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Club aquathlon - 3 June

The first 2010 club aquathlon is taking place on Thursday 3 June at The Bridge Leisure Centre, Kangley Bridge Road, Sydenham SE26. 
It replaces the usual Thursday night coached swim.
If you would like to take part please make sure you are on pool side by 7.45pm prompt.
We will start the junior race first, followed by adults.
The adult race consists of a 400m swim and three laps of the field.  For Juniors, the distance will vary dependent on age.

Beckenham Relay photos

There are some great CPT action photos from the Beckenham Relays.

Bank Holiday weekend results

Results on Saturday 29 May from the first official Crystal Palace 5k parkrun (where Keith came 3rd) and The Little Beaver, which was a qualifier for the Worlds.

On Sunday 30 May there was the second race in the Hillingdon Triathlon series, with Jon finishing 1st Vet and Cathy 3rd female, The Outrageous Half, where Lauren just beat Haydn and the Gloucester Sprint Triathlon.

On Monday 31 May there was the third in the Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon series.

parkrun - 29 May 2010

Crystal Palace Triathlon - In the news

Coverage of this year's race has appeared in the Croydon Guardian (has anyone got a copy?) the Croydon Advertiser (with a picture of our very own Slim Jim!), Tri 24/7, The News Shopper and Triathlete Europe.

More results

Bromley 5k parkrun - 1 May, 8 May and 22 May (where Cathy got a PB and was 3rd female).

Hans completed his first triathlon at Bexhill on Sea on Sunday 23 May. He says "I swear I signed up to this before knowing when the Crystal Palace Triathlon was going to be held or before I even joined CPT.  I only just got the better of my 15 year old son at his first ever race who came in at 1:27:52. 
We both benefited a lot from Jon's all day tri-preparation session back in April and would recommend them to any novice.
Next year I'll be marshalling at Crystal Palace!"

Crystal Palace Triathlon - Race report

By James Ripley

James - ProSport PhotosI have been preparing mentally and physically for my first Tri since deciding to enter one last February 2009. I didn't manage it last year because all my efforts became directed at finding sponsors for, and supporting my daughter, Emily in doing the London Triathlon Youth Super Sprint in aid of our Scouts Pack Minibus appeal. It was due to Emily's enthusiasm, having completed this event, that meant she asked me to drive her to Crystal Palace Juniors training sessions, because having already been coached by Jon elsewhere she realised what an amazingly good coach he is.

After taking Emily for a couple of weeks, my son Sam decided he didn't want to be left out and so started coming along as well. I was also invited to join in the training sessions (by Shiela Horsman) which was a real bonus, as it was already starting to get pretty cold during last November.

We all trained regularly over the cold, cold winter, but this didn't put any of the coaches off, they kept us motivated with their great enthusiasm and encouragement and varied, interesting sessions.

We all joined the CPT club for 2010 and decided to enter the CPT race to give us a goal to aim for. No one told us that the course wasn't the easiest for first timers, (or should I say old timers like me, who was put into the super veterans class!).

And so soon the CPT race weekend was upon us. Having attended an excellent Tri skills day run by Jon Horsman, helped set out the course on Saturday, and studied all the really well compiled information on the CPT website I was quite confident that I knew what to do on race day.

The Sunday race day was a brilliant hot sunny day, as forecast, and all the help, and advice we had been given by the club enabled us to pre-plan and pack everything we needed for all three of us to race. Get up was at 06:15 and Frances (my wife)  left the house first in order to get to the venue to help out at registration. We arrived just after 8am and found everything was in place already with competitors arriving all around us and a wonderful atmosphere already pervading everywhere.

I nervously went through the pre-race procedures helped by Sam who seemed to be organising me better than I was doing for myself and Emily was too busy with her own preparations to help me. It took me rather longer than expected to set up in Transition and I had only 7 minutes to get changed and get to poolside!
I pulled on my new CPT Tri suit and made my way to the start.

Seeing the other CPT members suddenly made me feel  proud to be part of the club organising this race event, and  before I knew it I was ushered into the pool and counted down to start. I completed the race (and as one member had said to me "it'll be a PB"!).

James - ProSport PhotosIt's a race I shall never forget, the many shouts of encouragement  from the marshals round the course  proved you were spot on with your advice and help getting us a CPT tri suit (many thanks for that). I couldn't wipe the smile from my face despite it being the hardest effort I have made for many years. It was just fantastic that this encouragement was freely served out on every one of the 9 laps of the bike course and both laps of the run.

Then even after finishing there was more satisfaction to come because I was then able to give back some of that enjoyment to other competitors through helping out at the finish line, giving out their medals and much needed rehydration distribution, (fetching them cold water).  Having just completed the same course I was really able to empathise with them, and received many congratulations on behalf of the club for "the best organised race" or "the most friendly marshalls they'd ever seen" etc.      

As one club member said to me later that day, "Your now officially a Triathlete and no one can take that away".  Well I'm already thinking about which race to enter next, and I don't think I'll be the only family member doing the same thing, so I think I'm hooked.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped us, and specifically myself, achieve my goal of finishing my first Tri before my 50th birthday later this year. 

Thank You CPT.              

League update

After many of you raced at the sprint club champs at East Grinstead (also a club league race) we have some changes to the league score boards! Remember that you have to do three of the league races to qualify, some people have now done two so their scores are an average of the two races completed.
The standings following East Grinstead are:
Female Open - Suse Fairfax still in the lead with Cathy Cooke now (just!) in 2nd place
Female Vets - Sheila Horsman keeps her top spot with Ruki Sidhwa now in 2nd place
Female Super-Vets - Karen Ayers jumps into the lead (with the highest rated score of any category so far!) with Louise Alan Smith now in 2nd place
Men Open - Keith Brewster retains his lead with Rob Parry now making a league entrance in 2nd place
Men Vets - Jon Horsman still in the lead with Mark Thomas in 2nd place
Men Super-Vets - Robert Buckler keeps his lead and Chris Fitzgerald stays in 2nd
Next league race is the club middle distance champs at Weymouth on 6 June.
Don't forget to enter the league races if you want to qualify for the leagues - full list of events on the league page (along with a spreadsheet with individual race scores and calculations).

Updated training schedule and open water swimming

Jon has updated the Club training plan. The revised plan covers the next five weeks and includes some open water swimming sessions at Haysden Lake (details re open water swims can be found on the April news page).

PDF opens in new windowTraining plan

New members

KarenWelcome to new members Karen Lord and Stuart Williams.


Additional open water swim session - Monday 31 May

Monday 31 May - Open water session at Haysden Lake (see full details). Jon
will be there from 18:30 and will lead a group from 18:30 - 19:15. He will return to the bank and lead a second group from 19:15 - 20:00.

Remember to sign your name and write your BTF number on the 7Oaks sheet.

Run schedule

Carl has put together the Wednesday night run schedule for June, July and August.

League update

All change for several of the club league top spots after the latest event, Morden 6n6 Aquathlon, at the weekend. Well done to those who raced.
Men - U-40s - still has Keith Brewster in the lead followed by Victor Thompson in 2nd
Men - Vets - New leader with Jon Horsman jumping straight into the lead and Greg Lewis into 2nd
Men - Super-vets - new leader of Chris Fitzgerald with Rob Buckler now down into 2nd place
Ladies - U-40s -no change with Suse and Lauren in 1st and 2nd
Ladies - Vets - New leader with Sheila Horsman in 1st place
Ladies - Super-vets -no change with Louise Alan-Smith in 1st and Beverley Hunt in 2nd.
Next club league race is East Grinstead this Sunday, this is also the club sprint champs. Lot of members racing so watch out for more entries into the league.
Happy racing!

April and May results

I think I've caught up with the backlog of results, so here goes.

From April Swimathon and votwo Dorney Lake Duathlon, where Neil was 3rd Vet.

May has been a busy month:

Volcano Triathlon
Steyning Triathlon
New Forest Triathlon

Tonbridge Triathlon
, where Suse was the female winner and Greg won his age group,
Thames Turbo
, where Katie was 2nd female and Noel was 3rd in his age group,
Grendon Sprint Triathlon
Goodwood Duathlon
(Classic) - Read Laura's report below
Morden 6n6 Aquathlon
Hairy Legs Challenge (which was shared with Emma doing the running and James the cycling!)

Photos can be seen on the Sussex Sport Photography website.

Triathlete's World Midweek Evening Sprint Race 1, where Richard was 3rd in his age group.

The CPT mobBeckenham Relay, where we had seven teams.

East Grinstead - Congratulations to Jon Horsman and Suse Fairfax for being the 2010 Sprint Club Champions. Rob's friend, Eren, took some fantastic photos at East Grinstead. Have a look at his website, Osmatography.


KirstenSelwynKirsten and Selwyn travelled to Scotland for the Etape Caledonia which this year included a King of the Mountains fastest split.

Photographs can be seen on the SportCam website.

Carole reports that she has "finally done another triathlon, Grendon, with the aim of completing without doing too much damamge to herself! She says "Well, I got round, not sure if I was actually moving towards the end but I didn't walk".

Goodwood Duathlon race report

Laura and HansReport by Laura Boyd

There was a rule and the rule for Laura was not to enter any event until after the London Marathon but with a week to go before London and Karen’s email of free entry to Goodwood duathlon, the rule was out of the window and I’d said yes please me and ticked the classic challenge box – 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run, without a second thought!

I only doubted my decision when Hans kindly agreed to give me a lift and said 5:30am start!

However when we found ourselves going what seemed like back in time down to Goodwood racecourse, where old fashioned pitstops and lovely artdeco buildings greeted us, the excitement kicked in.  As we parked, Hans suffered a surprise l on discovering photo ID was required to collect our race numbers – thankfully a driving license was found and we were ready – though personally now rather nervous!  Nerves passed though on finding other CPT duathletes - Steve and Louise in CPT kit and Steve with a nifty new shiny bike.

We started in groups of 15, setting off per minute.  First 10k round the actual race courses itself, with small aircraft taking off and landing in the middle so plenty to watch.  4k round, then we doubled back, out onto a road for a couple of km and then back to the racecourse to complete the final kilometre.

Luckily a couple of people had said the bike started with a 2m uphill climb.  So bikes ready and prepared in low gears, the course took us out of Goodwood racecourse itself and into stunning countryside.  With roads closed to cars, we had two laps of 20k mainly undulating after the hilly start and great downhill finish.  Perfect weather for a duathlon – mild, overcast so no sunburn – and thankfully no rain.  Clearly marked marshals lined the way congratulating competitors as they went ending the “what if I get lost?” worry!

I completely forgot the golden rule taking my helmet off as soon as I’d got off the bike, soon corrected by the marshal and earning me sympathetic haggling with the marshal from supporters!  Last 5k took us back round the racecourse with a final loop to make it 5k.  Race results available on the screen at the finish. 
Great duathlon, incredibly well organised both pre and during event and one of those friendly, scenic, beautiful come back and do it again events!

Photographs can be seen on the SportCam website.



Cumbrian Killer cyclosportive - 2 May 2010

Report by Lisa Collins

Event Stats


90 or 75 miles

Major Climbs

Kirkstone Pass, Red Bank 25%, Blea Tarn 25%, Wrynose Pass 25%, Hardknott Pass 30% (long course), Birker Fell 20%, Stickle Pike 25%, Oxen Park and Bigland Hill 20%

Feed Station Checkpoints

Grasmere (35 miles), Lowick (68 miles)


CK2010 elevation


Course completion time: 08:39:01 (incl. Feed stops and mechanical faults)

Starting in Milnthorpe village at 0800 I knew I had a tough day ahead.  Excitement had robbed me of a good night’s sleep. The general vibe at HQ was tense but once on the road the tension eased off. The start of the course was an undulating ride through villages and a good hilly warm up to get the legs spinning and eat up some miles.

The event really got going on the mighty Kirkstone Pass. Riding along 5 miles constant incline of up to 16% took me away from civilisation and into the Cumbrian Mountains - a small taste of the challenges ahead. The landscape became populated by huge, endless hills and I felt very small! The wind picked up and battered the bike constantly, and after a while peddling against it became a demoralising chore. I was happy to come off the pass and down The Struggle into Ambleside, but this was no rest. The descent is 3 miles long and technical with steep, narrow bends. It took all my concentration and handling skills to get down in one piece and my hands were cramping up on the way. There was a brief respite cycling through Grasmere village before turning onto Red Bank – 300m of 25% incline. I reached the checkpoint within my 3hr target (02:44:58) and I was feeling optimistic at this point.

   Kirkstone Pass.
Wrynose Pass                                  A gentle section of The Struggle

It was so tempting to hang around at the feed station! Soup, hot drinks, bananas, gels, fruit loaf, water, and caramel wafers were available. I stocked up with water and refreshments and set off in a buoyant mood.

During the next stage the winds continued to hammer me and I became very cold. Even with an extra layer I was covered in goosebumps and my legs were red raw. My mood took another downturn when, on Wrynose Pass, I paused to have some water and the bottle holder snapped off the bike. Unable to carry the bottle in my jersey pocket, I was now facing three brutal climbs and 30+ miles to checkpoint 2 with only one bottle left. This influenced my decision to divert at the split point after the pass and take the shorter route of 75 miles. I’m glad I did…

Dropping down into Duddon Valley on the shorter course provided me with a respite from the wind and a mental lift. The sun came out and I was enjoying the ride, getting into top gear and bombing along the valley – the fun of cycling returned! But it wasn’t long before the big ascents reappeared and once again I was tackling 20% gradients and getting up into the wind. To make matters worse, my gears stopped working. The cable had come loose. I tried to fix the problem but just couldn’t get it working again. Unable to change my gears on this terrain I knew that I wouldn’t make the next checkpoint in any good time.

Eventually I made it into Lowick and the second feed station. I had been on the road now for about 7 hours! Physically my legs were running out of power, I was dehydrated and I had been exposed to the elements. Mentally I was fed up because of the setbacks with the bike. I had some sweet tea and fruit loaf but I was sick of eating sugary snacks. Fortunately a bike mechanic was there and fixed my gears. Hurrah!

22 miles left to go and I was convinced that I was the last person on the course. Every hill now felt like a vertical wall, both physically and mentally. Seeing Bigland Hill looming up ahead in endless steep twists and turns was a huge blow, but there was no way I’d give up and wait for the sweep van. In small stages, stopping frequently to lean against a wall and get psyched up again, I got to the top. It was a painfully slow effort and I must have been a pitiful sight!

The final miles were an exercise in willpower alone, as my legs were now completely exhausted. I was in my low gears the whole way which was rather depressing. I wanted to get off the bike and into a hot bath.

The punch line is...

I will be returning to do this event again next year. With the knowledge, experience and more training, I would like to complete it in 7hrs. I am really pleased to have done it this year and come back in one piece.


New members

Welcome to new members Robert Jenkins and Roger Josephs.

Friday swim

Please note there is no swim on Friday 21 May due to an open evening at Dulwich Prep.

New Crystal Palace parkrun

parkrun is a free to enter timed 5k run that is held every Saturday at various locations around the UK. It’s open to anyone as long as they register in advance via the parkrun website. Some of the parkrun locations are already familiar to CPT members so it’s very exciting to have a new venue much nearer to home.

We have been invited by Crystal Palace parkrun to trial their new route at a test run on Wednesday 19 May at 19:30. Following this trial event, where feedback will be appreciated, they are hoping to launch the regular CP parkrun at 9am on Saturday 29 May.

We won’t be holding next Wednesday’s track session, instead we are encouraging as many CPT members, adult and junior, to register for the trial event and run the new 5k parkrun route.

The parkruns are all organised and manned by volunteers. There are various jobs that need doing, marshalling, putting out signs, timing, checking finish order etc. So if you are able to help at the trial run or at any Saturday events in the future, please put your name down as a volunteer.

On Wednesday 19th there will be a training session for volunteers at 18:00 and the run itself will start at 19:30. Please meet in-between the café and the information centre (near the dinosaur park), wearing CPT kit if possible.

Results backlog

Apologies for the delay in getting news and results on the website for the end of April and beginning of May. I've got a lot of catching up to do following the very successful training camp in Spain (more to follow on that). Please bear with me while I try to catch-up, as well as get all the race information out before next weekend!



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