2010 News - August

CPT in action

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Club kit - trisuits and cycling tops

Endura trisuitEndura bike jacketWe have taken delivery of some new Club kit, unisex trisuits and cycling jackets from Endura.

Both items are available in XS, S, M and L, there are also XL cycling jackets.

The trisuits are £60 and the cycling jackets £50.

Please see the Club kit page for more details and how to order.


Crystal Palace parkrun - 11 September

Due to other events being held in the park there will be no Crystal Palace parkrun on Saturday 11 September.

Late news and climbing Everest in the Alps!

Apologies to Roy for missing him off the results for the Big South Swim on 21 August. Roy was over a minute faster than last year even though he hadn't done any swim training since Ironman France!

There's also a late result from Lauren who came 2nd female in the South Coast Triathlon on 14 August.

RoyRoy is embarking on a crazy cycle challenge next weekend in the Alps; 2158km in 10 days, following a route which takes in 111 cols and a total of 41,800m of ascent (and descent!) which is apparently equivalent to climbing Everest nearly five times. Lauren says "I haven’t really seen much of him for the past couple of months as he’s been out riding his bike all the time, doing 400-500km/week". His biggest day was when he decided to ride to Portsmouth, get a ferry to the Isle of Wight, do a lap of the island, then cycle home again (via Brighton)! Anyway, he’s doing a blog of his challenge, and is raising money via his Justgiving site for Whizz Kids too.

Social ride to Eastbourne

Thanks to Phil for organising the annual August bank holiday social ride to Eastbourne. Thanks also go to Greg and Suse for keeping the group in order and pushing any stragglers along!

We left Elmers End just after 9am on a sunny but fresh morning. There were 16 of us at the start, including Sam one of our junior members. We headed out towards Layhams Road, Woldingham, Lingfield and Edenbridge. Our first scheduled stop was the usual Ivy Tea Rooms, which unfortunately weren't open. Brian had to leave us at this point and cycle home with an empty stomach.

We pushed on to Hartfield and stopped at Piglit's Tea Rooms where we received a less than friendly reception! We were told that as there were so many of us they couldn't serve us cake as there wouldn't be any left for regular customers later in the day! We ordered tea and coffee while James went to the village store for supplies. The cafe didn't take too kindly to us eating our own food on their premises but backed down when faced by 15 hungry triathletes! Sam and James headed back after the tea stop.

We then cycled through the Ashdown Forest into Maresfield then Uckfield and our second stop at a pub in Waldron. This was just meant to be a quick drink and crisps stop but as we hadn't eated properly at the previous stop some of us needed some proper sustenance!

Once through Hailsham we took the Cuckoo Trail into Eastbourne, then along a busy dual carriageway before hitting the sea front and stopping at the Pier.

Greg, Suse and Voy bravely stripped off for a quick dip but the water was pretty cold and there was quite a current so they didn't stay in for long before the fish and chip shop called to them!

We split into a number of smaller groups for the train journey home, which was lucky as the 18:31 only had four carriages and we struggled to fit the last group in!

View the photographs from the day.

CPT social ride to Eastbourne - August 2010

New member

AdrianWelcome to new member Adrian Durran.

Friday swims - Trinity School

As from Friday 3 September our Friday night swim will move to Trinity School.

The adult session will start at 20:00. Please be on poolside and ready to swim at 20:00. Do not enter the pool before then without the permission of the lead coach for the evening as CPT only have limited use of the pool before this time and Trinity members must take priority. The full session will be 90 minutes, finishing at 21:30. For those who do not feel ready for this just yet or with juniors to get home there will be an optional end time at 21:00.

Latest results

A few members ventured down to Dorney Lake on an exceptionally wet night for the midweek 220 Evening Series race on Wednesday 25 August.

On Saturday 28 August, Rachel was the only CPT runner at the Bromley parkrun while there was another good turnout at Crystal Palace parkrun, with Selwyn, Voy, Scott and Glyn all getting PBs.

CPT members at the Crystal Palace parkrun - 28 August 2010


Unfortunately it looks as though Adam Double didn't finish Ironman Louisville. He had a swim time of 1:24:07 and completed the first 70 miles of the bike but seems to have dropped out after that.

Voy completed the Alton CC 25 mile time trial on Sunday 29 August in 1:11:16. 

Neil and Selwyn went head to head at the Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon on bank holiday Monday. See how they got on. 

Selwyn in action at Thames Turbo


Selwyn reports "I was in two minds whether to forfeit the Thames Turbo race for the social Eastbourne ride as a bit raced out but pleased I took part in the end!
The two hour wait before starting was quite chilly so it was a relief to get started in the heated pool! And the sun finally warmed up so it turned out to be good racing conditions - except the wind appeared to be blowing against you the whole way around the out and back course! Also bumped into Rob who was proudly modelling the new club kit".

Autumn run schedule

CarlCarl has updated the run schedule to cover Wednesday night sessions from 1 September through to 24 November. See you there!

Dulwich Prep post-swim curry

As this Friday, 27 August, is the last swim at Dulwich Prep before we move venue to Trinity School on 3 September, we thought we should celebrate with a post-swim curry.

Not sure yet of the location, either at The Indian Dining Club in Gypsy Road or Diya at Crown Point, depending on numbers etc.

Could you please let me know ASAP whether you would like to join us so that I can make a booking and give the restaurant plenty of warning!

Bank holiday social ride

Phil will be leading a bank holiday social ride to Eastbourne on Monday 30 August.

Meet at 0845 at Elmers End. The pace will be easy and should suit anyone who is able to keep going for a few hours. The ride is 70 miles.

There are a couple of stops on route, the first, in Hartfield, for tea, cake, baguettes, more cake, etc.  The second, in Waldron, for two pints and a packet of crisps!

We normally arrive in Eastbourne at 15:00ish to meet up with families/friends who have made their way by train or car.

Bring your swim things in case you are brave enough! Otherwise, join the fish and chip queue followed by ice creams by the pier.

We then make our way to the station to get the train back to East Croydon.

Please bring enough drink and nibbles for the ride, inner tube, pump, etc.

If enough people turn up we may try two groups, an express group with few stops and the relaxed let’s have a good day out group.

Dawn & RiazWedding congratulations

Congratulations to Dawn and Riaz, who got married on Saturday 21 August. We all hope you have a great honeymoon in Australia and a happy life together when you return.



Weekend results - 21-22 August

Eight CPT members ran the Crystal Palace parkun on Saturday morning, with a few first timers and one PB. Saturday was a busy day with members also racing at the Orca Sprint Triathlon and the Big South Swim, both held at Dorney Lake.

The Bexhill Sprint Triathlon took place on Sunday, with Nigel making his first outing of the season in preparation for Southwater!

SwimForTriDiscount for Club members

CPT members get a 10% discount from SwimForTri.


Midweek result

Emanuele raced at the fourth in the series of Triathletes World Mid Week Sprint Triathlons at Dorney Lake on Wednesday 18 August.

Ironman Switzerland race report

By Selwyn Smith

Ironman SwitzerlandSorry guys, I got a bit carried away with my race report!  I just loved my IM experience so much that I wanted to share the whole journey with you!  It actually takes longer to read than complete an IM!  Those who don’t have time for an extended coffee break, go to paragraph five where the race kicks off.  Enjoy!

It seemed like an age ago when Marcel sent the 'Who's in for IM Switzerland 2010' email but here we were, a week before race day.  Kirsten and I were heading back from my parents' 'last supper' before IM in our car which was going to be our transport to Lake Zurich. Just approaching Tower Bridge, there was an almighty bang, hiss followed by steam and black smoke coming out of the bonnet.  My immediate thought was, 'Great, we don't have to do Ironman', but then my instincts kicked in and shouted, 'Kirsten, run for cover', as we sprinted from an exploding car.

OK, car wasn't engulfed in flames but it wasn’t going to take us anywhere soon!  That's when a light bulb appeared above my head with John Petrides' initials flashing away.  First thing next morning, I got the car towed to JP's garage.  He ummed and arghed at the damage then in true IM spirit said, 'Whatever it takes, we'll get this fixed to take you to Switzerland!'  So on went the A-Team theme tune over the garage Tannoy (ok, this didn't really happen!) and John and his mechanics commenced performing a miracle!

36 arduous and inventive hours by The JP-team (nervous by Smith team) later, we got the call saying, 'come pick her up!' I had visions of a pimped up motor resprayed in CPT colours and 'go faster' stripes to match.

Setting off a day later than planned we drove from London to Zurich in one day meeting up with Keith and his partner Beth half way who had stayed in the Champagne region (for pre-IM training) as pre-planned.

Pre-swimDizzy and exhausted, we arrived at the 'IM campsite' Wednesday evening only to be told there was 'No room in the Inn'.  A blessing really as there was a lot of IM testosterone wandering about.  We found another quieter campsite 10 minutes down the road.  Anyhow, Thursday we checked out the IM village and registered noticing the lake temperature was 24.4 degrees Celsius - wetsuit ban 25.5 degrees!!!  Wind up or not, we went for a dip in the lake in our togs – it was like a hot bath.  A certain Scottish person loved the idea of a non-wetsuit swim and took some persuading that wearing one if possible was the best option!

Our concern about a wetsuit ban was soon diminished as it rained solidly for the next three days - nice camping weather!  Only good thing was that we certainly rested up before the race!

We moved to a hotel on Friday as planned for some proper nights sleep before the race. Friday was IM pasta party night, a mighty fine five-course banquet whilst watching IM 2009 on the large screen to get us fired up.

Saturday we racked bikes - lots of eye candy (bikes I'm talking about here!) - reckon a few £million sitting in transition over night.

CPT pasta partySaturday night we had our CPT pasta party. Us competitors busily discussed tactics whilst supporters Beth, Beverley and Clare busily talked about shopping (and a bit about supporting!).  It was good to have banter with the experienced Ironmen - Simon and Marcel.  They have 6 or 7 IM between them (OK, not doing Simon justice here as Marcel has done one but from his times, you wouldn’t argue that Marcel also knows what he's talking about!).  They both agreed a glass of red wine was the key to a good race - we didn't need telling twice.

Team start in the darkSo we're finally here - race day.  Alarm call was 4am, scoff as much as your stomach can digest before the event - I had my Weetabix and a couple of bananas (whoopee me!).  We decided against running to the start from our hotel as a warm up as it was 10km, so went for the taxi option!  I would try to jazz up my report saying we arrived at the tranquil lake, with rising sun shimmering on the water but it was pitch black and none of us had a torch!  We found our way to transition which was thankfully glowing with spot lights.  We fine tuned our bikes, kit, nutrition and off we went to the swim start. 

I’d heard how daunting an IM mass start is but we didn't have much time to think as we were soon in the water and competitors started heading off to the distant buoy.  We guess it had started (didn’t hear a gun!) so a quick ‘man hug’ with Keith and we were off! 

On the beachWe're used to nice cold water to shock the brain into gear but the lake was still warm - no worries, I got a lung full of garlic breath from a too close competitor which had the same effect!

Aim out wide was Keith and my tactics for a quieter swim - might bump into Kirsten as she was in the ladies area which was separated from the men by a jetty!  We almost got on first name terms with the canoeist we were so wide, shame it wasn't with the lead canoe!

Swim was two laps - at the end of the first lap we had to run across a little island then back in the water for the second lap. But to get on the island, you were funnelled through a narrow channel which brought the 2200 competitors together again - reminiscent of a CPT Xmas water polo match!  Marcel had someone try and pull his hat and goggles off - sorry about that Marcel, I would have done anything to beat you in the swim!

Swim startOn the island a few of us looked at our watches and were shocked at how slow our times were - had far too much fun on the first lap so took the second lap a bit more seriously.  We all loved the swim, I was keen to stay in the lake for a few more laps rather than take to the bike - it totally relaxed us in preparation for the little cycle ahead of us!

So up the slippery slope and the Swim ticked off the list!
Us ‘Iron maidens’ took our time in T1 but wished I'd listened to Simon saying to treat transition as free minutes and race through it.  Simon and I had similar swim times but he was long gone by the time I had dried myself off, talc-ed my toes and checked my hair in the mirror!

Marcel showing off on his bike!So finally off out on the bike, two laps, then it was the run – sorry, I’m also getting bored… promise to speed up, as I did on the bike!

The first 30km on the bike was fast and furious flat road.  'Try not to over cook the flat’ seasoned IM Swiss competitors had told me - forget that, let’s push this bike to its limits!  Yeah, I should have saved some for the climbs, especially The Beast which didn’t disappoint.  At least the views across the lake were amazing as you climbed it - 'almost' forgot you were on a hill!  There was a fantastic descent back to the lake where most people get their PB mph (JP).  Kirsten had issues with her speedometer that even the roaming mechanics had trouble fixing. I was like ‘yeah yeah, excuses, excuses’ until I read her max speed which no joke read 100km per hour – definitely something wrong with her speedo I then thought!!!

Simon on the bikeA final ascent at the end of the lap was aptly named Heartbreak Hill.  One of the prime supporter spots where there's bands, DJs and huge cow bells happening!  It was a fantastic climb with the supporters funnelling you up the hill.  The buzz just picks you up and carries you to the summit – emotional!  Hairs are rising on the back of my neck just writing about it!  Our support crew were there in full effect, great seeing familiar friendly faces!  We reloaded with goodies from them and off again for the second lap of 90kms!

This is where I thought, ‘prefer middle distance’ – I obviously hadn’t kept my powder dry!  So a lot slower lap later it was T2 and bike ticked off!  I parked bike, helmet off and just had a wee lie down to gather my thoughts which were, ‘those trainers aren’t going to run that marathon themselves!’

Keith on the runRun was four loops – nice as I thought of it as four times Olympic tri runs plus a bit more!

I think we were all hoping for a sub 4-hour marathon – some (me) more wishful than  others.  So 1-hour laps here we come!  We all made sub 1-hour first laps, some way under.  But that was my lot – the infamous IM shuffle took over and getting to the finish line before nightfall was my new goal!

I think we would all agree, the feed stations were our saviour and counting laps had changed to ‘just making it to the next feed station alive’.  And they certainly know how to stock a feed station in Switzerland – each station was like going to the food court at Westfields!  They had everything going, your expected gels, bars, coke, water – but Red bull, fruit, crisps, bread and soup aka Bouillon.  Simon said the Bouillon got him around the marathon!  I believe him as someone crawled past me shouting ‘Bouillon’ as if they were his last dying words!  A quick sip of the magical soup and he was gone for dust!  Whereas Marcel traded in his fav pastime of puffing, to sucking on salty pretzel sticks (and the re-useable wet sponges - nice!)!

Selwyn on the runMe, well as I don’t like to miss out, I tried a bit of everything at each banquet of a feed station!  Choice was run or eat, so went for the latter option!

The run was quite technical as in running over bridges, underpasses and out and backs so it kept your mind off your burning legs.  And you would cross paths with the others (but hopefully not overtaken!).  So it was massive smiles and high 5s when I saw fellow CPTers - it gave you a sense of ‘suffering’ the run together and motivated you to push yourself (then when they were out of sight I would walk again – kidding!).

You would get a bright coloured hair bobble per lap and think we all found running with three hair bobbles the hardest!  Then we received the red bobble, on the final lap – never thought one could get so emotional from receiving such a hair accessory.  It meant under 30 minutes to finish line, yippee!

And then there it was, the finish funnel…. hang on, forgot one vital bit of my story!

So picture this: there I was on the final lap, 10 mins from the end of this year-long amazing IM journey – everything hurting (wasn’t that bad really).  But obviously I wasn’t in enough pain as a killer bee decided to sting me!  I screamed like a girl and supporters’ cheery faces turned to concern!  I ran over to a Swiss guy and gave a charade winning performance of being stung by a bee and pointed to my neck!  His eyes lit up as he pulled out this almighty bee sting and held it high!  The audience gave a loud cheer and I was on my way nursing it with wet sponges!

Marcel in the finish shootAnd then there was the finish shoot.  As I crossed the line, I tried to beat Bruce’s club record high jump to no avail – the end… almost! 

They put on a great feast of recovery food – more pasta and loads of naughties to refuel with.  Hoovered as much down as I could before ‘hobbling’ out to see Kirsten finish!

Kirsten decided the best way to take her mind off the run, was to go to a ‘happy place’ where she would plan and practise her finish line dance!  From the perfection of her little routine with a new friend, it looked well rehearsed!!!
So much so, to our amusement (not Kirsten’s), she was up on the big screen at the post-IM Breakfast where they showed the best bits of the race!  Apparently, the best ‘finishers finish’ – gets a free entry to the next year's IM – watch this space!!!!

Post-race Macdonalds!So Kirsten had finished and the guys and supporters couldn’t be more helpful.  There was concern about how to get us and our bikes into taxis as thought trains might have stopped (very quiet city so we thought it might have shut down past 8pm!!!).

Clare offered to cycle Kirsten’s bike so she could get a taxi.  Luckily, the trains and trams were running so we were soon in bed for one of the best nights sleep this year!

Kirsten in BoozyYes I did get some war wounds – saddle sore and a stabbed toe but this was from celebrating on the way home in the Champagne region!  We hired bikes and cycled to a little village aptly called ‘Bouzy’ where we deservedly drank copious amounts of fizz!

So would you do another one?  I gave it my all, luckily had no real dramas and was very chuffed with my time!  So would I go through all that training again just to shave 10 minutes (transition) off my time, more likely end up with a slower overall time as conditions were close to perfect in 2010… probably!!!  Well in fact definitely, as of time going to press – I have signed up as have several other CPTers!  It’s a fabulous journey that every triathlete can and should experience!  As per Lauren’s email, it’ll be ‘even more fun’ if we get a big CPT contingent happening! 

IM Switzerland 10 July 2011 – see you there!

Photos from FinisherPix.com

Le Tranche Sur Mer Aquathlon

Steve and LouiseSteve and Louise took their CPT kit on holiday with them, hoping to do a spot of training whilst making use of the grandparent childcare! They saw a poster advertising on the beach advertising an aquathlon so they decided to enter! Louise reports:

Lined up on the beach for the start of Le Tranche Sur Mer AquathlonLe Tranche Sur Mer Aquathlon on 12 August was fantastic - it was a beach start followed by a 300m (seemed much longer) sea swim, long transition run along the beach and promenade then a 5km run, 2.5km out through the town and 2.5km return along the beach - ouch!  It was free to enter and all participants got a goody bag including t-shirt and swim hat, puts some of the entry fees over here to shame!  My sister managed 3rd in our age group and I came in a minute behind and 5th in our age group; Steve was a further minute behind.

Results can be found on the August results page.

League update from Cathy

After the penultimate race in the Club League calendar, Greenwich Tritons Aquathlon, it's all change on the scoreboards. We had a great turnout and some fab performances. Several more members now have the three qualifying races for the club league and these people head up the leagues.
Men Open: all change as Keith Brewster is in the lead, very closely followed by Rob Parry in 2nd then Selwyn Smith in 3rd
Men Vets: Jon H retains lead followed by Greg Lewis then Mark Thomas
Men Super-vets: Chris Fitzgerald is in the lead with Bruce Ayers 2nd
Female Open: Suse Fairfax still in the lead but change in 2nd and 3rd places as Katie Crowe now in 2nd and Cathy Cooke drops to 3rd (serves me right for not turning up to race and defend my 2nd place!)
Female Vets: Sheila Horsman still in the lead with Ruki Sidhwa in 2nd place and Audrey Livingston in 3rd
Female Supervets: Karen Ayers is in first place
Well done everyone, one last chance to boost your club league standing (and qualify for some of you) in the remaining race - Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon on 31 October. Entries open soon on 6 September.

Full scores can be found on the Club League page.

New member

EllaWelcome to new member Ella Fields.


Bedford - Race report

By Selwyn Smith

‘Best’ time at Bedford

Bedford Olympic is one of our favourite triathlons so even though it 'clashed' (sorry!) weekends with the Greenwich Tritons Aquathon, we still competed.  It also happened to be a 2010 British Championship race so competition was stiff!

It’s a fun, fast 'accurate(ish) course with a great comedy value swim as you can't swim for weeds!  Every stroke your arm appears out of the water with clumps of weed attached and sighting is interesting with a monobrow of green slime dangling over your goggles. 

Kirsten on the runIt's a straight up and down swim with no real current, then out to T1, removing wetsuit plus green weeded wig and beard. 

Bike is a fast flattish ride around the Bedfordshire countryside - to our surprise a change in road course due to road works adding another 1.5km from last year (so we're led to/like to believe!) making a PB more challenging.

Being older and wiser this year, I was 'promoted' to the next age group so I had a five minutes head start on Rob as he was in the following younger wave.  Don't know if you've heard but Rob's pretty nifty on the bike going by last week's London results, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d see him in my wing mirrors! 

Towards the end of bike course - I heard the noise of road runner’s ‘beep beep’ passing me at great speed. Rob retired 'after' T2 - obviously the Clash Aquathon and Bedford back to back was too much for the fella..... oh and the fact that he can hardly walk with a leg injury might have had something to do with it.  He loved his aqua-bike race and is keen to take them up full time, us too but unfortunately not today. 

Selwyn on the runStill had the run to go - I was keen for a PB so had a near 40 minute 10km(ish) ahead of me (running off the bike isn't my strong point!).  Luckily, the run is three loops along the river so flat and fast.  I caught Kirsten in the last 200m and we sped to the finish line.  Both clocking in our fastest Olympic times to date (excluding Dartford!!!).  I was very pleased, hence the race report and Kirsten, well she was more chuffed with no drafting penalty this year - handy having a familiar face from the club as a race referee!!!  It was great having Chris Hall in his bright orange referee jacket keeping an eye on us in Transition!

Update from Rob: I was so annoyed with my DNF as I felt super fresh going into T2, and was going to struggle through the run, but the minute I put my feet on the floor my right leg sent a jolt of white hot pain which seemed to be saying "stop ignoring me! No more running starting from now!".

Results - 14-15 August

CPT had the biggest Club turnout at today's Clash of the Tritons. There were a number of PBs and a few raffle wins. The age group prizes weren't awarded as there was some mix-up with the ages but hopefully CPT will have at least one podium place when these are confirmed. Photographs ©StuWeb. Apologies for missing Grant off the results!

Update: Results have been amended but there are still some errors. It looks as though Katie was 2nd Female, Greg 2nd M-Vet and Haydn 3rd MS-Vet.

CPT at Clash of the Tritons

The Crystal Palace parkrun was won today by one of our junior members, James Allan, in a time of 19:12. James beat 31 other runners, including Alan Siu, so congratulations to James.

While on holiday in Cornwall, Sally took part in the West Cornwall Sprint Triathlon and on Sunday Kirsten and Selwyn both got post-Ironman PBs at the Bedford Triathlon.

Cathy and Mitch competed in the Macclesfield Triathlon with Cathy winning her age-group and finishing 2nd female overall, and Mitch 2nd in his age group overall.

Voy was busy again this weekend with two races, Epsom CC 10 mile time trial on Saturday (25:56) and Eastbourne Rovers 25mile time trial on Sunday (1:09:21).

Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon - 31 October

The last race in the London League, the Club League and Club Championships is the Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon on Sunday 31 October. Entry opens on 6 September. The race fills very quickly so make sure you don't miss out.

Weekend results - 7-8 August

Another good CPT turnout for the Crystal Palace parkrun on Saturday 7 August, with Selwyn posting a post-Ironman PB! Hans again missed the 20 minute mark then accidentally present his son's bar code rather than his own! Looks like Kirsten and Selwyn also messed up their barcodes, as Selwyn is listed twice in the results! Only one member at the Bromley parkrun this week.

Emma won her age group at the Barton Marina Standard Triathlon on Sunday 8 August.

Hans' weekend didn't get any better, as he reports on his Sunday activity: "I ran the Salisbury 54321 Marathon where cockiness once more got the better of me as I was pacing through the glorious Wiltshire countryside at a 7:30min/mile pace only to lose momentum from mile 17 and completely crash for the last 5km (which took 48 minutes during which I kept wondering: what will I say when I report the result to Karen?).  For the first time ever, I had to resort to walking, probably a mile or so although refuelling at the last water station gave me enough strength to run the final two miles.  At 3:49:20, I narrowly avoided posting my worst ever result and came in 17th (182 finishers) overall.  A terrible result after the 3:31:24 finish at the South Downs marathon not long ago.  Bizarrely, this race also gave me my first win: I placed first in the M35-39 age group.  Had I been only 9 months older, I would have placed only 7th.  I will of course never run these stupid marathon races again.  At least not until next weekend".

Sportcam images of CPT in action at London Triathlon - http://www.sportcam.net/Race.aspx?id=43

The results service for the London Triathlon was struggling on Monday so I wasn't able to look up all the results. It's back up and running now so results for all waves are now posted. Rob is very pleased with himself because he had the fastest bike split in the Male sub-2:30 category! Congratulations to Mark Thomas for 2nd place in the M45-49 and to Ross Calder for winning the Male Super Sprint category.

Rob says there's a new course this year, so the distances have changed. A few people who had their GPS on say the swim and run were long at 1.6k and 11k, so days of London being a PB course are over.

Mark reports "I thought I recognised the guy racked next to me from a previous transition but it turns out it was his first triathlon. Then the penny dropped. He was none other than Adrian Moorhouse, Olympic gold medal swimmer and world record holder of the 100m breast stroke. Needless to say he was two minutes ahead of us all coming out of the swim. The bike was fast, though those bridges rise and fall quite high... you just don't notice them in the car! A ding dong battle on the bike with another 'cone helmet Cervelo'  man like me then out on the run which was definitely more than 10k or I am much older than I felt doing it (which was pretty old!). Lots of support at London including Richard L who waited around more than three hours after his race to cheer me on... thanks Rich!  I think the lure of bike porn and tri kit may have had something to do with his extended visit to Excel. A text later that evening from the organisers confirmed second place in the age group and a PB (but a new course this year).  It seems my new Cervelo friend can run too, sadly, so no age group victory this year!  Great to see Phil and John P in and around transition. Thanks for the support.

SportCam images of CPT in action at the London Triathlon can be viewed on their website.

Osmatography photos from London Triathlon 2010

Rob's friend Eren also took a few shots at the London Triathlon. Go to his website, Osmaphotography, to view more.

Also on Sunday, Voy did Anerley BC's 50 mile TT, as an Old Portilian, outcome 2:16:23, results not available online yet.

Club Aquathlon - 5 August

Congratulations to Greg and Cathy for the fastest times at the Club Aquathlon held at The Bridge on Thursday 5 August. Numbers at this year's aquathlons have been very low. The Committee would be interested in feedback on the aquathlons, whether they should continue, why you didn't attend etc. Please feel free to send your comments through for discussion at Monday's Committee meeting.

Weekend results - 31 July-1 August

Despite the rain, there was a good CPT turnout for the Crystal Palace 5k parkrun on Saturday morning, with some first time runners as well as some regulars. Glyn managed yet another PB, I think he must have run especially slowly on his first outing just so he could keep improving!

On Sunday, Hans ran the Old Deer Park Richmond 10k. He was hoping to break 40 minutes but didn't quite make it.

Greg raced at the inaugural Medway Sprint Triathlon, coming a very respectable second and first male vet. Greg reports that it was worth the trip as it was a friendly, low key event.

Richard crossing the finish line at BlithfieldAnother new race was the Nokia Thames Swim, from Hampton Court Bridge to Kingston. Tom and David must have been swimming side by side for most of the race but only spotted each other when they got out at the finish!

Richard travelled further afield, to Staffordshire, for the Blithfield Standard Triathlon, which is a European qualifier race.

Lauren was in Immenstadt, Germany, for the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. Unfortunately, following her recent illness post-IM France, she didn't finish, completing a great 4k swim (59:42) and a decent bike leg (4:52:26) before abandoning at the start of the run exhausted.

Haydn reports "Allgau is really beautiful and is very similar to Klaganfurt but the bike is actually harder than Nice with over 2200m of climbing in the 130k for the World Champs, which is over 300m more in 50km less with some really steep climbs and hardly any flat sections, plus there were a couple of cobbled sections thrown in for in for good measure. GB came away without a single medal.
Fortunately the weather was good on Saturday and Sunday but it has been torential rain for the rest of the time we've been here".

Race entries

Entries are now open for the Brighton Marina Triathlon on Sunday 26 September. This is a no frills race with a pretty tough two lap bike course and a great location for a post-race breakfast!

Entries for this year’s Dulwich 10k (at 10am on 3 October) are now open.  There will be no entries on the day.

You can either complete a paper entry form, or enter online via RunnersWorld.

The following races will also be held and can be entered on the day (£2):
-       for the 2 mile race for secondary school children (at 11:20)
-       for the 1 mile race for primary children (at 11:30)
-       followed by a Family Fun Run.

Club Aquathlon - Thursday 5 August

The last of the Club Aquathons, open to adult and junior members, is taking place this Thursday at The Bridge Leisure Centre, Kangley Bridge Road, Sydenham SE26. The Aquathlon replaces the usual Thursday night coached swim.
If you would like to take part please make sure you are at ready at pool side by 19:45 prompt.
We will start the junior race first, followed by adullts.
The adult race consists of a 400m swim and three laps of the field.  For Juniors, the distance will vary dependent on age.

New pool location for Friday swims

From Friday 3 September we will be moving our coached swim session from our current location at Dulwich Prep to the pool at Trinity School. The pool will be available to us from 19:30-21:30 and will provide a longer coached training session whilst keeping the preferred mix of adults and juniors.

Confirmation of the exact session times will be available later this month. In the meantime, please note the last session at Dulwich Prep will be held on Friday 27 August.

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