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2012 news - July

CPT in action


Results - 29 July

Just two races that I'm aware of this weekend, Andy raced the Bedford Triathlon and Katie was 2nd female at the Fambridge Yacht Haven Half Iron Triathlon.


Diary of a London 2012 Games Maker

I've been asked by work to write a blog of my Games Maker experience. I thought some of you might be interested to read it too. You can read my diary and view my photos.


parkrun results - Saturday 28 July

Brockwell parkrun
90th 30:56 Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun
1st 19:05 John Buchanan (PB)
17th 24:39 Dave Crockwell

Dulwich parkrun
28th 22:06 Janette Cross (1st time)

The parkrun roll of honour has been updated.


CPT Olympic cyclist

Rob on his dove bikeRob is still buzzing, or should I say cooing. after doing a lap in the Olympic stadium last night on his dove bike in front of 62,000 people! He says he's been experimenting with some modifications to his bike to see if he can improve his bike split for Auckland...



Late result

Mario and Karl ventured to Germany for the ITU World Championship in Hamburg on 22 July. See how they got on ...


Ironman UK race report

HaydnIronman UK – Bolton - 22 July 2012

MY RACE? Well I’m afraid I blew it! My goal was to win my age group and go on to race Kona but I only managed second, 9 minutes and 17 second behind the winner. I felt good at the start, my training having gone well all season despite the weather.

At the time I thought the swim had gone well (as far as me and swimming go anyway) apart from getting really cold and having to dry off more than usual to get the blood circulating  in T1 and don my CPT gilet (they are brilliant) for the bike.

Haydn in T1

Out on the bike the sun soon started to peak through the cloud and I felt amazing. Sticking to my power strategy on the bike I lapped up the course with the local support, scenery, and passed bike after bike. I still felt reasonably good on the final loop and went into T2 fairly confident.

A good transition and I was out on the run only to discover that my Garmin couldn’t find a satellite and I hadn’t a clue how fast I was going for the first 20 minutes. Too fast was the answer, and I paid for it as my quads tightened and started screaming every step of the way from about the 10km mark. Perversely going uphill was less painful than going down and I ended up with a mix of walk and run. It’s times like this when the support really counts, spotting family members along the way and the lined support all along the run route cheering you on to keep going. 

I’d also read an article (not during the race I might add) debating whether it’s your muscles that really are in trouble at a time like this or your brain that decides you’ve done enough and should slow down so making your legs hurt to save them for later, so I decided to just keep running as hard as I could and hope my brain was just trying to con me. 

Running down the finishing chute, high fiving all the kids along the barrier felt great until I saw the time of 12hr 9min. I’d I never even contemplated going over 12 hours but an awful swim time of 1hr 25min  (my slowest ever), a decent bike leg of 6hr 20min but slow  run of 4hr 14min sealed my fate. Actually the swim did for me – I was 10 minutes slower than the winner out of the water.

Would the winner take up his Hawaii slot? It was nail biting stuff at the awards ceremony as they announced nine age groups would roll down. It was not to be however, the sharks in Hawaii will not be getting me for bait this year.

Haydn at the IMUK awards ceremony  

I did enjoy the race, and it showed me again how a few lost seconds here and there through imperfect race execution really is the difference between coming first or second. If I can get my swim time down to a more reasonable 1hr 10min or better I may be tempted to go long again.  Wanaka sounds good, but definitely not next year.

OK I promised a report on Bolton as a race venue for IM UK for all those threatening to go long at some time.
I guess the first thing to say is that this is not an easy course, and was actually made harder this year by adding to the run course. Both the bike and run are hilly.

To give you an idea of how hard,  the winning time was 8hrs 55min, a good hour over most ‘quick’ courses and having raced  IM France in Nice (known to be a toughie),  I’d rate Bolton  as being  harder due to the hilly run.

Pennington Flash is a nice lake swim although there were a few weeds to negotiate. It wasn’t very warm though so I was pretty chilled by the end of the swim – my fault for staying in so long, I know – but most would find it ok.

The bike course is a point to point to a three loop section followed by a short leg to T2. I really enjoyed this and the views over the moors were brilliant. There is only one major climb at the start of the loop and some fast sweeping down hills, with the rest of the loop rolling. Road surfaces were better than I expected and while there were some ‘open’ sapping sections they were mostly fairly smooth and fast.

The run is again a point to point to a three and half loop course which takes you into the town centre each time and back out up a killer hill which most people walked. This is a tough run.

Support from locals on both the bike and run was brilliant, not quite as good as Austria, but not far short.

One thing to note about the course is that you have split transitions. T1 is obviously at the lake but T2 is about 25km away which is then about 20km from the centre of Bolton where the race finishes.  This makes getting about to drop off race bags, rack bikes, check out transitions, go for a lake swim, and eventually collect your bikes rather tedious.

Getting about the course to spectate is also a bit of nightmare.  

Finally the weather was probably the best I’ve enjoyed at any of the my IM races with light cloud first thing giving way to clear blue skies from mid-morning.

So how does the organisation compare? Well you have all the familiar WTC IM core elements, expensive race entry, nice race programme, race briefing, pasta party, expo, finishing chute, food, massage etc. and awards ceremony including Kona slot roll down. 50 slots are available overall. And most things worked well. There were however some significant gaps which gave the impression of things being done on the cheap.

These included:
No transition plans in race info pack or at race briefing.
Bus transfers to the swim start from the Reebok stadium (centrally located between T1 T2 and the finish) and return for spectators. But nothing else for spectators to get out on the bike course or back on to the run course.
A narrow water entry chute which meant it took ages to get everyone in the water and when the race was started people were still swimming out. Swim out to T1 was over a mix of concrete, rough dirt track and grass/mud – no matting in sight – then the same for the bike out to the mount line.
Aid stations were erratically spaced and rather sparse particularly on the run course.
Limited food service at the finish (pizza, cake, melon. orange, apple) water, Pepsi.
Nowhere to get changed once you’ve picked up your dry finish bag .
You might think I’m going on a bit but when you pay WTC money I expect things to be right.

There are a lot of positives though:
The support teams, marshals, aid station people were all fantastic and couldn’t be more helpful or offer greater support through the race.
The bike course was closed on all narrow roads with some main roads one way and every junction was expertly manned to ensure no hold ups.
I stayed at the Reebok Stadium which is where the expo, briefings, party etc. is held and it cost of fraction of going to Europe or even further afield. (I thought I’d bought a slice of Switzerland last year by the time I got home.)
Travelling is obviously dead easy. No hassle with airports, bike bags/boxes, weight restrictions etc.
A really nice course if you don’t mind hills.
Excellent after race massage service.

So where does it fit in my four IM events? Austria remains in first place – fantastic organisation, venue, support, and course.  Switzerland is a close second. France also beats Bolton into third place mainly due to the split transitions and superior organisation (but Nice will cost you an arm and a leg)

I didn’t race Wales last year but I did spectate and I’d also give this the edge over Bolton – just. I think it’s on a par with Bolton in terms of difficulty as it also has a hilly run course. It also has a sea swim.

I hope that answers a few questions. I don’t want to put anyone off doing Bolton but if you only plan to do one Iron Man go for Austria. The only problem is it will have to be 2014 now. Just far enough away for you to be able to be able to say yes and get a crowd together.

The Ironman roll of honour has been updated.


New members

YvetteWelcome to new members Yvette Dore and Mark Hoolahan, who joins the rest of his family as a CPT member (Sara, Alice and Luc).


parkrun results - Saturday 21 July

Crystal Palace parkrun
34th 24:28 Dave Crockwell
39th 25:00 Rachel Vignoli (PB)
66th 27:20 Audrey Livingston

The parkrun roll of honour has been updated.



Speed endurance run session

Monday 30 July and 6 August at 20:00. Meet at the usual run meeting spot (in the top car park).

Lisa, our run coordinator, will be trialling a new speed endurance run session. This should fill the void for anyone missing the Monday night swim, and for anyone else who just wants more running training - hurrah!

The session will be 6 x 1600m laps at your 5k pace, with a recovery jog in between. It will be uncoached, so you will have to work out your own pace and time your own laps. I've marked out a 1600m lap at the top of the park which is as close to 1600m as I can measure without having use of the track, which is closed until 13 August.

This will be quite a full on session so come prepared for a little pain and sweat, and bring water. We will start with a warm up jog and stretch. 

I hope as many of you as possible will come along to make this new session a good one!

1600m run lap


SwimFest 3.8k swim

Hans & WimWim and Hans completed the SwimFest 3.8km swim which was offered by Swim4Tri at Thurrock, near the Dartford Crossing, on Sunday 15 July. Hans reports "The good news is that the distance presents no challenge - thanks no doubt to the Mallorca swim camp we attended in June, run by Mike Johnstone of Streamline Swims.  The irritating news is that even in the ideal conditions offered last Sunday, with a balmy 18 degree water deep enough to keep you well clear of weeds, no wind, very tall buoys and an in-the-water finish (so no need to climb out and run), my times continue to be very slow - there is only so much progress you can make when you rarely swim more often than once a week!


League update

Report from Cathy, our League coordinator

Update to the Club League tables after two more events - Tooting Bec Aquathlon in which Jon H got top score (congratulations) and Hillingdon Triathlon (also a London League event, I think we got 3rd team) in which Suse, Kati Pusey and Jon H all got top scores after winning their respective categories, so well done guys.

Leaderboard is now as follows with note of who is yet to complete three events and those further down list shown where applicable to indicate top three places of people completing 3+ events. See the league spreadsheet for full results.

Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Lisa Collins
Female vets: Sheila Horsman (only 1 event), Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson (only 2 events), Louise Alan-Smith (only 1 event)

Male seniors: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad (only 1 event), Keith Brewster (only 1 event), James Nellist, Victor Thompson
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas (only 1 event), Haydn Whitmore (only 2 events), Martin Leat, Tim Thomas

The next event to qualify (according to current race matrix) are the standard and sprint distance triathlons at Bewl Triathlon on 12 August. A warm up event for the Club BBQ I believe....


Bristol Harbourside Sprint Triathlon race report - 15 July

RobReport by Rob Parry

After my resounding failure at the last World Champs qualification attempt (Big Cow Sprint in Milton Keynes on 27th May), it felt like this time the triathlon gods were smiling down on me in Bristol for my last chance this year. A dry, overcast day after the eternity of rain we’ve been having; a super-civilised 11:47am start, and a lucky “CPT-Red” swim cap for the M30-34 wave.

Bristol HarboursideThis was the 3rd staging of the Bristol Harbourside Triathlon, hosted by TriBristol (the race organisation arm of BADTri club). The swim was on lap in the Cumberland Basin, part of Bristol's historic Harbour and adjacent to the Brunel Lock. The bike leg was 2 laps of a fast, flat TT course on a closed stretch of dual carriageway, up the side of the Avon Gorge and under the shadow of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The run route looped along the towpath on the other side of the Gorge for a single out and back. The start, finish, transition and bike course were all within eye-shot of a closed section of a flyover, which meant that spectators (including my faithful fan club of three – my Mum, her partner Bob, and Emily) had a raised viewing platform that was better than anything that the ITU Elite series could offer! If you’re looking to race the Olympic-distance next year, then it’s double the same course.

Rob lining up before the swimAfter a luxurious lie-in, followed by a stately breakfast at The Grand in the City Centre, I was ready for action. Registration had been the day before, so there were no last-minute panics or uncertainty about where to be or what to do. The first wave for the Olympic distance races had kicked off at 7am, so there were already swarms of triathletes in all stages of their races by the time I arrived. The atmosphere was buzzing, with the perfect weather conditions bringing out a ton of spectators, whilst a couple of guys from BADTri worked the PA. Having seen Tim Thomas blast through transition only moments before, I was ready to rock.

Rob's swim waveThe waves were organised into ITU age-groups, so there was time to weigh up the competition as we listened to the race briefing in the starting pen. There was no opportunity for a swim warm up; instead we were told to jump in and tread water for 3 minutes until race start. People around me were complaining about how cold the water was, but this only served to fill me with confidence as I thought it was quite pleasant! The water quality was excellent though, and the swim was luckily very non-eventful for me. I have been practising my sighting a bit more recently, and was surprised to find that the faster guys were taking a very bowed line to each of the buoys. In true “Tortoise and Hare” fashion, I took my own, straighter, line (As much as 5 metres from the pack in places), and as a result ended up exiting the water in 8th. A speedy T1 (given that I had remembered where I’d left my bike this time, unlike Big Cow) got me out onto the bike in about 6th.

Rob exiting the waterThe bike course was great for a full-on head-down aerobar-hugging attack. I soon picked off a few of my rivals on the first lap, and went anaerobic through the rollercoaster-esque section back at HQ where the spectators and voices over the PA lifted my energy. As a few more of my targets came into view on the second lap, I realised that I’d been hugging the left side of the course on the first lap for no good reason, and this was costing me time. I began cutting the corners like I was on a motorbike, with flashbacks of  watching Bradley Wiggins’ assault on the TT stage 9 of the TdF, where the commentator repeatedly reeled off the ‘half-seconds saved’ each time Brad got his knee out as he shaved the kerbs. No doubt my average speed wasn’t quite a match for the mighty Wiggo, but it was enough to get me into T2 in 2nd place I think.

Rob on the runThe adrenaline from this reckless behaviour, together with shouts of encouragement from Victor Thompson and Louise Alan-Smith, saw me through transition and onto the run with hopes of gunning for the win. It was only after leaving the buzz of the crowds and heading into the relative seclusion of the tree-lined towpath, that my body started to punish me for my over-exertions. The mind demons were doing a good job of convincing me that I would spontaneously combust (or some similar race-ending event) if I tried to go any faster, and when a guy who appeared to be in his early 30s breezed past me (shortly followed by another guy, then another…), I switched to plan B, and self preservation. The last minute sprint to the finish line did little to make up for the lost time, and the realisation that I had quite a bit left in the tank was frustrating to say the least! Oh well, lessons learned for next time (which will hopefully be in Auckland!). Just playing the waiting game now to see if it was enough to squeeze through, as the results have not been published yet, and even then they are, it takes a while for the BTF to update the Age Group registration page.

I cannot recommend this race highly enough. The organisation was the best that I have ever witnessed, and this includes M-Dot, ITU and other much bigger events such as London and Blenheim. Everything, from the emails in the weeks before the day, to the goody bag; the help, support and encouragement on the day from all of the Officials and Marshalls, through to the thoughtful design of the course, which was fast, fair and quite a bit of fun despite being mostly flat - was all spot-on. The organisers had managed to put on a race that had the atmosphere of an elite event, with the intimacy and friendliness of a club race. I’ll definitely be back next year… hopefully in a light-blue Adidas tri suit with ‘GBR’ and ‘PARRY’ printed on the front… ;-)

Provisional results are now available.


Weekend results - 14-15 July

Kati at HillingdonWell done to our team at Hillingdon Triathlon representing CPT in the London League. Jon was first male vet, Suse first female overall and Kati first female vet (taking six minutes off last year's time!).

Congratulations to Bevan and Dave for their finishes at Ironman Switzerland. They have also been added to the Roll of Honour.

Looks as though the 1.5k swim at the Marlow Triathlon was either shortened or the event was turned into a duathlon. I'll find out from Phil and report back! Update from Phil: We were supposed to do a 1500m loop in the river but the flow was too fast so they just walked us down the river for about 1500m and then we basically just floated back to the transition area!

The Hampton Court swim was postponed as the River Thames was still too dangerous and fast flowing for swimming.


Sportive result

Sue rode the Evans Ride It Dorking sportive on Sunday 8 July, completing the Medium route (60 miles).


parkrun results - Saturday 14 July

Crystal Palace parkrun
58th 26:35 Karen Ayers
74th 27:54 Dean Thurlow (1st time)

I'd love to say I was faster than Dean, but he missed the start. He was just getting out of the car when everyone set off! The time on his own watch was 24 minutes (can't remember how many seconds).

Dulwich parkrun
41st 24:02 Dave Crockwell


Another midweek result

On Wednesday Emanuele did the Hever Castle Sprint evening race and reports.... turned out to be fun at the end (more of an adventure race than a proper sprint!). We started the swim with torrential rain and lightening on the lake (I thought that was dangerous?), luckily it stopped during the bike section but the roads were flooded and full of debris (so more DNFs than usual) and finally a nice mud race in the castle grounds!


CPT in the news

Thanks to Gary Blunt for letting me know about a write-up on the Bexhill Triathlon in the Bexhill Observer. I'll try to get a copy of the actual article but in the meantime you can read it online. Gary says the printed article has lots of photos of CPT in action. The online article features Bevan and Jim sporting Club colours.

Photographs by Tony Coombes are available to view and purchase.

Photos by Tony Coombes


Midweek results

The last in the 2012 Aquathlon series at Tooting Bec Lido took place on Wednesday 11 July. Jon was 3rd overall and 1st male vet, Katie was 3rd female (after the Club Championship middle distance race on Sunday, swimming at Crystal Palace on Monday and a double session at St Joseph's on Tuesday!), and Sheila was 2nd female vet. Congratulations to Anna on a PB.

Rob raced the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Battersea Park. He says he did the 5.6k in his slowest time yet but as he's tapering for Sunday he was happy with the result.


League update

Report from Cathy, our League coordinator

After another couple of wet, wild and muddy races (White Oak Sprint Tri and Sussex Middle Distance) we have an update to the Club League scores. Well done to Suse at Sussex for first in her league age/gender group so another top score. Scores on the doors are now:
Standings are now:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Lisa Collins
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Louise Alan-Smith

Male senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat

Next race to qualify for league points will be the London League race at Hillingdon (sprint tri) this Sunday and after that Bewl Triathlon on 12 August, after which I'll remove people who haven't completed the minimum three races from the top three names listed (until they have completed three races) so it becomes a bit clearer who is currently in the running.

Please let Karen know which races you're doing.


New member

TeresaWelcome to new member Teresa Forgione.


Change to run schedule - Wednesday 11 July

Lisa, our run coordinator, advises that due to preparation for the weekend athletics there will be no Midweek Mile tomorrow evening as the track at Crystal Palace is closed. Instead, we'll meet at the usual spot for a running session.

See you there!


Sussex Middle Distance Triathlon report

HansRace report by Hans Geberbauer

I didn't sleep a wink on Saturday night. As the rain pounded down for four hours, I had a loss of heart. We weren't ready for the Sussex middle distance. We weren't training hard enough. We would never be ready for Challenge Henley. How come everybody is now running 19 minute 5k races? Why didn't I stick with running? Stuff multi-sport!  

Then Abby woke up, reminded me that I could just give up and stay home, it really was up to me, who'd blame what with the torrential rain... Well, nothing like a bit of reverse psychology to get us going.  

Hans & Wim at the Sussex TriathlonThere was even a break in the rain as we loaded the car and once or twice it seemed it might brighten up further South but time and again there were heavy, if brief, downpours.  

At least it stayed dry while we all set up for transition, where we were cheered by a decent turnout from the Club. By time we lined up for the swim start, it was raining again.  

The swim start was the worst melée I have encountered so far, with my goggles being knocked off three times. It seemed slow and erratic progress for me so I was surprised to find Wim's bike still in transition although he outswims me in the pool and open water training without fail.

CPT running at the Sussex Triathlon

We were curious about the bike course which did not look too challenging: slightly short at 85km and only 650m of elevation, yet it had been billed as difficult. The climbs were low gradient but felt very draggy on the first 20km (which also formed the final short loop), it must have been a poor surface. Most descents were lovely, despite the wet road surface.  

Wim strikes a poseThe run was an unadulterated mudfest. Some sections were pure gloop and even the most powerful and skilled runners opted for walking, especially up a steep hill we had to tackle four times. The course consisted of four loops which turned in on themselves quite a few times so I often saw Greg, Suse and Katie skipping lightfootedly over the mud.

Suse lapped me and Wim on her final 700m, seemingly rather wishing that it was over already so Wim ran alongside her shouting encouragement until she could turn into the finishing chute for some peace and quiet.  

As I discovered from official event photos, Wim also took the time to completely stop running for one of the photographers so he could strike a pose - these races are obviously not challenging enough for him!

Hans at the finish of the Sussex TriathlonTowards the end, my shoulder started hurting, I was overtaken quite a few times (which didn't used to happen to me very often during running) and it was getting quite hot as the clouds finally lifted so I was relieved to reach the finish.  

Despite the challenging circumstances, I managed to finish well within my target time (Greg said the run was short but I'm having none of it!).

Win finishing the Sussex TriathlonThe bike leg was the strongest for Wim and me (it seems the many sportives have paid off) and left us with plenty of energy for a decent run split - possibly too much in Wim's case, judging from the photos!  

Suse won 1st female, Katie 1st in her age group (after Suse and the second overall female). Greg had a puncture in his back wheel (only the second during a race in 15 years) and the time it took to fix deprived him of getting onto the podium. Not a bad day at all despite the ominous beginnings.  

I'm feeling a bit more confident about Challenge Henley now.

Note from Hans: Apparently, the run was short, well short: 18.5km.

Hans & Wim after the Sussex Triathlon

View Hans' photos on Flickr.


Arnhem Bike Ride 2012

SueSue Cooper will be cycling 200 miles from Croydon to Arnhem in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The event is organised by the Croydon Met Police and departs from Croydon on 19 September. For the first leg of approximately 90 miles to Harwich and then an overnight ferry to Hook of Holland. The next morning, the ride will continue with approximately 100 miles to the central police station at Arnhem.

Sue will personally gain £ for £ sponsorship from HSBC up to £500, so please mention her name when making any donation via JustGiving.


Weekend results - 8 July

This weekend's races went ahead despite the torrential downpours.

The Club Championship Middle Distance race took place at the Sussex Triathlon, which was very muddy, slippery and hilly! The race was won by ex-CPT member Matt Lawrence and Suse the first female. I have updated the Club Champions page.

Audrey reports: The swim was OK, apart from swimming through loads of reeds and over/through loads of lilly pads, is wasn't too bad.  Doing three laps made the swim go quicker than I thought, there was a long walk/jog to transition. The bike, well the hardest climb was out of the grounds, after that the climbs were long gradual climbs that if you were not in the right gear (made that mistake once and once only) it really took it out of your legs. The down hills were great, not too steep but technical and because of the rain had to be taken with care.  Then the run .... they could have put another hill in there just for fun!  It was awful and the rain that fell overnight and during the race did not help (trail shoes would have been advisable, and should be considered if you are doing the race next year).  I fell over once, lost a shoe twice, the second time a kind St Johns ambulance man retrieved it for me. Greg and Suse waited on the finish line for me which I really appreciated as I know they had a long wait.  Emma, James and the kids were also on the finish line and James and the kids were a great support on the run. 

I would never do this one again which is good because I plan never to do another middle distance.  I'll stick to sprint and standard distances only! Emma also says she'll never do this race again, but Suse gives it a thumbs up and it gets her vote for Club Champs again in 2013, as it was well organised in a nice setting, with an interesting bike and an off-road run.

Unfortunately Greg punctured so his time was affected by having to sort out his back wheel. Suse reports: The run was an absolute mud-fest - 10 times worse than Pirie, and there was one really steep short hill (again similar to that hill at the back of the Pirie run course) but it was six inches deep in mud all the way up. The first two laps of the run I really enjoyed, the second two were painful and then extremely painful (much harder than Bexhill).  I was in bits at the finish. 

James opted for the Sussex Sprint race as his first ever triathlon.

Karen - Prize giving at White Oak 2012The bike course at White Oak was shortened from 27k to 21.5k but still went through some flooded roads and across gravel and flowing water. Unfortunately Chris punctured and didn't finish, but the rest of us had a great race and most managed to avoid the heaviest downpours.

Congratulations to Emily on finishing her first triathlon (10th female), to Cathy for placing 3rd female and Karen 2nd FSV. It was good to see Neil Atherton racing in CPT colours and he promises to rejoin soon!

View photos of Emily and Karen in action at White Oak on Flickr.

Selwyn and Kirsten raced the Bournemouth International Triathlon, standard distance.

Mark Thomas took on his first middle distance triathlon at the Cowman. Mark reports that the run course was shortened by approximately 600m.

Sue opted for the Cope Galway Ocean Race Triathlon.

Tim Thomas was 2nd MSV at the Bideford Triathlon. Tim reports:

The race eventually went ahead including a freewheel flooded section on the bike and with the estuary in full flow complete with all sorts of crud washed off the hills and elsewhere - the race briefing even included a lookout for dead sheep!

After many years of triathlon I should know better - I let someone from the novice wave zip up my wetsuit - much to my horror he completely broke the zip and I was left frantically trying to repair it with 5 minutes to the start - no chance.  All that way for a DNS with family watching wasn't an option - the starter seeing my plight and complete panic gave me the special option of the 600m swim in the CPT trisuit.  Dish of the day he called it!

Amazingly with all that adrenaline buzzing I did one of my best and enjoyable races ever and even nearly won my age group (would have with the wetsuit) but still knocked 5 minutes off last year's time.  They even gave me a pint of Guinness at the awards for the only non-wetsuit swim!


Dulwich 5k late result

Finally, proof that Mark actually ran this race on 20 June, and shunted everyone else back a place! Results from the Dulwich Midsummer 5k and the PB page have been updated.


parkrun mob match - Saturday 7 July

Unfortunately today's mob match at the Brockwell parkrun clashed with a number of members racing tomorrow at Sussex and White Oak so our turnout wasn't as good as it could have been, but thanks to everyone who turned up, with some doing this parkrun for the first time and Dean doing his first ever parkrun.

Full results
13th 18:32 John Buchanan (PB)
14th 18:34 Mark Brown
27th 19:09 Phil Feldman (PB)
38th 19:54 Andy McRobbie (1st time)
48th 20:33 James Acheson (1st time)
58th 21:00 Lisa Collins (PB)
73rd 21:43 Emanuele Vignoli (1st time)
74th 21:44 Alex Novakovic (PB)
103rd 23:29 Dean Thurlow (1st time)
119th 24:09 Dave Crockwell
137th 25:09 Brigit Brown
193rd 32:21 Ella Fields

In the mob match Clapham Chasers had a staggering 55 runners, including the first runner home in 16:25, CPT had 13 runners, Windrush had nine runners and Greenwich Tritons had three runners.

Lisa, our run coordinator reports: We suspected foul play when Dave Crockwell was ‘accidentally’ tripped by a Clapham Chaser and sustained significant grazing to his knee! Fortunately he was able to carry on. I did my bit to claw back one female place, as a rather cheeky Clapham Chaser massively cut the last corner to overtake me but within the final 50m I sprinted ahead for revenge. John surprised himself with his 18:32 PB. The timing for the match really could not have been worse though, right in the middle of tri season!

Congratulations also go to Ella on completing her 50th parkun.

The parkrun roll of honour has been updated.

Crystal Palace parkrun
28th 24:43 David Rose


Round the Island Multistage Ultra

Over the weekend of 30 June - 1 July, Chris, Phil and John took part in the Round the Island Isle of Wight Multistage Ultra, covering 70 miles in two days.


Audrey's profileCPT member profile

Read the response to 20 questions answered by a member who is one of our Club coaches and would like to have dinner with Garfield the cat.

Read more ...

If you would like to share your triathlon background and feature in a member profile, please get in touch.


Aiutiamo le 5 Terre 2012

While on holiday in Italy Rachel and Emanuele took part in a swim, part of the national open water circuit, which was 1.825km. Emanuele reports "I was looking behind to ensure Rachel was OK as it was a fairly challenging course in deep, choppy water... and all of a sudden (half way through) she just overtook me and left me behind for the rest of the course!!".

The winner completed the swim in 24:45, with Rachel following in 41:27 and Emanule just behind in 42:05. Full results.


Enter races for the Club League

It would be great to get enough members racing to make the following races qualify for the Club League:

12 Aug - Bewl Triathlon (followed by Club BBQ!)

19 Aug - Thorpe Olympic Southeast Championships

Don't forget to let Karen know when you've entered any events so the race matrix can be updated, your results published and included in the League.


Weekend results - 30 June - 1 July

Keith completed a mad challenge in the Brecon Beacons in Wales - Bearded Man's Black Mountains 3 Day event.

View photos on

We had four members racing at The Outlaw, with Adrian breaking 11 hours and getting a PB. Times have been added to the Ironman roll of honour. The photo below was taken at 05:00 before the swim start.

Kevin, Tommy & Gary


Mob match - Saturday 7 July

Don't forget the mob match at the Brockwell parkrun on Saturday 7 July. If you haven't already registered for parkrun, you will need to do so (don't forget to put Crystal Palace Triathletes as your Club!).

This is all about the head count and the team spirit, so whether you're fast or slow we hope to see you there.


League update

Report from Cathy, our League coordinator

Another Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon qualified for Club League points last Wednesday with five members on the race matrix competing. Note that if you've done this race previously this year, only your best score counts. Congratulations to Jon and Sheila Horsman who both won their respective age/gender categories and get top league scores for this event.
Standings are now:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Lisa Collins
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Louise Alan-Smith

Male senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat


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