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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Annual General Meeting

24 November
The Bridge

Races to enter

12 November - 10k Mo Run Greenwich Park

13 November - Hillingdon Duathlon

13 November - A20 Paths & Downs Half Marathon

13 November - Beckenham Charity Trail 10K

27 November - Three Molehills

27 November - Bath Hilly Half Half Marathon

27 November - 5k Mo Run Battersea Park


2011 news - October

CPT in action


Late result - Lübeck Marathon

Hans reports "On Sunday 23 October, Wim and I took advantage of a trip to my parents over half term to compete in Lübeck in Northern Germany, near where I grew up.  Wim finished his first ever half marathon in 1:54:33, placing 395/855.  I completed the marathon in 3:26:02, placing 71/376.  Great preparation for the Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon - NOT!".


Weekend results - 29-30 October

Karin completed the Snowdonia Marathon on Saturday 29 October.

On Sunday 30 October, just 10 CPT members competed in the Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon, the last in this year's London League series and the Club Championship races.


parkrun results - 29 October

Bromley parkrun
6th 18:46 Geoff Dillon
7th 18:50 Clare Elms (1st female)
8th 18:51 Adrian Durran
20th 19:51 Phil Feldman (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
8th 21:16 Jonathan Gough
31st 24:29 Dave Crockwell
49th 27:05 Selwyn Smith


Result from Hong Kong

AlanAlan participated in an open water race 'Cross Harbour Race', approximately 1800m from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, on 16 October. He came 98th, out of over 400, in the Open Mens race in a time of 36:28.  

Since moving to Hong Kong, Alan says "I really miss CPT training sessions.  I haven't joined any clubs over here yet but I have been training on my own.  Say hi to everyone for me".


Weekend results - 22 October

Keith did the GRIM Duathlon on Saturday and got a PB.

Phil Wright - Knog Muddy HellTaking place at the Herne Hill Velodrome, Knog Muddy Hell is an off-road cycling event at night, with loud music, fancy dress and a beer tent, which the competitors cycle through. Geoff Dillon competed in the Novice race, coming 51st out of 75 competitors. Richard Lewey raced in the Vets category. He placed 25th out of 36, just ahead of Phil Wright who was 28th and dressed as a werewolf (pictured right). There aren't any times on the results website.

Geoff reports "I had no idea what I was signing up for and certainly didn't realise how much off-road track there was at Herne Hill - some of it a little nervy. But my rattling bike just about held out - although my chain came off several times - and how I stayed on the bike throughout is a miracle. But it was a thrilling event to participate in and definitely has to go in the diary as an annual event for me from now on. I even had some energy left to have a go at the Rollapaluza turbo sprint challenge".


LouiseMember profile

Read the answers to 20 questions answered by a member who started triathlon on a tendem, is a part time sports massuer and a GB age group triathlete.

Read more ...

If you have an interesting triathlon background and would like to feature in a member profile, please get in touch.



parkrun results - 22 October

Bromley parkrun
5th 18:16 Clare Elms (1st female)
31st 21:02 Phil Feldman

Crystal Palace parkrun
28th 23:56 Dave Crockwell


Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon report by Fintan Culwin

Fintan in TorontoHaving picked up a groin injury in May, preparation for this event had been almost non-existent. The longest training run was 7 1/2 miles and one week before the event a 10 mile run was abandoned at 4 1/2 miles. I had been entered for the marathon but had decided to just do the first half and finish as a half marathoneer. I stuck, not literally, like glue to the 2h 30min pacer and finished in 2h30! Maria's last words before the race were 'don't be stupid and attempt the full marathon!' so I didn't. I cleared the finish area, nipped into the hotel to shower off the body paint and ran back to the course to see Maria as she ran her 5K in 37 min. The marathon is well organised and the smallish crowds very friendly and supportive.


League update

Cathy has updated the League results following the Brighton Marina Triathlon on 25 September (sorry about delay in getting league scores out because results weren't reported by age) where 5 CPT-ers started the race so qualifyies for the League. Well done to Sue Carroll and Karen Ayers for coming first in their respective age/gender categories and gaining top scores. Well done to Jim Lucas at this race for becoming a firm favourite in the CPT wooden spoon competition (awarded at the Club Xmas party) and Rob Parry also used this race to confirm his entry for this prestigious award.

New scores on the doors are:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Beverley Hunt

Male senior: Rob Parry, Keith Brewster, Selwyn Smith
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Tim Thomas, Noel Murphy

You can see all the races and points on the full spreadsheet.


Fit4Tri swim sessions

Jon has confirmed dates for progressive swim sessions during November 2011 and January/February 2012, aimed at intermediate and novice ability athletes to improve technique, efficiency and race times in preparation for the 2012 season. Please visit Jon's website for further details.


Results - 16 October

Jon and Audrey both got course PBs at the Croydon 10k and Voy completed the Amsterdam Marathon, slightly slower than he'd hoped.

Mario in BarcelonaMario and his wife had a child-free break in Spain and took the opportunity to complete the Barcelona Triathlon. Mario says it was hot, "although the 10ft waves made the swim quite interesting... they must have shortened the swim distance as my timing and the size of the waves do not add up! It was absolute carnage for the first 200m, could not see a thing and being kicked and punched more than I ever have before, but all in all a really good race and nice to get away".

One late result from 9 October, Katie did the Jog Shop Jog, approximately 20 miles over the South Downs, starting and finishing at Brighton Marina.


parkrun results - 15 October

Bromley parkrun
5th Clare Elms 18:39 (1st female)

Brockwell Park parkrun
59th Ella Fields 29:28


Training dates for your diary

We have four confirmed dates at Herne Hill Velodrome for Saturday road bike sessions:

5 November
19 November
3 December
17 December

These will be public sessions but will be coached for CPT members. The sessions will be held at 13:30-15:00.

There is a covered area in the event that rain means we cannot use the track, so we can either do circuits or a turbo session. Session fees will be £5 for adults and £3 for juniors or inclusive for those who have annual training membership.

On 5 November the Veldrome are running a working party and it would be very much appreciated if members could pitch in, after our training session, with some of the work that needs to be done. Work will continue until it gets dark, followed by fireworks and food and a chance to get to know everyone.  More details to follow.

We also have confirmed dates for Hillingdon in 2012, so make sure you keep the dates free:

11 March
29 April
9 September
7 October


Weekend results - 9 October

A few members completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Mark was pleased with his best ever half marathon time and Audrey got a course PB.

On Sunday morning there was a Club cycle session at Hillingdon. It had been raining during the night but had stopped when the alarm went off, otherwise we might have been tempted to stay in bed. It rained quite heavily on the journey over (which was very quick at that time in the morning). We passed Jon H, in waterproofs on his bike, in East Sheen but couldn't stop to rescue him from the rain as the car was full with us and our two bikes! The rain had stopped by the time we arrived for the joint junior/novice/adult training session.

We did a few laps warm-up then Jon split us into groups, where we worked on group riding skills for about 45 minutes. We had to work hard as the site is quite exposed so there was a strong wind on sections of the course. We then had a quick break for tea and cakes in the Club house before heading back out for some duathlon practice. Most of the adults opted out of this session so we worked together for a pretty intense half hour session. A continuous chain gang maintaining an average speed of well over 30kph. We had a another tea break and some more cakes before the last session which comprised a team pursuit race.

The session was hard work but great fun. Everyone felt they'd had a really good workout. We had the venue to ourselves, with no traffic, just other cyclists. Where else would you get the chance to cycle as quickly as you want, for as long as you want, without worrying about traffic and inconsiderate drivers! Look out for future dates and make sure you get them in your calendar.

View Ron's photos from Hillingdon and the last cycle session at the Velodrome on 27 September.

Clare Elms was 2nd female at the White Oak Fast & Furious Duathlon and 1st FMV.


parkrun results - 8 October

Bromley parkrun
2nd Geoff Dillon 19:07

Crystal Palace parkrun
1st Chris Mangioni 19:28 (PB)
19th Dave Crockwell 24:49


New members

EmmaWelcome to new members Emma Yee and Simon Roberts. Emma joins other members of her family, husband Ron, and sons, Alex and Joseph, as a member of CPT.


New members

HelenWelcome to new member Helen Efrat. Helen's son Adam has been a junior member since launch of the junior section, she's also my sister and has vowed that we will never get her running!

WimHans' son, Wim has also become a member after joining in the fun at Southwater and Ride of the Falling Leaves.


CPT training link with Dulwich Paragons

As there is some overlap between the two disciplines, with a fair number of Dulwich Paragon (DP) members also competing in triathlons and CPT wanting to improve the cycling component of the sport, the two Club Committees have agreed on an experimental reciprocal training arrangement, with immediate effect.

The aim is to provide a wider range of training opportunites for members of both clubs without the burden of organising extra sessions or individuals incurring two membership fees. In particular for triathletes within DP to benefit from tri-specific run and swim sessions and CPT members to benefit from a wider range and level of cycling opportunities.

For a trial period (1 October 2011 to 30 April 2012) DP members will be able to attend CPT training sessions provided they register name, address and BC or BTF membership number with the CPT Club Secretary prior to their first attendance. DP members will then pay the £5 session fee for each attendance (this covers pool and coach fees). In return CPT members will be able to attend DP rides provided they can produce a CPT membership card if asked and have registered their name, address and BC or BTF membership number with the DP Club Secretary prior to their first attendance. ALL riders MUST have BC or BTF membership to comply with insurance requirements.

Details of all DP rides are available on their website.


Hillingdon cycle session - Sunday 9 October

Just to clear up any confusion on the timings for the Hillingdon bike/run session for and juniors on Sunday 9 October:

The session will start at 09:00 (so aim to get there by 08:45) and will finish at 12:30. Jon will be there from 08:30.

There is an indoor clubhouse for breaks and ample changing facilities, the session will be divided into three parts with 15 minute breaks.

Session 1: Focused on group riding and thru & off riding
Session 2: Will have a duathlon focus with some run/bike/run repeats (short distances)
Session 3: Team pursuits and some fun races

Sounds good doesn't it!

Hope to see you on Sunday


Weekend results - 1-2 October

Saturday 1 October

Bromley parkrun
9th        Clare Elms          18:16 (1st F)
15th      James Falashw    18:56
53rd      Sue Cooper          21:03
107th    Cathy Cooke        23:15
136th    Ruki Sidhwa         24:23

Crystal Palace parkrun
10th       Leo Govan        20:47 (PB)
13th       Phil Feldman    21:09 (PB)
22nd      Suse Fairfax     22:26 (1st F)

Sunday 2 October

An extremely hot day for the Dulwich 10k, which got even hotter as the start was delayed while waiting for an ambulance to remove an injured park user from the course. Despite the heat Bruce, Tom and Audrey were very pleased to get PBs.

View my photos on Facebook. You can also see the photos of the CPT juniors in action (they did a very good job of manning the water station).

Phil's finishPhil Wright ran the Budapest Marathon. It was a very hot day 27+ C, for Phil's spectacular Finish photo (right). He came 369th, 55th in age group and 15th British runner.

Tim Thomas did a late-season triathlon at Bideford which he highly recommends Saying "A well organised tri held in tropical conditions more like the Med than the Bideford I know.  It's a long way to go to race but well worth it to visit such a beautiful part of the country.  The course itself is an estuary swim under the old stone bridge, a testing bike up on to Exmoor then back along the coast road followed by a surprisingly hilly run around the town through the crowds!  Best of all you get a famous Hockings Devon Ice Cream at the Finish.

Ride of the Falling LeavesHans says he and son Wim did the Ride of the Falling Leaves sportive.  "At the start we bumped in Bernie Finerty and his mate Alan (see photo) and decided to ride together, promising each other a leisurely pace.  Alan had to opt for the short route but Bernie, Wim and I took the 110km loop through glorious Kent countryside, much of which was familiar to me from the Club rides.  With the Berlin Marathon still weighing down my legs, I struggled to keep up with Wim and Bernie. Bernie mentored us kindly along the route, patiently waiting if he had dashed ahead on the ascents and didn't drop us until Anerly Hill.

We lost five minutes by turning into the Velodrome only to find the finish was at the sports club by the railway arches further down Burbage Road. I should have read the race instructions!  Anyway, a fab day out.


Belated Scotland race report

KeithReport by Keith Brewster

A few weeks ago Kirsten, Selwyn, Beth and I travelled up to Fort William, I have only just recovered (and dried off) enough to write this report!  They weren’t joking when they billed it as the UK's toughest tri.

I promised not to mention Selwyn’s hilarious series of organisational blunders that saw us stuck in Glasgow and then settling in to someone else’s holiday cottage, so I won't, wouldn’t want to embarrass him...  Anyway we eventually arrived at Fort Bill and found the cottage we were meant to be in and it wasn’t raining for a few hours!

Ben Nevis swimI did the Big Ben Nevis tri on Saturday (middle distance off road) and had no idea what to expect other than a bloody cold swim in Loch Linnhe.  I put off getting in the water until what I thought was the last minute and even then only knee deep.  When the organiser announced three minutes to go there was a lot of moaning and I thought about trying to get back out, my feet were freezing already.

Ben Nevis T1T1 was the most casual transition ever.  My record slow time of over 10 minutes was mostly due to my hands not working but I saw others enjoying a hot cuppa before setting off on the bike! 

The bike course was four laps of 13.5 miles mtb around Glen Nevis, fairly hilly, one nice fast singletrack descent, one fairly treacherous steep, rooty descent that had most people off their bikes (one way or another!)  I was enjoying myself and by the time I got to T2 had worked my way up to 4th place. 

Ben Nevis runNow it was just a case of running up Britain's highest mountain, with already knackered legs.  Hmmm.

I’ve not done a lot of fell running and my plan was really just to try and finish.  I was doing OK on the way up, Beth had climbed just under half way up to cheer me on but soon after that the weather turned really nasty and I ran out of energy.  Luckily I’d followed their instructions and had a jacket in my bum bag (along with hat, gloves, whistle, food and drink etc.)  but nearer the top I was getting really cold and a bit wobbly!  All the walkers I passed were in full on mountaineering gear, I was quite jealous in my skimpy shorts and knew if I stopped I’d be in trouble quite quickly so had to keep pushing on. 

Ben Nevis runThe marshal at the summit said I was 4th still, I thought I’d lost a few places but it turns out there were some runners doing the 3 Peak Challenge.  My legs felt like jelly on the way down and I couldn’t face some of the more direct steeper sections that saved the experienced fell runners a huge amount of time.  A bit of pork pie, an orange segment and slice of mars bar at the bottom perked me up and got me to the finish line, very relieved to make it in one piece after a few hairy moments and dead happy with 6th place. 

The toughest triathlon in the UK?  I don’t know, I’ve not done an “iron” distance race here but it was the hardest race I’ve ever done.  How hard?  A sub 9 hour time put you in the top ten, at a middle distance race!

Sunday morning was Kirsten and Selwyn's turn, they did the Highland Warrior, Scotland's middle distance championship race and the weather got even worse for them!  Loads of people were coming back from their bike section in a bad way, I was happy to be watching in full waterproofs.

Kirsten and Selwyn at the Highland Warrier

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