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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Super Saturday dates:

23 March

Training schedule

Novice rides

A series of coach-led novice rides led by Scott, aiming to continue building confidence, speed and endurance.

2 March
16 March

Uncoached Saturday rides

13 April
27 April
11 May
25 May
8 June
22 June
6 July
20 July

See the full Training schedule.

2013 Club Championships

14 April: Dragon Slayer (Duathlon)

21 April: Kingfisher(Aquathlon)

9 June: Thorpe Sprint

7 July: Sussex (Middle distance)

11 August: Bewl (Standard)

Find out more about the Club Championships

Forthcoming events

17 March - Surrey Rumble sportive

17 March - Invicta Grimpeur 100km

17 March - Invicta Hilly 50km

24 March - Bromley Vets 5 mile x-country

7 April - Paddock Wood Half Marathon

7 April - The Fool's Errand sportive

26-28 April - Swimathon

Thorpe Lake Sprint Series
12 May, 9 June, 21 July,
18 August

2 June - Windrush Aquathlon (entries not open yet)

9 June - Mid-Sussex Triathlon / Aquabike

9 June - White Oak Sprint Triathlon

4 August - TVT Concorde Sprint Triathlon

2013 news - February

CPT in action

Feb 26

parkrun results - 23 FebruaryCrystal Palace parkrun
26th 23:42 Dave Crockwell

The PBs page has been updated.


Sainsbury's Active Kids VouchersSainsbury's Active KidsWe are once again collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers.

With your support we did fantastically well last year and banked over 4000 vouchers, so we can go for something very exciting this year!

Please remember to collect as many vouchers as possible and to hand them to either Sheila, Kati, Karen or Sara at any of the sessions.

We have until 22 May to collect as many as we can so get shopping!


Results and race report - 24 FebruaryOn Sunday 24 February, there were a few CPT members running the Tunbridge Half Marathon, while others braved very cold conditions to complete the 110k hilly Hell of Ashdown.

GeoffRace report from Hell of Ashdown
By Geoff Dillon

I was the lucky one who took poor Jim's place in the Hell of the Ashdown sportive today....and denied him the fun of experiencing the icy winds, sleet, occasional icy roads and the nine savage climbs. Here's a quick report.

As fully expected, the day of the event was bitterly cold and overcast, with an icy breeze. Having spent the previous few days chewing over what I should wear to avoid getting too cold at the start and too hot in the middle, I lined up not over-dressed, and hoped for the best. I did try and put two pairs of thick thermal socks on, but my shoes wouldn't fit.

The name of the event has some psychological benefit, I think; we were all expecting Hell and although it didn't take long for the route to "bring it on", in the form of Berry's Hill Road, I was ready to slay it. The 110k route was usually either going up or going down, each time for long stretches. I nearly didn't make it past the first five miles, when I went over a pothole whilst hurtling downhill, The jolt loosened the handlebars, which fell forward. Somehow I managed to avoid going over the top of the bike. I cycled gingerly with handlebars sloped more than a track bike's until the first feed stop at 26 miles. Thankfully there was a mechanic there to sort things out. The feed stops, in village halls, were great, by the way. I could have stayed there all day.  

In another drama, I went off course after 38 miles and after about 10 minutes of thinking why haven't I seen any other cyclists recently, I had to retrace my steps and rejoin the route. Very frustrating!

The hills were regular and brutal. The one leading to the second feed stop at 49 miles was probably well over a mile long. It was largely due to the fact that you could always see riders ahead of you that kept most people going.

By 50 miles I was starting to fear I would 'bonk' before the end. And the much-anticipated Star Hill climb to Knockholt at 55 miles threatened to finish me. But once again I think I psychologically over-estimated it and it was merely a nightmare, rather than being utter hell. By the last 2-3 miles, I had a spring in my pedal strokes as I knew the last of the big climbs had come and gone, and finished with a flurry, in 5 hours 11 minutes.

This is a truly challenging event and you feel proud to receive the certificate at the end. It's also very well organised.

Poor Jim was knocked off his bike during a road race in Botswana. He suffered a broken collar bone is awaiting an operation. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Sunday's Club ride

A crisp but bright and dry morning saw 12 riders out . The planned ride to Penshurst was dropped and a loop of Toys and Ide Hill was opted for instead. As is the way with Club rides these days the pace at the start was so fast, despite doing 16mph, I was dropped in the first mile but I had said I was going to lead the slow group and after Charles was dropped as well we had a group of two . We had a good ride some of it spent with participants of the Hell of Ashdown and some with Brixton Cycles who we cycled with last week to Box Hill (a bit spooky).

We were glad we chose the shorter route as by the end we were quite chilly. I'll post next week's destination during the week, watch this space.

Club ride - 24 February


New memberWelcome to new member Kieron Morgan.

Feb 25

Change to training schedule - Saturday 2 March

Novice and 'not-so' novice riders

There are just two more Saturday rides before Easter - this Saturday 2 March and then 16 March. The progress this winter has been fantastic with many of our so called novices now able to take part in Super Saturday Cycle training and even Sunday rides.

This Saturday's session will meet 09:15 at Elmers End for a steady two hour ride at c. 18-20kph pace. Session fee £5 - or included in the annual training fee

We will, of course, make our way to Cadence, for post-ride refreshments.

We need experienced adult riders to support this growing group - please do come along and give us a helping hand! You will get a good ride too.

The Juniors are heading over to Richmond Park this weekend - they also need support so please do let Jon know if you can help.

Looking forward to the summer

In addition to the Tuesday night Velodrome sessions (starting after Easter) which we hope all our riders will attend to keep developing their skills, speed and endurancewe we are also putting eight more Saturday rides into the calendar - there is a very strong core of increasingly experienced riders who can take these rides forward and we will ensure, as far as is possible, that more experienced members of the Club will help lead these rides as our coaching team becomes more thinly spread through the competition season.

Get these dates in your diaries please!

13 April, 27 April, 11 May, 25 May, 8 June, 22 June, 6 July, 20 July

Feb 23

Super Saturday - 23 February

We had a surprising turnout for today's Super Saturday. Despite the snow 29 hardcore members turned up at High Elms Country Park. We were a little late setting off as everyone was putting on as many layers as possible. Jon split us into three groups for various routes at different paces. We set off in a very light snow flurry but by the time we were half way up Cudham Lane South it was snowing quite heavily.

I'm not sure what Jon and Paul's groups did, but Dean's group, with me at the back, cycled up to Badgers Mount, where we did three TT type circuits. It was pretty chilly and quite tough without the benefit of the gruop draft, but kept us pretty warm!

We headed back to the Country Park where those running changed into their trainers and headed for the trails. Sara, Mark, Malcolm and I (currently not running due to injury) went back out for a few more miles on our bikes. It was particularly cold and hardwork cycling around Biggin Hill airport so we decided to get back to the cafe in the Country Park before everyone else!

Hot drinks and cake soon warmed us up!

Well done to everyone for turning up and enjoying the session in such chilly conditions.

Details of the Super Saturday taking place on 23 March to follow soon.

Feb 20

parkrun results - 16 February Brockwell parkrun
104th 25:10 Brigit Brown

Crystal Palace parkrun
7th 20:59 Phil Feldman
10th 21:07 Suse Fairfax (new PB)
24th 23:05 Dave Crockwell

Dulwich parkrun
90th 28:44 Grant Georgiades

South Manchester parkrun
167th 27:51 Ella Fields

The PBs page has been updated.

Feb 18

Results - 16-17 FebruaryDorney Race Your Pace
Report by Peter King

Peter at Dorney LakeThis is the second time I have done the Race Your Pace Half Marathon at Dorney Lake. The first was very windy and I posted a 1:34:23. It was good to go back to Dorney and see what things were looking like post Olympics and if some of the gold fever was still in the air. Amazingly there was hardly any wind which must be a first up there and even the sun was shining. The race was delayed, as was last years, due to parking problems but the horn sounded at 10.15 to get us underway. The start was very crowded with plenty of people bunched at the front who needed to be got past but with all the grass on the side being "Olympic legacy mud" this took a while but after half a km I managed to settle into a steady pace of 4:20 / km. It took a while to work it out but I was going to be over the 90mins mark at that pace so on the last of the four laps I upped the pace to 4:10 to try and make the grade but it looks like the crowded start got the better of me and I crossed the line in 1:30:28. A tedious lap race maybe but as a testing ground for your pacing and setting a benchmark it ticks all the boxes and I am extremely happy with my improvement on last year.

Some great times at the Kentish Killer, a tough 70 mile sportive. Grant might possibly have sneaked in with a Gold time if he hadn't had a heavy session the night before.

Rob, Lisa and Selwyn after the Kentish KillerLisa reports, "The Kentish Killer yesterday was just what it said on the tin! I came first in my category which was a great morale boost. I swear I went into the future on the final climb. The support around the course was superb and made up for the very poor road surfaces and foggy patches in places. I loved it. But I am just as proud of the fact that before sitting down for a cuppa and putting our feet up, John and I summoned the willpower to give the bikes a clean!".

Richard headed to the Gravesend Cyclopark for the Gravesend Duathlon, where the winner was ex-CPT member Carl Ferri.

Dave ran the Brighton Half Marathon in the best ever weather for Brighton, glorious sunshine but not too warm.

We had a good turnout for the novice/junior rides on Saturday morning, with 24 adults joining the rides. We managed to form four groups and everyone got a good ride.

On Sunday we had 20 riders out in three groups riding to Box Hill.

Feb 13

parkrun results - 9 FebruaryCrystal Palace parkrun
41st 23:51 Dave Crockwell


Super Saturday - 23 February - Meet 09:45 at main car park, High Elms Country Park, on Shire Lane, BR6 7JH). Session ends: 12:45

- Coaches will be Jon Horsman, Dean Thurlow and Paul Eaglestone

- The session will start with a 90-minute ride with a speed endurance focus (there will be three coach-led ride groups)

- This will be followed by mixed pace run circuits using the rolling terrain of the country park trails

- Recovery with tea and cakes in the cafe from 12:45 onwards

- Session fee: £10 (no charge for annual training members) plus cakes and coffee afterwards

- Please confirm you are attending by no later than 00:00 on 21 February by emailing Sally.

This session is suitable for all club members and selected juniors (ask Jon if you are not sure). The slowest/least experienced riders in Scott's Saturday group are welcome to join a special ride, led by Karen, which will depart at 11:15 and return by 12:45 for which there will be no charge - with the option to warm up beforehand with a run or ride! 

Details of the Super Saturday taking place on 23 March to follow soon.


Road rides - Saturday 16 February Meet: Elmers End - 09:15 start for a two-hour ride

'Not-so-novice' group - A steady two hour ride at c.18-20kph pace
Scott will continue to lead these rides meeting at the same time, same place but introducing new routes and continuing to look at technique whilst maintaining a cohesive group. The aim will be to continue to build up confidence, speed and endurance. members, new and old, very welcome.
Session fee £5 - or included in the Annual Training Fee.

Medium paced junior ride - A two-hour ride at c.22kph
A coach-led group of juniors take to the road at the same time and same place. We need adult riders to support this group - you will be sure to have a good-paced short ride.
Please let Jon know if you can be there.

Fast paced junior ride - A two-hour ride at 25kph+
A coach-led group of juniors who ride hard and fast - we need some of our best adult riders to support this growing peloton of talented cyclists.
Please let Jon know if you can be there.

More rides are scheduled on 2 and 16 March.


Race reports from down underLaurenReport by Lauren Whitmore

Roy’s home town of Busselton (home of Ironman Western Australia) was holding a Festival of Sport during our trip so I decided to do the 10km run and the 3.6km swim around the jetty.  I haven’t raced a 10km for a few years and I’d forgotten how painful trying to run fast can be. Despite an 8am start it was already hot so I was pleased that I resisted the temptation to enter the half marathon!  I was very happy with my time of 43:56, especially as I’ve been struggling to do any running recently due to injury. Results >

The jetty swim, the main event of the weekend, was the next day. One of Roy’s mates started the event eight years ago and it’s grown from about 30 participants to over 1500 (including relay teams).  I was off in the first wave and everyone looked super fast. There were a few Olympians there, racing for a $1000 prize for anyone breaking 40 minutes.

Unfortunately the conditions were not kind, unlike the previous day when the sea looked like a lake, grrr. It was a non-wetsuit swim, so my main concern was avoiding the ‘stingers’ which had got Roy pretty badly a couple of days earlier.

I struggled round in 1:02 which must be my slowest open water swim ever, the conditions were tough – the winner swam five minutes slower than he did last year -  but my lack of swim training (due to another injury) definitely showed.  

Roy finished just ahead of me in 1:01, a significant victory given we got engaged a few days before and we were racing to decide which surname we’d keep! Results >

Congratulations to you both from everyone at CPT.

Lauren & Roy got engaged on holiday in Australia


London Marathon sponsorshipGlynI am doing the London Marathon this year for charadeee, having been press-ganged into it… It's for a Housing Trust, working with the homeless and the disadvantaged who have problems finding decent homes. So, to help me ease the pain of training for this arduous event, I'd appreciate it if you could help me towards my fiscal target.. Please dig deep... All donations gratefully received.


New membersJamesWelcome to new members Andrew Parsons and James Mullarkey.


Changes to the training schedule - 8-9 February

After a fun packed Saturday with Selwyn helping out on the junior road ride and having to get a train back from Knockholt due to a collapsed wheel, he then organised the fantastic "Treasure Hunt".

This weekend promises to be as fun packed... with a slight change in the plan for the weekend sessions due to the closures of Trinity and Herne Hill Velodrome.

Friday night - 8 February
Turbo + run, under the Jubilee Stand, next to CPSIC, with a focus on running strong off the bike
Time 19:00 - 20:30

Saturday afternoon - 9 February
Turbo + run, under the Jubilee Stand, next to CPSIC, run reps in Dulwich Wood / CP Park
Time 13:00 - 15:30 (with 15min break/changeover)
Two coaches splitting athletes into two ability groups based on running speed .

Please let Jon know if you plan to attend and also if you need to borrow a Club turbo for either session, (normal costs apply to non annual fee members).

Jon expects to see a good turnout at both sessions.

Feb 06

parkrun results - 2 FebruaryCrystal Palace parkrun
9th 20:16 John Buchanan
19th 21:19 Sam Blackie (new PB)
25th 21:53 Suse Fairfax
27th 21:57 Lisa Collins
49th 23:55 Dave Crockwell

Brockwell parkrun
77th 23:55 Victor Thompson (1st time)
94th 24:44 Brigit Brown
118th 26:45 Louise Alan-Smith (1st time)

Orpington parkrun
7th 21:55 Haydn Whitmore (1st time)

South Manchester parkrun
164th 27:57 Ella Fields

The PBs page has been updated.


Weekend round-up - 1-3 February

What a busy weekend!

Club turbo session
Friday night's swim at Trinity was cancelled. Jon didn't want members to feel cheated so put on a last-minute turbo/run session under the Jubilee Stand at Crystal Palace. There was a pretty good turnout for what turned out to be a really good session. A couple of members who had never done a Club turbo session before thought it was a really good workout and 'enjoyed' the session.

Novice and junior road ride
Saturday morning was cold and windy but didn't stop 19 members turning up for the novice ride, with another six members helping with the junior road rides, CPT made their presence felt at Elmers End (on that note, a gentle reminder, please don't block the pavement when meeting for the ride, pedestrians need to be able to get through unhindered!). The novice group split into two, with Karen taking a slightly faster group on the Downe loop, with an extra few miles added by coming back down Shire Lane and back up through Farnborough Village. Phil took the larger novice group around the Downe loop.

The members who went out with the juniors were impressed at the speed and riding skills of our younger members, realising they'll have to do a bit more work to keep up with them in the future!

Some had a quick trip to Cadence for light refreshments before rushing home for showers and a quick change from lycra to pirate outfits.

Treasure Hunt
Captain Π requested the presence of the CPT pirates at the Dulwich Woodhouse for a 2pm start. There was a pre-hunt briefing before instructions, maps and mobile numbers were given out for the two routes, 5k or 10k.

In usual Selwyn style, it took a while to work out the clues, but once you'd done a couple they started to get clearer! Most teams set off running, with one large team opting to walk the shorter route. If only we'd read all the way to the end before starting! The walking team decided to cut the route short, after we were sure we'd already covered 5k and had quite a few more observation points to reach. We took it in turns to guess an answer and returned to the Woodhouse, only to read Selwyn's confession that he'd lied about the distances.

We also spotted a car load of pirates heading back out on the route. They hadn't realised there were two sheets of directions and clues so went back out to finish the route!

There was treasure to be found in the pub gardens for the children and the Rafferty team were awarded the winners, as the only team to get the correct final answer, 2013.

We celebrated with drinks and crisps and some stayed on for more drinks and dinner.

Everyone agreed it was a great event and would like to thank Selwyn for his hard work in putting it all together, coordinating the teams and checking the answers. We can't wait to see what our Social Secretary organises next!

Old Ports Reliability Ride
On Sunday, at Gary's invitation, a few of us headed out to Knockholt to do the Old Portilians Reliability Ride, the offer of post-ride bacon rolls was hard to resist! After registering (a bargain £5) Gary warned us that the signs around the second half of the course were a bit sparse as he'd been overgenerous at the beginning so it was important to take the route instructions with us.

We saw Hans and Wim at the start, both confessing to not having been on their bikes since Henley last September, but bravely, or foolishly opting for the 100k route, and one expected rider sent a last minute text to say he'd stayed too long in the Dulwich Woodhouse the night before and wouldn't make it to Knockholt (he did make it out for a solo ride later in the day!).

Karen - Toys HillMitch, Peter, Emma, Emanuele, Laura, Charles and I set off together, with Richard saying he'd catch us up. After about half an hour Laura, Charles and I dropped off the back as the pace was a bit quick for us. We decided to stick together. A wise decision for which Laura and I are very grateful, Charles' navigation skills were far superior to ours! With Charles' assistance we followed the correct route, finding the checkpoint and unfortunately Toys Hill at about the 57k mark. I was actually overtaken by a man out jogging with his dogs! We reckon the short route was 73.6k.

We arrived back before Mitch, Emma and Emanuele, who had got completely lost, missing the split for the short and long routes! They'd covered 80k.

We didn't see Hans, Wim, Peter or Richard again but reports say that they all got lost and did 100k+

Bookham 10k
On Sunday a small contingent of CPT members ventured to Bookham for a muddy, wet and hilly 10.62k course (according to Haydn's Garmin).

Mark reports: A few us who had already entered Bookham before the Reliability ride was advertised ventured south for this testing course.
Hilly, muddy and at least 200m of six-inch puddles: it was fun!

I persuaded my younger son Sam (12 years old) to get up at 07:30 on a Sunday to come down for the 2.5 km fun run. This is as a much an achievement as any cross country race. Sam won the fun run for the record. 10 quid prize money: so he has finally turned pro.

I tried to stay with the very nippy Mark B but he lost me on the first major descent and I didn't see him again until after the finish.

I have learnt that the major climb is called Heartbreak Hill; very apt.

A lovely friendly event if you like getting dirty. TIm T and Haydn had a good tussle in the mud I gather!

See how they all got on ... (I've also created a Bookham 10k PBs page).

Bookham 10k route and profile

Other events
Bernie drove out to Essex on Sunday morning for a half marathon. He thought something was not quite right, with an empty car park half an hour before race start time, only to discover the race is on 3 March, rather than 3 February! He did go for a run on his own.

Dave and Glyn headed north to complete the Watford half marathon, and ‘undulating’ but very nice route according to Dave.

Chris and John took part in the Pilgrim Challenge North Downs Way Multistage Ultra, a 66 mile run over two days. Old friends, Claire and Brian Tinker also completed their first ultra in 13 hours and 56 minutes.

Photos from Bookham and Watford can be viewed on Sussex Sport Photography's website.

CPT at Bookham 10k and Watford Half Marathon


Results of January's surveyJanuary survey results

These are the views of members, not of Crystal Palace Triathletes as a Club

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