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2011 news - July

CPT in action

jul 30

Training schedule

The training schedule has been updated for August. A number of sessions have been cancelled during the holiday period so please check the schedule before turning up!

jul 30

Alpe d'Huez result

Congratulations to Matt and Glyn for completing the Alpe d'Huez triathlon on Thursday 28 July.

jul 26

Late result

Hans did his first OlympicTriathlon at Marlow on 17 July, together with his son Wim.  Hans reports: The swim was predictably slow as I cannot for the life of me swim in a straight line but at least that meant I was saved from being overtaken by everybody on the bike (which is usually what happens to me in duathlons).  My run split was the 36th fastest of 215 finishers so the overall result was not bad.  Hans beat his son by 24 minutes.

jul 25

Weekend results - 23-24 July

On Saturday 23 July there were a few parkrun results:

Crystal Palace parkrun

12th  21:19  Phil Feldman (PB)
28th  24:27  Dave Crockwell
27th  25:06  Paul Morrissey

Bromley parkrun

3rd    17:45  Rob Parry
12th  19:08  James Falshaw

Rob returned from Australia determined to make it back to the top of the parkrun Roll of Honour. He didn't quite make it at his first Bromley parkrun but I'm sure he's going to keep working at it!

Ella did the Open Water Swimming Aquathlon.

The Club Summer BBQ went well, even if I say so myself! I've had some lovely thank you emails, so I'm not completely biased! At least the rain held off so we were able to sit outside, once the penultimate stage of the Tour was over, even if we needed cardigans and jackets as the evening wore on. Bruce was kept very busy on the BBQ and there was plenty of food and drink for all. The kids, plus James, Louse and Victor, made good use of the tennis courts, there were also a few games on the Wii, but mainly everyone chatted, ate and drank and enjoyed the good company.

Dawn with her trophyOn Sunday, Dawn successfully completed the Couple Challenge Triathlon, finishing 3rd senior female despite the choppy sea (hope you were finished in time for Riaz to watch the final stage of the Tour de France?!). Dawn reports (briefly for her, on her trophy!):

I did the Northumberland Couples middle distance triathlon yesterday and was surprised that I got 3rd place senior female. In fact so surprised I hadn't hung around for the prize bit, but just happened to wander back to the finish area an hour later, after having gone for food as found out you could print your splits out. I was too knackered to realise you could do when I crossed the finish line. Anyway, as I was printing my times off one of the marshals grabbed me and said are you Dawn - you've got a trophy. He'd recognised me as Riaz had been talking to him earlier on in the day and told him my name so they could cheer me as I ran past. After finally believing them I was chuffed to get a small trophy, and was extra chuffed at my time 5hrs 7mins, which was way faster than expected. However it all fell into place later on that evening when I found out the run was actually 18km rather than 21km... I really didn't think I had been running that fast! Oh well... it was a good race and the sea was so brown that I couldn't see if there were any jellyfish lurking this time, which was probably a good thing!

No idea how I am going to more than double up the distance for Wales but hopefully I can.

John ran the Down Tow Up Flow Thames Towpath Half Marathon.

Adrian crossing The Outlaw finish lineAdrian took on the Iron distance Outlaw Triathlon. He reports from Nottingham:

Well I learnt a few things... camping (in a tent).. not such a great idea. I went up on the Thursday (to do bike recce, run etc.) and it was COLD! 

In fact on race day. .I was cold throughout the swim (and put in my worst swim time ever!) and in T1 I was shaking uncontrollably and unable to get my bike gear on... it wasn't until about 60km or so that my feet finally defrosted!  I have to admit I have such a low body fat that I really do suffer with cold temps (hence not too keen to do long distance events in the UK!). The run was a lot warmer although the wheels came off at 38km and I missed my goal of getting below 11 hours! 

The Outlaw is an extremely well run event, with great marshalling on the bike and run, all very friendly and supportive... there was a superb atmosphere around the lake too. (And the camp site was full of triafleets so it was actually great all round. The camp site is actually part of the National Water Sports Centre and right across the road.) In terms of value for money and atmosphere it is really up there. And I would say it is "IM novice" friendly too, and they also have a relay team competition, so there is a lot of choice! 

Adrian's even considering purchasing a campervan!

jul 25

Tour de France and training in the Alps

Tour de FranceMalcolm decided to fulfill an ambition to go to the Tour de France. He says "Watching the climbs are great. The area becomes a Mecca for seemingly all European / world cyclists. The atmosphere is something to experience".
"I managed to get up Alpe d'Huez. Very happy to get to top, with dodgy knee. Used my touring bike which had more gears, but It is heavy, and I loaded up a pannier. So it was a grind, but great going down. The only problem was that I couldnt face another climb for days". 
Malcolm met an English family, now living in Switzerland, who run a holiday centre in the Alps, Buzz Alps which is sports oriented. The owner says the cycling is great, and there is outdoor and indoor swimming, with plenty of places to run, so could make a great tri training destination.

Good luck to Glyn and Matt who are doing the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon later this week!

jul 25

Blue Door Bicycles

Blue Door BicyclesBlue Door Bicycles, on Central Hill opposite Gypsy Hill Police Station, are offering CPT members a 5% discount with their CPT membership card.

Amongst other makes, Blue Door Bicycles are now stocking VO2 bikes.

Anyone who is familiar with the SE19 area will remember the old bike shop on this site, Central Cycles, which was run by the Talbots until the end of 2011. The new owner, David Hibbs, has created a fascinating website celebrating the history of the shop and the lives of the former owners. Well worth a read and a browse through the historic photographs.

jul 25

20% off bike computers at Evans

This week’s Evans Cycles deal of the week is 20% off all computers using the following voucher code:

Use promotional code: JAWCOMP
Expires 31/07/2011

jul 20

Midweek result

Results from the first Woldingham Aquathlon on Wednesday 20 July. Anna and Michelle were 2nd and 3rd females and Grant was beaten by his brother, which wasn't part of Grant's plan!

jul 18

League update

Here's the latest league update from Cathy: Three more races that qualify for the league including Tooting Bec Aquathlon last Wednesday, White Oak and Hillingdon triathlons on Sunday. Well done to Sheila who came top of her age group at Tooting and therefore getting a top score.

Please note that where a member races in more than one race of the same series, only their best score from the series will count towards the league. This ruling affects the recent results from Tooting Bec and Hillingdon Tri, where some members have already raced at these events earlier this year so unless they've improved their score it won't be counted again.

Full scores and ranks can be seen on the latest League Spreadsheet.

Female senior: 1. Suse Fairfax, 2. Katie Crowe 3. Cathy Cooke (not yet done three races)
Female vets: 1. Sheila Horsman, 2. Kati Pusey, 3. Ruki Sidhwa
Female supervets: 1. Karen Ayers (not yet done three races), 2. Sally Kidson, 3. Beverley Hunt

Male Senior: 1. James Nellist (not yet done three races), 2. Keith Brewster, 3. Neil Pusey (not yet done three races)
Male vets: 1. Jon Horsman, 2. Greg Lewis, 3. Mark Thomas
Male supervets: 1. Jim Lucas, 2. Noel Murphy (not yet done three races), 3. Tim Thomas

jul 18

Vouchers thank you

Sara and Karen would like to thank everyone for the wonderful job you all did in collecting over 4000 Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers. With these we have added two new small wetsuits to the Club's equipment.

In addition, we have used the Tesco vouchers for a new First Aid Kit which hopefully will not be well used, but always good to be prepared!

jul 17

Weekend results - 16-17 July

A late midweek result from the F3 Sprint Triathlon at Dorney Lake, where Emanuele got a PB.

Crystal Palace parkrun
34th  25:08  Paul Morrissey

Ruki and Dave Crockwell also did the Crystal Palace parkrun but their results haven't been recorded on the website. Ruki timed herself at 25:23, Dave says he did about 24:30 with Paul finishing ahead of him, so looks as though Paul's recorded time is incorrect..

Bromley parkrun
32nd  20:38  Neil Barnes

On Saturday 16, Phil raced at the Team Outrageous Saturday sprint race at Leybourne Lake.

Mat, Selwyn and Tom (with a PB) completed the 2.5 mile Speedo Swim at Hampton Court. Selwyn reports: Was a fun but arduous swim which I strongly recommend to people who fear open water swims!  The swimmers were well behaved, plus there's no bike or run afterwards - result!  Did feel weird not sprinting up the runway trying to unzip wetsuit whilst heading for T1 though! Happy with my time but couldn't keep up with the Aussie - Mat 'Thorpedo' Fahey who broke the hour barrier.  Next year for sure!

On Sunday 17, Neil raced at the Dextro Energy Triathlon in Hamburg and there were a number of Club members at a very windy White Oak Triathlon, where Andrea was 3rd Senior Female and Karen was 3rd Supervet Female.

There was an all female CPT line-up at the Hillingdon Triathlon, where Kati was 3rd FV and Emily 1st Junior, beating Sky Draper (who was a DNF).

jul 14

Midweek result

Results from the last in the Tooting Lido Aquathlon series on Wednesday 13 July. Jon H was 1st male vet, Tim Thomas 3rd male vet and Sheila 1st female vet. Gavin's time seems was incorrectly recorded but he has witnesses to say that he really did finish just ahead of Katie!

jul 14

New members

ClareMartinWelcome to new members Martin Rafferty and Clare Elms.

jul 14

Pledge to save the Velodrome

Herne Hill Velodrome TrustThe Herne Hill Velodrome have secured a new lease through British Cycling and they are currently re-surfacing the track. However, they still need our help to ensure the Velodrome has a viable future. All donations will be used to help develop the vision for the site, and in time, on the actual transformation of the land and buildings as it goes through a detailed design and planning phase. Please make your pledge online.

jul 11

Weekend results - 9-10 July

We had a good turnout for the Saturday bike session, coached by Jon, Phil and Scott. Everyone enjoyed the session, and were all surprised at how much faster you can go if you get a group working together successfully. Hopefully there will be more sessions like this in the months ahead.

Bromley parkrun
2nd  17:29 (PB)  Keith Brewster

Brockwell Park parkrun
6th   18:47 (PB)   Mark Brown
21st  20:21 (PB)  Grant Georgiades

Keith's time takes him to the top of the parkrun roll of honour, knocking Rob off his top spot. He'll have some work to do when he gets back from Australia! Congratulations to Keith.

Kirsten & SelwynJames raced Challenge Roth and Lauren, Haydn, Selwyn, Kirsten and Laura Ironman Switzerland. Despite Selwyn promising that he was sensibly leaving his trainers at home following his knee operation and lack of run training, he seems to have accompanied Kirsten round the course as they both crossed the Finish line together, ahh! Congratulations to Laura on completing her first Ironman. Photos are available on the FinisherPix website. All their times have been added to the Ironman roll of honour.

Mario went for a slightly shorter option, racing the Maldon Triathlon in Essex.

jul 11

Club Aquathlon - 1 July

Results are now available from the Club Aquathlon held at Trinity on Friday 1 July. Thanks to Brian for the photos.

You can also view esults from the Club Aquathlon on 10 June.

The next Aquathlon will be on Friday 29 July.

jul 08

New members

MirandaTonyWelcome to new members Tony Werner and Miranda Hutton.

jul 07

Bike session - Saturday 9 July

The place to be is Elmers End on Saturday morning at 09:25 for two coach led bike rides working on group riding, thru and off skills etc.
The rides will last approx two hours and will be split into ability groups, plenty of banter and laughs along the way, a session not to be missed!

Further details on the June news page. Cost £5 if you are pay as you go, otherwise included in the Annual training fee.

jul 06

Wedding congratulations

Rob & EmilyCongratulations to Rob Parry who will return from his travels in Australia a married man. Best wishes to Rob and his wife, Emily, for a long and happy marriage.

jul 06

Herne Hill Velodrome to close for maintenance

The session on Tuesday 12 July will be the last for at least six weeks as the Velodrome is closing for maintenance. Keep an eye on the Veldrome website for updates.

jul 04

Weekend results - 2-3 July

A late result from the midweek Tooting Lido Aquathlon, where Greg was 1st MV and Sheila 2nd FV.

Brockwell Park parkrun
82nd    29:36    Ella Fields

Crystal Palace parkrun
33rd    25:40    Paul Morrissey

Hans at Bewl 15 - Sussex Sport PhotographyChris at the Sussex Triathlon - Sussex Sport PhotographyAlso on Saturday, the British Gas Great London Swim whch took place in the Royal Victoria Dock.

The Sussex Sprint Triathlon, Sussex Standard Triathlon and the Bewl 15 took place on Sunday 3 July.

jul 04

LEJOG 2011

DanDan and his friend Martin depart on 10 July from Land's End and arrive the following Sunday at the tip of Scotland.  Well, that's the plan.

They have decided to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, and would be very grateful if you could spare the time and the cash to log on to their charity page and donate.

You can keep up to date with their progress throughout the week, and post 'encouraging' messages on their blog.

Good luck to you both!

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