triathlon

Top three in each category are now as follows:

Female senior: Suse Fairfax; Kirsten Smith; Lisa Buchanan
Female vets: Cathy Cooke; Kati Pusey; Sheila Horsman
Female Supervets: Louise Alan-Smith; Karen Ayers; Sally Kidson

Male Seniors: Rob Parry; Mike Dowds; Andrew Tappin
Male Vets: Jon Horsman; Graeme Blair; Victor Thompson
Male Supervets: Greg Lewis; Mark Thomas; Gareth Robson


parkrun results - 28 June

Brockwell parkrun

169 Rosie Peirson 26:41 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun

26 Emanuele Vignoli 21:59
41 Dave Crockwell 24:09
43 Glyn Tully 24:10

Greenwich parkrun

9 Martin Leat 19:52

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Tooting Aquathlon - 25 June

Results have been added for the Tooting MidWeek Aquathlon.

Congratulations to Trevor Chilton, 3rd MV, Dave Crockwell, 2nd MSV and Louise Alan-Smith 2nd FSV.


Kitzbühel Triathlon European Championships - 22 June

MarkRace report by Mark Thomas

Off to Kitzbühel for the ETU Triathlon Championships.

Olympic distance this time with two laps each with three climbs: 720 metres of climbing over the 40k.

You could not ask for a more beautiful setting with running across alpine pastures and swimming in glacial lakes.

Mark by the lake on the morning of the Kitzbuhel Triathlon

Your intrepid reporter did not have an uneventful time however as I missed the closing of transition and had to use all of my charm to be allowed to put the shoes next to my bike even though the first wave was not due to enter the water for another 10 minutes.

We were played the heartbeat ITU countdown on the pontoon which all helped to sooth things further as you can imagine.

A good swim, not too much argy bargy as there was about 800m to the first buoy and we were all spread out across the pontoon so no more nics in my lovely wetsuit.

Tough bike but I had at least one climbing leg attached and then I pegged back a few places on the run, although I say so myself I was running smooth…...

28th in the AG and 6th Brit….. it gets tougher each year and more expensive so maybe I will do some more local racing next year…… the trip from Casa Tomaso to Brockwell Lido is not as involved.

Mark post-race

Mrs T enjoyed the spa hotel as did I once all the pain and anxiety was over with!

Kitzbuhel is beautiful….

Oh and we saw some guy called Brownlee winning.

Alistair was not the only rider to flash by...

Alistair Brownlee


Weekend results - 21-22 June

Lisa with her Midsummer Munro trophy and bubblyCongratulations and a massive round of applause to Lisa for taking 1st female place at the Midsummer Munro Half Marathon, reportedly 'the hardest half'.

There were PBs for both Mark and Phil at the Beckenham 10k. Mark says it was really hard in the heat and was up against the Dulwich Runners massive, who cleared up most of the prizes!

Hans raced the middle distance at the Sussex Triathlon.

Mark running at the Beckenham 10kCPT had representation at the Standard, Sprint and SuperSprint distance races at The Bridge Triathlon. Congratulations to Natasha in the SuperSprint, first female in her first ever triathlon! Everyone has PB bike splits, not because the extra training has paid off but the course was reportedly short!

Mark went to Austria for the Kitzbühel European Triathlon Championships. He raced the standard distance. You can read his race report above.

Chris raced at the Dambuster Triathlon.

The big event of the weekend was the Windrush Aquathlon, which was a London League race. Congratulations to Rob on his second place and to Greg and Brian for 1st and 3rd places in the MV category.

CPT adults and juniors at the Windrush Aquathlon


Tooting Mid-Summer Relay - 18 June

Thanks to Brian for organising three CPT Teams for the Mid-Summer Relays at Tooting Bec Lido on a warm, sunny evening on 18 June.

The CPT Fresh and Fruity team (Mike Dowds, Natasha Raggett, Elle Horsman and Michelle Carroll) won the under 100 age group in a time of 20:48 (combined age of all four team members). They were the only ones in the category, but, in the words of Dale Winton, you 'have to be in it, to win it'!

In the 151-200 age group the CPT Maturing Nicely team (Mark Thomas, Paul Eaglestone, Josie Dow and Brian Morris) came third, in 20:32, and the CPT Premier Cru team (Selwyn Smith, Kirsten Smith, Mat Fahey and
Kati Pusey) came 9th in the 100-150 age group, in 23:11.

CPT at the Mid-Summer Relays


Tommy exiting the Arun River swimWeekend results - 14-15 June

Another busy weekend, with CPT members racing at the River Arun Iron Distance Swim on Saturday 14 June.

On Sunday 15 June members raced at:

- Windsor Triathlon

- Ironman UK 70.3,

- Brownlee Tri South, which was turned into a duathlon, much to Josie's disappointment although she was cheered up by getting to meet Johnny and Alistair

- Ironman UK 70.3

Dan collecting his trophy at the Brett Asford Aquabike- Southport Marine Lake Sprint Triathlon - Cathy and Tim were 2nd in their age groups and Sally won hers, qualifying for the 2015 ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon European Championships in Geneva. Congratulations!

- Brett Ashford Standard Aquabike - Congratulations also to Dan Duran on winning for the second year in a row.

Josie meets Johnny and Alistair


parkrun results - 21 June

Bromley parkrun

82 James Mullarkey 21:47 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun

4 Tom Suddaby 19:46 (PB)
59 Dave Crockwell 25:01

Dulwich parkrun

25 Stuart Milne 20:07

Greenwich parkrun

8 Martin Leat 20:48

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New members

IgorWelcome to the following new members, Claire Ball, Lynn Liu, Igor Maiellano and Chris Porter.


London to Paris

Congratulations to Dan Pinn, who arrived in Paris this afternoon, after a 500k cycle from London over four days (that's definitely the Eiffel Tower in the background, not the one at Crystal Palace!).

Dan is raising sponsorship for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and has exceeded his £750 target, but it's not too late to make a donation in recognition of such an amazing achievement. Visit Dan's JustGiving page.

.Dan in Paris


Tooting Aquathlon - 11 June

Results have been added for the Tooting MidWeek Aquathlon.

Congratulations to Cathy Cooke, 1st female, Jon Horsman, 1st MV, Graeme Blair, 2nd MV, Sheila Horsman, 2nd FV, Dave Crockwell, 2nd MSV and Louise Alan-Smith 3rd FSV.


parkrun results - 31 May - 14 June

31 May

Brockwell parkrun

15 Stuart Milne 19:28

Crystal Palace parkrun

54 Andreas Bahohra 22:48
61 Marie Chorley 23:11
92 Dave Crockwell 24:53

7 June

Brockwell parkrun

21 Stuart Milne 19:28
152 Glyn Tully 26:20

Crystal Palace parkrun

5 Steve Harris 19:27
24 Rich Weston 21:49 (PB)
42 James Mullarkey 23:22 (PB)
56 Marie Chorley 24:03
73 Dave Crockwell 25:20

Dulwich parkrun

179 Rafal Klejn 31:41

Orpington parkrun

12 Haydn Whitmore 21:12

Brockenhurst parkrun

3 Philip Feldman 19:54 (1st time)

14 June

Bromley parkrun

55 Andy Eddleston 21:16 (1st time)
76 James Mullarkey 22:03 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun

5 Steve Harris 19:08 (PB)
17 Michael Coates 21:10
57 Dave Crockwell 25:28
67 Rosanna Peirson 26:34 (PB)

Burgess parkrun

8 Stuart Milne 19:06 (1st time)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Weekend results - 07/08 June

Dann PinnA another packed weekend for members as the summer triathlon season gets into full swing... races galore across the distances. Dan Pinn takes top honors, as well as the top stop on the podium in the Blenheim Super Sprint category - Fantastic effort!

Whilst closer to home, many of the club took on White Oak, with Lisa getting all the bragging rights on the day. The results haven't yet been updated to reflect Greg's 2nd place position (1st MSV), as the winner is still showing a 20 minute 8k run! A PB page has been created. Both pictured below with their trophies.

Greg and Lisa with their trophies at White Oak

For those who prefered a little less fast twitch action, Fambridge Yacht Haven Half Iron Triathlon proved a popular event, with Selwyn just pipping Kevin to the top the CPT honors!

Team CPT at Fambridge

Graeme Blair took part in the Surrey County Masters Swimming Championships at Surrey Sports Park on 7 June.

See all the weekend results here.


Weekend results - 01 June

As the ITU world series party hits town, the excitement in Hyde Park! The Brownlees, Gomez, Jorgensen, Jenkins! What more could the age groupers want to fire them up for their own Sprint and Standard distance races! and then there was Luton triathlon...!!

But to be fair, Rich came up trumps and won! More than could be said for either of the Brownlees!


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