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2012 news - April

CPT in action


Sevenoaks Triathlon (Aquathlon) - Sunday 29 April

RukiRace report by Ruki Sidhwa

At 6 oclock yesterday morning, when my alarm clock went off, I could still hear the wind howling and a force 9 gale outside! On looking out the window, the rain was still coming down hard and I thought ' best not to bother' with the race as I didn't fancy the steep descents and narrow lanes in this!  A flurry of texts took place between ex-CPT member Karen Grieves, fellow Dulwich Runner Clare W and myself - they too were still debating whether to go or not... With an earlier swim start, Karen decided to go and see how bad it was out there and Clare then decided to show support and said she was also going, proposing just to do the swim and run if it was still very wet.... meanwhile I had gone back to bed  (no surprise there !)... but come 6.30, I thought well now as I was awake and that those two were going, I'd better also show willing even if I decided not to race once there!
As I crossed the Pembroke Rd/Suffolk Way traffic lights, I did notice that the cones for the left turn from the Leisure Centre were not out, but figured the bad weather may have delayed things - but once at the car park and on meeting Karen (and her husband John) I was told the bike leg had been cancelled - hooray  (I have to admit I was pleased!!!) 
So now running a bit late due to my dithering, I got myself ready and to pool side.
Ruki coming out of the swimMy swim was faster than last year - which had been faster than the time before - (so years of CPT training, seemingly finally making a difference even though still comparatively slow compared to the majority of the Club !) and despite some idiot resorting to breast stroke and getting in my way even though any breast strokers were asked by the organisers to go in a separate lane, I enjoyed it... then on leaving the pool we had to negotiate a huge puddle across the path to transition prompting me to comment to a marshall something about an open water swim which drew a laugh! 
And then it was onto the run! I had put out my CPT cycling top and a rain jacket ready but once in race mode, off I went, just in my tri suit and it was refreshingly warm (if that makes sense  - rain but warmish !!??) - I loved the rain and wasn't cold at all  (apart from a blast of cold air on one long stretch ) and having chosen to wear trail shoes, it was great splodging through all the puddles and mud and I just thought of it as a x-country race! Although the run is a hard one and I did think how glad I was not having had to do the bike course beforehand, I really did quite enjoy myself  (worringly so - !!)... and it wasn't until the finish when the rain came down heavier again that I began to feel cold. 

RukiA few of us stayed for the prizes and had a good giggle as Clare and I were called up for our Evergreen medals (you can register online if you have completed more than five  7Oaks Tris...) and we cheered as Katie collected a cup  (not sure what position?! - 2nd female and 5th female was our very own Phil Feldman!) ..... then some three hours later (the medal ceremony took forever with one bloke having completed 30  7 Oak Triathlons!!), we made our way home and I was ultimately pleased that I'd made the effort and turned up after all! 
View CPT results.

CPT at 7Oaks

Photos can be seen on the Sussex Sport Photography website.


Kati waiting for the start of the MK MarathonMilton Keynes Marathon - Sunday 29 April

Kati summarises her Milton Keynes Marathon experience in just a few words: "Miserable conditions! Gale force wind, pouring rain, puddles up to 10 inches deep. But at least I only had to run unlike the Dragon Slayer guys!" 


parkrun results - Saturday 28 April

Brockwell parkrun
32nd 21:49 Selwyn Smith
73rd 25:11 Kirsten Smith

Crystal Palace parkrun
37th 25:57 Rachel Vignoli (PB)
73rd 34:29 Malcolm Hicks (PB)

Dulwich parkrun
49th 24:22 Dave Crockwell (1st time)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Serpentine 5k and Swimathon

Congratulations to Janette who got a new PB at the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k.

Swimathon 2012Swimathon - Friday 27 April - Crystal Palace
Report by Lisa

Katie, Anna and I met Duncan Goodhew at the Swimathon yesterday. He was really chatty and down to earth. The Swimathon itself was a bit disorganised (though from past experience I'm not too surprised.) You tell them your speed on entry but on the day they just put you in random lanes, so there's a tense moment as you check out the number of people without goggles with the same lane number as you.

Luckily it worked out OK because the three of us were in the same lane with another fast swimmer and only a couple of slow crawlers/breast strokers, so the overtaking wasn't too laborious.

But they got Katie's time wrong, as she certainly finished before me. I'm thrilled with my time (11 minutes off last year!) and to be 6/7 minutes down over 5km on such quality swimmers as Katie and Anna is definitely an achievement for me.

John didn't swim. He forgot to book the day off work.


Midweek Mile new dateTwo factors led to the postponement of last night's challenge - the track was closed and in any case it looked like a pond! The few of us hardy souls who turned out to run in the downpour were treated to a park run instead with some interval work, and lots of muddy kit to wash afterwards..Love it!

Hopefully the conditions will be dry next week, in which case the Midweek Mile time trial will take place on Wednesday 2 May on the athletics track from 19:30.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday night swim - Change of venueFrom Thursday 26 April onwards we will be swimming at St Joseph's College instead of The Bridge. The session will be between 20:00 and 21:00, so please be changed and ready to swim at 20:00.

For those of you who haven't swum at St Joseph's College, here's a map.

See you there on Thursday, it's a much more pleasant pool than The Bridge!


Chipstead Lake open water swim - 22 AprilNeil and KeithSally, Sara, Jon, Tim, Keith, Ron, Alex and Neil were the brave ones today taking a dip at Chipstead Lake.

Phil's group cycled past the Lake on this morning's ride. It looked lovely in the sunshine but none of us were tempted to come again this afternoon!


London Marathon - 22 AprilCongratulations to our London Marathon runners today. Hope you are all pleased with your Finish times and enjoyed the experience. Good luck with the stairs for the next few days! Unfortunately Peter Mack was a DNF, so hope you are OK with no serious injury.

The London Marathon roll of honour has been updated to reflect today's times.

I managed to watch about 10 minutes of the Marathon coverage on the television, so was very pleased to spot two CPT vests in the crowd, Grant and the Selwynator!


parkrun results and mob match challenge - Saturday 21 April

Nice to see a few new CPT faces at today's mob match parkrun at Brockwell Park, with most doing this particular parkrun for the first time. The mob match boosted numbers for the biggest ever turnout with 243 finishers.

5th 18:19 Jon Horsman (PB)
14th 19:28 John Buchanan
30th 20:52 Phil Feldman
31st 20:55 James Nellist
37th 21:10 Lisa Collins (2nd lady)
64th 22:32 Phil Taylor
85th 23:19 Grant Georgiades
97th 23:54 Dave Crockwell
118th 24:40 Jim Condron (PB)
121st 24:43 Michelle Carroll
123rd 24:47 Emma Snowdon
124th 24:49 Glyn Tully
141st 25:21 Brigit Brown
148th 25:36 Sue Rowlands
157th 26:13 Karen Ayers
184th 28:01 Audrey Livingston
228th 33:59 Malcolm Hicks

Four triathletes from the three Clubs finished in the top 10 (Jonathan Hotchkiss 3rd Windrush, Jon Horsman 5th CPT, Jonathan Cheshire 6th and Malcolm Young 9th both from Windrush) with the 1st female from Greenwich Tritons (Freddie Sumption and 11th overall) and the 2nd fastest female, from CPT (Lisa Collins). The first JM14 and JW14 were from Greenwich Tritons (Tom Simpson and Georgina Elliott). Between the three Clubs times ranged from 17:48 to 52:49.

In the mob match CPT (with 2PBs and 12 running for the first time) had 17 runners, Windrush had a very impressive 47 runners (with 9 PBs and 26 running for the first time) and Greenwich Tritons had 10 runners (all running for the first time).

Here are the final standings after Match 3:

1  Windrush Triathlon Club     74
2  Crystal Palace Triathletes  48
3  Greenwich Tritons             35

Congratulations to Windrush for their overall win and for fielding so many runners on their home turf. Thanks also for the great hospitality at Cafe Prov where the post-run cake was much appreciated!

Mob match report on Tri 24/7.

Glyn & Audrey checking out the lemon drizzle cake John & Lisa

Malcolm Phil & Phil

Congratulations to John and Lisa who got engaged last weekend in Barcelona.

For some reason, perhaps he doesn't read his emails or checkout the website, Charles decided not to join the mob match!

Crystal Palace parkrun
30th 24:27 Charles Greenwood

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


London League updateFollowing the Ful-On Duathlon on 14 April, CPT are currently standing third in the London League mob match. Read the full report on Tri 24/7.


Kingfisher Aquathlon - 13 MayJust a reminder that the Club Championship Aquathlon is the Kingfisher Aquathlon event being held on 13 May

They are still taking entries, so if you haven't already entered, there is still time. Importantly, this is also a London League event, so you'll get to score CPT valuable league points. Even if you're not going to win, the more Club members we have racing, the more mob match points we get!

So get in there and do it for the Club! It's only a 400m swim and 9k run.


London Marathon - 21 AprilGood luck to our London Marathon runners: Ella, Grant, Chris, Peter,
John P and Selwyn. Grant and Selwyn have both had their names printed on their CPT kit so should be easy to spot if you are going along to support.

Commiserations to Fintan who will be missing the Marathon for the first time in 11 years. He's injured and unable to run but will be working the NSPCC stand at the expo, and on the 8- mile water station on Sunday. Say hello if you are passing!


Club league 2012 - update 2Report from Cathy, our league coordinator:

Well done to all who raced at Ful-On Duathlon last weekend, some great results for both a London League race and our duathlon Club Champs. Martin Leat put in the best performance (although he may not be aware as the results weren't broken down into vets and supervets but I got this info from the race organisers) as he actually won his age category, so gets the top score of 1.0 for our Club League, going straight to the top of the leaderboard. Ruki, as previously reported, was 3rd FV. Standings are currently:
Male senior: Keith Brewster, Victor Thompson, James Nellist
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Mark Thomas, Mark Brown
Male supervets: Martin Leat, Tim Thomas

Female seniors: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Lisa Collins
Female vets: Ruki Sidhwa

According to race matrix, the next event to qualify for Club League points is the Sevenoaks Triathlon on 29 April. so make sure your name is on the matrix if you are racing and want your results included for league (email Karen). The next London League race is the Dragon Slayer Duathlon on the same day, and it's not too late to enter!


parkrun mob match challenge - Saturday 21 April


A reminder that the next mob match challenge will be hosted by Windrush Tri's local parkrun at Brockwell Park, this Saturday, 21 April.

We need as many CPT runners as possible, no matter how fast or slow, it's the number of finishers that counts, not the times!

We are just ahead at the moment but really need to be out in force on Saturday to keep it that way. There will be quite a few regular runners missing this weekend because of other events and activities, so if you've never done a parkrun before, make sure you register, print out your barcode and head down to Brockwell Park for a 9:00 start.

Following the parkrun, Windrush are holding an open day with some free swimming at the Lido and a few fun competitions, so bring your swim kit too.

More challenges will be announced at the end of the race season so this is your last pre-season chance to make your mark.


Open water swimming - Sunday 22 AprilWe have permission to use Chipstead Lake for an early season open water swim this Sunday, 22 April from 16:00 - 17:00.

The cost is £5 per person which goes to the sailing club, you will also need BTF membership for insurance.

Jon will be there for guidance etc, please do not enter the water unless you see Jon first.

There are showers and changing facilities.

Jon will be leading a 2 hour faster pace bike ride fom the lake at 13:45

Chipstead Lake, Chipstead near Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2SD.


Sunday 15 April - resultsGary running the Brighton MarathonThe only result available so far is from the Brighton Marathon, with just one CPT runner. I'll add more results as and when available.

Jim ran the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon.

There was a fairly good turnout for a sunny but cold Club ride this morning. The group split along the way with everyone heading towards Penshurst. Emma had to turn back because of mechanical problem and Bruce's chain snapped just before Downe. He was unable to replace the links so cycled home with a short chain and restricted gears! We hope everyone else had an incident free ride, enjoyed the ride and the cafe stop (for those who chose to stop)!

The fast group cycled through Penshurst and came back via Carters Hill. Dean's group planned to make a tea stop but no-one had warned Ruki that the cafe in Penshurst has closed down. She was very disappointed so to keep her happy, Brian spotted a Costa Coffee at Tescos in Dunton Green, so they made an emergency stop there!


Ful-On Duathlon - Club ChampionshipThe Ful-On Duathlon was the first in our Club Championship events as well as a London League race. I've created a Club Champions page for 2012. Congratulations to our Duathlon Club Champions, Jon Horsman and Suse Fairfax.

According to Lisa, the race, at Kempton Park racecourse, was flat but quite technical on the bike with a few sharp left and right turns on each lap and narrow, matted sections to cross over the racecourse and a fierce headwind coming across the flat. Despite a tough field, CPT had three in the top 10 females - Suse (4th), Katie (7th) and Lisa (10th). Well done ladies! Congratulations also go to Ruki who was 3rd female vet, winning a massage voucher.


parkrun results - 14 AprilWhat an amazing turnout for the first ever Dulwich parkrun at Dulwich Park today, with 161 finishers! So with everyone running for the first time it was PBs all round!

Dulwich parkrun
9th 18:24 Alex Yee (Junior) (1st JM14)
20th 19:21 Alex Elms (Junior) (3rd JM14)
47th 21:44 Selwyn Smith
52nd 22:27 David Rose
70th 23:27 Anna Jackson
88th 25:02 Adam Efrat (Junior)
89th 25:02 Kirsten Smith
90th 25:05 Glyn Tully
96th 25:37 Grant Georgiades (at Marathon pace!)
98th 25:41 Michelle Carroll
99th 25:43 Audrey Livingston
109th 26:24 Karen Ayers
146th 30:49 Lexie Webb (Junior) (2nd JW14)
151th 31:20 Ella Fields (at Marathon pace!)
154th 32:20 Joseph Yee (Junior)
155th 32:20 Ron Yee (accompanying Joseph!)

Brockwell parkrun
30th 20:24 Phil Feldman (1st time)
66th 24:02 Freddie Argent (Junior) (1st JM14) (1st time)
80th 24:51 Olivia Argent (Junior) (1st JW14) (1st time)

Crystal Palace parkrun
15th 21:50 Emanuele Vignoli
73rd 34:47 Malcolom Hicks (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Tour of the Weald sportive report - 8 AprilHansReport by Hans Geberbauer

Another Sunday, another sportive, this time the Tour of the Weald, 108km around Staplehurst. It was raining while we drove out as well as on the way back and I thought we'd be in for a miserable Sunday but it didn't rain once while we were out on the bikes.

At registration, we bumped into Haydn and Adrian (who was one of the organisers). While Haydn was waiting for Lauren to arrive, Wim and I set off to see whether we'd be able to stay ahead of them.

We took the course rather faster than the previous sportives, enjoying the many flat and gently undulating sections (including one that I recognised as Miles 9 to 11 of the Paddock Wood Half course so we tipped our helmets to Peter Mack's recent PB there) and generally wondering where the climbs were. Lauren's bike computer registered around 1000m in elevation gain much of which must have been gentle inclines as there was nothing to compare with Toys Hill or Rowdow Lane during last week's Fool's Errand. The organisers threw in a timed climb which was not something we'd done before. The real challenge though was not the climb (which took some three miles to reach) but the infuriatingly sticky tarmac on the approach.

We reached the finish a few minutes ahead of Haydn and Lauren, not nearly enough of a margin though to record a faster time than them. We went for a ten minute run but whereas Wim took off in good form, my legs and feet were completely scrambled after all the work on the bike and wouldn't settle into running - definitely something to work on before Challenge Henley.


Club league 2012 - update 1Cathy reports the first of our club league qualifying events took place on Easter Monday with the Thames Turbo Triathlon.  Eight of our male triathletes finished the race and so have gained scores towards the Club league. The standings are currently as follows:
Male senior: Keith Brewster, James Nellist, Phil Feldman
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Mark Thomas, Peter King
Male supervets: Tim Thomas

The next race that qualifies for the Club league (and London League) is the Ful-on-Duathlon this Saturday. You must be listed on the Club race matrix as racing (so if you're racing and your name isnt on it, please email Karen).


Super Saturday training session - Now 12 not 19 MayThe next Super Saturday training session will be on Saturday 12 May and not 19 May as originally planned.

It will be a great session with a run bike focus (TBC), from 09:00-12:00.

Please let Sally know if you plan to attend, no later than 9 May.


Midweek Mile - Club time trial - Wednesday 25 April Lisa, our run coordinator, is pleased to announce the first in the Club Midweek Mile time trials, on Wednesday 25th April at the track session.

Midweek MileThe rules are simple. Run a mile as fast as you can.

Time trials are an established method of setting benchmarks to improve individual performance, so I'd like to emphasise that all abilitites are welcome. You will be paired with another runner who will time you around 4 laps of the track, and then you will swap and time your partner. I'm sure between us all there will be enough Garmins and
stopwatches to go around!

The session will start with a coached warm up by Carl and will be followed by a coached track session.

There will be another Midweek Mile in June and August (dates to be announced), so you can monitor your improvement over the summer.

See you there!


Dulwich parkrun launches - Saturday 14 April The long awaited Dulwich parkrun launches this Saturday in Dulwich Park, so why not come along for a dead cert course PB. The course is just under three laps of the main carriageway, starting at Queen Mary's Gate, the entrance off the South Circular.

If you've never done a parkrun before, you must register in advance, print out your barcode and bring it along with you on the day to get a recorded time.


Weekend results - 8-9 AprilHaydn, Lauren, Wim and Hans took on the 100k Tour of the Weald sportive on Sunday, with a KOM timed ride up the last climb of the day.

Today saw the first of the London League races at Thames Turbo. Unfortunately our team effort doesn't qualify as we didn't have a female finisher. Not sure what happened to Suse, but she has no bike time so hope she's OK. There are some slow transition times so looks as though everyone had to wrap up warm before facing the wet, cold roads! I've created a new PBs page for Thames Turbo too.

Update: Unfortunately Suse had a serious mechanical problem and was unable to finish the bike. Suse reports "after 10k I felt my foot slip, at first I thought my shoe had unlocked then I looked down to see it still attached to the pedal but the crank arm had come completely off the bike!". Cold and wet, Suse then had to wait for the last cyclist to finish before the marshal could drive her and her bike back to transition.

There's an update on the first Zone3 London League on Tri 24/7.


parkrun results - 7 AprilBrockwell parkrun
73rd 25:16 Brigit Brown
78th 25:44 Grant Georgiades
90th 26:35 Ella Fields (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
39th 26:55 Rachel Vignoli (1st time)


Fast and Furious DuathlonCongratulations to Clare Elms who was the fastest lady at last weekend's Fast and Furious Duathlon.

While checking the results, I recognised a couple of CPT members in the new style Bridge Events website. See if you know who they are?

Mark Keith


Good Friday meet - Herne Hill Velodrome - 6 AprilReport by Hans Geberbauer

Good Friday at the Herne Hill VelodromeThe Good Friday meet has suffered from a bit of a jinx in recent years but yesterday the faithful (including Malcolm manning the beer tent, Mark and Brigit Brown, Phil Wright, Glyn and others from CPT) were finally rewarded again with a glorious (if not exactly warm) and most importantly dry day.  No races needed to be cancelled or delayed and everybody could focus on the great racing offered by the participants - including during our very own Crystal Palace Tri Super Elimination Race (see photo).  After the years of disruption, the field seemed smaller and less international, although the two Germans in attendance clinched the Golden Wheel for one of them with an impressive display of tactical team work over the 20km scratch race, the traditional finale of the Good Friday International.  The superb new surface at the Herne Hill Velodrome and the enthuasiastic crowd will hopefully help to put this event back on the map for competitors and spectators alike. 


CPT Committee meeting - 16 AprilThe next Committee meeting will be held on Monday 16 April. If you have any items for discussion please let our Secretary, Chris Hall know so he can add to the agenda.


Lisa's last run - photosWhat a great turnout for LIsa's last run on 31 March. Most members who took part in the Super Saturday session were able to stay on to join Lisa, with her friends and family, for the Lisa's 366th run to raise money for Clic Sargent, the children's cancer charity, in memory of Brian's niece who died of liver cancer aged just 12.

Lisa was hoping to raise £1000, the current total stands at over £1300, but it's not too late to make a donation on Lisa's Justgiving site.


HHV and Phil Wright on BBC London NewsWatch CPT and VCL member, Phil Wright showing BBC London's Dekan Apajee the finer points of track cycling.


New memberWelcome to new member, Thomas Franklin.


Weekend results - 1 April 2012

Peter running a PB at Paddock WoodGrant and Selwyn raced the 16 miles at the Kingston Breakfast Run as part of their marathon training, while other members opted for the Paddock Wood Half Marathon, where Peter got a PB.

I decided I needed to do a long sportive in preparation for the Ride to Rye at the end of the month, so decided to join Hans and Wim for the inaugural Fool's Errand, 120k sportive starting and finishing in Wrotham.

When I got up on Sunday morning and had to scrape ice off my car windscreen I almost changed my mind! I packed the car and set off for a really quick journey to the Widehorizons Outdoor Education Centre in Wrotham. There were only about six other cars in the field! There was frost on the grass and it was pretty chilly. After getting my helmet number I headed for the canteen and tried to warm up with a cup of tea. There was no sign of Hans and Wim so I decided to join a group of Dulwich Paragon riders and headed for the start. Hans and Wim arrived just as I was listening to the briefing. We were told the sign was well signed, but were given an instruction sheet (just in case)!

I was dropped by the Dulwich Paragon riders before the first turn! I cycled on my own after that for most of the ride. The first section of the course was undulating, but with lots of gravel on the windy downhills, I had to go slower than I would have liked.

The Fool's Errand route

After about 2:15 hours I could see two cyclists up ahead and wondered if I could catch them, Unfortunately I did, at the next roundabout, looking at the route instructions trying to find out where the direction arrows had gone! We had no idea where we had missed a turning but they agreed to stay together until we were back on the course. This was the only bit of drafting I managed for the whole ride! We found the turning we'd missed, with a sign so far down the turning it was really easy to miss it from the road. The first of too many missed signs for me!

I think I missed a right turn off the A26 somewhere between Hadlow and Shipbourne. The A26 was fast and reasonably flat and I was really enjoying myself until I realised I hadn't seen any arrows for a very long time and had no idea where I was meant to go next. So with my instruction sheet and no reading glasses, I struggled to work out where I'd gone wrong. I stopped and asked three different locals, who all pointed me in completely different directions. I then proceeded to do a quick recce of part of the Sevenoaks Sprint and Tonbridge Sprint routes before getting back on course on Hildenborough Road. Somewhere along the way I stopped my watch instead of pressing the lap button and didn't realise for quite a few kilometers!

After that there was a series of serious climbs that really sapped my legs, especially after doing the Super Saturday session the day before. After cycling through Bough Beeches Reservoir I knew Toy's Hill wasn't far away. I managed to get to the top, very slowly and was then on familiar roads and getting closer to home! At the bottom of Polhill I seriously considered cycling home then trying to persuade Bruce to drive me back to Wrotham to collect my car later! Instead I headed along Pilgrim's Way and a hill I'd never encountered before... Rowdow Lane. It was like doing Toys Hill again only a bit steeper at the top. Unfortunately, despite being determined to reach the top, I wobbled around a pothole with jelly legs and thought I was going to end up lying on the verge, so unclipped quickly and got off. I had to walk the rest of the way as it was impossible to remount at that point. I stopped for a hot cross bun at the top and a quick check of the instructions to see how much further I'd got to go.

We went through some really pretty villages, including Eynsford and Farningham. There was a lovely fast downhill in Farningham and I was enjoying myself so much I managed to miss another arrow! I didn't go too far before turning back and luckily saw some cyclists making the left turn so I followed them (then checked the instructions to make sure I was following the right route). I missed another arrow after this, but spotted the arrow pointing downwards that we'd been told would be positioned just after any turning that had been missed (it was the only one I saw!).

With only about 4k to go to the finish, there was one more steep hill, Michael's Lane, which is very narrow, windy, gravelly and lots of potholes. Again, I was determined to stay on my bike to the top but a car came round one of the bends a bit too quickly for my liking. I panicked, got off and had to walk again. I was so pleased to see the marshals guiding us back into the finish.

Because I'd forgotten to restart my watch, I don't know exactly how many extra kilometers I actually did but I had a missing 1 hour 12 minutes on my watch, so although I had to stop and start asking for directions, I guess I did about at least an extra 15k!

There was hot food for all finishers so I enjoyed a bowl of delicious chilli and rice and fresh baked baguette.

As I was leaving, Hans and Wim had packed their car and were going for a couple of laps jog around the field. I didn't see Beverley but, like Hans and Wim, she also went off route too.

A very challenging ride that would be great for anyone who loves hills and hopefully next year will be better signed.

You can see the route here.

Spot the CPT kit


March quick survey results

March survey results

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