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2012 news - October

CPT in action


2012 London League results Our Chairman is very happy to announce the final results of the London League where we came second overall, only two points behind Optima.

We got one better with the London League mob match results coming first. This was also a close result with only one point separating the top three clubs. But as Jon H always says it doesn’t matter if it’s one point or a 100, we still won.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the London League series events thus helping the Club achieve its best ever results.

Full results are available in the attached PDF.


Triathlon England Event of the YearThe 2012 Crystal Palace Triathlon has won Triathlon England event of the year (as well as London Region event of the year) and is on the shortlist as England’s nomination for British Triathlon Event of the Year, with one from Scotland and one from Wales.

Big thanks to everyone who helped at the 2012 event, as you are the ones that helped make the event a success.

The Awards Dinner takes place on Saturday 17 November and will feature Steve Cram interviewing our Olympic champions Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Tickets are still on sale if anyone wants to join us to celebrate.


Super Saturday - 3 NovemberOur autumn training programme continues with another extended session this Saturday - new location, new time, see details from Jon below. 

Please email Sally if you are planning to be there (ideally by Thursday morning).

- Meet at 09:45am
- Main car park at High Elms Country Park on Shire Lane, BR6 7JH 
- Depart for 90 minute ride with endurance focus in three ability groups
- Endurance run circuits in Country Park
- 12.45 - tea and cake in the cafe
- Coaches on duty; Jon H, Dean and Brian

This session is open to all Club members and selected juniors. The three coach-led bike groups will not include Scott's current novice group but all abilities will be covered within the run element.


Christmas partyThis year's Christmas party and Awards ceremony will be on Saturday 1 December, so make sure the date is firmly in your diaries. Who wants to miss the real event of the year?!

Tickets at £10 per person can be purchased from any member of the Committee or you can email Dean to confirm you want a ticket.


AndrewNew memberWelcome to new member Andrew Tappin.


Results - 28 October

Jon says "Well done to everyone who braved the cold conditions at the Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon, the CPT team finished 3rd, behind the Turbos and Serpies who rolled out their big guns for this one.

Scary Suse!Special mention to Rob B who was the oldest finisher at 65 years young, Suse and Richard for their outfits and Greg for his "hot pant tri suit", which was "hardcore" in a chilly four degrees!".

Jon would also like to thank all those who raced for the CPT team this year (especially races they wouldn't normally enter).

Keith adds "I've just seen how many people put in an extra lap on the bike (24) including a fair percentage of CPT! I was convinced I'd not done enough laps until I saw the results. How hard is it to count to 8?". I won't name names but you can check out the bike lap splits if you want to know!

Congratulations to Richard who won a pumpkin for his outfit.

I've also created a J&H PBs page. Photos are avaiilable on the TNT Sports Agency website.

Jekyll & Hyde -

There were quite a few CPT no-shows for the J&H, not sure why? But Selwyn has come forward with his excuses.

After Selwyn's report on the Team Outrageous Winter Duathlon last week, he says another report may unconvincingly explain his absence on Sunday morning!

"I was gutted to have missed Jekyll.  I had my aerohelmet all polished and ready to go for a good race and feel bad and gutted not to race.

Too many shandies at a mates' Halloween party on Saturday night meant I slept through my alarm. I was in all sorts of trouble and couldn't even walk at 6am.

I let my pals (sorry Emily P) and myself down but a small consolation, did the Emer Casey Memorial London 10K Run around the arduous Brockwell Park with Kirsten. 

It was at a much more sociable start time of 11am.  Come race start heads were slightly less sore and somehow we were both on fire, both beating our guestimated times:

We rewarded ourselves with a chicken jerky wrap from Herne Hill Market - yummy (to coin a Nigella Lawson phrase!).

If you're going to toot with the owls, I recommend the Emer Casey Memorial run when soaring with the eagles in the morning".


Ironman World Championships - Hawaii - race reportReport by Lauren Whitmore

Lauren - Swim start - HawaiiDespite being the World Championships I was actually more relaxed about this race than any of my previous Ironman races. Training has gone really well since I qualified by winning my age group in Wales last year. It was the first time I’d made it to an Ironman start line without an injury so I was excited to see what I could do. Given the depth of the field (with many of the fastest amateurs actually training full time) I knew I wouldn't be challenging for the win, so I could just ignore everyone else and stick to my own race plan.

Getting into the water as the sun came up and looking back at Kailua Pier and down Ali'i Drive was very cool; the crowds were 3 or 4 deep for
at least a mile around the bay. The start line was extremely crowded; everyone wanted to start at the front. I'm normally one of the first women out of the water and the years I spent playing water polo mean I don't worry too much about a bit of a punch up at the gun (or cannon in this case!) as the field usually thins out Lauren - Swim exit - Hawaiipretty quickly. In this race though most of the field are "good" swimmers, which made for 3.8km of pure survival, just trying not to drown or get knocked out. I finally made it back to shore with 62 minutes on the clock (I normally swim 54-55 minutes), glad to be alive and eager to get out onto the bike.

The bike course (180 km) is an out and back along the Queen K highway. The first 40km was fast and relatively non-eventful other than being passed a lot, which I'd already mentally prepared for.  I arrived in Hawaii two weeks prior to the race to acclimate to the heat and get used to the winds, but it had been slightly cooler than expected, and very calm on the days that I'd ridden. Race day was Lauren on her bike - Hawaiipredictably a different story, and the wind meant just travelling in a straight line was challenging. The trick was to watch the riders up the road, observe when they suddenly went from upright to a 45 degree angle and brace yourself when you got to that point. Despite being pushed onto the rumble strips at the side of the highway several times, I stayed on my bike. My bike split of 5:38 was reasonable (the fastest pro women rode 5:06), although I'd hoped to be slightly faster the conditions meant that it was still all about survival!

Lauren on the run - HawaiiFor the first few miles of the marathon my legs felt great, but I felt like I was running in a furnace. I was definitely getting the full experience of the Kona heat + wind double whammy! At every aid station (each mile along the course) I chucked water over my head and emptied two cups of ice into my bra and down my shorts. Despite the heat, I was running faster than planned, so I kept repeating a mantra of slow down and relax.

After an out and back on Ali'i Drive the course goes back up onto the Queen K, which means rolling hills, zero shade and few supporters. The lava fields seemed to stretch endlessly, and the aid stations now Lauren crossing the finish line - Hawaiiseemed far more than a mile apart. I'd settled into a good pace and a big PB was on the cards if I could just hold it together. The odd dying animal noise did slip out occasionally, but I was in manageable pain territory and always felt confident I could tough it out. Running the last mile down Ali’i Drive was one of the best experiences of my life, and I was absolutely delighted to cross the finish line in 10:36:39.

Prior to the race I thought finishing in the top half of my age group would be good, so I was surprised (and very happy!) to find out that I’d finished 12th (of 51) in my age group, and 2nd British amateur overall.  It feels great that all my hard work off, and I’m definitely ready for a bit of a break.  I can already see plenty of areas for improvement though and I’d love to get back to Kona again in the future!


parkrun results - 27 October Brockwell parkrun
70th 26:26 Brigit Brown

Crystal Palace parkrun
5th 19:38 Clare Elms
17th 21:16 Bruce Sharp
39th 23:47 Dave Crockwell
54th 25:53 Ruki Sidhwa


Notice of AGM

The CPT Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 26 November at 20:00 for 20:15 at:

Cadence Cycling Performance Centre
Anerley Hill
SE19 2AA

Refreshments, including homemade cake, tea/coffee will be available.

Please put the date in your calendar as we need as many people to attend as possible! One of the key tasks of the evening is to elect the Committee for the year. It’s your club and you decide who represents your interests. The elected Committee will comprise up to 12 members, including a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.


1) Nominations for anyone wishing to stand for the Committee should be submitted to the Secretary prior to the meeting, stating the position (Treasurer, Secretary or Chair) if appropriate. All nomination must have a nominator and a seconder.

2) If you wish to propose any amendments to the Constitution, please ensure these are submitted to the Secretary before the final Committee meeting on 12 November. There is no opportunity for any significant debate or discussion, or for on the night suggestions – proposals are simply put to vote.

More details and documents will be sent out nearer the time, but look forward to seeing you all there.

Note: There will be swimming no at Crystal Palace on Monday 26 November.


Team Outrageous Winter Duathlon - Cyclopark

SelwynReport by Selwyn Smith

I thought I'd get a little Duathlon sharpener in before Jekyll & Hyde and mentioned it to Grant and off we went on Thursday night.

If you've got a job with 'flexible' hours, it’s a great opportunity to check out the Cyclopark - I defo recommend it.

There's four more before Christmas!  Only 40 mins away from Crystal Palace (somewhat longer in rush hour though!!!!).

It’s a friendly ''no frills' type race but you get to race on the newish, smooth Cyclopark for £15!

We turned up with plenty of time before the start but I still managed to be late for the briefing.  No problem, I'll follow everyone else, no way would I be first, or so I thought!!!

It’s a 2.5km/12km/2.5km eye balls out duathlon, so we started off quite easy checking out our competition who all sped off at the start!  But soon started winding them in until we close to the front. 

Not including the winner as he was actually good, the other podium spots became a race similar to the London Olympics Tri with Alistair (me), Jonny (Grant) and Gomez (guy in Brit cycling gear) making a break. 

Whizzing around the floodlit cycle track, all that Herne Hill Velo training really came into effect and we dropped Gomez.  Alistair led into T2 only to be overtaken by slick footwork by Jonny.   Then Gomez appeared from nowhere and it was a three-way battle on the run with no-one else in sight!  We think Gomez had a similar counting ability to Grant!  It was a bit suspect him running with us as I'm sure we lapped him on the bike!  Not sure if I mentioned earlier but Gomez was about 11 years old!

In came the Brownlees' plan to go off hard (bit quicker than a walk!) and drop Gomez - which worked!  Poor Jonny had been penalised (a few too many heavy nights recently), so the race was handed to me!

Great fun as you can tell from my over-enthusiastic write up!  But defo be back for more, was punishing but rewarding at the same time. 

I was chuffed with our second and third placings until it was pointed out our competition was a bunch of 'very young' or very old adults. Official results not available yet.

Gravesend Cyclopark is a great set up, with lovely facilities - they even offer a Zumba class if partners don't fancy watching the race!  So lads, get ya dancing shoes on!

See you at the next Team Outrageous Duathlon - fast members need not apply!


Lisa's profileCPT member profile

Read the response to 20 questions answered by a member who joined CPT in 2009 and doesn't recommend racing with a hangover!.

Read more ...

If you would like to share your triathlon background and feature in a member profile, please get in touch.


The other Kona race report – Hawaii 6-7 OctoberHaydnReport by Haydn Whitmore

It was really painful to be in Kona watching everyone else getting ready for their big day knowing that I wouldn’t be taking part. However supporting Lauren was amazing and I had fun doing a couple of small local races myself.

The first was a 1.2 mile non wet suit swim at the Kukio Beach Resort and I had no thoughts of glory here as my swim is pretty awful and this race turned out to be really competitive. White sandy beach, warm blue sea with lots of tropical fish made this event a real pleasure. A very civilised, ‘in water’ start made it a pleasure although as we turned at the first buoy there was a bit of chop that saw me breathe in water a couple of times. Along the coast to the final turn and back in to the beach fringed by palm trees saw me finish in a time of 38 minutes which I wasn’t too unhappy about.  The winner came out in 20 minutes!

Haydn in Kona

Haydn in KonaThe swim was simply preparation for a very generous Hawaiian brunch served on the beach with music playing in the background. This is definitely how all races should be. It was then off to collect Lauren just up the coast who we’d dropped off earlier to do a three hour bike session on the Queen K highway up to Hawi and back.

The following morning we were back in town for the PATH 10km run which took place on part of the IM course along the famed Ali’i Drive.  Even though it was early morning it was warm and humid. A simple out and back run it was a mass Haydn in Konastart onto a path beside the road and starting mid pack I ended up reeling people in and passing for the whole of the race which always leaves you feeling good. It was tough in the heat but thinking about doing a marathon later on in the day you realise just how hard the IM here is. Clocking in at 43min and second in my age group I’d enjoyed the run and again was pleased to see the after race refreshments included loads of fresh fruit and Kona coffee.

Race week in Kona is really special, and race day compelling so if you ever get the chance – take it.

Having been here, I’ll probably have to have another go at qualifying so I can take on this awesome course sometime in the future... just not next year.


Super Saturday feedbackPhil and Dean's run technique and strength training session on 20 October went well, with a better turnout of varying abilities.

"Today went well with lots of core work then a run appraisal which is always depressing then quite a tough run set. Dean shed his tracksuit to encourage the improvers and Phil dipped in and out of each group, very impressive. I think everyone got something from it....I've got achey legs but glad I did it!"

"The Saturday run session nearly killed me! I did the circuits and shuttles, but had to shorten the runs at the end. Mind you it was good, as it made me run, and not jog!"

The next Super Saturday takes place on 3 November, a group ride skills and run session at High Elms. Look out for further information on the e-group and make sure you book your place in advance.


ITU Age Group Triathlon World Championships

Congratulations to Rob, Louise and Victor who travelled to Auckland to compete in this year's World Championships.

Victor did the standard distance event and says the course was tough with a challenging swim that was four minutes longer than usual and difficult to sight because of the swells. The bike was windy, along the coast and back, after four hills on the way out. The run was twisty in streets along the wharf and marina and there were long transition sections. He was pleased with his effort but a little disappointed with his finishing position.

Rob says he didn't have a 'great' race but is pleased to have made a new friend!

Rob and Jonathan Brownlee in Auckland


CPT junior (and adult) mini Autumn triathlon training camp

Our Head Coach, Jon, has secured a 2-hour training slot for the
Cyclopark at Gravesend, DA11 7NP
Wednesday 31 October 1012 from
10:00 – 12:00

We have exclusive use of a 1.5km section of the track which includes circuits D & F  if you look on their interactive map.

Jon and Phil will be coaching the session and will split everyone into ability groups.

Adults are welcome too!

The charge for the session  will be £7.50 to CPT Junior members and adults if you are on annual fee membership or £10.00 if you usually pay per session. Please email Kati to reserve your place.  

You will need to:

- Bring energy snacks and plenty to drink on the day
- Bring a fully functional bicycle, helmet, clothes, repair kit and spare inner tube, wind & waterproof layers and running kit
- Arrange to be at the venue, ready to go, by the time indicated


parkrun results - 20 October Brockwell parkrun
155th 33:07 Alex Novakovic
156th 33:07 Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun
3rd 19:43 John Buchanan


AdamNew memberWelcome back to Adam Spencer.


ITU Age Group Aquathlon World Championships

Rob completed his warm-up event in Auckland, the ITU Age Group Aquathlon World Championships.


London League update

Congratulations to our London League team, with a bit of help from Emily Parry, for coming first in the League at the London Fields Aquathlon and to all CPT representatives for giving us second place in the mob match.

CPT are currently in 2nd place overall in the League and 3rd in the mob match.
There's just one race left in the League, the Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon, then the team can take a well-deserved rest.


Rob prepares in Auckland

Rob reports that he's completed his first recce of the bike course for the ITU World Age-Group Championships Sprint race. He says it should be a fun race as long as he doesn't get blown into the sea as it's rather windy in Auckland.

Good to see Rob sporting his CPT kit on the other side of the world.

Rob in CPT kit in Auckland


Results - 14 October

Congratulations to Richard Lewey for winning the Mud & Mayhem Delapre Duathlon (race report on Tri 24/7) and to Clare Elms for being the fastest female at the Fast and Furious Duathlon, while Keith was racing at the Bristol Offroad Duathlon.

CPT was also represented at the Petts Wood 10k and the Great Eastern Run.


Lauren and her very impressive Ironman World Championship medalIronman World Championship - 13 October

Congratulations to Lauren on finishing the Ironman World Championship in a very impressive 10:36:39. Lauren completed the 3.8k swim in 1:02:30, the 112 mile, hot and windy, bike in 5:38:47, followed by an even hotter run, in 3:48:06. This was Lauren's fastest Ironman finish time. Lauren's time has been added to the Ironman roll of honour and we look forward to hearing all about it.

Laura - Ironman World Championship 2012


Super Saturday - 20 October 2012

After a super weekend of cycling (nearly 60 club members (adult and junior) out on the road this weekend) we have an extended run session lined up for Saturday 20 October.

Phil and Dean have a special session planned for all abilities with a focus on run technique, strength and setting a baseline for the winter season.

Time: 09:30-12:00

Venue: Meet at the top car park at Crystal Palace for a prompt start at 09:30. If it is pouring with rain we will make use of the CPNSC indoor track (track entry will need to be paid by everyone)..

Phil says:

"First part will be circuits focusing on run/bike strength using Speed, Agility and Quickness. Second part running drills and then finish off with a short run set to put everything into practice.

Session is suitable for all abilities as no one will be out of sight of the coaches at any time"

Cost: £10 PAYG otherwise included in annual training fee.

Email: Please let Sally know if you are planning to be there by Thursday morning:- this really helps with the detailed planning for the session.


KCA 12 hour TT

Gary's mileage from the 12 hour TT has been confirmed as 209.7. The furthest distance covered was 265.3 miles.


League update

Following the London Fields Aquathlon and Greg's age group win for maximum League points, there is no change to the top three standings in each League category but a few shuffles amongst the others.

Female senior: Susan Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vet: Kati Pusey, Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervet: Karen Ayers

Male senior: Rob Parry, James Nellist, Victor Thompson
Male vet: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervet: Martin Leat, Haydn Whitmore, Tim Thomas


Challenge Henley missing result

I have added Richard Hampstead's Challenge Henley result to the September results page and to the Ironman roll of honour.


parkrun results - 13 October Emily leading the pack at Crystal Palace parkrunCrystal Palace parkrun
12th 21:38 Emily Parry (PB)
24th 22:52 Dave Crockwell
42nd 25:24 Charles Greenwood

Dulwich parkrun
38th 22:02 Janette Cross (PB)
56th 23:59 Kirsten Smith (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Session fees and annual paymentsA gentle reminder to all members, to assist those of us who give up our time to collect and record attendance and session payments, please ensure that you have the money to pay for your session on the day/night.

You can now pay a bargain price of £40, which will allow you to attend as many Club sessions as you like between now and the end of the year. Go to the Training fees page to find out more. Please let me know if you decide to take up this option.


Discounts and affiliate linksDon't forget that, as a member of CPT, you get discount at various local shops on production of your membership card. Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace are now offering members a 10% discount on instore purchases.

You can also earn commission for the Club by making your Wiggle, ChainReaction, ProBikeKit, Evans Cycles, Ribble Cycles,, SwimShop and Swimovate purchases through the affiliate links on this website.


Late result - 7 October Dean and ex-CPT Chairman, Mick, went head-to-head at the St Lukes Hospice Triathlon on Sunday 7 October.


Hall of fameKaren and Mo FarahMo Farah came to my company's HQ last week to give an inspirational talk to employees, including a commentary to a replay of his amazing 5k gold medal race at London 2012. What a lovely man.

Mo revealed his favourite tipple ... a cup of tea. I was one of 25 employees who won the chance to have my photo taken with Mo. Our photoshoot was delayed for 10 minutes while Mo had a cuppa!


Good luck Maika'i Pomaika'i! to Lauren who takes on the Ironman World Championships in Kona on Saturday 13th.

Very best of luck to Rob who is racing at the Auckland ITU Aquathlon World Championships on the 17th and the ITU World Age-Group Championships Sprint race on the 22nd. Good on ya, mate! Have a cracker. You can read Rob's Countdown to Auckland blog and his rather extreme way of preparing for jetlag!


Grant grimacing at the Dulwich 10kRace faceUnfortunately the photo is slightly out of focus, but I think you can see the pain and effort on Grant's face as he ran a PB at the Dulwick 10k.


Results - 6 - 7 October On Saturday 6 October, Haydn raced the Kukio Blue Water Swim in Kona. Haydn is on the island to support Lauren but thought it was a great opportunity to say he's raced Hawaii.

There were lots of races on Sunday 7 October, with Andy taking Fintan's place at the Windsor Half Marathon (PBs), Mark Thomas got a PB at the Royal Parks Half Marathon, Haydn did another race on Kona, the PATH 10k, and a number of PBs were earned in the sunshine at the Dulwich 10k, with Clare Elms (running as Dulwich Runners) winning the female race, Lisa Collins coming 6th female overall and Kati Pusey winning the FV category. Well done ladies.

The London Fields Aquathlon, a London League race, had a good CPT representation (as long as the results are adjusted to show our Club name), with Greg the first MV a Suse second female overall.

Greg and Suse at the London Fields Aquathlon

Mark Brown reports "Whilst the majority of CPT seemed to be running the Dulwich 10k (or racing the London Aquathlon) Isaac provided the motivation for getting round the 45 mile Ride of the Falling Leaves short course in a personal best time! We arrived at the finish so soon that the electronic timing had not yet been turned on.

It was Isaac’s aim to be the fastest this year but he thought we weren't going to do it by about 2/3rd of the way round. So we put the hammer down and the mission was accomplished.  We did indeed sleep well that night…


parkrun results - 6 October

Brockwell parkrun
72nd 24:32 Ruki Sidhwa

Crystal Palace parkrun
26th 23:20 Dave Crockwell

Wimbledon Common parkrun
240th 27:42 Sheila Horsman


New memberWelcome to new member Angie Willis.


Belated photos from Southwater - 2 September


London and South East Cyclocross League

Neil and Rob are encouraging CPT members to take part in the 4th race in the London and South East Cyclocross League on Sunday 7 October at Herne Hill, starting at 13:45. Rob will be there after doing the London League London Fields Aquathlon.

Mountain bikes and cross bikes are good on this course as it's half technical (single track ups and downs, tight turns and obstacles, terrific fun and great for bike handling) and half grass track slog (leg sapping endurance stuff, great for triathlon bike training!).

Rob reports that he, Keith and Neil B had a go in the last race of the South London Cross League at Herne Hill on 19 September, he and Neil were both back for more at Round 3 of the London Cross League in Brighton on 30 September. He says "These were my first two experiences of cyclocross, and I'm hooked! This is going to be a great way to keep the competitive juices flowing through the winter whilst keeping the bike fitness up. Would be great to see more members giving it a go - there's people on MTBs as well as pure 'crossers, and a big range of abilties". 

The winning time on the 19th was 35:08, completing 6 laps. Keith clocked 39:06 (6 laps) to finish in 20th place, Rob 35:48 (5 laps) for 50th place and Neil 40:48 (5 laps) for 73rd out of 79 finishers.      

See you at Herne Hill on the 7th.


Streatham Common XC Champs - Race report

LisaReport by Lisa Collins

Streatham Common XC Champs comprises four laps of the park including a loop into the woods. It’s challenging and fun; billed at six miles but actually over six and a half (size does matter) the lap format makes it feel fast, and ticking off the eight hills is certainly satisfying!

It’s a fast downhill start, and then you enter a game of ‘guess the route’. If I’ve one minor criticism of the race it’s a lack of clear markers on parts of the course, which caused several errant runners and John to take an extended tour of the common (I know it was a pretty day but, come on boys, stay focussed!)

I was among the top five girls from the start and aimed to keep it that way. Although the best ones escaped, I kept pushing and believed I was in the running for 3rd if only I could drop the rival who was cat-and-mousing me (there’s always one isn’t there?) She was weaker up hill, so on the third lap I injected some distance between us on the flat, making it impossible for her to close the gap when we hit the next slope. My evil plan worked and I was thrilled at the prospect of a podium finish in the XC champs; but I crossed the line to be told I was 4th! I was gutted. There was yet more confusion when the first version of results put me 3rd but the current version says 4th. Always the bridesmaid, eh? (Until next May anyway).

I guess the small CPT presence was due to the Super Saturday. Nevertheless we had a vocal presence in the form of Andy, who stayed to cheer us on after finishing the fun run with his little boy.

All in all, it was a good day for us. John and I both improved on last year, but then he’s a sub-19-minute-5k man these days!


League update

Cathy has updated the League scores after three qualifying races - Challenge Henley full distance and half distance plus London Olympic. Well done to all those who raced. As per the rules we set out at the beginning of the year, pro times are not included in the results as fastest finisher.

Latest standings:

Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Katie Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female supervets: Karen Ayers

Male senior: Rob Parry, James Nellist, Victor Thompson
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Martin Leat, Haydn Whitmore, Tim Thomas

The next race to qualify, according to club matrix, is the London Fields Aquathlon on 7 October.


Duathlon training session - Saturday 6 October

In preparation for any autumn duathlons you might be racing, we are putting on an adult run/bike/run session a Crystal Palace on Saturday 6 October.

Run speed is irrelevant for this session as we can split into groups but novice or riders in the slower Sunday bike group cannot be accommodated on this occasion.

Meet at lock up under Jubilee Stand at 09:00 where bikes and bags can be stored.

- 20 minute run in CP park
- 2 hour ride (we will use the junior / Paragon route)
- 20 minute run in CP park
- Midday finish + coffee and cake in Cadence afterwards


More results - 29-30 September

Results have just been published for the Streatham Common 6 Mile XC Race on Saturday 29 September.

Despite completing Challenge Henley just two weeks previously, Hans decided to go ahead and run the Berlin Marathon on 30 September. He says "It was a bit grim!". Surprise, surprise, he didn't get a PB!

On 30 September, Rob Parry and Neil Barnes took part in the third round of the Mosquito London and South East Cyclo Cross League,at the Happy Valley in Brighton. Rob came 34th and Neil 77th out of 135 riders.

Also a couple of late results from the London Triathlon Sprint race on 22 September.

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