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2012 news - June

CPT in action


parkrun results - 30 June

Brockwell parkrun
87th 28:32 Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun
51st 25:24 David Rose

Dulwich parkrun
15th 20:25 Tim Thomas


Tooting Aquathlon - 27 June

Congratulations to Jon and Sheila who were the first male and female vets at the Tooting Bec Aquathlon on 27 June. I've created a new PBs page.


Thank you from Bexhill Lions Triathlon

Dear Crystal Palace Triathletes Club Members,

I wanted to pass our thanks on to you and your triathlon club members for turning out in force at the Bexhill Lions Triathlon last weekend - it was magnificant to have you all take part and I hope you all found the event to be a good challenge and that you enjoyed it, despite the fact the weather did not permit us to complete the swim.

We truly enjoyed the success and turnout of our event, our new venue and the healthy competition between our athletes!

Please can you pass our thanks to your club members, and we look forward to hopefully seeing you all again next year!

Kind regards, Chris Burstow
Race Director - Bexhill Lions Triathlon


AlexNew member

Welcome to new member Alex Novakovic.


Midsummer Munro - 23 June - race report

LisaReport by Lisa Collins

Midsummer Munro Ultra Half (16 miles)

I decided at short notice to enter the Midsummer Munro Ultra Half. As word spread that the distance had been increased from 13 to 16 miles for this sell-out race, I thought some of the entrants might get the willies and drop out. Sure enough, there were places available.

Peter (far right) - Midsummer Munro 2012Let’s put this into perspective. A half marathon it may be, albeit with three extra miles, but there is 3500ft of ascent over 11 climbs on the route. I was overtaken by a dangerous confidence that I could conquer this beast. When and where I grew this mysterious pair of balls is anyone’s guess.

I was also looking forward to running with (well, not literally ‘with’) endurance aces Peter and Katie, and John, who would all be steaming ahead of me.  It was my first half marathon so what could I expect? All I knew is that it would hurt. A lot.

As we approached the start we saw runners who were taking part in the concurrent event, the Munro Picnic, which began two hours earlier and is double the half. The competitors slog it out for two laps. They must be insane, I thought, as I joined in singing the pre-race national anthem to the wailing of bagpipes.

Katie & Lisa - Midsummer Munro 2012

John - Midsummer Munro 2012Once the race was underway I felt good but quelled my urge to go faster. Having done the Knacker Cracker and Box Hill fell race, I knew that conservation of energy was key. Gentle was my motto. Not so for the Mack, who disappeared like smoke.

About halfway through (approx 1hr 30) pain and fatigue from the steep climbs was creeping in. By 11 miles I was also becoming extremely thirsty. I’d been drinking water at each station, but I couldn’t shake the thirst. I was looking at puddles with a hungry glint in my eye. My discomfort grew and at around 14½ miles I began feeling sick and dizzy. I realise now that my blood sugar levels were probably low, but at the time I thought I was just dehydrated. Perhaps it was both?!

John - Midsummer Munro 2012

When I saw the marshals at the final junction, where there is also a teasing 1km sign ahead, they suggested I go straight on for the finish and not turn left to complete the final loop down and back up the innumerable steps that make the last ascent. Lo and behold, Katie appeared having finished the loop and was on her way to that final km, and to my shock John appeared behind me. I don’t recall passing him but in the woods you might not see people. He’d been held back by cramps. Seeing them both gave me a boost. I took a swig from a marshal’s bottle and set off like a rusty puppet to complete the down-and-up, and finish. 

Lisa - Midsummer Munro 2012What’s great about the Munro, besides the scenery and the awesome challenge, is that there are out-and-back sections so you frequently cross people you know, which I liked.

Usually when you hit the final stretch in a race it’s time to squeeze your last reserves into a sprint, but not this time. Even though the race had a downhill finish my legs were shattered and it was a tentative descent on stiff pegs.

I was very happy to discover a bag of carrots at the end!

Katie - Midsummer Munro 2012


The Bridge Triathlon - 24 June - race report

RobReport by Rob Hollis

I have had everything prepared for my first triathlon, the weather couldn't have been any worse, wet and windy.

I had a nightmare getting to the event, was very late for registration and was in a mad rush from the word go! I then collected my race number and ran to transition to set up quickly, luckily Rob and Emily Parry kindly helped by attaching my race number to my belt (thank you guys!).

I put on my wetsuit which due to rushing put a finger through it! I then set off to the swim start got there and suddenly realised I had left my chip in transition and had to run back to get it and back to the swim start again at which point the wave had long gone and I was at least 10 minutes late starting. Luckily they let me go! (there wasn't much more that could have gone wrong!!!).

I finished the swim and made my way to T1 where I was a little disorientated still but got my wetsuit off and set off on the bike, I managed to make up some good time on the bike and really pushed it as I knew I had time to make up.

I had a fairly decent T2 and set off on the run where my legs were a tad wobbly to begin but soon sorted out, the last 1k was a killer but I had enough to sprint finish (well faster running anyway!).

Overall, even with the horrific beginning to the event, I thoroughly enjoyed my first race and am looking forward to the next one (making sure I leave much much more time before the start!!!).

Emily was also due to do her first triathlon at The Bridge, after winning a free entry for marshalling at our race. Unfortunately she left her helmet at home so was unable to race.

Results not available yet but will be added as soon as possible.


Dulwich 5k results - 20 June

Results have now been published for the Dulwich Midsummer 5k on Wednesday 20 June. Unfortunately Mark Brown, the first CPT runner over the finish line doesn't seem to appear on the results. I've created a PBs page for this event. Bruce acted as official CPT photographer on the night. Photos can be seen below.


parkrun results - 23 June

Brockwell parkrun
49th 24:02 Selwyn Smith
58th 24:38 Kirsten Smith

Dulwich parkrun
7th 19:23 Andy McRobbie (1st time)
14th 20:18 Tim Thomas (PB)
53rd 27:50 Grant Georgiades

The parkrun PB page has also been updated.


Dulwich Midsummer 5k photos

Results aren't available yet for the Midsummer 5k on Wednesday 20 June. This race replaced the Club run but there weren't many CPT members out (perhaps all too tired after Sunday's duathlon?!). Bruce came along to support and take photos. I'll post results as soon as available.


Tooting Bec Lido Midsummer Relay

After Brian's plea on the e-group for willing women, he entered two teams into the Midsummer Relay at Tooting Bec Lido on Wednesday 20 June.

The age groups were: 101-150, 151-200 and over 201 and each team swam 16 lengths, 4 x 1 length in rotation.

The teams comprised:

Team 1 (151-200 Age Group): Tim Thomas, Mark Thomas, Brian Morris and Miranda Hutton - finished in 6th place (out of 9) in a time of 22:41, with the winning team finishing in 19:49.

Team 2 (101-150 Age Group): Hans and Wim Geberbauer, Andrew Mercer and Fay Sutton - finished in 10th place (out of 14) in time of 22:50, with the winning team finishing in 17:09.


CPT League update

Cathy, our League coordinator, reports "Well after an interesting race on Sunday, also the Club Standard Distance Champs, we have an update to the leagues. Sorry for delay in getting these out, was trying to figure out who actually completed the race and who opted for the cafe after the first run (Tully!!). Many congrats to all on a challenging course which was made more so by the fact it became a duathlon (booo!!). Particular well done to our top scorers in their respective age/gender categories - Suse Fairfax, Jim Lucas, Jon Horsman and Karen Ayers - most of whom got up close and personal with Graham Norton as a result of their racing efforts.
A few changes to the top of the league tables after this event:
Female seniors: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Lisa Collins
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Louise Alan-Smith

Male seniors: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat

Next league qualifying race, according to club race matrix is the Sussex Middle Distance and White Oaks on 8 July, but this may change as people enter other events closer to the date. Remember to let Karen know which races you're doing.


Weil's Disease

Not wanting to cause any alarm but just to make you aware, there are rats at Chipstead and no doubt Haysden and any other open water venue where we might swim....only two-three people die from this per year but the key is early detection of symptoms and alerting your doctor to the fact that you have recently swum in dirty water. Cuts etc. should be well-covered beforehand, wash well afterwards....etc. etc. keep your mouth shut!! For more information go to the Leptospirosis website.


Mob match - Saturday 7 July

We've been challenged to a mob match by Clapham Chasers, along with our old rivals Windrush and Greenwich Tritons. It's a good opportunity to settle previous scores (CPT trailed a distant 2nd place after the first round of mob matches).

The challenge takes place at the Brockwell parkrun on Saturday 7 July. If you haven't already registered for parkrun, you will need to do so (don't forget to put Crystal Palace Triathletes as your Club!).

This is all about the head count and the team spirit, so whether you're fast or slow we hope to see you there.


BBQ - Change of date

Due to a calendar clash the CPT barbie is moving forward 24 hours to Sunday 12 August.

Feel free to accept those wedding invitations on the Saturday, do the fabulous Bewl Triathlon in the morning and then pop along and enjoy the conviviality of the Morris household in the afternoon.

Further details to follow on the e-group.


Late result

Results from the Tooting Bec Aquathlon on 13 June are now available. Congratulations to Jon (1st MV), Mark (3rd MV), Katie (2nd F) and Sheila (2nd FV).


Going for Gold at the Herne Hill Velodrome - 24 June

'Going for Gold' this Sunday at Herne Hill Velodrome!
 + Brixton Supermad
 + Rollapaluza Youth Championship 2012

Herne Hill Velodrome has joined forces with the Dulwich Picture Gallery to present 'Going for Gold' a bike themed event celebrating the spirit of the Olympics. This will be an excellent family day out and includes a vintage cycle parade, free entrance to the Dulwich Picture Gallery permanent exhibition, music, food, drink and so much more... 

Also at the Velodrome on Sunday at double helping of great racing:

- Rollapaluza Youth Champtionship from 12:00- 17:00. Race on a stationary bike over 250 meters to win a cool prize!
- The Brixton Supermad at 13:00 - Madison track racing, this event is part of the Herne Hill Superseries

All the above are free to spectate.

More info on the Velodrome website.


Weekend results - 16-17 June

Saturday 16 June -

Crystal Palace parkrun
74th 29:51 Ella Fields

Dulwich parkrun
76th 31:41 Tim Thomas (1st time)

Chris got a PB at the Dambuster Triathlon.

On Sunday 17 June both the Windsor Triathlon and the Club Championship standard, and sprint, race at Bexhill were turned into duathlons.

At Windsor, the River Thames was flowing too quickly due to the recent heavy downpours and debris was also deemed to be dangerous. The swim was replaced with a 1k run. Neil raced the Sprint distance at Windsor, while Peter and Neville raced the Standard distance. I've created PB pages for both the Sprint and the Standard distances too, although I haven't added the 2012 results as they were duathlons.

Bexhill Triathlon (duathlon) - CPT Club Championship Standard Distance raceCPT lining up for Run 1 at the Bexhill Triathlon 2012

Report by Karen Ayers

The Bexhill Lions left making a decision regarding the sea swim until the last minute, but unfortunately the coastguards felt the sea was too rough so the swim was replaced by a 3.6k run. It was incredibly windy on the course, making both CPT on Run 1 - Bexhill Triathlonruns and the bike very hard work, although you wouldn't have thought so if you'd see Rob on the bike! He achieved the fastest bikes split on the day and lapped me at the start of my third lap.

All CPT members started in Wave 1, with just a couple of others joining us, so I Rob leading on the bike at Bexhill Triathlonwas soon left behind on the first run, with Audrey and I the last back to T1 and out on the bike. The bike would have been very fast on a calm day but the wind on the sea front was head-on and I felt as though I was cycling a granny shopper with no gears and a basket on the front! At the turnaround you could really Karen 'running' at Bexhill Triathlonfeel the wind behind you and I enjoyed the assistance!

Thanks very much to Emily P, Emily N, Anna and Rachel for their support out on the course. It was a real boost to hear my name travelling in the wind! The two lap run course meant we all got to see each other out on the run but it was hard to keep going when I knew I was starting the first lap and everyone else was either starting or completing their second! Thanks also to Katie for pointing me in the right direction on the run. I'd started to get a migraine (and left my tablets on the bike), I wasn't really concentrating on the course, and neither were the marshals, so was just Phil & Selwyn finishing the Bexhill Triathlonabout to run down the bike course by mistake! I seriously considered giving up at the end of the first lap to retrieve my Migraleve but decided to keep going and try not to let Ruki catch me. It's amazing how much more effort you can put in when you are being chased down.

Unfortunately we had a number of DNFs. Glyn managed the first run and the first lap of the bike. Kirsten and Paul have asked for their results to be removed from the finishers as they went wrong way on the bike and didn't complete the full distance. Noel pulled up with a calf injury on the first lap of the run and hobbled back to transition. It looks as though Bevan only Ruki, Karen & Louise at the finish of the Bexhill Triathlondid one lap of the run but not sure what went wrong and Selwyn is down as a DNF even though he and Phil were neck and neck until Selwyn made a break-away when Phil slowed thinking he'd reached the finish line, for some reason there was another timing mat just before the turn to the finish! Selwyn made the Audrey at the finish of the Bexhill Triathlonmost of the opportunity and sprinted for the real finish line, so not sure why he's a DNF, perhaps a DQ for unsporting behaviour!!

CPT colours were much in evidence at the prize presentation, with trophies presented just to the winners of each age category, Suse (1st female overall), Jon (1st MV), Wim (1st Junior), JIm (1st MSV), me, Karen (1st FSV) and Louise (1st FSV) in the Sprint race. Graham Norton was present to shake hands with winners and was happy to pose for photos with everyone.

I'm going to recommend to the Committee that next year's Standard distance race has a lake swim so there's a much better chance that it will actually be a triathlon. I didn't need to be reminded that I hate duathlons!

CPT with Graham Norton at Bexhill Triathlon

View the results for the Standard distance and the Sprint distance.

Official photos can be viewed on Rickpicks website. Thanks to Anna for the photographs in this report. You can view all Anna's photos in the slideshow below or on our Flickr page.


More 2012 race faces

Only fair for the girls (including me, although I think I was singing, rather than racing hard!) to take a turn! Here's a selection of race and post-race faces from Bexhill on Sunday!

Karen Katie Ruki


Crystal Palace parkrun - 9 June

The results have now been corrected for Saturday 9 June:

Crystal Palace parkrun
38th 24:20 Dave Crockwell
54th 25:42 Glyn Tully


RobNew member

Welcome to new member Rob Hicks.


Race face 2012!

Some more contenders for race face 2012?

Kevin and Tommy at Crystal Palace and Chris at Mid Sussex.

Kevin Tommy Chris


Ironman Wales - Long Course Weekend

KatieReport by Katie Crowe

I had an AMAZING weekend!  Loved it.  They cut the swim short on Friday due to the high winds (I'm not sure it was actually that bad but I think after last year they were very conscious of not using up RNLI resources).  Although when they first announced the shortened swim I did an internal whoop for joy but actually wouldn't have minded going longer as I quite enjoyed it. The sea swim in Spain helped I think as I'd had such recent practice in the waves.  They reckoned 2.4km but since my time was 35 minutes I'd say closer to 2k.  Oh, and the sun came out for us!

Long Course WeekendThe ride on Saturday was beautiful - great weather, great scenery.  Never seen so much compression at a sportive - it was a triathletes heaven!!  Think I might be revising my plan to ride my TT bike for the actual race though as there are some tough up and downhills.  I think I was about 6.50 with the stops - I felt pretty strong the whole ride.

I was only going to do the half yesterday, but I got a bit caught up in the excitement of the weekend, and well, it was all about the challenge so I did the marathon.  Funny thing was, there I was thinking, I'll just have a nice easy run, walk if I need to.  Then they do a big announcement at the start, naming the top five men and women doing the whole weekend and their times.  There were 700 marathon starters but only five women that had also done the swim and bike.  And I was in third place.  Well, gauntlet well and truly thrown.  The first mile wasn't my most elegant running but I got into my stride after that and had probably my best ever marathon, keeping a good pace the whole way, only really suffering in the final two miles and came in at 3.53 which I'm very happy with considering the previous day and the fact that this rivaled some of my off-road marathons for hills.  All I can say is, I'm glad this isn't the course they'll be using for the Ironman as it's brutal.

Coming through Pembroke at the half way mark we picked up the half marathoners who were starting there and they were all cheering us on (which nearly had me blubbing).  Then we had the proper red carpet, IM finish line at the end, which was rammed with supporters and very noisy.  When one of the helpers gave me a hug after I finished I nearly cried again - what an idiot!

As for the final result, I still don't know where I finished.  Hopefully I at least managed to maintain 3rd place.  I didn't hang around for the prize giving as I was keen to get back in the car and away to beat the Sunday traffic.  I'm super excited about September now, it's going to be a great race - the people of Tenby really know how to put on an event.  And they organised some nice weather for us -  they sent most of the rain north to Aberystwyth!

And my legs are pretty much fine today (tomorrow might be a different story though!).  Think Bexhill might be 'interesting'!

See Katie's results.


Results - 9-10 June

On Saturday 9 June, James raced at the South Cerney Triathlon.

On Sunday 10 June, Greg got a PB and 2nd MV and Karen was 2nd FSV at the Mid-Sussex Sprint Triathlon (I've created a new PBs page).

CPT at the Mid-Sussex Triathlon

Unfortunately things didn't go well for Audrey at the Sussex Surrey Scramble Sportive. After two punctures and 25 miles to go, she called it a day and waited for the sweep up wagon to take her back to the start.

Lauren and Haydn braved the Welsh weather for the Bala Middle Distance Triathlon, where Lauren was 1st female. There were a lot of DNS/DNF so well done to both for finishing! (Photos StuWeb).

Haydn reports that "the weather was good for the race but the water was 'just under 13 degrees' which spelt disaster for me especially as they held us in the water for an extra ten minutes before the start. I did make it out of the lake - just - with cramp and frozen through which didn't exactly set me up for the rest of the race but managed a 5th place finish in the 50-59 age group. Lauren by contrast had a fantastic race winning the ladies category overall and a very handsome cash prize. She beat me on the run which is a first".

Lauren at Bala Haydn at Bala

There were some good CPT times at the Beckenham 10k (I've also created a PBs page for this event too).

Grant and Selwyn raced the TriProject Thorpe Sprint Race, where Grant put in a fast time. Selwyn's excuse, apparently, is that he’d cycled the 100 mile King of the Downs route on Saturday and hadn’t put his race wheels or tri bars on.They were too tired to do the Waller Pain afterwards but did go along to support!

Karl raced the Blenheim Sprint Triathlon (another new PBs page) and David also took on the Welsh weather to complete the Dragon Ride.

One late result from last weekend. Greg was 1st MV at the Ardingly Triathlon on 3 June. Another result from May too, Rachel did her first open water swim at the British Gas Great London Swim.


parkrun results - 9 June

Brockwell parkrun
54th 25:31 Brigit Brown

Looks as though something went wrong with the timing at Crystal Palace as Dave and Glyn have times over 40 minutes!

Dulwich parkrun
6th 18:44 Peter Mack (1st time)
106th 32:56 Ron Yee (running with Joseph)


I'm back!

Apologies for the delay in catching up after my cycling holiday in Spain and a very cold weekend in Wales. I think I've covered all the results and news while I was away, but if I've missed anything or you have any contributions to make please let me know.


Dulwich 5k - 20 June

The Dulwich Runners Midsummer 5k replaces the Club run on Wednesday 20 June. This is a fast flat route starting and finishing in Dulwich Park. The run starts at 19:45 and you are advised to enter in advance. There is also a one mile fun run (entry on the day only) at 19:15. Let's see CPT colours out in force!


CPT League update

Cathy, our League coordinator, reports on another Club League update following the Tooting Bec Aquathlon on 27 May. Congratulations to Jon H for winning his category and top league score. Apologies to Dave Crockwell - the organisers of this event unfortunately don't split results into vets and supervets and they also told me they don't collate DOB info from competitors so I can't split any supervet results from vet results myself. Therefore, in this instance, i used the second fastest male over 40 (as i know that the fastest 40+ male (a CPT member) isn't over 50 but don't know the other competitors ages) to compare wtih Dave C's time.
Latest standings at top of the league:
Female senior: Katie Crowe, Suse Fairfax, Cathy Cooke
Female vet: Sheila Horsman, Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervets: Sally Kidson, Karen Ayers, Louise Alan-Smith

Male senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Greg Lewis, Jon Horsman, Mark Brown
Male supervets: Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat, Noel Murphy

The next league qualifying race looks like Bexhill Lions standard (and possibly sprint too if enough have entered this distance) according to race matrix. Please email Karen for additions to the race matrix.


Results - 16 May - 4 June

The Crystal Palace team at Crystal PalaceIt's been a busy few weeks while I've been away. Check results from:

16 May - Hever Castle Evening Triathlon
20 May - Ironman Lanzarote
20 May - Crystal Palace Triathlon - Congratulations to Wim on 1st Junior, Suse and Katie on 2nd and 3rd Female and Jon on 2nd MV. Well done to our team for taking the top position in the London League too.
20 May - Ironman Austria 70.3
20 May - Fareham Triathlon
Carole at Dorney20 May - Eton SuperSprint
20 May - Eton Sprint Distance Triathlon
26 May - Dorney SuperSprint
- Congratulations to Tim on 1st MSV and Cathy for 2nd Female
27 May - British Sprint Triathlon Championship 2012
27 May - Bupa London 10k
- Congratulations to Janette on a new 10k best
Rob at the British Sprint Championships27 May - Eton Open Water Lake Swim
- See Lisa's race report below
27 May - Nuffield Health Triathlon
30 May - USN Dorney Lake Evening Triathlon
30 May - Tooting Bec Aquathlon
- Congratulations to Jon on 1st MV and to Sheila
on 3rd FV
Ella at Thames Turbo2-4 Jun - Tour of Wessex
3 Jun - Hillingdon Triathlon Series Race 2
- Congratulations to Jon on 1st MV
4 Jun - Thames Turbo Triathlon
- Congratulations to Ella on a PB

Photographs from the Crystal Palace Triathlon:
Ron's photos
Brian's photos


Dorney Lake 10km Swim

Lisa - 10k swimReport by Lisa Collins

I was so grateful to the warm weather. Only a week earlier I had brain freeze and blue toes after 30 minutes in the lido and I doubted if even half the distance would be possible. I had a neoprene cap and booties ready. But after a few days of sunshine there was no need to dress head to toe like a black rubber Teletubby. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful morning.

John - 10k swimAfter applying bucket loads of lubrication to our ‘at risk’ areas, John and I zipped up and entered the water with 400 swimmers, and I picked my way to what I thought was a good starting spot. Off went the gun and the battlefield of flying arms and legs commenced, but the front crawl stroke handily doubles up as a defence tool! Pretty soon I found space to settle into my usual rhythm and get my head down. My goggles got kicked and filled with water but I sorted them out without a fuss (pat on the back!) After that, it was a case of knuckling down for the long haul. Having practised up to 7.5km in training, my brain had been drilled to some extent to stay engaged with the repetitive task in hand. If it started to wander, I could rein it in and focus on my technique.

The course comprised of five 2km laps and a pontoon at the lap end for drinks and nutrition (with a rule that you had to stay in the water), which was comforting to know. Even so, I felt good and swam 6km before I began to get irritable. It was time to head for the pontoon for a feed stop. As I was taking my water and gel I was treated to the sight of a swimmer being fished out, fitting and gasping for air.

Lisa - 10k swimI told myself ‘only two more laps to go…’ it sounds easy but 4km is a long way when you’ve already done 6! I got back into my zone but as I was approaching 8km I had the strangest feeling of forgetting how to swim. My arms and legs were moving but they felt detached and uncoordinated. I wondered if I was swimming or sinking. Fortunately I snapped out of it. I had another feed stop and geared up for the last lap. I was really switched on for the next km, feeling strong and overtaking a lot of people, but the 10th km felt like a death crawl. In the final 500m, the pain in my shoulders and upper arms was increasing in intensity and every stroke hurt like hell. The buoys couldn’t come quickly enough. Trying to stand up on dry land again was like Bambi trying to walk, but at least I wasn’t vomiting like some!

John came out not far behind me and I think the first thing I said to him was ‘never again’ but on reflection it was a great swim. I had a few complaints about the organisers - no clean water provided, no food, inadequate facilities, no goody bag and cheap-as-chips medals that didn’t even have the distance marked on – which was disappointing. Nevertheless, nothing beats an open water swim on a sunny day!


parkrun results - 19 May - 2 June

2 June

Brockwell parkrun
156th 32.31 Ella Fields                

Crystal Palace parkrun
40th 23.26 David Rose              
50th 24.38 Dave Crockwell

Dulwich parkrun
5th 19.14 James Nellist (1st time)

26 May

Brockwell parkrun
90th 25.01 Brigit Brown   
109th 26.13 Glyn Tully     

Bromley parkrun
18th 19:32 Phil Feldman (PB)
110th 23:14 Rob Hollis (1st time)
124th 23:43 Dave Crockwell            

19 May

Brockwell parkrun
101th 28.37 Ella Fields                

Crystal Palace parkrun
5th 20.09 Phil Feldman (PB)
29th 24.54  Dave Crockwell       
49th 27.01  Karen Ayers             

Dulwich parkrun
36th 24:30 Ruki Sidhwa (1st time)
40th 25.19 Glyn Tully                 
66th 29.40 Grant Georgiades   


Club BBQ - date for your diary

More eagerly anticipated than the Diamond Jubilee and with tickets more in demand than the Olympic Opening Ceremony it's the CPT BBQ!

Sunday 12 August at Maison Morris. Ticket price and kick off time to be confirmed but put it in your diary now!



Trinity Triathlon

Message from John P: Now that you’ve all recovered from our race, I’d like to remind you that the Trinity Triathlon is on 8 July.

Trinity need as many helpers from our Club so that they can put the event on. You don’t need to be there the day before, only on the Sunday and hopefully we’ll have a picnic on the school grounds after the race.

It is important to have as many of you there as possible, so please send me an email confirming you can attend.

This is only a children’s event, therefore the last children racing should be finished by 13:00, which leaves you the rest of the afternoon for the picnic or to go shopping!


New member

Welcome to new member David Gedye. David joined before I went to Spain but got caught up in the backlog!


CPT League update

Cathy, our League coordinator, reports on another race that qualified for Club League points for those members competing at the Big Cow sprint at Milton Keynes. A highly competitive field (ITU qualifier) out there so no top scores but looks like some good racing was had by CPT-ers.
Current standings for league are now as follows:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female supervets: Sally Kidson, Karen Ayers, Louise Alan-Smith

Male senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Greg Lewis, Jon Horsman, Mark Brown
Male supervets: Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat, Noel Murphy

The next race to qualify for league points is the Bexhill Olympic distance on 17 June according to the race matrix unless people enter other events in the meantime. Please let Karen know which races you are doing. If you aren't on the race matrix then your entry won't count towards the League..
To avoid any further confusion, the 'senior' categories represent all those aged 17-39 at 31 Dec 2012 - therefore should someone age under 17 or 40+ be the fastest on the day, someone in this category will still only have their time compared to the fastest in the 17-39 age group. Therefore everyone competes within their own age/gender category.


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