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2011 news - September

CPT in action


Change to training schedule - Saturday 1 October

Audrey has advised that the indoor track has been booked this Saturday from 10:00-11:00.  So we will be doing our circuits session outdoors.

Head for the large open area next to the children's play area on the lower section of the park, its near the parkrun start line.
Session will be at the usual time 09:30-11:00.

Please make sure you have plenty of fluids with you and some suncream as it looks like it's going to be a hot one.


KarenMember profile

Read the answers to 20 questions posed to our Club webmaster, who joined CPT in 2000, whose Ironman days are over and has done over 75 triathlons.

I had positive feedback to Brian's profile in August, but have had no volunteers for future profiles. Please get in touch if you'd like to be featured.

Read more ...


AGM - 2012 London Marathon place

Any Club members who have been rejected in the 2012 London Marathon ballot, as long as they didn't get a Club place last year, can bring their rejection slip to the AGM on 24 November, to go into a draw for the one Club place we have been allocated. Anyone taking up a Club place must wear Club kit on the day.


Pool closure - St Josephs - 27 September

We have just been advised, this morning, that the pool at St Joseph's will not be open this evening. Apologies for the short notice.


Weekend results - 24-25 September

On Saturday 24th the following members ran parkrun events:

Brockwell Park parkrun
50th   27:41    Ella Fields

Bromley parkrun
4th    18:46     Adrian Durran (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
10th   21:02    Haydn Whitmore (PB)
18th   22:03    Suse Fairfax
33rd   24:22    Paul Morrissey
40th   26:06    Sally Kidson

The CPT TRI Challenge relay teamsThree teams of three raced at the TRI Challenge Team Triathlon at Dorney Lake. The CPT teams were completed with one ex-member and Rob, one of the physios from CPSIC. Each team member swam 400m, once everyone had swum the first team member then started the cycle, with each member cycling 15k, once all three had cycled the first team member then did the run, with each team member completing the 5k run. Everyone enjoyed the race and thought this was a good alternative or addition to Southwater.

Hans running in BerlinOn Sunday there are results from the Hever Castle Triathlon (where Noel came 2nd MSV), the Primera New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon, the St Mawes Triathlon (where Louise was 1st FSV and won a bottle of bubbly), the Berlin Marathon and the Windsor Half Marathon.

The Brigthon Triathlon (Brighton Marina) was an eventual day with an early start, a lovely swim, a very hilly bike route and a flat out and back run (which Ruki thought was very boring)..

It seems Jim still wasn't fully awake when he arrived at the multi-story car park with the bike he'd borrowed from Matt on the roof. Yes, you can probably guess exactly what happened. Jim drove straight into the car park, under the height-barrier and sent the bike flying off the roof, scaping down the side of his car. He was unable to ride the bike so had to head straight back home to face Matt (congratulations Matt on the birth of your baby daughter). I spoke to Jim later in the day and luckily the damage to the bike isn't too severe, a bent front wheel and tribars and a badly deformed saddle.

CPT at Brighton MarinaThe race briefing was held in transition prior to the walk to the swim start. The race diredtor stressed that you should turn left at every roundabout or major junction. He had wetsuited person shouting 'left' in response to his instructions. He also warned that there was a charity bike ride on part of the route, they would be going straight on at the first roundabout. Rob's mind was obviously elsewhere, perhaps in his budgie smugglers, so after a good swim he was out on the bike and flying. Unfortunately he flew straight Sue with her trophyacross the first roundabout going straight on with the charity riders! He was in Lewes before he thought to turnaround and head back towards the Marina, by which time even the slowest of us had finished the run!

Congratulations go to our newest member, Sue Cooper, who was 2nd female overall. Sue almost turned back on the swim, but there were too many swimmers coming towards her, so she continued and worked her way through the field on the bike and run. Well done Sue!

You can see my photos on Facebook.

Voy and Phil did the inaugural Ride Around London sportive. The 115 mile route took in Olympic landmarks past and present, starting at the Herne Hill Velodrome, up Box Hill, along the North Downs, through Windsor Great Park, passing Eton Dorney and the Chilterns and finishing next to the 2012 Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Phil - Ride around LondonPhil says "It was a fabulous day for it, ideal temperature. Of course I stopped on the way round, had my bits of food topped the bottles up, had a chat etc. Never felt so good after 100 miles and was still powering along".

Photo: Sportive Photo



This year's AGM will be held on Thursday 24 November at the Bridge at 21:00.

The swim session that night will finish 15 minutes early at 20:45, and the AGM will start at 21:00..

As in previous years we will have a light buffet and the bar will be open.

As we have many new members (and a reminder for some of the older members), ALL existing committee members stand down just before the AGM starts. Anyone wishing to be on the Club Committee needs a proposer and seconder, and the information sent to the current Club Secretary, Chris Hall. Nominations can be accepted until the AGM starts, bearing in mind the AGM will start at 21:00.

The AGM is also the time and place where members can ask to have any issues raised, BUT you will have to inform Chris Hall of any issues you wish to raise so that they can be added to the agenda. There will be NO AOB on the agenda. Any items need to be with Chris Hall at least two weeks prior to the AGM.


Club league update

Update to the League following five members racing at the HSBC Sprint Triathlon last weekend. Well done to Sally Kidson who got top score after winning her age group.
New scores on the doors are:
Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Beverley Hunt

Male senior: Rob Parry, Keith Brewster, Grant Georgiades
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Tim Thomas, Noel Murphy

You can see all the races and points on the full spreadsheet.


IM Wales - Race report

DawnReport by Dawn Haines

IM WalesArrived in Tenby on Friday to be greeted by lots of rain and gale force winds, and rumours that the swim was going to be moved to a different beach due to concerns over safety. This didn't bode well! Later at the safety briefing this was confirmed along with information on how the transition would now work. The change meant that all athletes had to now run about a 1km through the town, but that they would shorten the marathon to compensate, the shortening of the marathon pleased me immensely.

Dawn & ChrisOn the morning of the race Chris and I made our way down to the beach, with Riaz - chief supporter, photographer, carrier of bags/stuff etc etc accompanying us. We also spotted Haydn who gave us a big wave.

Before we knew it the claxon went off and into the water we ran. The swim was VERY choppy which I quite enjoyed and luckily no jellyfish or the need for the RNLI's services this time. The run from the sea to transition was great as the streets were lined with hundreds of people cheering us on. 

DawnAs soon as a I got on the bike I knew I was in trouble, the wind was so strong and my legs just weren't feeling it at all, it was like I had nothing in the tank - very disappointing. Oh well only 112 miles to go of being blown around like a rag doll! Despite the hills and the wind the support from the locals was amazing, they were sooo noisy and cheered everyone on. Plus the forecast rain had not yet appeared so it could have been a lot worse. Top marks to Haydn who had chalked Go CPT along with Lauren's, Chris and my name on the road. It was also great to see Riaz, along with two of my friends on the bike course at three different locations - very impressive!

ChrisThe last 10 miles of the bike were really tough... I'll be honest I did have a little cry on the last hill, but again the support was so good that I had a word with myself and remembered that no one was forcing me to do this race and I should be enjoying it. Some of you will remember I was, let's say a little bit miserable when I got to the run section of IM Nice a few years ago. Lessons learned. I was determined to smile all the way through Wales... and other than aforementioned incident I kept smiling throughout.

LaurenI knew that Chris was not too far in front of me... and had a good idea Lauren was WAY in front of me, but only saw her once the whole day- not surprising as she finished about four hours in front of me! Two laps into the run it was like de ja vu of Nice all over again (well except the bloody big hills on the run and rain and wind) as I caught Chris up and we began to run together. Well, I say run, it was more like walk up the hills, shuffle for a bit until we got to the next hill. To be honest I have never seen so many people walking an IM marathon, the bike course had taken its toll on a lot of people that day.

DawnThe wheels really came off for me about 15 miles in when my dreaded ITB injury flared up, just to make the marathon even more difficult. I can't describe how much pain I was in (but still smiling). Anyway, eventually Chris and I split up on the run as I had to make a call of nature and after that I didn't see him again. The last lap was in complete darkness and I was really cold and wet by now. But the support in the town section was still amazing- although I had cow bells ringing in my ears for days after.

ChrisThe last two miles were tough as the wind had really picked up. Riaz ran alongside me for this last section  and although I was still smiling (just) I think I may have been moaning about how bloody hungry I was, not helped by the smell of fish and chips being eaten in the town. Next thing I know Riaz (hero) had sprinted off and then reappeared two minutes later with a portion of chips - it was like having a carrot dangled from a stick. I sped up and finally got to the finish chute. I nearly missed getting my medal because all I could think about was how hungry I was and made a beeline for Riaz and got a few funny looks as I stuffed some chips into my mouth.

Dawn Job done I'd finished! It had been a long day and it hadn't gone as well as I had planned, but there was nothing more I could have done on the day and so 15.01 will do for me.

Later on that evening I found out Lauren won her age group and qualified for Kona - what a legend!  And Chris got his revenge and beat me this time, so now it's 1-1 in the Hall-Rahman series. Although he may have to wait a while for a re-match as I am retiring from long distance for a few years (yes honest - you have it in writing). 

Wales - tough course but great support. I have a feeling it's going to become a popular race.


Amended result

Selwyn has informed me that he and Kirsten managed to get their timing chips mixed up after registration at the Highland Warrier Triathlon, so Selwyn actually finished (6th female in the Scottish Middle Distance Championships) and Kirsten was a DNF (cold, wet and miserable).


Late result - 11 September

Noel and Scott completed the Esporta Brigthon Triathlon on Sunday 11 September, where the 28k bike route incorporates Ditchling Beacon.


SueNew member

Welcome to new member Sue Cooper.


September backlog

Apologies for the lack of September news and results. Bruce and I headed off to Spain straight after Southwater for two weeks in the glorious sunshine. September is a busy month in the triathlon calendar so there was a lot of catching up to do.


Weekend results - 17-18 September

On Saturday 17th, Andrew completed the Legs of Steel sportive, just missing out on Gold time by 32 seconds.

Crystal Palace parkrun
14th   21:14    Phil Feldman (PB)
33rd   24:43    Paul Morrissey

Lisa has written a race report about the Streatham Common Cross Country champs

On Sunday 18th, the HSBC Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon took place at Dorney Lake. Jon came 3rd overall, Cathy was 2nd female and Sally was 1st FSV. Hans reports there was no wind throughout, which is a first at Dorney Lake. Unfortunately Mitch had his bike stolen after removing it from transition.

Big swell and gale force winds meant the Perranporth Surf Triathlon was changed to a run/swim/run format. The bike was abandoned after a cyclist testing the course was blown off their bike early in the morning. View photos.

The run leg at Perrantport

Emma completed the Henley Half Triathlon, which took part alongside the inaugural Challenge Henley long distance triathlon.

Gary went to to France for the weekend with fellow Old Portilians to compete in The Duo Normand, a two-man team time trial (against the clock) held annually in Normandy over 54k (31 miles). Unfortunately conditions were less than perfect with driving rain and sideways wind, The first (elite) team crossed the line in 1:06:48 with 320 teams finishing. Gary and his team mate finished in 164th place in a time of 1:31:51.


Streatham Common Cross Country champs - 17 September

Lisa10.4km / 6.5 miles

Report by Lisa Collins

I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this race before and there wasn’t the usual mass CPT contingent for a good local race, so may I be the first to recommend it. It’s brilliant!

Hosted by Herne Hill Harriers, it’s advertised as 6 miles but is actually 6.5 miles (believe me, you really feel that extra half) of four undulating laps of Streatham Common.

Starting halfway down Streatham Common North you turn along the bottom of the common, then uphill along Streatham Common South, over the top where the race sponsor Nando’s chicken man conveniently stands in the way of the water station, and into the woods.

As I ran up this incline on the first lap I thought, ‘I’ve got 3 more of these to go, better go steady on the first two’ - a wise decision. In the woods it feels more like an assault course; two sharp, steep descents followed immediately by an equally long and steep ascent in and out of trees, and jumping over roots, which took its toll on the legs by laps 3 & 4. Many people walked this part.

Switching gear so suddenly was a bit of a shock to the system. I was still getting used to my new trainers which I’ve only raced in twice and not off-road, but they were fine.

Due to weekly interval training on the track which I’ve recently started I was able to pull out a sprint finish and finish 36th (5th female), and the next day my legs didn’t ache at all, which is a first. It was really good prep for the Dulwich and Dartford 10ks. Still, I couldn’t quite stomach a greasy Nando’s after all that but John and Bernie seemed keen. It must be a guy thing.

I thought the course was challenging, the terrain made it fun and interesting and it certainly keeps you on your toes (pardon the pun). I hope to see a few more CPTers there next time.



Weekend results - 10-11 September

A very busy weekend!

Carole and Jim travelled to China to represent GBR in the Age Group races at the Beijing ITU Triathlon World Championships. Carole competed in the Sprint race on the 10th and Jim in the Olympic distance race on the 11th.

On Saturday 10th, Keith took part in the The Big Ben Nevis Triathlon, a middle distance race with an offroad bike.

With the remnants of Hurricane Katia hitting the UK, race conditions on Sunday 11th were particularly tough for those completing the following races:

CPT at the Newbiggin TriathlonNewbiggin Sprint Triathlon, this was the last qualifier for the European Championships in Eilat, Israel in 2012. Kati came 3rd in her age group and qualified. Photos by Matt Nuttall.

Highland Warrior Triathlon (middle distance) and the Dunmow Sprint Triathlon, where the conditions didn't stop Gary getting a PB.

Ironman Wales sounds as though it was really hard work. The swim had to be changed at the last minute and it was very wet and windy for those finishing later in the day. Some of the pros were an hour slower on the bike than they had hoped to be. Congratulations to Lauren who won her age group and has qualified to go to the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

The Ironman Wales video on Tri24/7 features our very own Chris Hall (at the swim start far right hand side) and then a few minutes later Haydn cheering everyone on. 

CPT at Ironman Wales

Ruki did the Eridge 10 which she says is "lovely - as in beautiful and all off road course but so hard - walked up four of the hills as more like mountains... muddy and uneven underfoot so whenever you weren't going up hill, it still wasn't easy. But did enjoy and happy to get round in one piece. I hadn't done this race for a few years and they've reversed the course so definitely harder.


Herne Hill VelodromeTuesday 27th will be the last evening road bike session of the year at the Herne Hill Velodrome.  Brigit will be opening up for a 17:30 start as it will be dark by 19:00.  The cost of this session will be reduced to £4.00 to reflect the shorter session. So you've got plenty of time for a ride before swimming at St Joseph's!


AvileNew members

Welcome to new members Avile Rumbos and Karl Chatterjee.


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CarlAutumn run schedule

Carl has put together the Autumn run schedule. This can be seen on the running page and will be incorporated in the training schedule as this is updated.


Weekend results - 3-4 September

Congratulations to Gary for completing the Vitruvian, his first middle distance race on Saturday 3rd, before stepping up to long distance in 2012.

Karin completed her first Olympic distance triathlon at Clacton on Sunday 4th.

Unfortunately we only had six teams in this year's Southwater Relays but despite the weather, we had a great time. The rain came down, very heavily, once we'd all finished which put paid to any picnic plans but at least we didn't race in the wet. Our Vets and Female teams both came 2nd in their categories. View photos from Southwater, Audrey's photos and Karen's photos on Facebook.

CPT at Southwater


parkrun results

3 September

Brockwell Park parkrun
6th    19:00     Mark Brown

CPT at the Crystal Palace parkrun - 3 SeptemberBromley parkrun
17th  19:42     Geoff Dillon

Crystal Palace parkrun
19th    22:57    Bruce Ayers (PB)
23rd    23:26    Selwyn Smith
26th    24:05    Dave Crockwell
38th    26:07    Kirsten Smith

10 September

Crystal Palace parkrun
33rd    25:36    Emma Snowdon

Bromley parkrun
3rd    17:57    Clare Elms (1st female)

The parkrun PB list has been updated and new photos added.


Late August result

Picking up vital Club League points, a team of five members headed to the Team Outrageous Midweek Sprint Triathlon on 31 August. The results have resulted in changes to the current League standings:

Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Anna Jackson
Female vet: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Beverley Hunt

Male seniors: Rob Parry, Keith Brewster, Grant Georgiades
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas, Tim Thomas, Noel Murphy

You can see all the races and points on the full spreadsheet.

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