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Updated training schedule and open water swimming

Jon has updated the Club training plan. The revised plan covers the next five weeks and includes some open water swimming sessions at Haysden Lake.

PDF opens in new windowTraining plan

Open water swimming

There are a wide range of swimming lakes and lidos in and around London available for open water swim practice. Most of the lakes have restricted access times for swimming – often early in the morning or on certain evenings. A good overview is provided on the London Triathlon Regional website.

Only Leybourne Lakes (30 miles from Crystal Palace along the M20) offer swimming all day and at weekends (except Mondays) but do require any swimmer to undertake an assessment at a cost of £35 for the season. Probably excellent value if you plan some regular swimming there.

Last year CPT made use of the very kind offer from 7oakstriclub to make use of Haysden Lake (nr. Tonbridge) on Monday evenings. More details on this website.

These sessions proved very successful both for newcomers to open water swimming and those wanting to get their ‘sighting’ in for upcoming events.

The club will be running coached sessions at Haysden Park this year on 17th and 24th May and 14th, 21st and 28th June.  These sessions will be open to both adult and junior members (who are already at secondary school) who are also members of the BTF/Triathlon England.

Please note: The 7Oakstri swimming coordinator has asked that "people only enter the water if a 7Oaks Tri club representative is present.  No-one must enter until the rep is there (anybody doing so will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to swim in the Lake any more, but I’m sure you will appreciate this from a safety view point).  The person looking after the lake swimming sessions is normally there before 6:30pm".

Each session will be split into three 30 minute periods of coaching:

·         1830 -1900 - open water newcomers and less confident swimmers
·         1905 -1935 - intermediate swimmers with some open water experience
·         1940 -2010 - confident/faster open water swimmers

Adults wanting to extend their swim time can obviously swim before or after the coached session. Juniors under 16 must swim with a responsible adult at all times.

The cost of the session will be £5 – a fee to 7oakstriclub for use of the lake (c.£4) and the balance to CPT towards the coaching costs.

Please text Jon Horsman by midday on the Monday of each session if you are planning to be there so we can avoid him having a wasted journey.
No TEXTS = NO coach. 

CPT League update

After two more club league races - Dragonslayer Duathlon and Ful-On-Duathlon - over the last two weekends we have some changes to the leader board in the club leagues. Well done to all those racing and scoring points. The full league results are on attached spreadsheet and summary below:
Male senior - Keith Brewster now in the lead with Victor Thompson in 2nd place
Male Vet - no change with Mark Thomas still in lead with Neil Barnes 2nd
Male supervet - new leader with Robert Buckler in 1st place
Female senior - no change with Susan Fairfax and Lauren Whitmore in 1st and 2nd places respectively
Female Vet - no entries yet - come on ladies!!!
Female S Vet - Louise Alan Smith now in 1st place with Beverley Hunt in 2nd place
The next race is the Morden 6n6 Aquathlon on 9th May and then the Club Sprint Champs at East Grinstead on 16th May.

Weekend results - 24-25 April

The Ful-On Duathlon took place on Saturday 24 April. There were a few members representing CPT at this London League race.

Unfortunately Mark Thomas reports on his disastrous race at Kempton Park....
A beautiful day and despite the hay-fever popped along to give the sprint duathlon a go at this new venue. I arrived a little later than I usually would for a race and didn't ride or run on the course beforehand but I figured that if horses can manage it... how difficult can it be?

The first run split was sub 17 mins for 5 km so I should have smelt a rat then. There was noone directly in front of me on the bike after the first of the six laps and no arrows so I followed the course straight back into transition! I was then forced to walk around the whole transition area to rejoin the course. The rest was just painful with some (internal) swearing and cursing going on. It seems that the first 30 or so in my wave all took a wrong turn on the second lap of the run and so were all DQd. A cautionary tale to all. if I had my wits about me and didn't follow the herd .... oh well.

One to forget !

If anyone from Ful-On is reading this ... please buy some signs with arrows on them. (Couldn't resist that last comment). Otherwise well done on a friendly and sunny event.

I realise now why horses have jockies.

Sunday saw the first Virgin London Marathon with another PB for Dave, although he didn't quite manage the sub four hour he was hoping for. But he was pleased to beat his previous time. He says "I was very close to sub 4 up till about 21-22 miles, when I had been doing very consistent 9 minute miles, but just didn't have enough in reserve to keep that pace going. Overall I was pleased with my performance, don't think I could have done anything better or different, so I will now accept I am a plus 4 hour marathon runner rather than a sub 4 hour".

The London Marathon Roll of Honour has also been updated.

Hans reports "I couldn't face not running a marathon this weekend so went to Hamburg and managed 3:26:12.  I was aiming for 3:15 which I thought was conservative after my recent quick half-marathons!  Time to learn that a marathon is a bit more than two half-maras put together (and how do people manage an IronMan???).

Weekend results - 17-18 April

Congratulations to Neil and Dave for getting PBs at the Bromley 5k parkrun on Saturday 17th.

CPT members made appearances on the podium at Sevenoaks Spring Triathlon, with Lauren finishing 2nd woman overall and Haydn getting 3rd place in his age group, and age group places for Louise (1st) and Victor (3rd) at the Uckfield Supersprint Triathlon. There were also some great results at the Brighton Marathon, SPW's Hyde Park Triathlon, Winchester Fast Twitch Triathlon and the Dragonslayer Duathlon.

CPT in action at Sevenoaks

Photographs from Sevenoaks are available on the SussexSport Photography website.

Dawn reports that she "got a PB at Sevenoaks, which wasn't hard considering last time I did it in 2004 I went the wrong way on the run and did an extra 3 miles or so! Riaz enjoyed himself too and won a spot prize - of a rather fetching sun hat thingy. The weather was glorious. If only I'd not got my blooming number belt stuck in my brake cables in T1 I would not have spent three minutes faffing around!"

Results aren't available yet for the Swimathon so I'll add those soon.

Circuit of Kent Sportive

Entries are now open for the popular Circuit of Kent Sportive on Sunday 12 September 2010. You can read a report in a review in Cycling Weekly 2009 and my report from the 2007 event.

Entries are also open now for a new event, Bike Radar Live's Cycling Plus Sportive on 10 July. Based at Brands Hatch Motor racing circuit the route will traverse Kent’s North Downs and the beautiful High Weald.  

Late result - 11 April

A late result from last weekend's Denbies 10.

Marathon des Sables report from John P

JohnNo matter how much you prepare before hand things can (and usually do) go wrong. The shoes I was preparing to run in took three weeks and not the advertised three days to arrive. I took them to a shoe maker/cobbler in Dulwich to have the Velcro stitched on (for the gaiters), earliest they could be done was Wednesday (five days), the day before I fly out. I drive to the cobblers on Wednesday lunchtime and he hasn’t started them. I inform him of the importance and he promises they’ll be done by 4.00pm. On the way to Dulwich in the afternoon, two school boys run into the road throwing stones at car windscreens, the truck in front of me stops, jumps out and starts chasing the boys. He was towing a trailer and hadn’t connected his trailer lights on so by the time I realised he was stopped I went into the back of him. The impact missed my bumper and hit the bonnet causing a right mess of my car. I eventually got to collect my shoes, cost of £35 to stitch Velcro on, and quality was very poor as the stitching used cut into my feet on the inner parts.

I thought things could only get better, and for a while they did.

The preparations up to the last night before the start of the event were good. We were warned not to drink any tap water, stay off the local salads as they would probably have been washed in tap water, brush your teeth using bottled water and use alcohol hand wash before eating or drinking anything. To catch diaharrea or start vomiting would have disastrous consequences.

I woke up for the first day and noticed I had been bitten by something on the back of my left hand. I didn’t know what it was but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, even though my hand had puffed up. Then within minutes out came the immodium as the dreaded diaharrea bug had got me. It was now 90 minutes to the start, and all I wanted to do was get started.

We started a little after 9.00am local time. I took 2x500ml water bottles with nuun and lucazade sport which were to last me until the first check point 13km away. I was going well and was with lots of other competitors. I felt great approaching the first check point. As soon as I stopped to refill my drinks bottles I felt dizzy. I refilled them quick and set off again but the dizziness remained. After approx 16km I sat down on a rock just before a small climb, and the next thing I remember is having water thrown in my face telling me to stay awake. It seems I fainted/blacked out for a short while. The doctors got me going again forcing five salt tablets and lots of water down me. I managed to get up and continue with the event. I finished the first day 30km in approx eight hours. I got back to my tent and started vomiting.

Second day started at 8.30am. I now have excruciating back pain in my lower back and need help in getting up and putting my back pack on. I had an extra bottle 1½ litres of water and I had already decided to take it easy and walk this day as there was a lot of climbing to be done. I got to the first check point with no problems and had only used up ½ of my reserve water. With the amount of climbing I was doing I was using my water quicker than I had anticipated. I could see the second check point at the other end of the valley, my water had almost run out and the temperature was 50+ Celsius. Now I know what they mean by the death march. I met an American en route who had already given up who had a little spare water. This extra water got me to check point 2. I went into the first aid tent and was given diaralyte with my first 1½ litre bottle which had to be finished before setting off to check point 3. I was also given an additional three litres of water with a time penalty and a warning that any additional water would result in me being withdrawn from the event. I got to check point 3, 30km completed only 5km to go. Problem was the last 5km was a mountain and sand dunes, and I’d already used my extra water. To tackle this with only 1½ litres of water was impossible as I was already feeling dehydrated. When I got into the check point first aid tent I was given an additional 5 units of IV.

By the end of day two there were approx 30 withdrawals of which I was now 1 of. The withdrawal rate was approx one in 10 with approx 100 people stopping in total, out of 1000 starters.

The answer to the question, as to if I would try again is maybe, but in four or five years.

Weekend results - 10-11 April

Congratulations to Cathy for getting a PB at her second Bromley parkrun on Saturday 10th.

On Sunday 11th, there were some great times at the Paddock Wood Half Marathon, with Nell and Katie coming in neck to neck, a PB for Gary and Bruce finished his first half (even if he has got black toenails now!). The photographs show just how close Nell (in red) and Katie (in blue) actually were!

Phil and Bernie completed the Paris Marathon and PBs for David and Neville at the 16 mile Kingston Breakfast Run.


Monmouth Sprint Triathlon
Report by Emanuele Vignoli

An interesting start to the tri season in Monmouth. There I was, looking forward to my first sprint tri of the season (third ever) in a beautiful spot in South Wales. The event organiser (Blacksheep) advertised the event very well, with the usual details around goody bags, professionally measured distances and even real time updates on a wide screen!

Well here is the reality... after registration I was given the very exciting goody bag containing a timing chip and my race number! Had a look at the set up and it all looked a bit strange, no allocated position in the transition area, the arrival right in front of the transition area and the start of the run through the car park, but I kept my positive approach and thought, it will all be fine!

Well here is what went wrong... distances were all incorrect, slight difference for the bike (2k) but a 5k run which turned out to be 4k and renamed by the organiser as a 'soft 5k'.

Unfortunately I only set up my watch for the run which I did in about 17.20, so when finished I went to look for the big screen with the results. I ended up talking with a bloke on the back of a white van with a small laptop trying to reconcile the results (bear in mind that we had timing chips), he mentioned that there were some issues but reassured me that full results would be available on the site in the afternoon.

After a great lunch in the Welsh countryside I logged in to check the results... only to notice 'swim times not included due to technical problems but everything else is fine', well I checked my name and apparently I did my bike and run in 2hrs 14mins. That was a another surprise, bearing in mind that I knew that I did the run in 17 mins... it meant that it took me almost 2 hrs to cover 15k on the bike! I know cycling is not my forte but I could probably have walked that distance in less time!

After everybody complaining about the distance of the run the organiser decided to update their website, post the event,  showing that it was a 4k race, despite being shown as a 5k in the official Welsh tri website...very dodgy organiser!

Anyway a complete waste of time from a competition perspective but great scenery during the bike ride and I met Tom (little Tom) Roberts from the Welsh tri in transition, very nice and supportive guy who knows many of the Crystal Palace members. Anyway I'm sure the next one will be better!


Best wishes to Dean who suffered a broken collar bone while out on the Club ride on Sunday morning. Unfortunately he was the victim of a large pothole and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. He's back home but in excrutiating pain. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Training session - Saturday 10 April

There's a late change to the advertised schedule. As we now have a coach we can now put on a training session this Saturday morning after all - time to work off those Easter eggs! This will be a turbo and run session inclusive of run technique practice, meet outside the Sports Injury Clinic at Crystal Palace Sports Centre ready to go at 09:00, finish 11:00, cost £5 per person.
This session will be coached by Jon H. Bring your bike, turbo, trainers, drink etc and your energy and enthusiasm!


Many apologies to those of you who turned up for Carl’s track session on Wednesday night only to find Carl wasn’t there. I hope someone took the lead and that you had a good workout.

Carl did let me know that he wasn’t going to be able to make the session but unfortunately I didn’t pick up his message until Thursday morning. I’ve been off sick all week and haven’t been checking emails and voicemails regularly. So many apologies.

Marathon des Sables update

According to the MDS website John P is listed as having abandoned after the first stage. Hopefully it is no more than a bad case of blisters and we'll find out more when he gets back.

Thames Turbo and Club League results

A very good CPT turnout for the first in the CPT and London League race at Thames Turbo.

this means that these people have now got their first score to contribute towards their overall club standing (according to gender and category).
spreadsheets with results are attached - pls feel free to check my sums!
Results in summary for the CPT League:
Men open - James Nellist is in the lead with David Rose in second place
Men Vet - Mark Thomas in the lead with Neil Barnes in second place
Men S-Vet - no entries yet
Female Open - Suse Fairfax in the lead with Lauren Whitmore in second place
Female Vet - no entries yet
Female S-Vet - Beverley Hunt in first place
The next race is the Dragon Slayer Duathlon on 18th April - so a good chance for the duathletes to pick up some points!
Details of all qualifying races can be found on the Club League page.



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