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2011 news - January

CPT in action

Jan 31

Kenley Common 10kGrant and Peter ran the three lap Kenley Common 10k course on Sunday 30 January. Peter says "It was a strange race around an active airfield with gliders landing in the middle". Grant reports that the three laps were a bit boring, there were no distance markers and it was extremely windy and cold!  

Jan 29

parkrun results - 29 JanuaryBromley parkrun
4th Geoff Dillon 18:38
8th James Falshaw 19:29
23rd Darren Jackson 21:36

Crystal Palace parkrun
7th Mike Henderson 21:05

Jan 28

Saturday training sessionsA full programme of Saturday training sessions has now been added to the training schedule through to the end of March. This is in response to feedback through the training survey. Attendance will be monitored and a decision will be made as to whether these should continue.

Sessions on the athletics and indoor track are included in the annual training fees, but entrance to the Sports Centre must be paid at Reception before entering the track.

Jan 27

New memberWelcome to new member Andrew Mercer.

Jan 25

Run session - 29 JanuaryThis week's Saturday training session will start and finish earlier than usual - 08:20-09:25 (this is because there is a coach development session at 09:30). The session will be coached by Jon and Phil who will lead two different ability groups on a mixed pace run into Dulwich Woods. All abilities welcome but you need to be able to run for an hour.

Jan 25

New memberMattWelcome to new member Matt Aldridge. Matt is a friend of Jim's and will be known to those who've done Ironman Austria.

Jan 24

Cold water swimming championships - 22 JanuaryThe B TeamCathie has written a report about the Cold water swimming championships that took place at Tooting Bec Lido on Saturday 22 January (with no wetsuits).

Read Cathie's report.

Jan 24

Weekend results - 22-23 JanuaryKatie ran the Box Hill Fell Run on Saturday 22 January, where a new course record was set by the winner.

James completed the IceMan 12k Run and Keith and Jonathan the IceMan Duathlon.

Jan 23

parkrun results - 22 JanuaryCrystal Palace parkrun
9th Mike Henderson 21:02
18th Dave Crockwell 23:32

Lloyd Park parkrun
14th Ella Fields 30:47

Ella usually runs at Wimbledon Common but ventured to Lloyd Park for a change.

Jan 21

New memberWelcome to new member Arabella Chitnavis. Arabella's son Jay is one of our regular junior members.

Jan 21

Pustertaler Ski Marathon weekend 16-17 Jan 2011Haydn crossing the Finish lineHaydn has just come back from an exhilarating trip to Austria, where he competed in the Pustertaler Ski Marathon weekend.

He took part in two different races over the two days and has written a full race report which you can read on the Race Reports page.

Jan 20

New memberWelcome to new member Chris Mangioni.

Jan 20

London League racesEntries are now open for the following London League races (which will also form part of our Club League).

9 April - Ful-On Duathlon
8 May - Kingfisher Aquathlon (previously Morden 6n6)

Jan 20

St Joseph's pool temperatureFrances, our swim coordinator, spoke to St Joseph's who have apologised for the problems with the heating controls on Tuesday. They have assured us this will have been rectified by next week.

Jan 19

Weekend training - 22-23 JanuarySaturday 22 January - Coached turbo-run session at Crystal Palace from 09:30-11:00. This is included in your annual training fee, otherwise a fiver.
Meet ready to start at 09:30 (so get there earlier to set up!) under the Jubilee stand by the Sports Injury Clinic. Bring your turbo, bike, bike shoes, trainers etc. There are a limited number of club turbos available to borrow if required, please request one before the session to confirm one is available.

Sunday 22 January - Usual bike ride starting from Elmers End at 09:00. However, if it's likely to be icy, check temperatures before you leave and if necessary stay at home and do a turbo session!

Jan 19

Monday night swim at Crystal PalaceWe now have a second lane booked for swimming at Crystal Palace on Mondays, starting Monday 31 January, from 19:30 to 20:30. The session will be uncoached but a suitable swim set will be provided each week. This lane will be for those who don’t fit the current time criteria for the existing lane!

In the first instance it is booked until the end of March 2011, when the uptake will be reviewed.

This swim is included in the Annual/Quarterly training fees or you can pay £4 per session pay as you go.

Jan 18

Bromley 10ksGeoff raced at the Blackheath & Bromley Open 10k Cross Country on Saturday 15 January.

Emanuele completed the Bromley 10k on Sunday 16 January.

Jan 16

parkrun resultsAs the parkruns are becoming more popular they are taking over the results pages, although not actually an official race. I've therefore created a parkrun roll of honour page. This contains a list of PBs which will be updated when new PBs are achieved. All other results will be reported on the current News page but not on the results page.

Bromley parkrun
16th Darren Jackson 22:12

Crystal Palace parkrun
13th Dave Crockwell 23:47

Dave ran the 5k then joined the Club run session! The fastest time at this week's Crystal Palace parkrun was run by ex-CPT member Tony Cunningham in 19:56.

Jan 16

Sunday ride - 16 JanuaryFintan with a sore headThere were 20 riders at Elmers End for this Sunday's ride. We split into a number of groups, with the fast and intermediate riders heading to Box Hill. Those of us who wanted a shorter ride headed in the other direction, for Downe/Westerham.

Unfortunately half way up Upper Elmers End Road, Audrey and I stopped at a zebra crossing but Fintan didn’t. He had to break hard and tried to swerve to avoid us. Unfortunately he came down and took a very nasty bump to the head. An ambulance took him to Lewisham Hospital where he had his ear superglued back together, the egg shaped bump on his forehead dressed, and various cuts and grazes tended to. But luckily nothing broken.

Thanks to the other group riders who dealt with the casualty, directed the traffic and rang the ambulance. Thank goodness Fintan was wearing a helmet otherwise things would have been a lot worse.

Fintan’s bike was taken away by a nice man from VCL. Unfortunately Audrey’s bike wasn’t ride-able so Martin had to cycle home for the car.

I’ve spoken to Fintan, who admits he wasn't paying enough attention and he says the motto of the day is ‘When cycling in a group, make sure you concentrate on what’s going on in front of you and not behind you’.

Hope everyone else had an incident free ride and best wishes to Fintan for a speedy recovery. (There were five punctures on the Box Hill ride, but no accidents!).

Jan 16

New memberEmilyWelcome to Emily Singer-Ripley our first junior member to move up into the adult membership.

Jan 12

Winter Tanners 30KatieReport by Katie Crowe

This was to be my first ‘ultra’ distance event, but my second LDWA (Long Distance Walkers Association) event.  The LDWA conjures up images of beards, long socks and cardigans (in some cases, you wouldn’t be far wrong, but I need to work on my beard), but it really is a mix of ages, abilities and ‘type’.  Runners are welcome to join these non-competitive ‘challenge’ events that are typically around the 30 mile mark (although they do offer shorter 20, and sometimes 12 mile options), they cost anything from £2 to a massive £10 to enter and for that you get a route description, refreshments at each checkpoint (usually tea, squash and biscuits although I have seen full-on buffets at one event!) and sometimes you get a meal at the end too.  You could say they offer pretty good value for money.

We were lucky with the weather.  Despite the persistent rain of the week before it started out cold, but dry and even sunny at times.  The going underfoot was very muddy at times (I did nearly lose my shoes in the mud a few times).  The route started in a car park (no swanky HQ for these events) in Leatherhead.  Due to flooding on the River Mole the first couple of miles were a slightly uninspiring trek along the side of the A24 but we were soon into lovely countryside and once we left the A24 I don’t think I saw another car until we came back in to Leatherhead some 6 hours later.

There were three major climbs on the route - Box Hill, Leith Hill, Steers Field (it was a field, but on a massive hill!), plus a good few other ‘inclines’ and some lovely steps (both up and down, just in case your quads weren’t already shattered) which the route description helpfully warns you of – ‘the ascent includes 20 steps (ahd over wide TK) + 51 steps’ which roughly translates as ’71 steps straight up’ was one such gem at about 23 miles.

I only got lost once – I got distracted talking to someone and we must have missed a turn.  Stupidly rather than retrace our steps we decided to try to cut off a corner.  The result?  An extra two miles (yes, two) added.  Oh well, just 30 miles is for wimps anyway.  I think my final time was just under 6.5 hours which suits me. 

I would recommend these events to anyone wanting a bit of a challenge in a totally non-competitive environment.  You meet some lovely people and the navigation really isn’t that hard (as long as you concentrate!).  And you don’t have to grow a beard.

Jan 12

New memberClaireWelcome to new member Claire Debleu.

Jan 11

Weekend training - 15-16 JanuarySaturday 15 January - Jon H will be coaching a run session from 09:30-11:00 for all abilities. Meet in the top car park at Crystal Palace.

For those who have taken advantage of the annual/quarterly training fees this session is included at no extra cost, anyone who has paid swim only or wants to PAYG then it's £5.

These sessions have been put on following requests at the AGM and feedback to the recent training survey, please support them otherewise they may be discountinued.
Sunday 16 January - Usual bike ride starting from Elmers End at 09:00. However, if it's likely to be icy like last Sunday, check temperatures before you leave and if necessary stay at home and do a turbo session! Even when the roads are clear at Elmers End, they quickly become dangerous as you head upwards and out of town. It can get too hazardous on two thin wheels. Advice on winter cycling can be found on the Cycling page. There are some suggested turbo sessions in this Tri 24/7 article.

Jan 11

Committee meetingThe Committee will be meeting on Monday 17 January. If you have any items for the agenda please Chris know.

Jan 11

Physiotherapy awardsBevanCongratulations to Bevan and his team at the Crystal Palace Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic for recently being awarded ‘Overall Best Physiotherapist/s of the Year Award’ at the fourth annual Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) Awards, held in London.

Go to the CPSIC website

Jan 11

Progressive swim sessions in January and FebruaryJon will be running three progressive swim sessions during January and February which are aimed at all ability athletes to improve technique, efficiency and race times in preparation for the 2011 season.
With video playback you will be able to visually see where improvements can be made and have the chance to practice corrections using specific drills receiving one to one feedback, leaving with genuine improvements.
Details of the sessions:
Dates: Sunday 30 January, 6 and 20 February 2011
Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Alleyns School, Dulwich, SE22
No. of places: max 11 - allowing for plenty of individual feedback
Cost: £99 for all three sessions - includes a DVD featuring your video clips
Please contact Jon if you would like any more information or would like to reserver your place (07916 122898).

Jan 10

New membersTariqDarrenWelcome to new members Tariq Benson and Darren Jackson.

Jan 10

Brown Willy - New Year's DayReport by Keith Brewster

KeithWhat better way to celebrate New Year's Day than running up a mountain?  This is what I convinced my (not in anyway a runner) brother in law, so that’s exactly what we did and headed for the Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor for the “Brown Willy run”.  Not sure if the Brown Willy is technically a mountain but it is the highest point in Cornwall and it’s certainly mountainous!

Brown Willy, CornwallLuckily the start time was a civilised 11am and we weren’t suffering too much, New Year's Eve hadn’t been too boozy.  Even so I still managed my usual trick of not being ready OR at the start line at 10:59.  I joined Ben with seconds to spare behind a few hundred strong field, he commented about how everyone was thinner than him (I probably can’t repeat exactly what he said here!) and we were off.  We ran together for a bit until I could no longer contain my competitiveness!

The route is about seven miles and it’s a proper fell run, pretty much uphill all the way to the peak then turn round and come back down with just a short one way section for the summit.  It starts on tarmac then turns to a track, muddy moors then finishes with a steep rocky climb which had everyone I could see slowed down to a hike.  Apparently the fastest few would skip up it but I don’t know how.  Quickly take in the view at the top then start the crazy View from the summit of Brown Willydescent.  As I stepped carefully down the steep, slippery rocks (like a pansy) the locals I’d breezed past on the way up showed how it’s done (engage legs disengage brain!?)  So once we got back on the muddy, rutted grass I ran as fast as I could, it was an accident waiting to happen!  I saw so many people slip, tumble or lose a shoe to the sticky bits (I’d learnt that lesson about not using elastic laces at an off road race last year!)  Anyway I somehow made it back to the pub in one piece and with a big smile, much more fun than any road race.

Ben finished a while later, still running and keen to make it a tradition.  He paid for it the next day though because he could hardly walk!

The Brown Willy run is organised by Truro Runners and is free to enter. There are no results as it isn't classed as a race.  1st place is recognised and everyone else is joint loser!

Jan 09

Light Entertainment - Kent County XC Champs... 8K run - Saturday 8 January

Report by Ruki Sidhwa

RukiWith the intention of starting the New Year being good, I had said 'Yes' to the XC captain at my other club, Dulwich Runners recent email about entering this event - but hadn't really taken in what it was! I just thought it was one of the regular XC races where it's good to have as many DR representatives out there as possible. I thought maybe it was part of a County Champs series or something - and with Tadworth 10 the week before, thought this would be fine - I clearly wasn't concentrating!

For when I arrived, immediately seeing that two car parks were already full and the third nearly so - even though I was over an hour early - I suddenly thought that maybe this event was serious!

And sure enough as well as the Senior men, there was just three of the fastest DR ladies AND me! I must admit at first I was tempted to hide and go home on discovering it was THE County Champs - just on this one day!

Female start

Once we started though the race was OK and apart from having to watch the boggy patches - the mud nicely churned up by the Juniors and Senior men before us, the course was actually quite nice. And what kept me amused was the fact that I haven't run in a County XC Championship since I was at school - aged 12!! - so who'd have thought I'd be doing it now! (I still have my medals for 1st & 2nd Team Event 1977 and 78!!) ... So I was quite pleased with myself for taking part! And what was better was that I wasn't last - or that near to the back as I had dreaded... but there is a lesson to be learnt - always know what you are signing up for!

Ruki - 43:22 (53rd out of 68 women- could have been worse!!). Full results.

Jan 09

Knacker CrackerFintan marshalling the Knacker CrackerFintan was unable to run the New Year's Day Knacker Cracker 10k because he had an injury. He says "I had already bought my fancy dress and Sam (Leah’s boyfriend was running)... so I marshalled in fancy dress.

I was positioned just beyond the crest of the longest hill and ‘pointed’ most runners along the trail, some who were flagging I threatened to ‘reap’!".

Jan 09

Cycling Time TrialsVoy has sent through a list of cycling time trials taking place in the South East during 2011. Voy did a number of these events last year and wondered whether anyone else from CPT would like to join him this year? The Club are affiliated to CTT so all members are eligible to enter (see the Cycling page for more details or visit the Cycling Time Trials website).

Jan 09

London Marathon sponsorshipGaryGary was lucky enough to win a Club place for the London Marathon this year and is taking the opportunity to raise £1000 on behalf of Help for Heroes, If you would like to sponsor Gary please visit is donation page, or you can donate cash/cheques in person.

Jan 08

parkrun resultsOn Saturday 8 January, Keith had a change of scenery by attending the Bromley parkrun, Rob attended his first parkrun at Brockwell Park and Ella returned to Wimbledon Common, Karen and Dave ran at a windy Crystal Palace but no PBs.

Jan 07

New membersPeterGraemeWelcome to our first new members of 2011. Peter King, parent to one of our junior members, and Graeme Liggett.

Jan 05

Christmas party photographsCPT Christmas party 2010Thank you very much to Brian for the photographs from the 2010 Christmas party at the Black Sheep in Crystal Palace. There are photos of the presentations as well as the dancing and celebrating.

You can view the photographs on Brian's website.

Jan 05

Crystal Palace parkrunRather belatedly, I've added the results for the Crystal Palace parkrun on 18 December. 1st and 2nd place were both taken by CPT runners. So congratulations to Keith and Mike for turning up in the snow.

MalcolmCongratulations also go to Malcolm Hicks who was awarded the Crystal Palace parkrun Sweatshop prize for December. Malcolm can often be seen volunteering on a Saturday morning and also stands in as race director on occasion.

There is no Club coached session this Saturday so why not give the Crystal Palace parkrun a go? If you haven't done a parkrun yet, you need to register and print out your barcode before you go along to ensure you get a time.

Jan 05

Thanet Mountain Bike DuathlonGeoff and Richard opted out of Tadworth on Sunday 2 January, instead they headed to Birchington in Kent for the Thanet Mountain Bike Duathlon. True to form, it was cold and muddy, with the dykes once again proving a popular feature!

Jan 05

SwimathonSwimathonThe world's biggest fundraising swim is back at a pool near you from 8-10 April 2011.

Enter online before 31 January to get a 50% discount. Swim for charity or challenge yourself to swim further, faster or longer than ever before.

Your efforts will help Marie Curie Nurses provide free care and support to people with cancer and other terminal illnesses, completely free and in the comfort of their own homes. Swimathon 2010 raised over £2 million for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Swimathon Foundation.

Jan 03

Website updateHappy New Year to everyone.

Don't forget membership renewals are now due. You should have received details by email, if not please let Chris, our Club Secretary know.

I hope you like the new website design. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. I'm working my way through and hope there won't be too many broken links but do tell me if you find any!

Jan 02

Tadworth 10Tadworth 10 photosThere was a good CPT turnout for this year's Tadworth 10, including some first timers. The weather was almost perfect, cold but not freezing, with no wind, ice or fog, which meant there were also a number of PBs. Results are now available. Thanks to Riaz for the photographs. Hans has promised to write a race report soon.


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