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2012 news - January

CPT in action

Jan 31

Saved by my CPT shirt!RonJust a short note to endorse the usefulness of wearing CPT kit.

I have just got back from an eventfull early morning run in downtown LA where I got picked up by the LAPD highway patrol whilst running along my bridge site.

Apparently it's very unusual for people without criminal intent to go by foot pre-dawn. This was compounded by my inability to produce any ID except for a hotel key card! I was eventually let off because my CPT shirt and accent indicated I was not from the area. On departing they warned me to be more careful on where I run and left me with the statement that 'Even Usain Bolt can't outrun a bullet!'

Now off to get soemthong other than an extra skinny double decafe latte with extra mocha!!

If you would like to buy some lifesaving Club kit, please check the Club kit page, let me know what you are after and I'll arrange to meet up with you at a Club training session for you to try it on.

Jan 30

New membersSueTommyWelcome to new members, Anne-Marie Doyle, Sue Rowlands and Tommy Crudgington.

Jan 30

parkrun results - 28 January Brockwell Park parkrun
120th 26:47 James Condron (1st time)
123rd 27:14 Ella Fields (PB)

Bromley parkrun
133rd 25:05 Dave Crockwell

Crystal Palace parkrun
48th 26:08 Charles Greenwood
50th 26:31 Karen Ayers


Jon's profileCPT member profile

Read the answers to 20 questions answered by a member who is also our head coach, races with his family and is never going to do an Ironman.

Read more ...

If you would like to share your triathlon background and feature in a member profile, please get in touch.

Jan 22

MartinNew memberWelcome to new member, Martin Leat.

Jan 27

SwimathonThe Swimathon takes place during the weekend of 27-29 April. You can chose your distance 5000m or 2500m, individually or as part or a team. Crystal Palace have a session on Saturday 28 at 11am. You get half price entry before 31 January.

Jan 27

Serpentine New Year's Day 10k JanetteA late result from the Serpentine New Year's Day 10k in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where Janette got her best 10k time, knocking over two minutes off her previous best.

Jan 25

Box Hill Fell Race reportLisaReport by Lisa Collins

7.5 miles / 1700ft ascent
(category B, medium distance)

Three weeks after the cavalcade of Knacker Cracker, two CPTers returned to Box Hill to run the fell race (it would have been three CPTers but one was in Serpie disguise – boo hiss!) This was a far more austere occasion, a ‘proper runner’s race’ John quipped as we dumped our bags under a tree and observed the wiry, grizzled contenders (yes, some even had bushy beards). Gone were the bagpipes, the costumes, The Flight of the Valkyries… there wasn’t even a water station along the way. But at only £5 to enter it satisfied the bank balance while waiting for January’s pay day.

Up and away!After a simple pre-race briefing in which we were instructed to give our names at the end in case anyone went missing, we were off. The start was tricky enough, running on a slant uphill over grass moguls. My legs started to complain and this was only the first of several climbs! But I was realistic. My first go at fell racing and not being a contender for top spot, my aim was to clock up some solid winter training. I’d purchased a pair of trail shoes during the week and this was their first outing outside the gentle terrain of laminate flooring in the flat. I prayed to the God of Asics for a cushiony soft landing and plenty of grip.

There were moments of déjà vu where the route crossed parts of the Knacker Cracker but this was far more evil. Up Box Hill and down the other side, then back up an ascending trough going single file. The race was a roller coaster of limey mud and gravel, splattering up the back of the legs as if we all had the trots. I lost all sense of direction at this point, so I’ll continue the report based on event info which was written by someone who knew what they were doing… ‘Descend again, then climb to the top to Box Hill village, head out northwards towards Headley Heath (small intermediate climb), drop to Lodgebottom Road (with another small intermediate climb), gradually climb White Hill, drop back to Headley Road, climb up the spur opposite all the way to another part of the summit plateau, back down a gully across the zig-zag road, a final sharp pull back onto the main north ridge and the all the way down to the finish where the start was. Five long climbs, three short sharp climbs, one steep descent on grass, another on grass/brambles, another on chalk/steps, one gradual but steepening descent on grass, and a gradual descent into a stony gully.’

In the final leg towards the finish you feel like Sir Lancelot in the scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, running towards the castle never seeming to get any closer. But it was a good day for all – John and I took approximately six minutes off our Knacker Cracker times (OK, the course was slightly shorter, but harder), and the Serpie bagged a whopping PB, shaving three minutes off last year.

The great thing about off road is you can really lose yourself in the terrain. It’s also tough, which means you know it’s making you stronger. Unlike pounding through a flat 10k in which speed is your only challenge, the terrain keeps you constantly interested and provides choices such as where best to place your feet – mud, ditch or bog? Leap over the tree/fence/cow or limbo under? Then again, you’ll probably experience them all.

I would recommend for anyone who enters an event like this with zero provisions and support i.e. no shortcuts, water stations or post-race grub, to consider taking water on the run, and have food/water in your bag for the journey home.

See how they got on ... go to the January results page.

Jan 25

Sunday rides 29 January and 5 February29 January - Elmers End to Boxhill
Meet at Elmers End at 08:45 for a prompt 09:00 getaway. Rides will be back at Elmers End by 12:15.

18mph+ group led by Jon will have an extra loop added on before the stop at the top of Boxhill for tea and cake, if you've earnt it.

If we have enough riders and leaders there will also be 17/18 mph, 15/16 mph and 13/14mph groups.

5 February - Reliabilty Trial (Sportive).
Organised by CPT member, Gary Blunt, who is also a member of The Old Portlians CC, the reliability ride starts and finishes in Knockholt. You can enter on the day (£5 - print form from website and take to registration with you, with your predicted time for either 68k or 100k). Full details are available on their website.

Usually the slower riders set out earlier with the nut cases going out much later. It's not a race, just another ride covering a wide spectrum of ability.

Jan 25

Wildman 10k resultLaura ran the Wildman 10k on Sunday 21 January.

Jan 25

New membersRobMarcelWelcome to new members, James Condon, Bruce Sharp, Fay Sutton and Rob Hollis. Welcome back to Marcel Garrad who has returned from his overseas travels.

Jan 24

Club Championships - Aquathon 2012We still have not received confirmed as to whether the Clash of the Tritons will be held in 2012, so have decided to make the Club Championship aquathon the Kingfisher Aquathon which is being held on Sunday 13 May.

This is also a London League race so let's have a good turnout for the Club Champs and to earn some valuable points in the League. There's also a promise of post-race home baked cakes!

Jan 24

Bromley 10k resultsLate results from the Bromley 10k on Sunday 15 January.

Jan 22

Sunday ride report - Shoreham, Wrotham and Eynsford - 22 January

Phil - Cycling coordinatorReport by cycling coordinator, Phil Taylor.

Another fantastic turn out this morning with 26 riders gathering at Elmers End.

Jon took out the 18+ group, I took out the 15/16 and 17/18 group which merged as one group, Dean took out the 13/14 group.

Dean's group had 11 riders go out and covered 34 miles (Karen: and as many hills as Dean could possibly find, and some of us also walked the Cudham tester!!) missing out the extra loop to Wrotham. I met the group back at Elmers End and they were still buzzing from a good ride with a stop on route and another cheeky cuppa back at Elmers End.

My group had eight riders in it and covered 46 miles. One tea stop on route. The route through Kemsing and out to Wrotham before a fast return to Eynsford and the tea stop, offered some great views and went at a pace to enjoy them. Not sure some of the hills were appreciated by all but hey ho!

Jon's group came sailing past my group as we waited at the top of the Cudham tester, unfortunately he caught a couple walking up this hill so shouted out some choice words of encouragement to the culprits!? The group covered 50 miles in 2 hours 50, a hell of a pace which it looked like some at the back were struggling to maintain so maybe should have dropped back into my group.

Thanks to Jon and Dean for leading the groups and for all those who turned out. It would be nice to break the 30 rider mark so we can have four groups. Jon's back markers would have been ideal in the 17/18 group as would a couple in my group.

Tip for this week: When climbing try and remain seated and place your butt at the rear of the saddle, maintain a smooth pedalling action and don't race. No good being first over the top if you have nothing left to keep the lead.

Phil is away for the next two Sundays so needs volunteers to lead the groups.

Jan 22

New memberWelcome to new member, James Acheson.

Jan 21

parkrun results - 21 January Brockwell Park parkrun
98th 25:08 Sheila Horsman (1st time)

Bromley parkrun
11th 19:21 Geoff Dillon

Crystal Palace parkrun
15th 22:03 Grant Georgiades

Jan 19

Two new club challenges for 2012LisaOur new run coordinator, Lisa, has been busy and is delighted to announce two new running challenges for the Club in 2012. Pull on those CPT vests and put your pins through their paces, make 2012 your best for these 5k challenges…

CPT parkrun challengeparkrun PB challengeThis challenge will reward the Club’s biggest improver at the parkrun events, in both male and female categories. The rules are simple – you must attend at least five parkruns on the same course during the year to be eligible. At the end of the year, the person with the biggest improvement in 2012 over the same course will win the challenge and a magnificent prize. The winner will be worked out on a percentage increase. This is purely about improvement and not who is fastest, so anyone can win!

CPT parkrun mobmatchparkrun mob match challenge
This year CPT does battle against Greenwich Tritons and Windrush in a parkrun mob match challenge. The challenges will take place at the beginning of each month at a different local park, with the first event kicking off on Saturday 4 February at the Crystal Palace parkrun. The proceeding dates and venues will be announced in due course. Lisa will be checking the results of each challenge and circulate to all members so we can see just which club has the biggest presence, and also which club has the fastest average time. So, come and have a go if you think you’re herd enough! But remember to play nicely kids.

(Note: The parkruns are free but you need to register in advance to ensure that you get a recorded finish time, and don't forget to enter CPT as your Club)

If you have any questions please get in touch with Lisa.

Jan 19

Saturday super training sessions - 28 JanuaryThe first in a new series of super training sessions takes place on Saturday 28 January from 09:00-13:30.

The session will start with a coached cycle from the lock-up besides the CPSIC, followed by input on training zones and annual training cycles, and then a technical run session on the track at CPNSC. You will need food and drink as well as cycle and run kit - storage will be available at CPSIC. If you have a heart rate monitor bring it along – useful but not essential.

The PAYG session fee will be double rate - £10 (for a 4.5 hour session); for annual training memberships – no additional fee.

Please let Sally know if you are attending.

The next two sessions will be on 11 February and 3 March – make sure the dates are in your diaries!

Jan 17

Herne Hill Velodrome - Saturday 21 JanuaryJust to remind everybody that we have the use of the Herne Hill Velodrome again this Saturday. A great chance for a workout on your road bike.

The coaches will provide training sets for the adult riders but this will be an uncoached session. Track fee £3:00 (included for those who have annual training membership).

Remember to wear gloves (track mitts) and no bottles on your bike!

Date for your diary: Next session 25 February 2012. 

Jan 16

Thanet Mountain Bike Duathlon resultsCongratulations to Keith for coming 2nd overall at the Thanet Mountain Bike Duathlon (see results) on Sunday 15 January. Keith was beaten by ex-CPT member, Carl Ferri.

Jan 16

Sunday ride report - 15 January

RobFirstly, from Rob: It was pretty fresh to say the least at 08:45 yesterday morning, as a hardy bunch of CPT riders began congregating at Elmers End; but otherwise perfect weather conditions, with bright sun, clear skies, no wind and no sign of Jack Frost on the roads.

The 17-18mph group (led by Phil) and 18+mph (rather dubiously led by me on this occasion) group set off together, heading up to West Wickham before turning down to Coney Hall and right up Kingsway. Shortly after turning into Nash Lane, we had our first casualty as Neil Pusey's rear tyre punctured. After a short stop, we were back on the road, although not before Charles' group had sailed past us.

At this point the two groups splintered off, with my group consisting of Neil P; Selwyn; Tim; James R and James F. We headed down Clarke’s Lane, and then decided to head down towards Westerham rather than turning down Pilgrim's Way. I hit a pothole, then stopped at the Pilgrim's Way junction to make sure the group went straight, and then went to go before realising that the pothole had claimed our second victim of the day. Luckily I had a gas canister so was back on the road in no time, and after regrouping at Westerham, we headed up towards Crokham Hill, and from here carried on through Edenbridge Town Centre, left towards Hever Castle, and then on to the bottom of Toys Hill to tackle the main climb of the day.

The long ascent of Toys Hill gave us all a good chance to warm up, although it served as a sharp reminder that there was a lot of work to do before any of us would be race fit for the start of the season! Either that or it’s become steeper since the summer. James F peeled off and headed down Chart Lane as the rest of us turned right and headed towards Emmetts Garden. From here we descended into Sundridge and back home through Knockholt Pound.

The decision to take the group up the nasty incline of Fox Lane was changed at the last minute as our legs were begging us not to, so instead we headed back along Gates Green Road. This was almost a Sliding Doors moment in hindsight, as a few of us nearly got a free shave from a couple of drivers that had obviously taken exception to us blocking their personal racetrack. In fact, only downer of the ride was the sheer number of car-incidences that a number of us encountered in a single ride. Oh well – the adrenaline and boiling blood kept us all nice and warm!

Stat fans:
Distance: 75km
Duration: 3hrs 15m
Av. Moving Speed: 26kph
Total Ascent: 970m
Full route

Phil - Cycling coordinatorPhil adds:

18 CPTers turned up at Elmers End yesterday morning, would have been 20 but technical problems made a couple arrive after we had set off. So another very good turn out especially on such a cold morning.

Three groups set off frm Elmers End, Rob's and mine setting off together and splitting into the two groups after Neil's puncture was sorted. Charles' group sailed past us up Nash Lane and took a couple of our riders with them, we caught them again on Pilgrims Way and then separated again when we headed off to Brastead and Toys Hill. The first time I ever completed Toys and Ide I was left yonks behind Dean and Jim, but this time the roles were reversed as Dean grinded those gears to get Christmas over the top.

All groups had a good ride sticking together with no-one trying to up the pace or sprint off. The past two weeks have shown CPT can put on very good goup rides catering for varying ablities. It is alleged the weather's going to get warmer later in the week so no excuses not to get out on your steeds next Sunday.

Winter tips

Tip 1: 700 x 25c tyres are less likely to get punctures and better grip on wintery roads.

Tip 2: Prepare for punctues. Practise changing tubes at home. Using the pump you take on rides, count how many pumps it takes to get a flat tyre up to the desired pressure, which you can check with an essential piece of kit - a track pump. Mine take 180 and knowing this makes pumping the tyre up at the side of the road less of a chore. Or use a CO2 pump.

From Karen:

Charles' group, of which I was one, set off with just three riders for a slightly shorter ride along Pilgrims Way. Hans, Wim and Dean joined us after Neil punctured but Dean rejoined Phil's group after we all cycled together along Pilgrims Way. Hans and I had a close shave with one inpatient driver but otherwise a good ride. We covered approximately 61k, averaging around 15mph. Malcolm and I warmed up in the Elmers End cafe before heading for home and a nice thawing soak in the bath/shower!

Jan 16

Novice ride report - 14 January

KarenI volunteered to lead a novice ride on Saturday morning, as long as the temperature remained above 5 degrees and it wasn't raining. After consultation with the BBC weather forecast (freezing fog) and Jon H on Friday evening, I decided to postpone the ride until the afternoon and hope that it wasn't too short notice for anyone to turn-up.

I sent out an email and texts to those who had shown an interest. Phil read both, went to the pub and forgot all about my messages. He turned up in the top car park ready for a ride at 09:15!

The rest of us met at 13:15 by the Sports Injury Clinic. There were six of us, picking up two additional riders at Elmers End, for a slightly warmer ride, although there was much more traffic at that time of day.

We did the Downe loop, returning to Crystal Palace via Anerley Hill. Everyone had a good ride, although some were better dressed for the weather than others, and would like the novice ride to become a regular feature on the schedule until they are all confident to join the Sunday rides.

I have a supply of CPT cycling jackets and other kit so please let me know if you'd like to purchase anything!

Jan 13

Race entry updateEntry to the Crystal Palace Triathlon opened on Monday 9 January. All adult places (700), including 50 places on the two training mornings had completely sold out by Wednesday morning. TriStar 2 and 3 are now also full, with just a couple of places available in TriStar 1. The TriStart and Youth categories haven't yet filled.

Don't forget all members are needed to marshal on Sunday 20 May.

Jan 13

Triathlon England membershipTriathlon England MembershipJoin Triathlon England today to benefit from their exclusive membership package.

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Reduced race entry
  • No day licence fees
Jan 09

New memberJoeWelcome to new senior member, Joe Kidson. Joe has been a junior since 2008 but renews as a senior member this year.

Jan 09

Sunday ride report - 8 January

Phil - Cycling coordinatorThe following report comes from our cycling coordinator, Phil Taylor.

Please contact Phil if you have any comments/suggestions re our Sunday rides.

Yesterday's ride - what a turn out!

Great turn out yesterday for the ride to Box Hill. 27 turned up and had a great ride as we were able to split into three ability groups which catered for everyone who turned up.

Jon took out the fast group who completed an extra loop before meeting everyone else at the top of Box Hill. His group arrived back at Elmers End around 12:20.

I took out the middle group which consisted of 14 riders. We set out a few minutes behind Jon's group but soon went past them whilst they waited for Suse to fix her puncture, one of two she would have before arriving at Box Hill. As we passed we didn't notice anyone helping the damsel in distress but at least they waited for her. The middle group maintained a steady pace and kept together well as a group with no one trying to race off into the distance, so a very good group ride had by all.

The group split into two on the way back as some wanted to get back rather than hang around too much. They were probably back at Elmers End by noon. The rest of the group arrived back at 12:15 after taking a slightly different return route to avoid the busy A23 which all seemed to like far better, well apart from the two lumps to haul themselves over. A couple of us finished the ride with a cuppa in the Elmers End Cafe.

Karen kindly took out the final group where two turned back as they are still carrying injuries, along with the evidence of a Christmas of over indulgance! Not sure what time this group got back but I'm sure they were back by 12:30. (Note from Karen: My group came back via the A23 (consensus amongst riders who didn’t want any more hills!!). Came back pretty quickly and enjoyed the downhill. I peeled off in South Croydon, before Geoffrey Butler, so not sure what time the remaining three riders got back to Elmers End but I was home at 12:30 so should imagine at a similar time.  Average speed for the ride (not moving speed) was 15mph).

Thanks to everyone out yesterday, let's build these rides up.

Jan 08

Training schedule update

The training schedule through to w/c 5 March is now available. Jon has also compiled the following documents to help members to understand the plan and to train more efficiently throughout the year.

Jan 08

New memberWimWelcome to new senior member, Wim Geberbauer. Wim was a junior member last year but renews as a senior member this year.

Jan 07

parkrun results - 7 January Bromley parkrun
13th 19:54 James Falshaw

Lloyd parkrun
2nd 19:21 Keith Brewster

Wimbledon Common parkrun
222nd 28:14 Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun
7th 20:37 John Buchanan (1st timer)
17th 21:58 Lisa Collins (1st timer & 1st female)
64th 27:55 Karen Ayers

Jan 07

KevinNew memberWelcome to new member, Kevin Freeman.

Jan 03

Knacker Cracker race reportReport by Lisa Collins

What better way to start the new year than with a steely resolve to complete ‘the toughest 10k in Britain’, the Knacker Cracker? Well, actually this year was an Olympic special at 12k (12.4 according to Mr Garmin), but the tough part was certainly accurate. Whether it’s the toughest in Britain is a bold claim, but perhaps with the exception of fell races it just might be.

John & Katie at the Knacker Cracker 2012Lisa at the Knacker Cracker 2012In any case it was the most bonkers. Standing at the start line at the foot of a hill surrounded by Wallys, smurfs, bananas, daleks, pirates and countless other random costumes, we could hear the sound of the bagpipes at the top drifting across the pre-race briefing before being Lisa at the Knacker Cracker 2012engaged in a rowdy chorus of the national anthem. Quite frankly you feel a fool if you haven’t dressed up, and I watched John’s dashing bin liner cape flapping in the wind with envy. At 11am it began, straight up said hill and around the piper before coming back down and making a right turn onto Box Hill, which is the only tarmacked part of the route.

John at the Knacker Cracker 2012After climbing Box Hill for a while you turn left into the woods and continue on trail. It was a slippery and muddy course throughout, including three significant descents and ascents. Trying to descend as quickly as possible over steep, loose ground is a test of skill, nerve and balance, and I was cross-eyed at one point trying to maintain control. Some parts were just too dicey to risk running it unless you’re an experienced descender or are suicidal, and I saw a few runners taking a tumble. The ascents were another test altogether of pain and hill climbing ability (Carl’s excellent hill Katie at the Knacker Cracker 2012John at the Knacker Cracker 2012reps are a must-do training session) and the mud seems to suck all the effort out of the legs. Trail shoes are definitely recommended but you can do it in normal trainers as I did, though how much difference it makes to overall performance I don’t know. It is not the race to do if you are seeking a PB but I can’t stress how much fun it was. The atmosphere and scenery are great, the costumes make you laugh even if you’re struggling, and there is absolutely no shame in walking up the steepest parts, especially the endless number of steps in the last 2k (according to the briefing only the top ten finishers ever manage to run up these anyway.)

John at the Knacker Cracker 2012Lisa at the Knacker Cracker 2012

Fortunately I finished just as the rain started to spit. I can’t imagine how unnervingly slippery the course must’ve been for those who took yet another hour or so to complete in the rain. The finish itself was excellent, coming back down the starter hill to the sound of The Flight of the Valkyries and the best race goodie bag I’ve ever had (including a very decent winter running top, medal and mug) and soup and sandwiches if you can stomach it - I couldn’t. Luckily for John he’d finished his soup before I got to the line and revealed a three inch long blister hanging off my foot that would have made him sick!

Photographs can be viewed on the Knacker Cracker website.

Jan 03

New memberWelcome to our first new member of 2012, Louise Price.

Jan 02

Weekend results - 1-2 January On Sunday 1 January three CPT members got the New Year off to a good start, completing the Knacker Cracker, which is advertised as approximately 12k, with 475m of ascent and descent, around Box Hill.

The Tadworth 10 was held on Monday 2 January, at a new 2pm time. There were a number of no-shows so CPT weren't as well-represented as usual, but Neil and Audrey managed to get PBs. I've created a new PBs page for Tadworth and will do the same with our most popular races as we go through the year.

CPT at the Tadworth 10

Photos by ProSportPhotos can also be viewed on their website.

View Karen's photos on Flickr:

Jan 02

parkrun results - 1 January Roundshaw Downs parkrun
3rd 19:00 Clare Elms (1st female)

Jan 02

parkrun results - 31 December 2011Bromley parkrun
10th 19:27 Geoff Dillon

Crystal Palace parkrun
12th 20:54 Phil Feldman (PB)
48th 26:36 Emma Snowdon

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