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Annual training fees

For renewing members, annual training fees must be paid by 28 February.

Note: Monday and Tuesday swims at Crystal Palace and Tuesday sessions at HHV are now only available to fully paid up members who have also paid the annual training fee.


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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Super Saturday dates

1 March
22 March

£10 per session or included in the Annual training fees.

Saturday Short rides

8 March
13 April

Forthcoming events


16 March - Leith Hill Half Marathon

6 April - The Fool's Errand sportive

14 September - Wiggle French Resistance sportive

2014 Club Championships

13 April: Kingfisher (Aquathlon)

11 May: East Grinstead (Sprint Triathlon)

6 July: Worthing (Standard Triathlon)

16 August - Midnight Man (Middle Distance)

26 October - Jekyll & Hyde (Duathlon)

Find out more about the Club Championships


2014 news - February

CPT in action


SalNew member

Welcome to new member Sal Zaiem.


ETU Long Distance Champs qualifier

KatiCongratulations to Kati who has qualified for the 2014 Almere ETU Long Distance Triathlon European Championships.


Thank you!

LouiseMany thanks to Louise for helping with website updates, including the training schedule, race matrix and parkrun results. Due to other commitments Louise is no longer able to help, but I've appreciated her assistance while it lasted!


parkrun results - 22 February

Crystal Palace parkrun
96th Dave Crockwell 24:50


RosieNew member

Welcome to new member Rosie Peirson.


Hillingdon - 23 February

We had a good turnout for the duathlon focussed session at Hillingdon on Sunday 23 February. It was dry but extremely windy!

CPT at Hillingdon

The session was broken into three mini-sessions, with tea and biscuits in between. The first session was skills based, with some drafting and group riding, which was a challenge into a very strong head wind on the section of the course that's usually fast and flat. Then we did some duathlon focussed training and transition practice. The last session was a multi-lap team race.

There's another session at Hillingdon on Sunday 23 March (although this won't be coached for the adults, I'm sure we can organise ourselves to have just as much fun!). See the training schedule for full details.


Race Results

CPT at Hampton CourtLots of members out there taking on the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday 23 February. Unfortunately for Rob his timing chip failed to record his effort but we've included his Garmin time for the record! (Rob's result has subsequently been confirmed in the official results). The course was very slightly short as marshals directed runners off course at the beginning and Lisa says she didn't see Hampton Court, not because she was working so hard she missed it, she says the race name was misleading! Photos can be seen on the Sussex Sport Photography website.


HelenNew member

Welcome to new member Helen Garrett.


Cross Triathlon World Champs

RobCongratulations to Rob Parry on qualifying for the GB Age Group Team for the Cross Triathlon World Champs (MTB/Trail Run) in Zittau, Germany.


Brighton Half Marathon PB

MarcelCongratulations to Marcel on his PB at the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday, and for breaking 1:30.


New member

Welcome to new member Michael Doble.


parkrun results - 8 & 15 February

8 February:
Crystal Palace parkrun
29th Michael Coates 20:45
53rd Richard Weston 22:00 New PB!

Dulwich parkrun
131st Mark Coulson 26:47

15 February:
Crystal Palace parkrun
33rd Emanuele Vignoli 22:31
89th Dave Crockwell 25:56

Dulwich parkrun
19th Stuart Milne 18:59

Hampstead Heath parkrun
38th Richard Weston 23:26

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New member

Welcome to new member Eleanor Doody.


Super Saturday - 15 February

Saturday's session was split into three mini-sessions. Jon led the first group for a run and some technique drills in Dulwich Park while Brigit took a pilates/conditioning group. We swapped over then all came together for a turbo session.

Everyone had a great workout and there were a few complaints of aching stomach muscles today!

Pilates with Brigit

Turbo session


Ride 100 survey results

Ride 100 survey results


Race Results

The sportive seasons gets underway with the Hell of the Ashdown.


Race your Pace Half Marathon

Peter at Dorney LakeReport by Peter King

Well it really was a case of Groundhog day as this is the third time I have competed here (nothing if not a creature of habit!!) and with last year's 1:30:38 still a thorn in my side to be removed I had been really looking forward to this race over the last few months.
Struggling home in frightening wind on Friday night then waking to still howling gales didn't bode well but Dorney Lake was sunny, dry and possibly the windiest I have ever encountered!
I set off with the 7 min mile pacers and sheltered in the pack for two of the four laps. The wind was blowing pretty much across the lake so the name of the game on the leg up from the clubhouse was staying out of the lake with some heavy gusts. The down leg served little respite but was a touch easier.
So two laps in the pack and then the pacer pulled off and it was time to pick it up a touch and try for a decent time. With a HR 10-15 beats higher on the windy up leg it was rather tough going to say the least and difficult to do the maths as to how my pacing was going.
Rounding the top and heading down the lake for the final time and it was all guns blazing at 6.30 min mile pace and crossed the line in 1:29:11 which I am ridiculously pleased with considering the conditions and bagged me a 3rd in my Age Group to boot. Great training from my coach and beautiful support and inspiration from Louise all made it a wonderful day. Bring on the rest of the season!! 


New members

RafalChrisMollieWelcome to new members Rafal Klejn, Chris Nott and Mollie Pearse.


Race Results

The only weekend race activity was on Sunday, where Dave Crockwell ran the Greenwich Runthrough 10km.


The Old Geberbauers Unreliability RideReport by Hans Geberbauer

HansWhat a fine day Sunday made to kick off our preparation for another crossing of the Alps this summer (this time from Venice to Geneva), and what better opportunity to ease ourselves back into sportive riding than the Old Portlians Reliability Ride. This year, Selwyn organised an advance start from Elmers End, ensuring that there'd be plenty of CPTers to prevent us from getting lost this year.

Alas, we had barely reached Eden Park station when Wim's rear tyre went flat. And neither of us had brought a pump (I know, I know). Thankfully, Rob was there to help out, and at least I had all the other equipment that was needed. Mind you, getting the Magic tyre off the Magic rim proved harder than removing a lecherous LibDem peer from the Lords. Having finally succeeded, Wim and Rob investigated the old tube for the puncture while I popped in the new one and remounted the tyre. Only the new inner tube would not inflate. At all. For no apparent reason. Off with the tyre again, next new inner tube, and this one worked. By now though, I was thoroughly chilled and a touch spooked. Riding without a pump was very risky, especially since there was always a risk that the group would revert to the Modified Spartan rules of riding (Spartan because the weak and mechanically challenged are left behind, modified because at least they aren't actively clubbed to death) although in this case, they did wait further up.

Flustered and realising that none of us knew the way to Knockholt well enough to give us confidence we'd get there in time, I let Rob move on, called Greg to make sure people would not wait for us and retired to Cadence where we punished ourselves for failing at the first hurdle with a 90 minute session on the Watt bikes, an hour of which consisted of a session run by Audrey which pretty much confined me to bed for the rest of the day. 

As for the Old Portlians Reliability Ride, I am not in a position to report anything! Maybe next year...


First DQ of 2014!

Bad luck to Keith for the first DQ of the year. He entered the Closer to the edge duathlon on 2 February. He says "It was another slightly shambolic race, I did a bit extra on the first run but missed a bit of bike route and came in first but should have been 3rd or 4th, so asked them to DQ me!".


parkrun results - 1 February

Crystal Palace parkrun
13th Steven Harris 20:50
19th Philip Vickers 21:12
39th Richard Weston 22:26
75th Dave Crockwell 25:27

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New member

Welcome to new member, Danielle Welton.


Old Ports Reliability Ride - 2 FebruaryCPT were well represented at the Old Ports Reliability Ride on Sunday 2 February.

With a choice of 68k and 100k routes, some decided that wasn't quite far enough so met up at Elmer's End to cycle to the start at Knockholt Village Hall. The rest of sensibly put our bikes in the boots of our cars!

We were met at registration by CPT/Old Ports members Gary and Voy.

The weather was great, bright, not too cold and dry, there was some great scenery, some steep hills and lots of potholes and running water, which spoilt some of the downhills, although didn't seem to put James A off tearing down at breakneck speed!

A few of us set off together, expecting the faster riders to overtake us within a few miles. Just as we left we were warned there were very few arrows out on the course on this occasion, so Garmins and crib sheets were particularly important.

RobRob B reports "I thoroughly enjoyed the ride yesterday but things started to go wrong when I dropped my water bottle and the group with which I had been riding (containing a number of CPTers) promptly disappeared over the horizon. I managed to catch up with a different group, comprised of two guys in yellow jackets and one in red whom I thought was Haydn, until he turned round.

The guys in yellow jackets were two Russians named Grigory and Pavel and they were extremely well organised, (a Garmin each, back-up maps,
everything strapped to the handlebars) unlike myself who had none of these things and whose basic Cat Eye speedo was sadly kaput. In the
circumstances, I had no option but to attach myself to their back wheels,
the only problem being they were doing the 100k whereas I had set out
to do the 68k. Would I have the staying power?! Would I still get home in
time to wish my wife a happy flight to Budapest?

Luckily, Pavel wasn't too good on the hills so that Grigory and I were
continually having to wait for him. It didn't take me long to work out
that an enforced breather was infinitely preferable to a fast time.

Eventually, we struggled home in about 4 hours 50 mins, just as the Old
Portlians were packing up the trestle tables, but still in time,
thankfully, for a lump of bread pudding and a sugar-filled cup of tea.

Not so good on the domestic front. My wife was long gone by the time I
reached home. What happened to everyone else?"

HaydnIn response Haydn says "Sensibly we did the short route taking it at a fairly steady pace and abandoning the Garmins desire to send us the wrong way and falling back on Gary's printed race directions. Rob was in too much of a hurry to get home as he tore off in the group in front as we waited to gather everyone back together at the top of Toys Hill, deciding the pace was a bit too keen for this time of year. Sorry Rob. It's tough chasing someone who isn't actually in front.

Tea, bacon baps and cakes were well received back in Knockholt to round off my first decent ride of the year so far".

KarenAnd I'd like to add, thanks to Haydn, James A & R and Fintan for waiting for me, especially at the top of Toys Hill. I didn't realise I could cycle that slowly and still stay upright (just). Great company and map readers, without you I'd still be out there in the flooded Kent fields!

Geoff suffered a puncture at Braested Chart and limped back to Knockholt just as everyone else was leaving. We didn't see Martin again, he says he was a 'broken man by Toys Hill'.


'Pre My Valentine' Drinks - Saturday 8 February

Lovers of tri and CPT, come a long for a drink or two of alcohol rather than pool water! That's right, with 'Dry January' out the way (whatever that is?), time for a Club social!

Selwyn will confirm details on the e-group. Likely to be in the Crystal Palace Triangle, starting with cocktails in The Exhibition Rooms. A few of us are starting the session by watching the rugby, Scotland v England at 17:00-19:00 in Bar25 (next to old Black Sheep).


Saturday short ride - 8 February

The winter training schedule is packed this year - we have planned monthly dates for short Saturday road rides with the aim of encouraging less experienced riders out on the road with the support of stronger cyclists to help with routes, the headwinds and any issues that might come up!  This ride has worked very well over the last 18 months with the voluntary help of Club members  - we adopt the pace of the slowest rider and only split if there is sufficient support to facilitate this safely.  We hope you can join us and do let us know if you can help.

All riders are also strongly encouraged to make use of the two training sessions at Hillingdon Cycle circuit - this is a fabulous traffic-free facility and provides the ideal environment for developing cycle skills, speed and endurance! The Super Saturday sessions also include turbo work to keep those cycle legs active.

Here are the dates to fill your 2014 calendar:

8 February - Road ride, Elmers End 09:15-11:30
23 February - Training session at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit - 13:00-16:00
1 March - Super Saturday at CPSIC
8 March - Road ride, Elmers End 09:15-11:30
23 March - Training session at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit - 09:00-13:00
30 March - Duathlon Race at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit
13 April - Road ride, Elmers End 09:15-11:30

Full details will appear on the training schedule.


Herne Hill Velodrome - Sunday 9 February

Bike and run combinations at Herne Hill Velodrome: 13:45 -16:00

CPT have booked the velodrome for Sunday afternoon - be sure to come and make use of it!

Meet at 13:45

Bike and run gear needed with lots of warm layers, drinks and snacks.

This is primarily a junior session, but adult members are welcome to come along and join in.

We will have three coaches for the session to cater for all the abilities.

Close of session 16:00

The session fee will be £10 and included in the Annual training fee.


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