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2011 news - August

CPT in action


League update

Here's Cathy's latest League update: Two more events qualified for the League over the last couple of weekends - Woldingham Aquathlon and Tunbridge Wells sprint tri. Jim - please don't do any more events timed by StuWeb as you clearly jinx them!. Greg, Jim and Suse all won their age/gender categories so got top scores at Tunbridge. Latest scores for top three positions (including only those having done  three or more events) are listed below or see the full spreadsheet. The male vet category has two people tying with identical scores so I have referred to their 4th best score in order to differentiate between 1st and 2nd place.

Female Senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female Vets: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female Supervets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Beverley Hunt

Male Senior: Rob Parry, Keith Brewster, Grant Georgiades
Male vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male Supervets: Jim Lucas, Tim Thomas, Haydn Whitmore


Weekend results - 27 - 29 August

Saturday 27 August

Unfortunately, after a great swim, Emma had mechanical problems on the bike and had to give up 20k into the very hilly Little Woody bike course.

Sunday 28 August

A large group of CPT descended on Tunbridge Wells for the inaugural sprint triathlon organised by Velocity Events. Unfortunately there were a few teething problems and a delay with the results, after the PDA on poolside got waterlogged. It was a narrow zig zag swim, similar to the set-up at Medway, with a long run to transition after jumping over a low wall. The bike course was definitely challenging, with a number of climbs, especially at the end of the 20k, but we had been promised a fast, flat run on school playing fields. This had to be changed at the last minute and was replaced by a slightly long, hilly, route on the road! Not what I signed up for!! Congratulations to Greg for coming 2nd overall and to Suse for being 1st female, along with a number of other age-group placings, although only 1st place prizes are awarded.

Mark has been busy while away on holiday. He also competed in the Mont Blanc Triathlon.

Monday 29 August

Sally, Bruce and Joe opted for the last in the Thames Turbo series instead of joining the social ride to Eastbourne. Bruce was really pleased with a PB, despite a long wait for the start (500 competitors, in strict number order and he was number 489!). Well done to Joe on winning his age group. Photos: Phil O'Connor Photography.

Joe, Sally & Bruce in action at Thames Turbo


Social ride to Eastbourne - 29 August

View photos on FacebookA small select group left Elmers End just after 9am for the annual social ride to Eastbourne. Glyn managed to get two punctures in the first hour. Our usual stop at the St Ives Tea Gardens was once again thwarted because they had closed down! We found a new coffee stop in Hartfield so made our first stop for coffee and cakes. Suse and Greg made their way home after refreshment, opting not to come all the way to the coast. After a lot more hills, we had a pub stop, but I can't remember the name of the village! We joined the Cuckoo Trail earlier than usual, and after dodging the dogs, kids with stabilisers and the Yee family, we made our way to the Pier, where James and the kids were meeting us. Only James and the kids were brave enough to take a dip in the sea. We were really lucky with the weather and enjoyed fish and chips, followed by ice creams before catching the train back to East Croydon.


Lausanne Sprint Triathlon

While on holiday Mark Thomas and his sons and the Falshaws competed in the Lausanne Sprint Triathlon.


parkrun results - 27 August

Saturday 27 August

Brockwell Park parkrun
22nd     Selwyn Smith       20:38 (1st time)

Bromley parkrun
10th      James Falshaw     18:55 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
3rd       Keith Brewster       18:29 (PB)
9th       Neil Pusey            19:53 (1st time)
12th     Leo Govan             21:10 (1st time)
30th     Dave Crockwell      24:06

aug 26

Ride the route sportive

Ride the routeIf you missed out on the Southwater Relays this year and are looking for something else to do on 4 September, you might like to enter the 'Ride the route' sportive. The 105k ride starts and finishes at Imber Court in East Molesey and covers some of the 65 miles of the Surrey part of the Olympic road race route everyone.

aug 26

Dulwich 10k / Ride of the Falling Leaves

Entry is now open for the popular Dulwich 10k on Sunday 2 October. If you don't fancy running 10k, you might want to enter the Ride of the Falling Leaves sportive (80k or 110k). The sportive is filling fast.

aug 25

New member

Welcome to new member Artur Koziol.

aug 23

Bank holiday ride to the coast

Don't forget Phil will be leading a social ride to Eastbourne on Monday 29 August. See details below.


Monster Middle Distance Triathlon - 21 August

KatieReport by Katie Crowe

I only chose to race this a couple of weeks ago, just to see where my fitness was.  Come race morning I was seriously starting to wonder what I had been thinking, especially following a night under canvas – I got enough sleep, but everything seemed to ache.  Not a great start.   The bonus was a relative lie in (5am) and a short walk to transition to set up. 

It’s a river swim.  You start the day with a 2km walk along the River Ely to get to the start (worth noting if you do this race to allow more than your average prep time to register and get to the start).  It’s a lovely walk actually, Ely is very pretty. 

They had an ‘elite’ start at the front for anyone who could swim under 29 mins so I plonked myself at the front of the ‘mass’ and hoped for the best.  I thought the swim would be pretty straightforward – one direction, keep swimming.  But actually, it’s not a straight river, and there were boats moored along the route so you do have to sight regularly.  It was an upstream swim, although it was pretty calm most of the time and I got a good draft a couple of times when we were funnelled through narrow bridges.

Katie setting out on her bikeHaving only used my TT bike for short distance tris and 25 mile TTs, it was going to be interesting (note painful) to see how I faired on a ‘fast’ (read flat) course for anything up to 3 hours.  And then have to run.  It’s not the most scenic of routes, just endless miles of flat road with flat fields at the side.  Luckily for us, the wind wasn’t as strong as I’m sure it can be around there.  There were quite a few packs of cheating drafters.  Hopefully the organisers will provide draft busters next time (they had been promised this year but I didn’t see a single one).

Katie crossing the Finish lineAn out and back – following NCN 11, part of it along the river, then along a track and some country lanes.  I really quite enjoyed it and felt surprisingly strong, despite having spent the previous 2.45 hrs folded in said TT position.  It gets even better once you can see people coming back the other way, although I really struggled for the last 4 miles with an ongoing foot issue. I clocked it at about half a mile short.  Which I definitely am not complaining about.

Other things to note:

  • Transition was in a field – would probably be a bit miserable in the wet.
  • Organisation – surprisingly very good for a first event.  Plenty of friendly marshalls
  • A great mix of competitors.  The top two female places were taken by pros.  And the last finisher took just under 8 hours.  They also allow relays.
  • They put on a hog roast and bar afterwards which adds to the atmosphere (As usual I had post-race lack of appetite so I can’t vouch for the quality.  And I was keen to get packed up and homeward bound)

Would I do it again?  Maybe.  I can’t say I enjoyed it that much until the run – I’d prefer a more challenging route than just hurting out a fast 70.3.  But now I’m starting to think I might be able to find that 4 mins from somewhere.....

And it would be a lot more fun if there were a group of CPTers racing.

Photos by StuWeb Timing.


Weekend results - 20 - 21 August

Saturday 20 August
Crystal Palace parkrun
15th     Phil Feldman       21:36

Sunday 21 August

Karin completed the St Neots Sprint Triathlon. Katie got 2nd in her age group at the Monster Middle Distance Triathlon (read Katie's report above). Jim was 2nd MV at the Essex & 999 Triathlon.

Ruki and Dawn did the Bike Blenheim Palace Sportive, Ruki did the 60 mile option and Dawn the 100 in lovely sunshine.

Ruki was pleased with her time but wants to point out that this includes a 45 minute lunch stop at a friend's mum's house who lives five minues from course at 30 miles. The actual ride time on her bike computer was 4:18.

Dawn enjoyed the 100 miler, despite missing 3rd feed station because it was poorly signposted. Luckily she was saved by a girl she met at mile 75 who gave up her spare bottle of water.

Results can be found on the Bike Blenheim Palace website.

Phil Pearson 25 mile time trial

Report by Karen Ayers

Gary, who is also a member of the Old Portilians Cycling Club, had promised the best bacon butties in the South to anyone taking part in the Phil Pearson 25 mile time trial. I tried drumming up some CPT support and was pleased that it wasn't just going to be Bruce and I. We asked Phil for some hints and tips, to which he advised 'it's going to hurt!'.

We had a very early start to get to the HQ for the G25/45 course, meeting at the Broadbridge Heath Village Hall (on the way to Southwater). We collected our numbers and prepared for the 20 minute cycle to the start. Unfortunately Audrey discovered that she had left her cycling shoes at home. She did ask in the Village Hall if anyone had a pair she could borrow but she was out of luck. Voy's size 13s just wouldn't stay on.

Bruce in the Phil Pearson 25 mile TTBruce and I set off for the start. It was almost 5 miles away and was mostly uphill. After taking a wrong turn on a roundabout we eventually found the start, as directed in Marches Road, opposite 6-bar gate with red caution sign attached, approximately 600 yards west of Kingsfold! Bruce had missed his 07:04 start time. The time keeper agreed to let him start, gave him a 10 second warning (with Bruce facing the wrong way down the road), so after a quick turn, reclipping his feet and some button pressing on his Garmin, he was off. I had about 20 minutes to cycle up and down the country lane before my start time.

I made sure I was lining up just in advance of my start. The starter held my bike and started the 30 second countdown. I was more nervous than I've been at a triathlon start, apart from Ironman. Then, with a big push, I was off. It was slightly uphill to start, but most of the course was indulating, rather than hilly.

Karen in the Phil Pearson 25 mile TTRiders are set off a minute apart and it was only about three minutes into the ride before the 65 year old man starting behind me overtook and disappeared into the distance. About five minutes into my ride the next man overtook me. I stayed down on my tri-bars and kept pedalling. I wasn't overtaken again until 32 minutes into the ride. We were cheered on by Voy, who was marshalling one of the roundabouts, and Audrey and Martin stayed to take photos.

The finish wasn't very obvious, just a marshal with a clipboard in a layby. I wasn't sure I'd even finished. I made my way back to the Village Hall with very shaky legs and managed to dismount without collapsing completely. Then it was into the Village Hall for the promised bacon buttie and a strong cup of tea.

Anna had also missed her start time but had been allowed to start. Grant had missed a left turn on the route and had headed down a dual carriageway before realising his mistake. He cycled an extra 3k before carrying his bike across the carriageway and getting back on to the right road!

Although it was hard work, I'd be keen to do another, not sure Bruce or Anna will be coming along next time, but Audrey definitely will.

Vets are given a standard time for their age. Mine was 1:16:03. Check the results to see if I managed to break it.

aug 18

Woldingham Aquathlon

CPT members did really well at the Woldingham Aquathlon on Wednesday 17 August. Congratulations!


BrianMember profile - new feature

Read the answers to 20 questions posed to one of our longest-standing members, who first competed in triathlon in 1984, enjoys a post-race cup of tea and still has a 'thing' about Kate Bush!

Hopefully this will become a monthly feature on the website.

Read more ...


Late results

Hans finished the Unity Fitness & Dance Half Marathon on 7 August 8th out of 160 men.

Also on 7 August, Dawn did the Great Shakespeare Ride, a 100 mile sportive.

DawnDawn reports:

I signed up for a 100 mile sportif last minute and started along with 800 riders and a police escort for the first few miles which was nice. The route was split into a 20 mile leisure ride, 100km and 100 mile sportif, it was all for a local hospice so a lot of people had turned out to support the ride.

I knew it was going to be tough as it took in a lot of the Cotswolds which is very hilly. There were six 'cols', three of which were 17% climbs that each went on for 1/4 mile. Lots of people got off and walked, but I managed to stay seated on my bike for all of them.

Dawn cyclingThere were three great feed stations with homemade cakes, pork pies, sandwiches and tea... none of which I made any use of as was trying to get a good time. With hindsight I wish I'd stuffed my face now as the 103 miles (it wasn't 100 after all) took me 7:21:36 which was a lot slower than I was planning.

The results are all messed up though as a lot of people signed up for the 100 miles but then switched to the shorter distance and so there was no way of telling who had done which course, or how my time compared to everyone else. However looking at the times from last year the fastest time was 5hrs 45 and nobody got a 'gold' standard which shows how hard it was. Plus quite a few people took 8-9hrs, so all in all it probably wasn't that terrible a time.

Dawn cyclingAlthough it was tough there was a free BBQ at the end so it wasn't all bad. Would definitely recommend it to anyone for next year though if you fancy a challenge or just a good feed!

Photos: Sportive Photo


aug 14

Olympic Road Race test event

View Olympic road race test event photosOn Sunday, Ruki, Audrey, Malcolm, James, Bruce and I cycled to Box Hill to watch the Olympic Road Race test event and to hopefully get a glimpse of Mark Cavendish. We set off early from Elmers End, headed for Headley Common Road, near the burger stand. We were worried that we had left it too late and the area would be full, especially as we hardly saw any other cyclists on the way. After being stopped at a couple of road closures we were allowed to cycle through to our planned meeting point, which was surprisingly empty. It did get busier nearer to the time the cyclists came through but we had an excellent viewing spot. Emily met us there, opting to cycle direct from home rather than via Elmers End, which meant she got an extra hour in bed!

We didn't actually spot Cav amongst the peleton, but it was very exciting to watch and we were amazed at the speed at which the bikes and team cars went past! Bruce and Emily had a near miss with a team car that almost took one of the cyclists out and came within a hare's breath of where they were sitting!

You can view a few photos on my Facebook page. Bruce has also uploaded a couple of images to Facebook, including one of Mark Cavendish and a series of clips showing the close encounter with a team car. Emily has also uploaded a video to YouTube, which shows just how close the car came.


Weekend results - 13 - 14 August

On Saturday 13 August Clare Elms (running for Dulwich Runners) was the fastest female at Greenwich.

Greenwich parkrun
2nd     Clare Elms    17:57 (PB)

Crystal Palace parkrun
13th     Phil Feldman       21:19 (PB)
28th     Paul Morrissey    25:13

Congratulations to Greg Lewis and Jim Lucas who won their age groups at the Clash of the Tritons aquathlon. Greg, Jim and Rob also won the team prize.

CPT at Clash of the Tritons 2011

Jim in GB kitThose of us cheering on at the Finish line thought Jim was a DNS as no-one had seen him. We suddenly saw him heading for the mat but no wonder we hadn't spotted him as he was missing his CPT kit, instead modelling his new GB kit, which he said he had to try out before Beijing!

There were a number of PBs as well as some spot prize winners. I won a basket full of delicious homemade cookies, Katie won some cycling sun glasses and Ruki won hand paddles and swimming goggles.

Photos can be viewed in the Greenwich Tritons photo gallery.

Congratulations to Chris Mangioni on a fantastic time at Challenge Copenhagen. Chris' time has also been added to the Ironman roll of honour.

On Sunday 14 August Hans says he completely crashed at the Salisbury 54321 Trail Marathon, finishing in 4 hours 31 minutes. Official results aren't online yet.

League update

Cathy has updated the League scores with results from the two London triathlons (Hyde Park and London Tri) plus Clash of the Ttritons.

Male Senior: Rob Parry, Keith Brewster, Grant Georgiades
Male Vets: Jon Horsman, Greg Lewis, Mark Thomas
Male Super-Vets: Jim Lucas, Tim Thomas, Haydn Whitmore

Female Senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female Vets: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female Super-Vets: Karen Ayers, Sally Kidson, Beverley Hunt


Evans Cycles deal of the week - 15% off helmets

Evans Cycles deal of the week - 15% off all helmets using the following discount code:

Expires 14 August 2011

aug 08

New member

LeoWelcome to new member Leo Govan.


Weekend results - 6-7 August

On Saturday 6 August Pete got a parkrun PB and new member, Clare Elms (running for Dulwich Runners) was the fastest female at Bromley.

Crystal Palace parkrun
4th     Peter Mack    18:52 (PB)

Brockwell Park parkrun
95th    Ella Fields     32:21

Bromley parkrun
5th      Clare Elms    17:48
14th    Geoff Dillon    18:27

CPT in action at Hyde Park

Congratulations to Mark Thomas on 3rd place overall at the Dextro Energy London Sprint Triathlon, while Anna and Andrew (completing his first triathlon) did exactly the same time in the Olympic distance on Saturday.

On Sunday, there were CPT members racing at both Sprint and Olympic distance.

Rob at Buckingham PalaceI have linked the individual names to the GE triVIEWER so you can 'watch' their race. I think there will be some adjustments to the placings as some of the current times look as though winning competitors didn't complete the full course. Photos on

Did anyone else spot Grant on the TV coverage of the Men's Elite race, proudly wearing his CPT jacket?

Best wishes to Richard for a speedy recovery, after breaking his wrist at Hyde Park on Sunday but bravely finishing the run anyway!

Also on Sunday, Hans did his best ever half marathon time, 1:27:53, at the UF Dance Runners Quest Half Marathon at Hackney Marshes. Full results haven't been published yet, but Hans says "A very nice result after some disappointing performances at the spring half marathons".  


Invite to the Phil Pearson 25 time trial - 21 August

As well as being a member of CPT, Gary Blunt is also a member of the Old Portlians Cycling Club. Gary has issued the following invite to all CPT members:

On 21 August, we are having our 25 mile time trial event. I would like to invite as many of you as possible to join us. Some of you have done time trials before, but for those of you who haven't, this is your chance to enjoy 25 miles of pain! I will be doing the catering for this event, so there will be free bacon rolls for any CPTers taking part.

Your entry must be in 10 days before you start. If you have any queries please contact me, hope to see you on the 21st.

CCTT entry form (payment of £8.00 can be made by cheque or Paypal), see the Old Portians website for more details. CPT is affiliated to CCTT.


Bank holiday social ride to the coast

Phil will be leading a bank holiday social ride to Eastbourne on Monday 29 August.

Meet at 09:00 at Elmers End. The pace will be comfortable and should suit anyone who is able to keep going for a few hours. The ride is approximately 70 miles (if Phil can remember the way!).

There will be a couple of snack stops on route. We normally arrive at the coast around 15:00ish to meet up with families/friends who have made their way by train or car.

Bring your swim things in case you are brave enough! Otherwise, bring some cash for fish and chips followed by ice creams.

We then make our way to the station to get the train back to East Croydon.

Please bring enough drink and nibbles for the ride, inner tube, pump, etc.

If enough people turn up we may try two groups, an express group with few stops and a slightly more relaxed, eat cakes and drink tea, group!.


Weekend results - 29 - 31 July

The third in the Club Aquathlon series took place at Trinity School on Friday 29 July, where Greg and Emma were crowned Aquathlon Champs for 2011.

On Saturday 30 July, Peter and Hans ran the Self Transcendence 10K, where Hans managed a sub-40 minute result for the first time.

Voy running at the London TriathlonThere were lots of members racing at the London Triathlon over the weekend but the results on their website aren't searchable and I haven't got time to go through 10,000 results! If anyone would like to send me their times and splits, I'll happily add to the Results page, along with Mark's splits. Pic: Voy running at London.

The London Triathlon was Emanuele's first Olympic distance. He says "although I struggled on the swim i really enjoyed the bike and run, finishing in approx 2:40 John P was at the swim start (and gave me a personal acknowledgement). Chris Hall was an official in transition and told me to hurry up in Italian when I couldn't find my bike in T1! Mark Thomas got a PB of 2.13.54 and won his age group by five minutes. You can read Grant's dramatic race report below.

On Sunday 31 July, Richard and Katie were at the Milton Keynes Triathlon, missing the Club Sprint Championships at the Medway Triathlon. Unfortunately there were problems with the timing at Medway and the results couldn't be verified to award prizes. Later in the day, the manual back-up was consulted and prizes will be awarded to winners of all age groups. I've put the 5-year AG places in the results but prizes will not be awarded to all). You can see the latest updates to the Club Championships.

Karen's road rash!I had my first triathlon DNF thanks to an inconsiderate driver who cut me up on a roundabout, and didn't stop when I skidded across the grass verge and on to the pavement. No broken bones, lots of lost skin, but nothing that won't repair. Thanks to everyone for looking after me on the day and patching me up!

That's not sunburn in the picture but road rash!

Bruce has realised the importance of transition training. He was quicker than Sara on the swim, bike and run, but she beat him by two seconds overall as her transitions were quicker! Bad luck to Audrey who suffered a puncture but fixed it and got going again.

Tim continued his 2011 west country theme with the Portishead Sprint Triathlon,  near Bristol.  He says "No podium finish I’m afraid but a really lovely event in a restored open air sea front lido, hilly bike around the Mendip Hills and a coast path run.  Nice to do these local events.  Highlight was Dad heckling my age group winner about his funny TT helmet – not used in his day of course!".

Ella completed the St Neots Olympic Triathlon.

Cathy has also added the Medway results to the League tables. So well done to Jon Horsman, Jim Lucas, Suse Fairfax, Sheila Horsman and Louise Alan Smith who all came top in their category so got the top score of '1' for this race.
There are a few changes on the leaderboard (*although some of those currently in the top three have yet to complete the required three races):

Female senior: Suse Fairfax, Katie Crowe, Cathy Cooke
Female vets: Sheila Horsman, Ruki Sidhwa, Kati Pusey
Female supervets: Louise Alan-Smith* ; Karen Ayers*, Sally Kidson
Male senior Rob Parry*, James Nellist*, Keith Brewster
Male vets: Jon Horsman; Greg Lewis; Mark Thomas
Male supervets: Jim Lucas; Tim Thomas; Noel Murphy


London Triathlon race report

GrantBy Grant Georgiades

I did London tri yesterday and it proved to be a very eventful race. I’d completed the race last year and couldn’t say it was one of my favourites. The Excel Centre and the bike route feel a little soulless and having to travel up to rack the day before is a pain especially as you’re not allowed to take bikes on the DLR and with all the road closures if you decide to drive it can take an age.

Anyway enough negatives, it was still enjoyable last year and at least you get good crowds cheering you on during the run. Plus I wanted to do it this year to get a gauge of how (hopefully) all the hard training had paid off and to see how much I could improve my time by.

My wave start time was 14.05 which made nutrition a bit trickier than normal as I’m used to having to wake up at the crack of dawn, shove a jam bagel or two in my face and rush off in the car to make a ridiculously early start. However beginning a race at lunch time required a bit more will power not to eat my usual daily quantities to prevent having to ‘cling on’ to it all during the run.

So the sun was shining on race day and I was feeling good. I bumped into Jon H and Sheila whilst getting a coffee and was given a good pep talk that left me feeling charged as I went off to get my wetsuit on. After a 20 minute struggle and with Anna’s assistance I finally managed to get my wetsuit on. That’s when I noticed how hot a day it was, I was almost melting during the race briefing and was relieved  to jump in the cold murky docklands water.

And so the race began. Fortunately they broke the wave that I was in of over 400 competitors up into three groups and started us off about a minute apart. That helped prevent some of the bottle necking and mayhem of last year. It’s a bridge to bridge swim and it seemed to be going well up until the turn. Then on the way back the water seemed a lot darker and heavier. I started to notice the smell of diesel more and it became a real struggle towards the end, so much so that towards the end I just wanted it over. Eventually I got out of the water to find I was a minute down on last year. A  disappointing deficit but not insurmountable. It turns out the swim was about 200 metres longer which would explain why I barely had the strength in my arms to carry my plastic bag with my wetsuit in it during the long run up a ramp into transition.

After a bad swim I’m always worried that I won’t have any energy for the bike but I started fairly well and was soon averaging around 22mph. However about a quarter of the way round the course a sudden narrowing of the road and the swerve of another competitor made me drop my one and only drinks bottle as I attempted to put it back in its cage. School boy error not carrying a spare just in case. What with the heat the lack of a drink made swallowing a particularly dry energy bar particularly difficult and I was forced to savour the after taste of a Go gel a lot longer than I would have liked. Anyway after 1 hour 1 minute of cycling I was due to come back into transition now 3 minutes up on my time from last year. I doubted myself briefly as my bike time seemed really quick and I have a history of miscounting laps but I’d counted right. The bike course was 3 miles short. So I turned off into transition. As I did so I hit a speed bump that sent my saddle pointing up towards the sky and my tyre deflated instantly. I was forced to coast and wobble my way along the last 100 meters counting my blessings that it hadn’t happened earlier.  

I whacked my trainers on and set off on the run knowing that a 50 minute 10k would see me under the magic 2hours 30 mark. But despite the support of the crowd and the course being flat I found the four laps really hot and hard going.

Eventually with 400 metres to go I knew it was going to be touch and go to get under 2.30. I mustered all the energy I could for what felt like a sprint finish and just about managed to cross the finish line in 2.29.55. I Grant being tended to post-racelanded in a grey and broken heap. The St Johns ambulance people at the finishing line were so concerned they grabbed me and helped me to the medical room. I didn't have the energy or breath to put up any resistance and tell them that I look like this after pretty much every race I do. Before I knew it there were five of them covering me in ice, soaking wet cold towels and taking my blood pressure. I was laughing with my brother who had accompanied me in to the room at the ridiculous amount of attention I was receiving.  But then the doctor insisted that I needed a thermometer putting up my bum to make sure I hadn’t severely over heated. It was like something out of a Ben Stiller movie as I was flipped onto my side in an undignified fashion, my tri suit pulled down and the insertion made (I might add despite the doubts of our very own BTF Volunteer of the Year that this was the first time anything has gone up rather than out of that cavity). But just as well they were thorough as my body temperature was 39.2 degrees. I was indeed hot. Not really that surprising a finding after 150 minutes of flat out exertion on a warm day but I’m grateful none the less for their efforts. And I’m pleased to report I’m feeling OK now. Just relieved that I wasn’t three seconds slower otherwise all that effort would have felt a lot less worthwhile.

Plus well done to Ms Jackson for putting in a very quick time to beat her friend/rival from uni. And also for staying afterwards to cheer me on and get me home.

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