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Crystal Palace Triathlon

2013 AGM

Monday 2 December 20:00 at
Cadence Performance Centre 
2a Anerley Hill
SE19 2AA.
Refreshments provided.

2013 Club Championships

Find out more about the Club Championships

Forthcoming events

27 October - Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon


5 January - Tadworth 10

6 April - The Fool's Errand sportive

Super Saturday dates

2 November
30 November

4 January
25 February
1 March

Saturday shorts - road rides for novice, not so novice and Saturday morning types

26 October
9 November
23 November
7 December


2013 news - October

CPT in action


parkrun results - 26 October

Brockwell parkrun
22nd Phil Wright 20:48

Crystal Palace parkrun
70th Kirsten Smith 27:22

Dulwich parkrun
14th Stuart Milne 19:12
31st Chris Petch 20:40

South Manchester parkrun
184th Ella Fields 26:39


New member

Welcome to new member George Gibson.


St Luke’s Hospice Triathlon - 20 October

DeanRace report by Dean Thurlow

This is the second year I have entered the St Luke's Hospice Triathlon and once again thoroughly enjoyed the low key, grass roots feel of the whole day. Although it is billed as a Novice Triathlon, a few experienced athletes like myself, shamelessly entered in the hope of a good position. It worked!  Last year I finished 13th-this year I came 7th.

Of course we were able to pass on help and tips, to the slightly greener triathletes who seemed to appreciate it. The thought did cross my mind at 5.30am on Sunday morning as the thunder and lightning started-do I really need this? Nobody from the Club was doing it; no one would miss me, last event of the season, does it matter? Well yes I suppose it does really.

It is easy to just get back into bed, but next time conditions are less than perfect, it becomes easier to give it a miss again. So as I was loading the bike onto the rack in the pouring rain, I knew I was doing the right thing.

The very small, crowded transition area of last year had been moved and made much bigger and better. It was still on the grass though and with all the rain, muddy. Soon to get muddier!  It is a nice 33 metre pool at Blackshott’s Leisure Centre and the 12 'up, down, under the rope’ lengths went smoothly for everyone, even the ones who had a mini break at every lane change.

Long run to the now very muddy T1. Why did I buy white cycling shoes? Another long run to the road and mount line. Nice flat two lap bike course and plenty of surface water to wash the mud off. Long run back to T2 from the dismount line and by now the mud was squelching between my toes. Why did I buy lime green running shoes?

Two lap run course round local fields and rugby pitches, more mud and finish! Phew session over!

Nice event, good cause and friendly people.  Overall, a good day. Roll on next season.


parkrun results - 19 October

Crystal Palace parkrun
21st Chris Petch 22:02

Greenwich parkrun
3rd Martin Leat 19:22

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Cabbage Patch 10

Ruki and Glyn ran the Cabbage Patch 10 this morning. It was a 10:00 start but they managed to stay dry for the race after several downpours just before. Ruki says "Even though it's flat, it's amazing how hard it still is!".
Official timing is from gun start and not when you go over the start line so official times are slower. Glyn and Ruki crossed the start together and Ruki says she stayed with Glyn, or at least in sight, for the first 5 miles then hung back for remainder as worried pace too fast to hold all the way.
Glyn's actual watch time was 1:23:19 and Ruki's 1:26:38.


Photos from Super Saturday turbo/run - 19 October


Photos from CPT track session - 1 October


New member

Welcome to new member Jen Clay.


City Tougher

Rob's City Tougher trophyCongratulations to Rob on winning City Tougher, a 5k assault course last Saturday.

Rob says "Made sure I wore CPT shorts (old ones though as they got ruined in the mud!).

Great event and got me in the mood for a winter of offroad events".


parkrun results - 12 October

Bromley parkrun
44th Adam Spencer 21:29

Crystal Palace parkrun
14th John Buchanan 20:19
37th Lisa Collins 22:49
52nd Glyn Tully 24:29

Dulwich parkrun
16th Stuart Milne 19:20

Greenwich parkrun
5th Martin Leat 19:52

Lloyd parkrun
3rd Keith Brewster 18:50

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New members

BenHannahWelcome to new members Laura Arti, Hannah Cannell and Ben Newman.


Wednesday night run - 16 October

This week's planned run will be a long and steady route, heading from Crystal Palace down Sydenham Hill, left into Lordship Lane and Court Lane, left at Dulwich Village in to College Road.

At the Toll Gate the groups will then either go straight up Fountain Drive or take a right into Hunts Slip Rd looping back up Kingswood Drive into Fountain Drive.

All three routes will involve approx.10 minutes of climbing so be aware of this, you should also be able to run these distances in 60-65min.

There will be three routes available depending on ability levels - 11.8km; 10.5km and 9.5km.

Meet at Crystal Palace station for a 19:30 start.


Super Saturday No 2 - 19 October

The second of eight planned Super Saturday sessions rolls out this weekend. Please let Sally know if you are planning to be there: 

Here are the details for this Saturday coached by Phil and Scott:

- 09:20 meet for 09:30 in the top car park at Crystal Palace (if it's raining we'll meet under the Jubilee Stand next to CPSIC)
- Turbo / run / transition session
- Option 1 duathlon focus
- Option 2 endurance / technique focus
- Finish at 12:00

Suitable for all abilities. Athletes will need to bring; bike, turbo trainer, bike and run kit, elastic bands (+ other items for transition practice), nutrition etc. Contact Phil if you need to borrow a turbo.

Session Fee £7.50 or included in Annual training membership.


CPT visit to Manchester Velodrome - photos and report

SelwynReport by our social coordinator, Selwyn Smith

Stop twisting ma lemon man…. in Manchester

So after strongly recommending the early train booking for ease and great value, there we were stuck in traffic for far too long trying to get through the Blackwall Tunnel.

Apart from the journey up and down which all drivers deserve a big pat on the back (apart from Brian M who unfortunately twisted his, packing the roof box that morning), it was definitely a fun CPT w/e on tour!

Majority of us opted out of the swim in the Commonwealth pool and into the hotel spa for some relaxation. Then it was down to business - at the hotel bar.

A few swifties by a few fifties (and almost fifties), then it was time for 'the main course' (in JH's words!), so we waltz a short way across town to the Indian Restaurant.

CPT and the giant naan

That's where it all started to go wrong - far too much food was laid in front of us (check out those Naan pics!)…and they ran out of beers…well Cobras!  Not sure who's to blame for that.  But do not fear, that didn't stop us as we took the executive decision to go on to Kingfishers!

A good few hours of solid eating and drinking later, we all went to bed in preparation for the daunting steep banks of the Velodrome the next day…or did we!  A few hardy ones carried on a bit longer, one or two a bit longer still…danced the night away!

Morning time, nothing better than a fry pudding, the works to prepare us for the daunting steep banks of the velodrome (déjà-vu).
Then, basically it was 'let battle commence!'  By the end of the warm up, the majority were ready to call it a day.  Very tiring having to concentrate a wee bit more than down at Herne Hill due to, yes you've guessed it - the daunting steep banks!

CPT at Manchester Velodrome

The Siberian pine was also covered in slippery looking advertisements. If you've ever been on one of Boris' super highways in the rain, you had reason to be cautious.  But of course it was slip free paint so one soon got accustomed to this!

The two hours went far too quickly doing various drills and then finished up with a team pursuit….CPT won (well it was a CPT session!).

CPT lined up and ready to go - Manchester Velodrome

The photos tell the story very well of the weekend so have a peak!
I won't broadcast any incidents or near misses,  but there were no splintered backs to Theresa's relief!

Things to take away
Some of the Naan bread rather than eating it all!
Two hours isn't enough, we just got started then the British Cycling nippers kicked us off!
If possible ride before a hangover, rather than after.

The daunting steep banking at Manchester Velodrome

There was much positive response and everyone wants another go on the indoor track soon! London velodrome is opening March 2014 - looking into booking but so is the rest of GB. Newport has 3 hour slots from time to time and 'interesting night life' Watch this space...

View Brian's photographs from the Manchester Velodrome.

CPT at Manchester Velodrome


Summer 2013 – CPT road bike session report

Thank you very much to Brigit for this very insightful report from the velodrome.

2013 has been another great year for CPT at Herne Hill Velodrome. The Tuesday night road bike session continues to grow in popularity among club members and the public.

This year CPT took over the management of the session outright.  A ‘supporting coaches’ rota (devised and managed by Grant), was established to provide additional back-up to the ‘main’ coaching team. Extensive new facilities (inner track, hard court area and lighting) enabled us to let more riders on the track at once and stay open later for longer. We produced a set of written-rules for new riders to acquaint themselves with. We started to collect and compile session data in a meaningful way.  Sara H instigated the selling of cakes which proved so successful, it became a weekly occurrence (and will pay for two sets of rollers).

Rider numbers were even higher this year than 2012, averaging 70+ vs 60+. ‘Male public’ are the biggest users, however an increase was noted among adult club members, most likely due to the reminders sent by Grant. Women and girls made up almost a quarter of the users, but nearly all were from the club. Only two sessions out of 23 had to be cancelled due to bad weather: if there was any possibility a session could go ahead, it did!

The summer was rounded-off in big style when CPT Juniors hosted a SE v SW (London) ‘mob match’, inviting Greenwich Tritons and Thames Turbo to take part. A fantastic afternoon of fun and competition masterminded and powered by Sheila and Jon!  The visiting clubs loved it.
Other activity included CPT Juniors training camp during Easter and summer holidays and London triathlon junior squad training days.

Lots of people put in time and effort to make this session a success: coaches, supporting coaches, cake bakers, sign-on’ers and the riders themselves… However, special thanks to Karen Lord who supported every session, bar one (yes – 20 sessions rain or shine!). 

The new lighting means that it is now possible to use the track all year round. CPT are trialing a club-only session on Tuesday evenings (from 8/10/13) to make use of this opportunity.  Watch this space…


Weekend results

Sally led four novice riders out on Saturday morning for the first in the 'Saturday Shorts'. Hopefully we'll see more out for the next ride. Don't forget to put the following dates in your diary: 26 October, 9 November, 23 November and 7 December

On Sunday, despite the pouring rain Ella managed to run a PB at the Great Eastern Run, knocking 12 minutes off her previous time and broke two hours for the first time. Congratulations, Ella.


Club league update 11

Cathy, our league coordinator, says "Well done to all who raced at Hyde Park – the open sprint race and the age group sprint race qualify for league points and huge congrats to Clare Elms on her age group first. Also the London Fields Aquathlon and well done particularly to Kati Pusey and Greg Lewis on their 1st in age group places (and top league points). Very disappointingly, several people didn’t have their names on the race matrix so I can’t include their scores. Please, please make sure you let Karen/Louise know if you are doing Jekyll & Hyde which looks like it will be the last qualifying race.

Top three in each category (and the minimum three races completed):

Female senior: Suse Fairfax; Cathy Cooke; Lauren Whitmore
Female vets: Ruki Sidhwa; Sue Rowlands;
Female supervets: Louise Alan Smith; Sally Kidson; Karen Ayers

Male seniors: Rob Parry; Andy McRobbie; Marcel Garrad
Male vets: Jon Horsman; Mark Thomas; Victor Thompson
Male supervets: Greg Lewis; Brian Morris; Noel Murphy


London Fields Aquathlon - London League update

Rob, our performance coordinator, says "Well done to the 19 CPTers who came out and raced in the penultimate London League race of the 2013 season. The results have now been updated by StuWeb, so we can announce the CPT teams were as follows":

CPT London League Team:

Greg Lewis (1st Male Vet; 5th Overall)
Rob Parry
Kevin Freeman (3rd Male Vet and new entry to the 2013 LL Team, which is now 20-strong)
Brian Morris
Suse Fairfax (2nd Female)

CPT Mob Match Team:

Victor Thompson; Dan Duran; Peter King; Martin Leat; Kati Pusey (1st FV); Dean Thurlow; Eric Hoy; Louise Alan-Smith; Dave Crockwell; Ruki Sidwa; Karen Ayers; Sue Rowlands; Claire McGinley and Audrey Livingston

The official League results haven't been published yet, but Rob has done a few calculations myself, and reports that unfortunately we lost out to London Fields Triathlon Club on both the League and the mob match placings.

Each club is scored by taking their first five finishers (including at least one vet and one female), and aggregating the finishing position. Our score was 5+9+20+22+32=88, whereas LFTC was 2+7+10+11+16=46 (lowest scores wins).

The mob match is trickier to work out as that flips the points so that with 188 racing, 1st gets 188 points and last gets 1 point, but some rough calculations indicate that we probably could have taken the win there if two more CPTers had raced and finished mid-pack.

The best four results from the season are taken to determine the overall champions, and as we were neck and neck with LFTC, this will put them ahead of us.

So CPT fell at the final hurdle? Maybe not! We have one game in hand with the Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon on the 27th, and it looks like we have a strong field of 16, judging by the matrix.

We are at the end of what has been a long season for most, but please make every effort to get out there and give it your best shot (and if you can't make it please donate your place to Kevin Freeman and put him out of his misery!!)

Also - there is a tradition for halloween fancy dress at this race, with a prize for the best. I don't think I have any fight left in me for this race, so will be taking advantage of being able to wear a disguise as I drag myself around hyde park once again! Oh and afterwards I think we should toast our amazing efforts in this year's league with dinner and drinks at The Crystal Palace Market Restaurant (I'll book a table tomorrow so just let me know if you're up for it).


parkrun results - 5 October

Bromley parkrun
39th Adam Spencer 21:23 (New PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
43rd Dave Crockwell 24:56

Dulwich parkrun
16th Stuart Milne 19:19
30th Chris Petch 21:03 (First timer)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Weekend results

Dave Crockwell completed the Macmillan Lido Challenge on Saturday 5 October at Tooting Bec Lido. The event wasn't timed but Dave swam 2000 metres in under 45 minutes. He says it was a very well organised and friendly event.

The Dulwich 10k, on 6 October, is usually popular with CPT but this year clashed with the London Fields Aquathlon, so looks as though John was the only runner.


parkrun results - 28 September

Bromley parkrun
61st Adam Spencer 21:44 (New PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
19th Chris Petch 21:58 (First timer)
31st James Ripley 23:14

Greenwich parkrun
3rd Martin Leat 19:15 (New PB)

Nonsuch parkrun
17th Kevin Freeman 19:39

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.

James at Crystal Palace parkrun


JustinNew member

Welcome to new member Justin Hutton.


London Fields Aquathlon

Great CPT turnout at the London Fields Aquathlon this morning, with 19 CPT finishers. Hoping that's enough to get us the winning points for the London League and Mob Match.

Congratulations to our podium finishers, Suse Fairfax (2nd F), Kati Pusey (1st FV), Greg Lewis (1st MV) and Kevin Freeman (3rd MV)

There were homemade cakes at the finish line and cooked breakfast was available at Pub on the Park. It was such a lovely day we made the most of the sunshine and the food, while we waited over an hour for the final results.

One of new members, Eric Hoy, had an incredibly impressive swim time of 01:57, but this has now been corrected from the manual back-up. Well done to Eric for completing his first CPT event and for sporting CPT colours.


Royal Parks Half Marathon report

Report by Mark Thomas

Of course it was a dilemma: the London Fields Aquathlon or the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Mark & Andy - Royal Parks Half MarathonWell, the latter has become something of a Thomas family event over the past few years with my brother Andy and his wife running and the long suffering Mrs T putting us all through our paces whilst also raising money for breast cancer care.

Photo right: My ‘half-brother’ Andy ….get it ?!

Safe in the knowledge that I am a member of the fastest, friendliest and coolest tri club in London, I opted for the Half Marathon as I knew my club mates would do me proud at the aquathlon without my ‘help’.

It is not all about going as fast as you can but this is a fast and beautiful course. The sun shone and my sister in law has the female bragging rights until next October.

Despite being overtaken by superman in the last two miles (at least it wasn’t a smurf like last year), I had a flyer and posted 1.25 and 47 seconds. This is a new PB by a whole 6 whole seconds.

If you get the chance and are lucky enough to get a ballot place, do this run at least once before you die!

I am now officially at the season’s end as we are away for the J and H duathlon.

What a year it has been for CPT. We go from strength to strength.

An early start but worth the view as we parked the car at West Dulwich Station:

West Dulwich


Wedding congratulations

Congratulations to Lauren and Roy who got married on 4 October.

Lauren and Roy's wedding day


Thorpe Park Sprint Triathlon

Unfortunately there were only three of us at the inaugural Thorpe Park Sprint Triathlon so our times don't count for the League.

Thorpe Park TriathlonThe race was on a different course to the Thorpe Sprint series, which was a shame as the lake we swam in this time was awful. We had to slide down a muddy bank into knee deep sludge. The female wave were kept waiting in the water for quite a while before we set off and it was quite cold, although you soon forgot once you got going as the weeds took your mind off anything else. There was thick weed that tangled all around our hands, arms, feet and legs. I really panicked (not something I usually do in open water) when a long stringy piece of weed went through my mouth. I was almost on the point of giving up when Ruki swam past me and shouted encouragement. The weed hardly thinned out at all and then we had to contend with diesel fumes on the other side of the lake. There were two marshals hauling everyone out of the water and back onto the muddy bank for a slippery run uphill to transition.

The bike course was pretty flat with a lot of roundabouts. I was playing cat and mouse with the same lady all the way round but as soon as we got out on to the run she disappeared. Although she did shake hands with me at the finish and congratulated me on my cycling!

The run course was on paths in the theme park, with part of the run going past a couple of rides and through the food concessions, which were getting ready to open, so wafts of pizza, kebabs and onions 'helped' us on our way. The run consisted of two laps so I could see Ruki was gaining on me. I just managed to hold her off with only about 30 seconds separating us.

Triathletes were offered a discounted rate to the theme park so the three of us hit the rides. Ruki wasn't keen on anything fast, going upside down, or too high, but she did brave a couple of pretty hairy rides but was much happier on the log flume. It was a fun way to end the day.


Viking Double Olympic Triathlon

Lisa - 1st Female at the VikingLisa and John headed to Fritton for the Viking Double Olympic Triathlon.

Lisa says "It was cool, I got my first triathlon win today so very pleased - China here I come! The lake was absolutely freezing though and covered in fog - 3km was just about enough as I was thoroughly numb by then and took ages to get my wetsuit off! But the sun eventually came out. The bike course was pretty flat and fast, followed by a cross country run which reminded me of Pirie 10, cabbage fields and all. It was a real struggle on the run as I've had a cold/sore throat, so I was just glad to finish. Happy relaxing at home now with a blanket and pudding".


September results catch-up

Hopefully I've now caught up with all the September results. Please let me know if I've missed anything!

- Nottingham Half Marathon
- Berlin Marathon
- Hever Castle Standard Triathlon
- Fritton Viking Double Olympic Triathlon
- Thorpe Park Sprint Triathlon
- Anglian Water Standard
- Porto Half Marathon (Portugal)
- Richmond Imperial 10 Miles
- ITU London Standard Age-Group World Championships
- ITU Grand Final London - Open AG (Sprint)
- ITU Grand Final London - Open AG (Standard)
- Great North 5k
- Eridge Park 10 Trail Challenge
- Run to the Beat Half Marathon
- London ITU Sprint Age-Group World Championships - Huge congrats and respect to Clare Elms for winning the FSVs. Read Rob's blog.
- London ITU Aquathlon World Championships - Special congratulations to Clare Elms on her 2nd place in the FSVs
- Kent Cycling Association 12 Hour TT

CPT representing GB at the World Championships in London


New members

EricBexWelcome to new members Rebecca (Bexs) Chatwin and Eric Hoy.

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