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Dunwich Dynamo 2010

Ron on Dunwich beach at 05:30Ron reports that he did the Dunwich Dynamo on Saturday night/Sunday morning - a free annual 120 mile through-the-night ride from London to Dunwich in Suffolk.

It was a last minute decision having been invited by a group of friends from the Royal Society. Unfortunately we didn't book the coach journey back so had to ride an extra 40 miles back to Ipswich to catch the train back to London. This meant that together with the Junior training ride on Saturday morning and the ride up to and back from London I ended up cycling over 200 miles in 24 hours! My legs were OK but my bottom was telling me I had done the distance.

Never the less I would recommend this ride to anybody as it is very achieveable if you do it at your own pace, you dont have to do the whole thing at 20 mph or on a fixie - I saw grannies on shoppers and even bikes with dog baskets!

As we discovered there is no point arriving at 05:30 as the cafe is not open until 06:00.  We set off at 21:00 from London Fields in Hackney stopped for a long meal break at the halfway point in Castle Heddingham and had three unscheduled breaks for puntures.

Next year I might just try and organies a CPT party to do the ride. It's great being part of a 1000+ peleton with flashing red lights stretching out infront and white lights behind as far as the eye can see. Also it will give you something to boast about to whoever will listen!

Fiona also did the Dunwich Dynamo, with Dulwich Paragon, at a pace that was rather too fast for her! She says it was "Disappointing that it was a cloudy night, so no full moon which would have been magical. Best bit for me was the swim in the sea at 05:45!".

Results update

Some late additions to the weekends results. I've added Simon Jackson to the Ironman Switzerland results, Sam Blackie to the Dextro Energy London Triathlon Olympic results and Louise Wells to the Dextro Energy London Triathlon Sprint results.

Louise and Steve had to stagger events (Louise Sprint / Steve Olympic) so they could look after the boys!  Unfortunately Steve punctured on the first lap of the bike so took his bike back to transition and went out on the run anyway for some training. Louise says "It was a great event but the weeds snagging you in the swim, the long transitions and people crashing out on the apparently 'technical' and long bike made things interesting to say the least! Definitely one to do again next year and it was great watching the elite race afterwards".

Sam was pleased with his time. Managing to beat his fresh 10k time by over two minutes but this probably just confirms his suspicions that the course was quite short.

Photographs can be viewed on marathon-photos.com.

CPT in action at the Dextro Energy London Triathlon - Photos from marathon-photos.com

Voy, as an Old Portlians CC member, completed the Southern Counties Cycling Union 100 Mile Time Trial. He did it in 5:26:45, the winner finished in 3:52:40.

To ensure your race results are published on the website please let me know, in advance if possible, where you are racing. Your race details will then be added to the race matrix and I can look up your results after the race.

Results - 24-25 July

CPT members ran the Bromley and the Crystal Palace parkrun on Saturday 24 July. For the third outing in a row Glyn got a PB! Voy came 10th at Crystal Palace but didn't have his time recorded because he hadn't registered prior to the event. Please don't forget that you need to register to take part in a parkrun. You only need to register once, print out your barcode, and then you can attend any parkrun.

On Sunday 25 July members raced at the Dextro Energy London Triathlon (in Hyde Park) and Milton Keynes. Conditions at MK were near perfect with little wind, for the fast cycle course but warm and sunny for the three lap run around Emberton Park. Mitch, Glyn and Cathy all achieved PBs.

Milton Keynes 2010

Dave says his time at Hyde Park would have been quicker if the transition from swim to bike hadn't been so long! Paul reports that this was his first Olympic distance. He says "The swim was good, just outside of my 30 minute target time, bike OK but the run felt long.  It’s given me even more respect to those who complete the Ironman…".

In the Sprint race at the Dextro Energy London Triathlon, Mark reports that "Given the injuries I have had this season all is going surprisingly well now. After managing a 5th in my age group in Athlone, I managed to win my age group in the Hyde Park sprint on Saturday". Mark is now looking forward to the London Olympic in two weeks and Budapest in September. Tim also did well in his age group with a 3rd place.

The 'big' event of the weekend was Ironman Switzerland, with Keith, Selwyn and Kirsten all completing their first Ironman. Marcel knocked spots off his Austria time from last year. Congratulations to all of them. Something went wrong with Kirsten's timing chip so the last 10k of her run time wasn't recorded. It still looks as though she hasn't finished on the official website! I'm pleased to report she did but we are still awaiting her official time. The Ironman Roll of Honour page has been updated, where Marcel leaps into 3rd place.

Club BBQ

A big thank you to Brian and Lisa for hosting the Club BBQ on Saturday 25 July. The weather was perfect and the food was deliciious, as usual. It was good to see some new faces, although a number of 'regulars' were missing for various reasons. Hopefully we didn't leave too much mess and too many leftovers!

Mark & Alistair BrownleeStar spotting

Mark and Tim with Alistair Brownlee in Athlone.







Club training plan

Jon has updated the Club training plan through to w/c 2 September. Please note some sessions will not be held during the summer holiday period.

New member

WojciechWelcome to new member Wojciech Kozielski (Voy for short)i. Voy is hoping that CPT will help him qualify for the World Ironman championships in Kona.

League update from Cathy

After another CPT league qualifying race (also a London League race) at the weekend at Hillingdon (sprint tri) we have six new scores from the six members competing to add to the Club League. Given we are now a fair way through the races I have re-ordered the results into those who have done the requisite three (or more) races to the top of the league so it is clear that anybody finishing the season with less than three of the listed races won't qualify for Club League points.
The scores on the doors are now...........
Female U40s - Suse Fairfax remains in the lead with Cathy Cooke 2nd and Katie Crowe 3rd
Female Vets - Sheila remains in the lead (Ruki Sidhwa and Audrey Livingston are 2nd and 3rd but need an extra race each to qualify)
Female S-Vets - No qualifying members yet but Karen Ayers has the best score so far
Men U40s - James Nellist is in the lead after having compketed three races but this could all change if Keith Brewster (2nd) and Rob Parry (3rd) do another race
Men Vets - After another category win at Hillingdon, Jon is in the lead, Greg Lewis 2nd and Jim Lucas 3rd place
Men S-Vets - No qualifying members yet but Rob Buckler has the best score to date followed by Chris Fitzgerald and then Tim Thomas
Next Club League race is Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon on Saturday 14 August - there are 80 spaces left (as of today, 19 July) so get your entry in asap and represent your Club in the London League and get those oh so valuable Club League points too! It's in Eltham so fairly local to most people.
Happy racing

Results - 17-18 July

The parkrun 5ks are very popular with CPT members. On Saturday Emanuele and Rachel squeezed in the Cardiff parkrun while they were away for the weekend. This was Rachel's first ever event and Emanuele ran his fastest 5k to date. Ruki ran the Bromley parkrun (as part of Dulwich Runners Club Champs), with her fastest parkrun time. Ruki says the Bromley course is much flatter than Crystal Palace but felt longer!

On Sunday the Hillingdon Sprint Triathlon saw some PBs with Cathy and Sheila both getting their fastest times on that course. Jon was 1st male vet and Sheila was 2nd female vet. The race was one of the Club League races as well as a London League race, so some valuable points were also earnt on the day.

CPT in action at Hillingdon - Photographs courtesy of Simon Slater Photography

Photographs from Hillingdon can be seen on the Simon Slater Photography website.

Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon

It was the final Tooting Aquathlon of the season on Wednesday 14 July. Because there were only 60 competitors everyone went off in one wave, which made the swim a bit crowded!

Congratulations to Jon and Tim on their 2nd and 3rd places in the Male Vets and to Sheila for another 1st Female Vet place.

Dave would like to thank Malcolm Hicks who marshalled at every event, and is a regular marshal at the Crystal Palace 5k.

Ironman France - race report

A slightly belated report from Lauren. As you will see from her report, she has a very good reason.

By Lauren Whitmore

IM France logo

Having been convinced by last year's CPT participants that the bike course wasn’t really that hard (it was!), a much smaller CPT contingent headed to Nice for the 2010 edition of Ironman France. I was joined by my Dad, who really loved his first Ironman in Austria in 2008 and Roy, who only entered because he didn’t want to spectate for 11+ hours! As always, race day came around very quickly, and the usual nerves and self doubt were very much in evidence.

IM France - Swim start 2010Roy and I decided to start in the sub-55 minute starting pen for the swim, but towards the back which was a big mistake. The first 400m involved less swimming and more boxing and I got punched, kicked and smacked over the head repeatedly. I lost Roy immediately, though he claims he was shielding me from attack (or was it him attacking me?!) until he had his goggles kicked off. Despite a desperate attempt to save them he ended up swimming almost the whole 3.8km blind (and probably a few bonus metres too, given he can’t swim in a straight line with goggles).

The Nice course requires you to exit the water at the end of the first 2.4km lap and run over a timing mat before re-entering for the last 1.4km. It was great to hear the crowd cheering and the music; all these people up before 7am to support us! After the chaos of the first lap, I suddenly found myself completely on my own. I could see a big group to my left, but felt sure they were swimming off course. Panic! I hoped that if I was swimming in completely the wrong direction someone would come and get me, so continued on alone! This proved to be the right strategy (phew!) and I beat the group to the turn and caught another group ahead.

IM France 2010 - Lauren swimThe way back was fairly uneventful, though the waves were getting bigger and bigger due to the helicopters overhead, luckily my much-derided straight armed windmill stroke is perfect for those conditions! Entering transition I saw 57ish minutes on the clock. I grabbed my bike and just as I mounted was passed by Tine Deckers who went on to win the race and break her own course record. I realized then that my swim must have been fairly good, and I was actually first female age-grouper and only got beaten by three of the pros!

Roy came out of the water in 1.03, a great time considering he didn’t have goggles (I would have stopped!). My Dad did 1.17, having never managed to find any clear water to swim in.

The IM Nice bike course is known for its climbs (and descents), but the first 20k is flat and fast. As I settled down onto my tri bars I was suffering with an uncomfortable stomach cramp that made it difficult for me to get any gels down. Supporters alongside the road were shouting out my position in the race, and I was surprised to find out that I was 5th female. Awesome! Unsurprisingly the rest of the women’s pro field quickly caught and passed me, but it was still exciting to be so high up in the race.

IM France 2010 - Roy swimWhen the road does start to go up, it does so in style, with a sudden steep incline of around 10% up to the town of Gattieres. I was panting away at the top (about 45 minutes into the ride) when Roy caught me. He explained about his goggles (excuses, excuses) but seemed in very good spirits, evidenced by the fact that he actually stopped to talk instead of just ignoring me! He didn’t hang around too long though and with depressing ease accelerated off into the distance.

I felt I was going okay and only a couple of age group girls had passed me. I was even enjoying the sections of descent. After about 50km you reach Pont du Loup and begin the main 20km climb to Col de L’Ecre. Although the gradient is not too bad (between 5-7%) it’s a long slog, though the stunning views are a good distraction. Although there were fewer spectators in the mountains, the male competitors were obviously getting quite bored, and a female rider in their midst was something of a novelty so I got plenty of encouragement and attention. I passed one guy, who obviously did not want to get chicked and immediately sped up, I laughed out loud which seemed to upset him even more and he rode off ahead. 10 minutes later I passed him again and this time he just stuck his tongue out at me and let me go!

IM France 2010 - Roy runAfter we made it to the summit of Col de L’Ecre there was a long descent to be ‘enjoyed’. I thought that my ‘safety first’ approach would see me being overtaken by the world and his granny, but I surprised myself by not losing too many positions. The final climb of the day was relatively short, but with tired legs seemed to go on forever. We’d reccied the course in the car two days earlier, so I knew that once we reached Cote du Broc (about 135km) it was downhill all the way. I finished the bike in 6:00:13, which I was more than happy with (though it would have been nice to go under 6 hours!) Roy stormed the bike in 5.35, although a review of the splits post race shows I was actually quicker than him over the last 35km (he claims he wasn’t pedalling!) My Dad had a good ride too, finishing with a split of 6.14.

Once off the bike I was forced to walk through transition as my stomach was too painful to do anything else. Out on the course I tried a kind of walk-shuffle-jog but I felt like I was being stabbed every time my right foot hit the ground. This continued for the first 2km, when I remembered the super aspirin tablets I had stashed in my race belt (aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine in a single pill!). I popped some pills, gritted my teeth and started to jog again.

IM France 2010 - Lauren runAbout 3km in I saw Roy, who gave me a yell and wave and got a really attractive grimace in return. Shortly after, I spotted my Dad coming in off the bike; at the rate I was moving I expected to see him again quite soon! The first 5km was a bit of a suffer fest, but by the time I reached the airport for the first time the pain in my stomach had eased off, (or I was ignoring it more successfully).

Lap 2 was all about getting into a groove; run to the aid station, walk, have a drink, try to eat something. Repeat. I saw Roy again and asked him if he was on his last lap, and was surprised when he told me he was on the same lap as me (albeit about 6km ahead of me). That gave me another incentive to keep moving, don’t get lapped!

After another couple of km I saw my Dad, walking and looking pained (he was suffering from cramps, probably due to the 30 degree heat!) 20km done and I still felt okay, my stomach was still giving me grief, but I was at least managing to drink some energy drink as well as some gel. Knowing the 3rd lap would be the hardest (mentally at least) I concentrated on keeping the same pace. I must have been concentrating quite hard, because I somehow managed to miss everyone else on this lap and managed to convince myself they had overtaken me on one of my numerous visits to the portaloo!

IM France 2010 - Haydn runLess than 1km into the last lap I saw Roy, all smiles, making his final run for home to bring him in 10:23 with a marathon time of 3:35. A brilliant time in his first Ironman.

The last few km were painful, but you can see the finish chute all the way so I just to tried to focus on that and ignore my screaming legs and stomach. Before the race I was determined that for the first time I would enjoy the finish line properly, and I was really excited about taking my time, high 5’ing everyone, and generally having a bit of fun. But with about 100m to go to the start of the chute I saw one of the girls in my age group just ahead and decided to try a little sprint to see if I could get past. I did, but as I crossed the finish line, I saw another girl in our age-group who had finished just six seconds before me in 3rd place. Very frustrating, but at least I was 4th instead of 5th! I was really pleased with my final time of 11:18:23. My Dad wasn’t able to shake off his cramp and was disappointed with his 4.35 marathon, but still finished in a very respectable 12:19:52.

Post race I was expecting aching and sore legs for a few days, but unfortunately the stomach cramps that I’d been suffering with during the race turned out to be a severe kidney infection. When we arrived back in the UK I went straight to Kingston Hospital A&E, with a temperature of 41 degrees and resting heart rate over 100! They kept me in for five days and pumped me full of antibiotics and fluid to rehydrate me, as well as giving me oxygen because at times I was struggling to breathe. Not an enjoyable post-race celebration, but luckily no permanent damage done and I’m now on the road to recovery.

View video clips from the swim exit, bike course and Finish for Roy, Lauren and Haydn.

Summer holiday pool closure

Our last swim at St Joseph's College before the school summer holidays will be Tuesday 20 July. Swimming will start again on Tuesday 7 September.

Results - 9/10/11 July

The weekend started early with the King Sturge Property Triathlon on Friday 9 July. Good to see CPT kit amongst the competitors!

View images on www.sportcam.net


On Saturday 10 July CPT members were racing at the Crystal Palace parkrun (which was once again won by ex-CPT member Carl Ferri) with some new PBs.

Sunday 11 July was busy with a number of members racing at the ever popular White Oak Triathlon, where the female winner was our very own Suse Fairfax. Nell competed in her last UK race before heading down under, winning her age group at the Bustin Skin Portland Race to the Bill.

Ironman Austria - Go to MarathonPhotos.com to view images


Ironman Austria - Race report

By Karen Ayers

IM Austria logo

Conversation with a colleague at work:

‘Did you have a nice holiday?’
‘Yes, thank you. I went to Austria to do an Ironman.’

‘What does that involve?’
‘A 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle followed by a 26.2 mile run.’

‘Why? Are you mad? Can’t you just sunbathe, read a book and get drunk like the rest of us?!’

Not everyone’s idea of a holiday but Austria was a fantastic experience, so much better than IMUK in 2005. I’m glad I did it, even though I’m disappointed with my time.

Klagenfurt am WortherseeKlagenfurt am Wörthersee is beautiful. The first sight of the lake takes your breath away. It is absolutely stunning, with crystal clear turquoise water and snow capped mountains in the distance. I had no idea it could get so hot and humid with temperatures reaching 38 degrees on race day and rain/thunderstorms most days, including an electric storm while we were out on our bikes!

Hotel Gasthof JerolitschWe stayed at the Hotel Gasthof Jerolitsch, which is the regular resting place for CPT members doing IM Austria. The hotel is about 25 minutes walk from the Ironman Expo, transition and the swim start. A good job it’s not much further because Bruce forgot his mobile phone was still on UK time, not European time, and set the alarm for 03:30 on race morning, only to discover it was really 04:30 and we should have had breakfast half an hour ago! The hotel laid on a full breakfast service, including waitress, which was lucky as there was a problem with the electricity and she was busily changing bulbs while we went into breakfast in the dark!

Messages of encouragementAfter a more hurrid breakfast than planned, we set off for transition, our bikes had already been racked the day before, along with our bike and run bags, we just had to get ourselves and our wetsuits safely to the start. We stopped, briefly, to admire the artwork and words of encouragement written on the run route but arrived in plenty of time for our last minute preparations, including pumping up our tyres. It was recommended that these were let down overnight, just in case.

TransitionI pumped up my tyres while Bruce was sorting out his various drinking bottles. As I removed the pump from my rear tyre the valve came off with it. There was a large hiss of air and a very loud expletive from me before I burst into tears! A lovely Welsh lady two bikes away shouted at the top of her voice 'Can anyone help this lady‘ and within seconds one of her club mates appeared and changed the tube for me, otherwise i would have missed the swim start.

Swim startI was still shaky and in tears when we made our way to the beach for a quick dip before the start. As the start is divided between two pontoons it didn’t look too crowded but there were a lot of nervous looking people standing around waiting. There were helicopters, a hot air balloon and a spectacular firework at the start, then it was time to wish Bruce good luck before a short run into the water and off.

View a fantastic 360 degree panoramic image of the swim start via this link.

The swimIt was fairly chaotic at first but not too bad, although it did get busier as the two starts came together and then around each of the buoys. The water was lovely to swim in, warm and clear, so you could see the hands and feet bashing you! The swim is approximately 3k in the lake before heading up a narrow canal for the last 800m. The water in the canal was fairly shallow and quickly got churned up and murky. It was also quite hard to find space in the narrow channel with so many people swimming in the same direction. I was trying to keep to the right, where the water was slightly deeper, but it felt as though I was swimming uphill!

© Marathon-Photos.com - Karen cyclingThe swim exit soon appeared and I was out of the water in just over 1:15, exactly to plan. I spotted Mum and Ruki near the run into transition. I did a quick change into my cycling shorts, collected my bike and was off.

The bike exit was lined with supporters and wobbly triathletes struggling to get their feet into shoes and straps done up on the move. They could do with attending one of Jon’s transition training sessions! The first part of the cycle route alongside the lake is undulating and fast, after that it’s hillier than I had been led to believe! The support on the hills was fantastic, with several people deep, loud music playing, cheering, clapping and shouting, it really helps you up. There were supporters out in most of the villages and even people sitting by the roadside at the more remote houses on the route, with their deckchairs, drinks and snacks.

Karen waving on bikeUnfortunately we had an electric storm, with thunder, lightening and torrential rain which meant that most of the supporters gave up which made the second lap harder. The rain was so heavy I couldn’t see out of my glasses and had to slow considerably as water was cascading over the road and making the downhills very dangerous. Once the rain stopped you could see steam coming off the hot tarmac and off our wet clothes! I heard Mum, Phil and Ruki at the turnaround point and gave them a wave. Later on the second lap I had to stop to remove one of my socks as it was so wet it was causing a blister on my toes!

About an hour into the bike I started to get really bad stomach cramps. I managed to eat and drink most of the way round the first lap but could hardly eat anything (except banana) during the second lap. I knew I was going to suffer on the run if I couldn‘t follow my nutrition plan but my stomach © Marathon-Photos.com - Karen runningjust wasn’t cooperating. The bike was quite a bit slower than I’d hoped, 6:53, but I was still hoping I’d be able to do a reasonable marathon. (The winning male pro had crossed the finish line before I'd even started running!)

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be! It reached 38 degrees early on in the run and there was very little shade as I jogged along holding my stomach. I managed a couple of gels early on in the run but started retching so survived mainly on water. I soon ran out of energy and had to resort to a quick march. Bruce overtook me at 22k. He walked with me for a while but I didn’t want to spoil his race so he ran on. I managed to jog occasionally but towards the end just couldn’t pick up the pace, although my speed walking was much faster than a lot of people’s running!  I saw Nicola and Stuart, Bruce looking happy on the runPhil, Ruki, Mum and Amy (Bevan’s wife) out on the run. Bevan and Chris also offered words of encouragement as they made their way, painfully, around the course.

The blister from my wet cycling socks was getting worse, as was my right ITB and my left Achilles. I’d tried to avoid the kind people with their hose pipes but had used the sponges to cool myself down. This made my trishorts permanently wet which caused the seams on the padding to rub and cause more sores, as well as making my dry running socks wet! Just a warning for anyone else doing IM soon!

Mum, Audrey, Phil, Ruki & MartinI surprised myself by managing to ring the charity bell in the town square on my second lap, more in anger than in the spirit of being charitable! I walked with a nice man from Leamington Spa for a while but he stopped at a feed station so I kept on marching.

There were times when I really wanted to stop but I hadn’t done all those months of training for nothing, even if I wasn’t going to get my dream goal, my realistic goal or my two hours quicker than last time goal, I was determined to finish. The music and cheering get louder and louder as you Bruce leaping across the finish lineget nearer to the Finish and this spurred me on to jog from the turn to the Finish and up the Finishing shute, to the awaiting catchers (Mum, Audrey, Martin, Ruki, and Phil). Bruce was also there waiting for me.  I wasn’t in a very good mood after a very slow 5:57 marathon. I wish I could have seen Bruce cross the Finish line, I don't know where he got the energy from for one of the best IM finisher photos I've ever seen!

I finished the whole Ironman in 14:25 (30 minutes behind Bruce). It was much, much slower than I was hoping for, but an hour and 15 minutes quicker than IMUK, so I really shouldn’t be too disappointed!  

Karen at the finish lineThe man who did my post-race massage told me that everyone he had massaged that evening was complaining about stomach cramps. It might have been something in the lake or canal or perhaps at one of the early feed stations that had caused the problem, but I felt slightly reassured that I wasn’t just being a wimp and making excuses and that others had suffered too!

Post-race treatI’m not going to do another Ironman (I know I said that before, but I mean it this time). It’s hard work and very disappointing when something goes wrong on the day that you have no control over!. Bruce, on the other hand, is very happy, and wants to do another one, even though he’s lost four toenails!!! I’m going to be number one supporter and cheerleader!

If I had attended the Awards ceremony, with 450 Euros in cash, I could have got a roll-down place for the World Ironman Championship in Hawaii. None of the finishers in my age group took-up the place so it went to an Austrian who was on the start list but didn’t even compete! The Ringing the charity belldownside, of course, would have been completing another Ironman, but what an experience it could have been!

Thanks to Jon for coaching us and getting us to the start, to Mum, Ruki, Phil, Audrey and Martin, Nicola and Stuart for your support, carrying our bags, collecting our bikes, feeding us and putting up with my post-race sulks! It was great to have you with us. What a shame we aren’t all off to Hawaii in October.

Never mind, at least I can look forward to sunbathing and reading books in Spain in September!

View Karen's IM Austria photos

View Karen's photos

View Ruki's IM Austria photos

View Ruki's photos


You can view brief video clips of our swim exits and us crossing the Finish line on the Marathon-Photos.com website (unfortunately the bike clips are the same for us both and neither shows us!). See Bruce's clips and Karen's clips.

Club Aquathlon - 8 July

There was a very poor turnout for the second of the Club Aquathlon's held at The Bridge on Thursday 8 July. A couple of aquathlon regulars were taking part in the 5.6k JPMorgan Corporate Challenge on the same night.

The next Club Aquathlon will take place on Thursday 5 August.

Results - 3/4 July

On Saturday 3 July Niko took part in the British Gas Great London Swim and a number of CPT members went to Athlone in Ireland for the ETU Triathlon European Championships, where Beverley picked up 3rd place in her age group in the Sprint distance. Louise, who completed the Standard distance, reports that it was wet, windy and cold but great to see CPT members in action. Sara competed in the Shock Absorber Women Only Challenge Triathlon at Dorney Lake.

On Saturday Hans ran the Self Transcendence 10 Mile Race in Battersea Park. He then ran the Bewl 15 on Sunday!

La MarmotteBernie in actionDavid and Bernie were in the French Alps for the La Marmotte cyclosportive. The 174k route leaves from Le Bourg dOisans (the town at the bottom of l'Alpe d'Huez) and consists of more than 5000m climbing. Congratulations to David who knocked two hours off last year's time! Photos of Bernie in action can be seen at photobreton.com.

On Sunday 4 July there was action at the Bournemouth International Triathlon and Ironman Austria, where we had glorious sunshine and torrential rain all in one day! See my race report above.

Official photographs can be seen on the Marathon-Photos.com website.

Ironman Austria - Go to MarathonPhotos.com to view images


The Ironman Roll of Honour has been updated and now features sortable columns, so you can compare years, locations, names and times.

Award presentations

As Sara didn't stay for the awards presentation at the Dartford Bridge Triathlon, she was presented with her trophy at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday 29 June.

Sara came first in her age group in the Sprint race.

Sara and her trophy Sheila, Sara & Kati Katie and her award

Katie was also presented with her 3rd female award in the less than glamorous surroundings of the female changing rooms at St Joseph's swimming pool! At least I waited until she'd got dressed!

June results

A late result from Hans who competed in the Salomon Forest Trail 10k on 29 June.



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