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Crystal Palace Triathlon 2012

Don't forget all members are needed to marshal on Sunday 20 May.

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2012 news - May

CPT in action


New member

RoyWelcome to returning member Roy McGregor.


Website updates

The Webmaster is taking a well-deserved break in the sun so there will be no updates to the website for a couple of weeks. It will take me a while to catch up when I return so please be patient.

If you have any news, results, photos etc. please email me, and I'll make sure your contributions get a mention when I get back.


Tonbridge Triathlon photos

Thanks to Sheila, Harry and Elle for the encouragement and support and for the great action shots from the Tonbridge Triathlon on 7 May.


Crystal Palace parkrun - 26 May and 2 June

The Crystal Palace parkrun has been cancelled on Saturday 26 May due to motor racing in the park. The second anniversary will now be celebrated on Saturday 2 June, so let's get a good CPT representation out for the occasion!

The parkrun at Dulwich Park is also cancelled on Saturday 26 May.


Two local running races coming up

There are two local races coming up soon so why not give them a go?

Beckenham 10k road race on Sunday 10 June and

Dulwich Runners Midsummer 5k on Wednesday 20 June (this will replace the Wednesday night run in the training schedule)

Let's get CPT out there!


Club league - update 4

Report from Cathy, our league coordinator:

Another two races at the weekend qualifying for Club League points - East Grinstead and Kingfisher Aquathlon - and some more fab individual performances. Suse Fairfax and Greg Lewis both won their age categories so more top scores for them.
Current top three placings in league are now as follows:
Senior female: Katie Crowe, Suse Fairfax, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female supervets: Sally Kidson, Karen Ayers

Senior men: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Greg Lewis, Jon Horsman, Mark Brown
Male supervets: Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat, Noel Murphy

Full results are on the Club League page. According to the race matrix, the next event to qualify will be the Big Cow Sprint Tri on 27 May. It's upsetting me greatly to miss your scores off beacuse your name isn't on the race matrix so please let Karen know which races you're doing, pretty please.
Happy racing.
Note from Karen: I'm not available to update the website/race matrix from 21 May-5 June, so if you have any matrix please let Cathy know in my absence, so she can make sure you are included in the League updates.


Weekend results - 12-13 May

On Saturday 12 May, Peter raced the Ironman Mallorca 70.3. Scott ventured out on his bike for the Old Portilians 10 mile time trial.

On Sunday there was a CPT contingent at East Grinstead, with James getting a PB. I haven't put any positions on the results yet because StuWeb's new style results are a bit confusing! I'll add them as soon as I can. Gary missed out on a PB by just one second. He didn't have his watch on otherwise he might have pushed a bit harder! I've created a PBs page for East Grinstead. View photos at Sussex Sport Photography.

CPT at East Grinstead

Riaz in CPT kitVictor and Louise raced at the Grendon Triathlon, although listed in the results as Crystal Palace Triathletes, I have it on good authority that neither was wearing club kit. Whereas ex-member Riaz, doing his first triathlon for two years, proudly sported his CPT kit! (pictured right).

AudreyThere was also some exciting racing at the Kingfisher Aquathlon which was both our Club Championship Aquathlon and a London League race. Greg and Suse are the winners of the Club Championships, with Suse also coming 2nd female overall and Greg first male vet. There were also PBs from Mark, Katie, John and Lisa. Audrey didn't win any prizes for running 9k with her glasses on upside down! There were no medals or t-shirts but plenty of delicious home made cake for all finishers!

Suse and Phil on the run at the Kingfisher AquathlonLondon League update - Kingfisher Aquathlon

League result:
1.Optima Racing Team
2.Crystal Palace Triathletes

Mob match:
1.Crystal Palace Triathletes
2.London Fields triathlon Club

CPT at Kingfisher Aquathlon

Photos from the Kingfisher Aquathlon can be seen on their website.


parkrun results - 12 May

Crystal Palace parkrun
21st 23:23 David Rose (PB)
36th 24:40 Dave Crockwell
88th 33:50 Ella Fields

The parkrun PB page has been updated.


Beckenham Relays - 9 May

We had a great turnout at the annual Beckenham Relays on Wednesday 9 May, with 11 CPT teams out of the 60 teams on the night, including two U17 teams.

There was fantastic support and some great times. Please take the time to read junior CPT member Matthew's race report, to see just how much CPT support is appreciated!

CPT at the Beckenham Relays

View a slideshow of photos from the Beckenham Relays:


Club league - update 3

Report from Cathy, our league coordinator:

After another League qualifying race (Tonbridge Sprint Triathlon on Monday), plenty more scores to add to the Club League. Particular well done to several of you who came first in your League age group and got top scores including Suse Fairfax, Rob Parry, Jon Horsman and Haydn Whitmore so some great results for the Club.

I have also added Phil Feldman's 7oaks result as I missed it off my last update (apologies).

Also note that at this stage in the year the League results can be unfairly skewed by the number of races you've done so you may end up (likely temporarily) lower down the League than someone you've just beaten at Tonbridge, for example. When more people have done the requisite minimum of three qualifying races, this will sort itself out.
Current standings:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Kati Pusey, Ruki Sidhwa, Audrey Livingston
Female super vets: Sally Kidson, Karen Ayers

Male senior: Rob Parry, Marcel Garrad, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Greg Lewis, Jon Horsman, Mark Brown
Male supervets: Haydn Whitmore, Martin Leat, Noel Murphy

The next race to qualify for points and also the Club Champs is the Kingfisher Aquathlon this Sunday. Please let Karen know if your name isn't on the race matrix so your results can be included for the League.


Tooting Aquathlons

Tim Thomas is a Race Director for the annual South London Swimming Club Aquathlon series which is now open for entries and filling fast.

Race 1   May 30  
Race 2   June 13
Race 3   June 27
Race 4   July 11 

Registration from 18:45 for 20:00 start – two waves.  1km swim and 7.5k run.

You can enter online or roll-up on the night at 19:00 – you nearly always get in due to no-shows but an online entry guarantees a slot.
It would be great if we could target one evening say Race 4 (which never fills up) for a club league race night and all go for a beer afterwards.

Also, The junior event (and super competitive parents race) is on Saturday 21 July and opens for entries on 10 June – it’s a London junior league race this year so a three line whip from JH.  Jon is helping with a training night in July at the lido for juniors to get acclimatised, so look out for details.  It’s currently 9c which is really cold – normally 15c this time of year so let’s hope things warm up quickly!


New member

BarrieWelcome to new member Barrie Hambleton.


Weekend results - 6-7 May

Carole racing at Steyning Triathlon 2012On Sunday 6 May, the Marshman Middle Distance race was turned into a duathlon, with the swim section being replaced by a 5.3k run. Water temperature was apparently at an average of 10.4° so too cold for the 1900m swim to take place. Kevin completed the full distance but Tommy withdrew after the first run and bike as he's been suffering with knee problems.

Also on Sunday, Carole raced at a chilly and wet Steyning Triathlon (pictured right)..

Monday was at least dry, if not warm, for one member of CPT at the Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon and for all those taking part in the Club Championship Sprint triathlon at Tonbridge. Congratulations to Rob and Suse, who not only won the Club Champs but were also first male and female overall. CPT had quite an impressive number of podium places, although I'm not sure many stayed around for the prizegiving once all the cheering and supporting was over, it was much too cold! Unfortunately three members didn't finish as they didn't complete the correct number of run laps.

I've created a PBs page for Tonbridge.


parkrun results - 5 May

Brockwell parkrun
114th 27:01 Michelle Carroll

Crystal Palace parkrun
9th 21:00 Phil Feldman
38th 24:11 Bernie Finerty
63rd 27:15 Karen Ayers

Dulwich parkrun
47th 23:16 Dave Crockwell (PB)

The parkrun PB page has been updated.


Midweek mile results - 2 May

Lisa, our run coordinator, reports from last night's midweek mile challenge.

It was a good turn out on a wet evening for the first Midweek Mile time trial, though on arrival at the sports centre the track was closed for filming and it seemed the time trial would be cancelled for a second time, which would have been very disappointing. To our relief we learned that the film crew had been rained off. The mob prevailed and we were let down onto the track for some pain.

We did a few laps of gentle running to warm up before Carl led us through some top-to-bottom stretches and rotations, followed by some laps with drills to get everything loose and limber. Then we paired up; the runners headed to the start and the timers, armed with timing sheets and pencils, gathered on the side. We were to do 4 laps plus 9 metres to make up the exact mile, each lap increasing slightly to take in the extra metres. Carl called out the times as the runners went past and the timers yelled encouragement in the customary CPT manner. At the end, we had a thorough cool-down session.

It was interesting to see the results and split times. As Carl explained, the first lap should be the steadiest (but still a fairly strong pace) and the last one should be the fastest. It was challenging to pace in terms of balancing perceived effort against actual speed as obviously on the first lap you are at your freshest. I certainly got it wrong. Another learning curve to get my head and legs around!  

The next time trial will be in June (date tbc), so look out for it and see you there!


Old Portilians 10 mile TT - 12 May

Gary would like to invite CPT members to join the Old Ports 10 mile TT on Saturday 12 May. There will be free bacon sandwiches afterwards. Details can be found on their website.


View photos from Herne Hill VelodromeHerne Hill Velodrome - 1 May

Brian took some great action photos at the Club road bike session at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday evening.

Sessions take place every Tuesday from 18:15-20:00. See training schedule.


Dragonslayer Duathlon - Sunday 29 April

MarkReport by Mark Brown

The first inkling of things to come came in an email from the organisers on Saturday: we were advised we may wish to consider trail shoes due to the conditions at Hog Hill. Like many others I half expected the race to be cancelled but went ahead and prepared anyway.
Come the morning I commented to my son Isaac several times about the wind and rain. I got precious little sympathy and was urged to hurry up and get ready. (There will indeed be payback for this over the next few weeks Isaac).

On arrival at ‘The Hogenburg’ we were informed that the bike section was to be shortened because of flooding on the course. It was now only 10k rather than 40k but all Hill and no Hog. With no flat sections and some tight corners I removed the tri-bars as surplus to requirements.

Mark finishing the DragonslayerThe race itself went off like a rocket. The run sections were mainly off-road and quite steep in places with a new overnight addition being the river crossing at the bottom of the circuit. I managed to make up about five places on the bike section with my recent trip to the mountains of Southern Spain having had some benefits in the descending department. 
As always with a duathlon the final run was grim and best forgotten. However, I did enjoy the race and the rain, and came in a creditable 1st male veteran!  You can see how relaxed and fresh I was after finishing by checking out the photo.

I should mention that the East London Triathletes were a very encouraging bunch and even managed to look up competitors’ names as we passed so they could offer personal motivation. It was much appreciated. And thanks to Isaac for his encouragement and lap counting abilities!

PS.  So where were the three other CPT members on the start sheet? Not put off by a little rain were you?!

PPS. I would thoroughly recommend this race. It’s more varied than others with an off-road run and the hilly course. It also offers a chance to descend fast and to test your cornering abilities on the bike.  

Read more on Tri 24/7 and view results.

Mark at the Dragonslayer 2012


London Marathon 2012 - SS vs GG

SelwynReport by Selwyn Smith

After months of running here there and everywhere, the London Marathon was finally upon us!
Grant and I had done a few warm up races together and were evenly paced so decided to keep each other company on the big day!

Having won our places through the Club, we were positioned at the Blue Start for fast runners (that's us!) and to make things better we were penned in not too far behind the elite guys!

Matching our starting colour, an unexpected clear blue sky greeted us the morning of race but heavy rain was forecast around 2pm so a sub 4 hour marathon was in order to avoid the down pour!

To help get us around the 26 odd miles, we thought we’d need as much help and support as possible so I had totally blinged my CPT vest top up big time with ‘SELWYNATOR’ in gold. And Grant had a little ‘Grant’ added to his vest!

Grant and the SelwynatorI smugly came up with a game of ‘count the cheers’ – my huge name plate against Grant's – there would be no contest. I may not beat Grant's marathon time but defo win this little contest! ‘Or so I thought’.
Soon there were chants flooding in for Grant left right and centre to my one puzzled ‘Selwynator?’! I thought it was because he was on the inside lane, or had a more struggling face. So I tried all these tactics, swapped places, put on a painful face to no avail. I even got Grant to draft me (to hide his name), but the Grant chants were still coming thick and fast!

Grant & Selwyn running the London Marathon 2012 I decided to quit that stupid game sharpish and get back to concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other….unlike Grant! Not his fault but Grant has a tendency to get lost on races or unable to count laps or something always goes wrong. For him what could possibly go wrong for Grant here – surely there’s no way he would get lost or anything! However, there were some strategically placed police cones and an anti-terrorist knee high kerb that he almost had run ins with whilst he was thanking his ongoing fan club. As tempting as it was to watch him go flying, I pushed him to safety at the last minute.

Talking of run ins - amongst the 37,500 happy smiley people running, Grant decides to find the one and only grumpy old man and picks a fight with him! This outrageous runner cut us up big time and then has a go at us. It was one of the few times I let Grant go in front, with me right behind him (well, a fair few yards!)!

Grant & Selwyn running the London Marathon 2012We had our personal support crews dotted around the course as well. Surely after seeing a few thousand runners pass, we would become blurry moving masses but Kirsten, Mat and co somehow saw us and gave a big cheer (got my second ‘Go Selwynator 'at mile 9!). The crowd around them also joined in (with our encouragement) and it felt like we were celebreties!

Grant also had his family and friends popping up everywhere around the 26 miles which gave us that extra needed burst!

The crowds really were amazing the whole way around, no real unpopulated places anywhere – lucky we didn’t need to take any emergency ' pitstops (silent 't') I thought!

Grant & Selwyn crossing the London Marathon 2012 finish lineCanary Wharf was my favourite part of the marathon – so many people cheering us on but as we left CW, leading up to mile 20 things got tough!  I was thinking, yay only the homeward straight along the Thames…all six miles of it!  CW to Tower Hill seemed to go on for ever (like this race report!)!  Our smiley happy faces took a turn as did our cheery chat.  We still managed to muster energy to get the crowds revved up if we came across a quiet patch (rarity).

Grant's gels got to him at about mile 23…we didn’t want to stop as didn’t think we’d get going again, so he held which can be seen by his face.  I have no excuse for my face though!

We saw a few CPT members, Keith and Beth, and Laura Boyd during the last few miles which helped us along.

Grant & Selwyn proudly wearing their well-deserved London Marathon 2012 medalsSuddenly (as if by magic and after a few miles of torture!), we passed the 600m to go, then after what seemed like 600m, came across the 400m to go – then we turned up the Royal Mall and finish line was in our sights.  A huge smile came over our faces as we crossed the line and grabbed our medals.  Forest, I mean Grant kept on running to the nearest portaloo and after being not more than 2 yards apart for the past 3 hours 47mins, I decided it was time to give each other some space!

After the police sent us the wrong way and made us walk so much further than our legs could manage, we rewarded ourselves with a well-deserved pint or two!

Lesson learnt – don’t get a complicated name in massive gold print put on your running top.  People think you’re an idiot and don’t cheer your name!

The end

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