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2012 news - September

CPT in action


Results - 29-30 September

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Hever Castle Triathlon over a chilly weekend. The Sprint took place on Saturday 29 and the Standard and Mid distances on Sunday 30. I've created a PBs page for Hever too.

Brigit being supported by Mark at Hever

Andy and Martin raced at Dorney Lake.


Midweek Mile - 26 September

There was a very disappointing turnout for this Wednesday's Midweek Mile challenge. It was a little drizzly but not particularly cold and I even managed to run a slightly slower mile than last time despite a migraine!

After completing the warm-up and mile, Carl suggested a 400m TT (which I opted out of), but Mark (1:09), James (1:07) and Dave (1:19) completed.

As well as recording the splits, Carl has given each of Wednesday night's runners some target times to train to.


Last night at the Velodrome

Grant reports "We had good fun down at the track on Tuesday 25 September. We started off with some flying laps to assess people's form. Results as follows;

Marcel (on his beautiful new Specialised TT bike) 32.82
Keith 33.91
Dan 34.62
Selwyn 36.37
Mark Thomas (not too shabby having done Henley and London over the last 2 weekends) 37.50
Lisa (also on a bling new flying machine) 39.62
Sally 46.85

After which Lisa had to leave to get to the swimming session that never was. So we split into two teams for a three lap sprint race. The two teams started half a lap apart with everyone having to complete one lap on the front.

Next up was a six lap scratch race in which Keith rode a tactically astute race to pip Marcel.  Lastly Selwyn attempted to organise a madison race where you didn’t sling shot your partner instead you only had to pass them. However I’m not even sure Selwyn knew what was going on or who had won so we awarded the victory to some lads from Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club who had joined in!

After all that we needed a cheeky ale in the Greyhound to get our breath back before cycling home.

Good way to finish off the Tuesday sessions and I’m already looking forward to them starting up again up in 2013!".

Note: Apologies to anyone who turned up for the Tuesday swim at St Joseph's. We were advised very late in the day that the pool was closed due to an Open Evening.


Challenge Henley race report

HansReport by Hans Geberbauer

If you look at the results listing, you will note that plenty of members have tackled an iron-distance race this year and of those, quite a few have done it for the first time.  You have approached this momentous challenge with quiet fortitude, minding your own business and letting others mind theirs as you prepared for months and months.  And then you all did your race without much further ado and let your results do your talking.  I, by contrast, seem to have reported every detail of our preparation, every sportive ridden with special mention of each climb, pothole and sheep encountered, every awkward stroke at long distance swim events, every failure to deliver a mid-foot strike on a run, even posting some holiday snaps.  And why stop now? So here it goes, the stroke-by-cadence-by-stride report on Challenge Henley.

I had ambitions to be quite technical in our preparation.  We did the lactate tests, figured out our heart rate zones, had the bikes professionally fitted and then life intervened and it all seemed a bit complicated, so we ignored all of that and just did lots of cycling and enough swimming to be completely confident that we'd be able to handle the distance even if the water was cold or rough.  I kept up most my running routine, Wim figured he'd have a slow run anyway and ran little. I booked sportives and races to peak with long distance events in August. 

Wim on the run at Challenge Henley

Although things had gone to plan, nerves crept in as the race approached and my body hit the panic button, conjuring up minor aches and infections.  On Saturday, I left it unaccountably late to leave for Henley for registration and bike racking.  We missed the race briefing and a massive tailback into Henley might have prevented us from registering on time, so I sent Wim ahead on foot only to realise my mobile had very nearly run out of battery so co-ordination might become difficult.  

Eventually we made it to T1 to hand in our bikes.  As we set them up, the groove on one of Wim's pedals went and it was impossible to get the pedal in.  We were 90 minutes from the deadline for racking.  I threw his bike back into the car and rushed the 3km back to registration where I had seen a bike mechanic.  The mechanic had gone on walkabout. When he appeared, he ummed and ahhed.  Did he have a spare crank? No. They had new tri bikes set up at the stand.  I was getting ready to buy one on the spot when the mechanic managed to get the pedal on the crank. Profuse thanks, quick phone call to Wim, race back to T1.  The bikes go in a few minutes before the racking deadline.  We bump into the Smiths and Puseys and the mood brightens. We're all set but after a glitch free year of racing, we had almost blown it. 

Hans running at Challenge HenleyOn race morning, we tried to get into T1 for a final check on the bike only to be denied admission.  We had failed to pick up wristbands at registration.  No matter that we had race numbers, timing chips, race number tattoos.  Each official consulted drew in an even more senior official and I started launching into the "I've spent a fortune on this...". Eventually, they relented (after the race, we picked up our bikes without anybody checking the wristbands so not sure why quite such a fuss needed to be made).

And finally, in perfect weather (cool, dry and slightly overcast) the race gets under way.  The water is 16 degrees, the current is against us on the first half of the swim but not particularly strong, the navigation straightforward.  Just before the turn buoy, the stronger swimmers from the second wave start catching me and I try not to get flustered.  On the way back, the easy bit, I manage to go wide and it seems difficult to get back to the line of buoys.  As I head into the changing area, I see Wim already in his CPT cycling shirt, and shout "Das was total Scheiße" which draws a playful rebuke from a marshal ("That much German I understand!").  But Wim shows me the time: we are exactly on schedule. He takes off.  

I do a final check of my T1 bag and see a spare race belt and number. Odd.  I've put mine on already.  Oops, I've put on Wim's and he's taken off without one.  I head out, jump on the bike and catch him after 10km to hand over the number.  Now we settle into the bike.  The course is three laps of 60km consisting of two spokes of out-and-backs with dead turns at the far end.  So what you climb up, you come down, making pacing easy.  We'd raced part of the course before and recce'd the whole lot with Neil, Kati and Mark Thomas in July.  This proves invaluable on the day as the tarmac is mostly terrible, and not always in obvious ways, but we are unfazed.  The ascents are not particularly steep, but some drag on.  It feels easy.  For 40km, I hang 50m or so behind Wim, then I pass him just has Kati (who had started in the wave after us) catches up with us. She and I exchange places for 40km, then she drops me.  

I do the first lap too fast and dial back a little but suddenly reckon a sub-7hr bike is possible.  The second lap is still strong.  I tire on the third lap and start to stiffen up, so I get off the bike and stretch.  Three minutes well spent.  I'm elated and roar down Christmas Common into T2.  

Hans and Wim at the Finish of Challenge HenleyI take my time in T2.  Panic sets in.  Why run a marathon just after a long swim and near epic bike?  It starts well enough and I am delighted to see Abby who had come out to Henley in the afternoon.  By km20, I walk and can't get running again.  Selwyn and Kirsten cheer but I am at a low point.  I do the maths: at 6km/h walking pace, I have three hours ahead of me. I will finish in the dark.  All the great work on the bike will have been for nothing.  A spectator shouts "Come on, Hans, you CAN do this."  I start running again and don't stop for the remaining 20km.  I claw back some places.  When I realise a sub-13h finish is possible, I pick up the pace and the last 4km feel fast and easy.  I see Wim start his last lap so I know he's doing fine and head down the finishing chute with a huge smile on my face.  

Wim comes in 1h 20mins later.  Another competitor (Martin Blythe) had taken Wim under his wing 15km from the finish and encouraged him all the way through to the end - a wonderful gesture of sportsmanship.  Wim was the youngest competitor and won his age group (his third AG win after Crystal Palace and Bexhill!).

Special thanks to Selwyn and Kirsten who had stayed on after competing in the Henley Half and didn't leave until Wim had finished - that was really appreciated!  Ever patient Abby scooped us up, piled us into the car and drove us home.  Fellow CPTers finished ahead of us, stealthy Rob Hicks coming in at just under 12h and Kati Pusey who looked in control throughout about 15mins later.  (We also had quite a turn out for the Henley Half but except for Mark Thomas I didn't see them during the race.  It seems to have gone OK for everybody although Neil suffered a minor mechanical.)

Now what?  We are happy with our results (although we were comprehensively chicked, not just by Kati at Henley but by Katie Crowe as well, racing tougher IM Wales on the same day).  Wim will likely retire from long distance triathlon and focus on his A-levels and TKD.  He feels he's not so old yet that he has to engage in dramatic feats of endurance just to prove that he isn't dead yet. I'll try again, but I will miss Wim in swim sessions and on those long bike rides... 


Vitruvian race report

HaydnReport by Haydn Whitmore

The Vitruvian - Middle distance tri – 8 September 2012
(1900m swim, 90km bike, 21km run.)

What a setting!  Rutland water blanketed in a shimmering mist as the sun came up over the surrounding hills for a great day of racing. This just couldn’t be better.

Having completed IM UK six weeks before this was my test to determine if I could recover sufficiently to race competitively following the IM. I took three weeks ‘rest’ just doing whatever I felt like which was mainly mountain biking and lake swimming then followed up with weeks 8, 10 and 12 of my IM training plan which seemed to go well. So what would the race have in store?

The lake at The VitruvianFortunately the water was warmer than the stated 18 degrees and I managed 38min for the swim, not fantastic but not desperately bad for me of late. Out onto the bike and the rolling course was fast and fun in the sun as two laps flew by in 2hrs 35min. Chris Hall started in an earlier wave and I was trying to catch him  on the bike but he was obviously having a good day and going well.

The run around the lake is a nice flat two loop out and back course with plenty of aid stations and I crossed with first Peter King and then Chris on the out section.  Towards the end of the first lap I crossed with Ella Fields who was doing her first middle distance event and running well. I was to see them all two more times before the finish but still didn’t manage to catch Chris.

I was working really hard not to go off too fast to avoid blowing up and eventually found a guy from Yorkshire who was going at about the right pace. It felt so slow but that was my plan for the first 5km so I stuck with it to the first turn around point then gradually built the speed  right through to the end. What a fantastic run. Even in the heat I felt good and was able to push hard to the end with a time of 1hr 43mins so this strategy definitely worked well.

Haydn on the run at The Vitruvian

I still felt good at the finish and met Chris before going for a welcome cool down in the lake – brilliant for helping the legs recover.

Ella came across the finish to be pronounced a ‘Vitruvian’  a short while afterwards still looking strong.

This was without doubt my best race of the season having got everything just right and it was an added bonus to finish inside my target 5hrs and second in my age group winning a trophy and a bottle of wine. It’s getting it right on the day that really gives the satisfaction whatever the placing. So I now know how to prepare to race after an IM event.

If you’re thinking of doing a half next year I can definitely recommend the Vitruvian. It sells out really quickly and I can see why – great organisation, setting and course. It also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to enter.  To top it off it’s also a nice quick course which is great for your first middle distance experience.

Haydn picking up his prize at The Vitruvian


League update

Cathy, our League Coordinator, has provided the following update on this year's League.

Well done to all those who raced Vitruvian at the weekend, a middle distance race (therefore only four members needed to make it a League qualifier). Changes to top three in the men's supervets category now Haydn has completed three events and a few shuffles further down in the other categories:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female supervets: Karen Ayers

Male senior: Rob Parry, James Nellist, Victor Thompson
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Martin Leat, Haydn Whitmore, Tim Thomas


Results - 9-23 September

On 9 September Rob and Andy raced at the Bala Triathlon.

There were a number of races on 16 September:

Kati crossing the finish line at Challenge HenleyCongratulations to those who raced Challenge Henley and have had their names and times added to the Ironman roll of honour. Rob says this is probably his first and last attempt at long distance (where have I heard that before?!). Congratulations to Wim on winning his age group and to Kati for 3rd place in hers. At the same time Katie raced Ironman Wales.

CPT were also well represented at the Henley Half, with Kirsten and Selwyn dropping down to this distance from the full Challenge event as they hadn't done enough training.

Rob and Chris raced the European Qualifier race at Rother Valley, where Emily was DQd for dangerous riding?! While Sally and Sheila competed at Dorney Lake in the HSBC Triathlon and Cathie did the Great North Run.

The London Triathlon took place over the weekend of 22/23 September, with members racing in the following waves: Westminster Route, Tower Bridge Route and the Sub 2:30 Wave. Emanuele was pleased to get a PB, even though his wave started in the middle of a storm and he struggled with wind\rain on the bike. I've created a PB page for all the London distances.

On 23 September Dave braved the appalling early-morning weather conditions and finished the Brighton Marina Triathlon, with his daughter bravely marshaling to ensure he got a place. Emma and Andrew decided not to get out of bed for this one! I've created a PB page going back to 2002.

And last, but not least, congratulations to Greg on winning the Fishguard Go Try Triathlon for the second year running.


parkrun results - 15 & 22 September

Crystal Palace parkrun - 15 September
13 20:36 Philip Feldman
17 21:35 Susan Fairfax (PB / 2nd F)

Dulwich parkrun - 15 September
79 23:23 Alex Novakovic (PB)
151 31:16 Ella Fields (PB)

Brockwell parkrun - 22 September
129 30:35 Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun - 22 September
2 18:54 John Buchanan (PB)

Dulwich parkrun - 22 September
33 22:30 David Crockwell

The parkrun PB page has been updated.


Novice bike rides - feedback

Scott, who led the ride, reports that the first of the novice rides on Saturday 22 September was a great success with eight riders, many on their first group ride, with Sally's assistance riding at the back to make sure no one was left behind in the Kent countryside.

For those of you who thought about it but didn't commit, you missed out but it's not too late to sign up for the next one. You just need to let Sally know.

Four more novice rides are scheduled for Saturday: 13 October, 27 October, 10 and 24 November. 09:15  - 11:15 from Elmers End.

Feedback from the novice riders has been very positive.

Helen thanked Scott for the ride and says "I really enjoyed it.  For those of you who joined in last year's novice ride, you will know that that is not usually the case.

I don't think I complained once, nor did I feel like getting off and walking!!  A huge improvement from last year.

So, if there is anyone out their worried about getting out on their bike and joining us, please don't.  It really is worth it".

Clare says "You can't get any slower than me on the hills! But even so I really enjoyed it, so thanks Scott and especially Sally for keeping me company for so much of it. Very much appreciated".


New member

MickWelcome to new member Mick McManus, not the ex-wrestler, but Mick does have a claim to fame. His son married Martine McCutcheon (ex-EastEnders actress) in Italy recently and features in the 1 October issue of Hello magazine.


Speedy recovery

Unfortunately Tim was unable to race at the Henley Half as he was involved in a nasty road accident on the way home from Sunday's training ride. A motor cyclist clipped a traffic island at Crown Point, lost control and took Tim out infront of him.  Tim reports the motorcyclist was in a terrible state but thankfully regained consciousness just before the ambulance arrived and was totally saved by his helmet - horrible experience.

Tim escaped with some nasty cuts but somehow sprained the ligaments in his knee which landed him on crutches for a week or so!  Tim says the ambulance people were great though but the police seemed more interested in his time trial bike which amazingly escaped almost unscathed!

Not the end Tim expected for his 2012 race season but hopefully he'll make a speedy recovery and be back in the pool for some swim training soon before he's back on his feet or bike again.


Vitruvian - 8 September

Congratulations to our Vitruvian finishers today. Chris got a PB, Haydn was 2nd in the (55-59 age group) and Ella finished her first middle distance race.


Southwater results update - 2 September

Kati, Ruki and Sara were actually 2nd female vet team at the Southwater Relays last Sunday, although they were presented with 3rd place trophies on the day.


parkrun results - 8 September

Unfortunately no PBs, but Lisa was 2nd female at Crystal Palace and there were a couple of best times for the year.

Brockwell parkrun
15th 19:21 Mark Thomas
29th 20:41 James Acheson
38th 21:40 Grant Georgiades
59th 22:53 Selwyn Smith
108th 25:33 Brigit Brown
145th 28:12 Kirsten Smith

Crystal Palace parkrun
10th 20:00 John Buchanan
19th 21:31 Lisa Collins
27th 22:03 Suse Fairfax
36th 22:36 James Ripley
64th 22:36 Ruki Sidhwa
73rd 25:54 Karen Ayers
89th 28:03 Audrey Livingston


adidas parkrun PB weekend - 8 September

adidas have challenged parkrunners to break their PBs this Saturday. For every 5 seconds 'smashed', adidas will donate two pence to their partner charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. parkrun have calculated that on average parkrunners beat their PBs on a Saturday by 58 hours 34 minutes.

So come along to the Crystal Palace parkrun and break yours!


Coach led rides for novices

Another reminder that there will be a series of five road rides scheduled on the following Saturdays in the Autumn: 22 September, 13 October, 27 October, 10 November and 24 November from 09:15  - 11:15 from Elmers End.

Scott Wise will lead the rides to support novice riders in familiarising themselves with at least one local cycle route of 30-35k. The aim is to support riders in building both confidence and endurance to undertake a two-hour ride at a reasonable pace with others on a regular basis. There will be an emphasis on safe and courteous riding in a group. We hope participants will be able to attend all five sessions with the intention of forming a group of riders who can undertake weekly/fortnightly rides without a coach leader by Christmas.

This programme is aimed at any riders in the Club who would like to develop/test their capabilities before embarking on the regular Sunday club rides. You will need to be able to cycle at a steady pace (at least 10mph/16 kph) for up to two hours.

It would be very helpful if you could let Sally know if you plan to attend in these sessions.


VTTA 12 hour TT

Gary's 12 hour TTGary reports that he's got a very sore gooch (his word, not mine!) after finishing a 12 hour TT on Sunday. HIs computer says 209.7 miles, this is unconfirmed (and I've been unable to find the official times).


British Triathlon IRCs

The 2012 British Triathlon Inter Regional Championships (IRCs) take place on Sunday 9 September at Hetton Lyons Country Park in Tyne and Wear.

CPT have four representing London out of a squad of 14 (the most of any London club). The team consists of two T2 boys and girls, two T3 boys and girls and three Youth boys and girls.

The CPT athletes are Alex Yee, Elle Horsman, Jack Ryan and Greta Sharp, Jon is the team coach, (Sheila is Phil's manager) and Phil is the team manager.

Good luck to our junior members.


Great Scottish Run

Congratulations to Yvette who ran the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon on Sunday.


Southwater results

We had 11 teams this year for the Southwater Relays and some great results. Congratulations to Mark, Jon and Greg who were 3rd overall and 2nd male vets, Cathy, Katie and Suse were 3rd females overall and Kati, Ruki and Sara 3rd female vets.

Congratulations go to junior member, Sam Singer-Ripley for stepping in to fill a last minute gap and getting a very respectable time, beating dad, James Ripley into the bargain!

In the battle of the Geberbauers, Wim didn't help his cause by running out of T1 with his cleat covers still on his shoes and then going round the roundabout and coming straight back to transition without completing the course! He realised his mistake and set off again, or that's the story he's sticking to for letting his dad beat him today!

I hope I've got everyone in the right order on the results, but if not, please let me know.

More photos to follow soon.

The CPT prize winners


parkrun results - 1 September

Brockwell parkrun
39th 21:10 Emily Parry (PB)
75th 23:37 Selwyn Smith
90th 24:29 Kirsten Smith

Crystal Palace parkrun
44th 24:40 Rachel Vignoli (PB)

Dulwich parkrun
39th 22:01 Dave Crockwell (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.

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