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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Super Sunday dates:

12 and 26 May
16 June

Training schedule

Novice rides

A series of led novice rides aiming to continue building confidence, speed and endurance.

27 April
11 May
25 May
8 June
22 June
6 July
20 July

See the full Training schedule.

2013 Club Championships

14 April: Dragon Slayer (Duathlon)

21 April: Kingfisher(Aquathlon)

9 June: Thorpe Sprint

7 July: Sussex (Middle distance)

11 August: Bewl (Standard)

Find out more about the Club Championships

Forthcoming events

26-28 April - Swimathon

Thorpe Lake Sprint Series
12 May, 9 June, 21 July,
18 August

2 June - Windrush Aquathlon

9 June - Mid-Sussex Triathlon / Aquabike

9 June - White Oak Sprint Triathlon

4 August - TVT Concorde Sprint Triathlon

2013 news - April

CPT in action


parkrun result - 27 April

Brockwell parkrun
31st Phil Wright 20:21 (1st time)

Crystal Palace parkrun
40th Dave Crockwell 23:54


Sunday ride report - 28 AprilPhil reports on Sunday's ride which covered 52 miles at an average speed of 14.7 mph. The ride from Elmers End and back lasted 3 hours and 30 and returned at 13:30.

We had eight out on the ride to Wrotham. A tad chilly to start with but the speed humps, OK Kati I concede, HILLS, soon had us warmed up. 
Everyone enjoyed the scenic views on the way to Wrotham before forgetting all about views as the climb up the London Road warmed the legs for a slightly steeper climb up the A227 before Fairseat Lane finally destroyed whatever was left in the legs. Before we stopped for a well deserved tea there was the six-mile eyeballs out stretch along the A20 past Brands Hatch to Eynsford, enjoyed by all.


Run session - Wednesday 1 May

19:30 Crystal Palace Station
Tempo run to improve speed and endurance over 10k races

Easy warm up around Crystal Palace Park, then a 20 minute run at tempo pace (starting slightly slower than 10k race pace, building to 10k pace) following the parkrun route for as many laps as you can complete within the time. Please bring a stopwatch, and a GPS, if you have one, to help monitor pace.

This is a great session for ALL abilities with no chance of getting lost or left behind - please do come and join us.


Results - 28 April Another London League race took place this Sunday, Ful-on Duathlon and hopefully Rob will be writing a race report soon. There were also a few CPT racing at the Sevenoaks Triathlon. Clare completed her first ever triathlon, coming 2nd female overall and 1st FSV. Emanuele got a PB. There aren't splits at the moment but hopefully these will be added soon. I've created PBs page for 7Oaks too.

CPT at 7Oaks triathlon 2013


Sunday ride - 28 AprilA lot going on this weekend, Sevenoaks, Ful-on and Ride to Rye. Despite this, Phil is leading the Club ride to Wrotham for those not involved in any other activities and the weather forecast is good. The season has started, if you're not racing, get out there and put some miles under those wheels in some lovely sunshine.


Club League update - No 3

Well done to everyone who raced the Kingfisher Aquathlon - fab London League result! The race also counted towards our own Club League and so update to scores as follows:
Senior ladies: Lauren Whitmore, Suse Fairfax, Emily Parry
Vet Ladies: Ruki Sidhwa

Senior men: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Grant Georgiades
Vet Men: Jon Horsman,
Super-vet men: Greg Lewis and Brian Morris, Noel Murphy
Special well done to Brian Morris for getting top score from first in his category at this race - go Brian!

According to the race matrix, we have two events this weekend that will qualify for Club League points - Sevenoaks Triathlon and Ful-On Duathlon. If you are racing and your name is not on the race matrix, please let Karen know ASAP,


StuartNew member

Welcome to new member Scott Saunders.


Richard's swim hat party trick

Richard's party trick


Novice and 'not-so' novice ride - Saturday 27 April

The second of our 'summer' rides is this Saturday 27 April, setting off at 09:15 from Elmers End for a steady two hour ride at c. 18-20kph.

The weather looks set to be glorious! Depending on numbers we will ride as one or two groups with the focus on riding effectively as a group and supporting the slowest riders. The group(s) will be led by more experienced cyclists and there will be no session fee.

We need experienced adult riders to support this growing group - please do come along and give us a helping hand! You will get a good ride too.

Details of Saturday rides can be found on the training schedule.


Kingfisher Aquathlon - London League report

CPT at the Kingfisher AquathlonReport by Rob Parry

Yes 3/8, not 3/9 – Optima Aquathlon is no longer a London League race. Can you believe that after next weekend we’ll already be halfway through the 2013 London League??!!

Sunny blue skies and a frosty bite to the air greeted us in Morden Park on Sunday morning for the Kingfisher Aquathlon. Perfect weather for racing!

CPT were out in force with a 19-strong contingent, but this would prove to be no match for the might of Thames Turbo, who had a whopping 29 on the day.  From the results sheet it looks like we had eight DNSs. Where were you all – we needed you?!

Ruben at the Kingfisher AquathlonGiven our performances on the day, those extra eight could have been enough for us to claim the mob match title, despite having two less people. Mob Match doesn’t just work on numbers – it works on total team points based on finishing position.

For example, at Kingfisher there were 166 finishers. 166th place scores one point for the club, whilst 1st place scores 166 points. That means that for every position higher each CPTer scores, CPT gets another point in the Mob Match competition.

We would have needed a miracle to beat Thames Turbo given the numbers, and in the end Thames Turbo took the tile, with 2466 points to our 2nd place with 1737points (my rushed calculations).

Andre at the Kingfisher AquathlonThe moral here is
1) Please come if you can,
2) Please finish, even if you have to commando crawl around the course (as 1 point is better than none), and
3) Go as hard as you can!!

Whilst the TT invasion might have dashed our Mob Match hopes, we absolutely smashed them in the club team comp! That’s right – the CPT LL Team came first at Kingfisher!! The LL team was made up of:

Rob Parry (13 points)
Jon Horsman (17 points)
John Buchanan (23 points)
Marcel Garrad (25 points)
Lauren Whitmore (38 points)

Emily at the Kingfisher AquathlonTOTAL points 116 (sum of the finishing positions of the five-person team)

Lowest total points wins, and Thames Turbo came 14th, 16th, 26th, 31st and 56th, and therefore scored a higher 143.

So massive congrats to the team, and great work Grant Georgiades, Brian Morris, Noel Murphy, Andy McRobbie, Emily Parry, Andre Whyte, Dean Thurlow, Rob Hollis, Rachel Vignoli, Kirsten Lawson, Mat Fahey, Ruki Sidwa, and Ruben Perez for the mob match comp. Commiserations to Michelle Carroll who was a DNF.

Mat at the Kingfisher AquathlonThis was also the Club Champs Aquathlon. Honours go to:

Men: 1st Rob Parry; 2nd Jon Horsman; 3rd John Buchanan
Women: 1st Lauren Whitmore; 2nd Emily Parry; 3rd Rachel Vignoli

Next weekend is the Ful-On Duathlon, with 14 CPTers down to race. If you name’s not on the race matrix, please let Karen/Louise know.

6k run, 24k bike, 6k run, on the Top Gear test track? Yes please!

Brian's MSV prize at Kingfisher Aquathlon

Brian disappeared so quickly after the race he missed out on collecting his MSV prize


Run session - Wednesday 24 April

Depart Crystal Palace Station at 19:30 for a warm up with some pulse raisers down to the historic Toll Gate (the only one left in London) on College Road.

Regroup at the start of Grange Lane (first right immediately after the toll gate) for the main delight: 3-5 serious UPhill efforts.  

Then a gentle warm down trotting back up to CP station!

Hope to see you all there (you will need a watch to time your efforts!).

This is a great session for ALL abilities with no chance of getting lost or left behind - please do come and join us.


Return to Herne Hill Velodrome - Tuesday 23 April

18:00-20:00 (or earlier if it's too dark)
£5.00 to CPT members (included in annual training) £6.00 to non-CPT members

We will be holding our first ‘road bike only’ session of the summer at Herne Herne Hill Velodrome. It’s an un-coached weekly session that’s perfect for practicing all manner of cycling skills in a car free environment.

Flood lights are being installed shortly and the session will run until 21:00 as soon as they are in place. The flat inner track won’t be ready for use until next week but novice riders are welcome to ride around at a gentle pace at the top of the track (don’t worry if you’ve never been to the velodrome the gradient isn’t as steep as the ones you see on TV).


Results - 21 April

Well done to everyone who competed in the Club Championship, London League, Kingfisher Aquathlon this morning. There were PBs from Rob, John and Emily. Jon was 2nd MV, Brian 1st MSV and Noel 2nd MSV. I've updated the Club Champs page and created a Kingfisher PBs page. No doubt Rob will be reporting from a London League perspective soon.

Meanwhile we had five CPT London Marathon finishers. I've also updated the London Marathon Roll of Honour page. Also check the junior news page to see how our CPT Mini Marathon runners got on.


Greg's birthday cakeCPT birthday

To celebrate Greg's birthday and moving into the Super Vet age group, Suse had a special themed birthday cake made, complete with CPT trisuit.



parkrun result - 20 April

Dulwich parkrun
72nd Dave Crockwell 26:20


New members

Welcome to new members Amy and Mark Aeron-Thomas.


LisiNew members

Welcome to new members Elisabeth Jonas and David Walker.


Wednesday night run - 17 April

The evenings are getting lighter and we have an excellent run session planned in Crystal Palace Park for tomorrow evening.

Depart Crystal Palace Station at 19:30 for a warm up with some pulse raisers around the perimeter of the park.

Regroup at the parkrun start line for the main course of three out and back runs (of increasing intensity) to help build back end race speed and pacing.

And then a gentle warm down and return to the station.

Hope to see you all there.


The Dragonslayer Duathlon - 14 April

Well, what a difference a fortnight makes! April 1st had us huddling for warmth in foil blankets as we waited to enter a steaming pool over in West London, and less than two weeks later we were sizzling in the sun on the opposite side of town, on the side of a rather windy hill in Essex!

Grant's Dragonslayer sunburnCongratulations to everyone who scaled that mini-mountain the 27 times required to slay the dragon, with “spirit of triathlon” mentions to John Buchanan, who managed it on a borrowed bike after Lisa had made a few “modifications" to his carbon beast on route, Mark Brown (1st vet last year) who valiantly continued after a 13min pit stop to fix a puncture mid-race, and Grant who pushed through a cramp that floored him on the second run (apparently lying on his front, given the pics of his back, see right). Commiserations to Rich Lewey (double-puncture), Lisa (pulling out just before her leg snapped in half) and Haydn (puncture). Judging by the results, Duathlon now has its own equivalent of the infamous Iron War of 1989 between Mark Allen and Dave Scott, with the epic battle that Greg Lewis and Jon Horsman staged! We look forward to hearing about that at the next club drinks, along with any other stories that I missed out here (with apologies).

Dragonslayer results

CPT runners at the Dragonslayer

Onto the results, and we won’t need to wait for the official word from Triathlon London to safely announce that CPT took the League title, with a total score of just 58. Could well have taken the Mob Match title too, despite strong opposition from London Fields Tri and Serpentine.

So the official CPT London League Team for the Dragonslayer was:

Rob Parry
Greg Lewis
Jon Horsman

Marcel Garrad
Suse Fairfax (1st Female)

Greg, Jon, Marcel and Sue join me, Andy, Neil, Tim and Lauren on the 2013 CPT LL Team.

Well done also to Grant Georgophilodopolopidis, Mark Brown, John Buchanan, Rob Hollis, Phil Feldman, Andre Whyte, Andy McRobbie, Voy and Ruben who made up the CPT Mob Match Team. Guys, we have a HUGE trophy that we need to hang onto next year, so keep up the great work!!

We’ve got 20 down for Kingfisher next week, where the swimmers will no doubt get the edge on the bikers amongst us (if you’re racing and your name's not down on the race matrix then please let us know.

The Dragonslayer was also our Club Championship duathlon race. So we have our first Club Champions of 2013:

Rob Parry, Greg Lewis and Jon Horsman
Suse Fairfax.

CPT cyclists at the Dragonslayer


Club League update - No 2

Update from Cathy, our Club League Coordinator: Well done to all those who raced Dragonslayer yesterday - I understand it was a tough race! Particular well done to those who won their age/gender categories - Greg Lewis as first supervet, Jon Horsman as first vet and Rob Parry as first senior male (and for winning the race overall!).
Female Senior: Lauren Whitmore, Suse Fairfax

Male Senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Grant Georgiades

Male Vets: Jon Horsman

Male Supervets: Greg Lewis, Tim Thomas

According to the race matrix, the next event to qualify for Club League points will be the Kingfisher Aquathlon next weekend. If you're racing and name isn't on the race matrix yet, please let Karen/Louise know.  


Sunday ride report - 14 April

Dean, our cycling coordinator, reports:

We had a real problem with the weather on Sunday, it was way too hot! For goodness sake this is England.

Anyway a group of 12 of us battled the extreme conditions and split at the Ridge. Seven went via Pilgrims Way and five of us went on to Penshurst. Bad luck to Scott Barnes who had a mechanical before we even started and had to head back home for some spanner wielding . The ride to Tonbridge was abandoned due to lack of interest, think we are due a ride to Box Hill next weekend. Unfortunately I am racing, in the loosest of senses, at the Kingfisher Aquathlon so won't be there. Phil is away as well but I think most people know the route so hopefully a group will get together for a ride.


Maxifuel Sprint Duathlon - 13 April

Congratulations to Clare Elms for being the first female across the line at the Maxifuel Sprint Duathlon at Dorney Lake. Unfortunately Mark got his first ever DNF, he punctured after lap two of the bike so I didn't complete the duathlon. Mark says he 'hopes it' not an omen for the season to come!".


parkrun results - 6 & 13 April

Karen and Karen at the Crystal Palace parkrun - 13 April6 April

Brockwell parkrun
9th Mark Brown 18:29 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
33rd Paul Morrissey 24:57
41st Glyn Tully 25:46
55th Karen Ayers 28:32

Nonsuch parkrun
77th Kevin Freeman 23:52

13 April

Crystal Palace parkrun
17th Matt Lawley 22:25 (1st time)
31st Dave Crockwell 24:15
44th Glyn Tully 25:58

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Novice and 'not-so' novice ride - Saturday 13 April

The first of our novice and not-so novice 'summer' rides is this Saturday 13 April, setting off at 09:15 from Elmers End for a steady two hour ride at c. 18-20kph.

Depending on numbers we will ride as one or two groups with the focus on riding effectively as a group and supporting the slowest riders. The group(s) will be led by more experienced cyclists and there will be no session fee.

We need experienced adult riders to support this growing group - please do come along and give us a helping hand! You will get a good ride too.

Details of Saturday rides can be found on the training schedule.


Race report - Croydon Half Marathon Sunday(!) 7 April

PeterReport by Peter King

After my solid Dorney Race Your Pace Half Marathon a few weeks ago I was some what nervous as to how I would fair on the rolling hills of Croydon. I had even been slightly professional and had a recce of the course a week earlier when out on a ride so I knew what to expect.

Race morning and for the first time in ages it was actually a sunny if some what frosty morning so no excuses as I set off on the Saturday morning to race start. This is where the new professional attitude flew out the window as although I knew the correct course I had failed to remember the correct day!!

Peter and Tomas after the Croydon Half MarathonRace morning (Take 2!!) and for the first time since the previous day it was actually a sunny if somewhat frosty morning so no excuses from the weather.

Again I had set myself a pace that I wanted to work to of just sub 4.20 / km and settled into a rhythm nice and early. The hills aren't steep but roll on so my idea was to keep over pace on the flats and manage hills as they came round.

First lap was covered in just over 42 mins and at that point there was a possible sub 1:30 on the cards but the long drag up past Lloyd Park on the second lap probably put pay to that and I rolled in with a very pleasing 1:31.

Good to see a merry band of CPT to chat to pre and post race all of whom seemed happy with the days achievements. Next stop is (even) sunnier Mallorca for some 70.3 action and yes I have checked my flight and race day details!! 


Wednesday night run - 10 April

Grant would like to remind everyone that tomorrow night we have a track session to look forward to.

We’ll be working 1k intervals tonight, perfect for taking large chunks off your 5k PB. The fast group will do  5 x 1k, intermediates 4 x 1k and improvers 3 x 1k. All at the same pace (5-8 seconds faster than your current 5k time) with a very gentle jog recovery lap in between.

Numbers have been great the last couple of weeks, so I look forward to seeing you trackside at 19:30.

Pay track entry at reception (the cost of entry isn’t included in your annual training fee), but the session itself is free!

Details of all Club sessions can be found on the training schedule.


Hot Chillee sportive report

MarkReport by Mark Thomas

I know they are considered an expensive long ride by many but my colleague from work had signed up for the Hot Chillee 68 mile sportive last Saturday (6 April) and was looking for some company (or maybe just someone to share the petrol with?) so I joined him. It also included Leith Hill which I need to be reacquainted with for a middle distance Tri later in the season.

What a lovely day it was!  A bit chilly on the tootsies but brilliantly sign-posted and well marshalled with more bananas than a monkey house.

Mark on the Hot Chillee SportiveI managed a respectable 4.09 and snuck into the gold time ....always believe in your soul, you're indestructible yeah!

I have a couple of gruesome pics for you all too!

If you want to save yourself a few quid and fancy some new roads with no potholes you could upload the route maps from the organisers website onto your Garmin. 

Mark's top tip: Miss out the last 10km which is busy.

Happy cycling and let's hope the sun stays with us.

I might even do the epic with someone (over 80 miles) if anyone is up for it over the warmer months.

Mark on the Hot Chillee Sportive


Weekend results

Congratulations to those who ran the Croydon Half Marathon and Paddock Wood Half Marathon on Sunday 7 April. Dave says it was nice to run in a bit of warmth and sunshine (at last). Brigit was very pleased to break two hours for the first time. I've also updated the Paddock Wood PBs page.

Michelle - Paddock WoodPlease remember to enter races as CPT, it makes my life much easier looking up results!

Below - Emily and Lisa at the start.
Right - Michelle with her medal.

Emily & Lisa - Croydon Half Marathon

Gary entered the Kent KCA 25 TT on 7 April. Gary reports "The planned 25 was rescheduled as a 10 due to road works. It was -2 at the start line and I did a rather disappointing 28.27 although in my defence it was a slow day". The official results aren't up on the CTTC website yet.

KarenThe Fool's Errand II
Report by Karen Ayers

For some unexplained reason, I thought it would be a good idea to enter The Fool's Errand II - More Fool You 120k sportive. I did the event last year and wanted to go back, but as I'm a fair-weather cyclist, decided to wait until the day to enter. It wasn't too icy when I woke up at 06:00 so I set off for a new start location in Hildenborough.

There weren't many people at registration but plenty of tea, coffee and jaffa cakes. Just as I was about to set off Clare Wyngard and Karen Grieves turned up so I cycled with them, we picked up two other ladies for some of the course, but didn't manage to find any groups to work with on a very hilly route (which wasn't the same as last year) with over 1600m of climbing.

We got lost once, someone had very kindly removed the arrows so ended up doing 128k. There was a stop in Wrotham at Widehorizons Margaret McMillan House (the charity organising and benefiting from the event), where we had a comfort break, refilled our bottles and tucked into fruit and energy bars, before heading back out for the hills.

If I'd realised where the route was going, I would have taken a short cut and followed the road signs back to Hildenborough, but after 120k I didn't recognise the bottom of the steepest and longest hill on the ride, Carters Hill. I managed to get about half way, but with other cyclists walking and cars going in both directions, I was unable to weave across the road and eventually gave up before my knee caps popped!! It was a slow walk in cleats to the top but it did mean I could finish on the fast, sweeping Riverhill back to Hildenborough and a big bowl of chilli and rice, tea and more biscuits.

My official finish time is slower than last year, but last year I didn't stop, the route was shorter and there wasn't quite as much climbing! My actual ride time was a couple of minutes longer, but so was the route!

Food stop - Fool's Errand


Club League update - No 1

Cathy says "Well done to all those who braved the cold and raced Thames Turbo triathlon on 1 April. As the race is also a London League race it qualified towards our own club league and those who raced (and had their names on the race matrix) have got their first points (the closer to 1.000, the better the score). You need three races by the end of the year to count. The positions after the first race are as follows for each category:
Female Seniors
1. Lauren Whitmore
Male Seniors
1. Rob Parry
2. Andrew Tappin
3. Andre Whyte
Male Super Vets
1. Tim Thomas
According to the race matrix (please please let Karen/Louise know which races you've entered), the next race to qualify is The Dragonslayer on 14 April. Read the full results, rules and explanation of the Club League.


New member

Welcome to new member Tim Copley.


Sponsorship request from Dave

Dave says he really enjoyed Saturday’s parkrun, and appreciated so many Club members turning up as well. "Almost a PB, and my fastest time this year".

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
I know you’ve all been thinking, isn’t it about time ol’ Dave did another one of them there London Marathons. Well, would you believe it, come Sunday 21 April 21 that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Pounding the streets of London, hoping to cover 26.2 miles sometime before sundown (or at least get home in time for Don’t Tell the Midwife) And of course, it’s all for charidee mate. Donations will be split 50/50 between two very worthwhile causes, Macmillan Cancer Support and Brake, the road safety charity. So dig deep, or dig shallow and chuck a few coppers in my rattling tin.

Visit Dave's online sponsorship page.


Wednesday night run - 3 April

Grant would like to remind everyone of tomorrow evening's session will be a tempo run to improve your speed endurance.

He's got a good 2k rectangle that we'll be running twice (with an extra 1k circuit for the faster amongst you.) Your speed should be slightly slower than your 10k pace.

We'll jog the route as a warm up to make sure everyone knows where they're heading. And we should all finish at the same time, ready to jog back together whilst discussing just how much we've enjoyed ourselves!

I look forward to seeing lots of you at Crystal Palace Station at 19:30 for our first run of British Summer Time 2013.

Details of all Club sessions can be found on the training schedule.


Club League 2013

CathyCathy has agreed to be our Club League coordinator again this year (thanks, Cathy). She reports:

Not to be confused with the London League, the Club also runs its own league each year into which all adult members are automatically entered. We award trophies to the top three in each catgeory at the Club awards (Xmas party). The categories are seniors (U40), Vets (40-49) and Super-vets (50+) for male and female - age as at 31 Dec 2013.

You can get points in the league by competing in multi-discipline races where a minimum of five CPT members are racing (or four for mid-long distances) or the race is a London League event or Club Champs event.
Note: As per last year, your name must be on the club race matrix for each event in which you wish to qualify for Club League points (so your fellow CPT competitors know who's racing what). Please email Karen/Louise with which races you've entered.

Today's Thames Turbo triathlon is the first event to qualify for Club League points (by virtue of it being a London League event and/or has five+ members racing).

Regular updates will be posted on the e-group and on the Club League page.
Happy Racing!


Regents Park Easter 10k - 1 April

After running his 100th parkrun on Saturday, Dave, accompanied by his daughter Laura, ran the Regents Park Easter 10k.


Thames Turbo April 2013Thames Turbo results - 1 April

Congratulations to the eight CPT members who braved the cold and a very early start for the first London League race of the year at Thames Turbo this morning.

Roy and Emily wished they were racing as it was so cold spectating!

Transition times haven't been included in the results, but let's just say they weren't record breaking! Although Tim and Lauren managed PBs despite having to put lots of layers on!

Thanks to Emily for the photos. Top: 6am and the steam is rising at the Thames Turbo Triathlon swim start. Bottom: Go Lauren!

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