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August and Bank holiday results

Results from the Windrush Aquathlon at Brockwell Park on 23 August are now available along with the fourth in the series of 220 Dorney Evening Triathlons.

NigelCongratulations to Nigel Munoz for finishing Ironman Louisville in a very decent time. Nigel has joined the Ironman Roll of Honour.

Lauren and RoyRoy and Lauren raced at the Big South Swim at Dorney Lake on Saturday 29th. Roy completed the 1500m swim, which was thought to be slightly long and Lauren completed the 3.8k. Lauren was hoping to break 55 minutes so was very pleased with her result. Her day was spoilt when her car was broken into in an NCP car park in Windsor. Her swimming kit and CPT trisuit were stolen. So if you see anyone parading in club kit and you don't recognise them, do please apprehend them!! Photos are available on the Sussex Sport Photography website.

Ruki completed the Challenge distance, 65 miles, at the Burgess Hill Rumble Cyclosportive. She insists her cycle computer shows 5 hours of cycling and can't believe her finishing time shows 1 hour 22 minutes of cake and convenience stops! Glyn and Phil completed the Classic distance, 95 miles. Phil managed to forget his cycling shoes but still got around the very hilly course in his trainers!

There were some very close times at the ORCA Classic Olympic Triathlon on Sunday 30th. The F3 Events triathlon at Dorney Lake wasn't the best organised, as the very patchy provisional results show, but with support from James, Audrey and Martin, and a slightly long swim, there were only seconds in it! Emma wishes she hadn't stopped to put her socks on! Photos are available on the Sussex Sports Photography website.

Karen, Bruce & Emma

The last in the series of Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlons took place on Monday 31st, with David Rose managing another PB.

Fintan, James, Karen, Bruce, Laura, Greg, Suse, Richard and Phil were the small, but select, group who cycled to Eastbourne on bank holiday Monday. Audrey and Martin didn't make it as they'd overslept! The weather wasn't as bright as had been promised first thing but it definitely got better as the day wore on. Our first stop was the St Ives tea rooms near Hartfield. We had another short pub stop before arriving in Eastbourne just before 4pm. We were met on the beach by Emma and the children and Audrey and Martin. Greg and Suse braved a proper swim in the very chilly sea, while the rest of us had a paddle and splash around. We had the traditional fish and chips, a short nap, followed by ice creams and a bit of sunbathing, before heading to the station for a very packed train back to East Croydon. Thanks to Phil for leading the ride without getting us lost this year!

Bank holiday ride to Eastbourne

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Bank Holiday ride to the coast

This year's Bank Holiday ride will again, by popular demand, start at Elmers End and proceed to Eastbourne via 70 miles of country roads.

This is a social ride with at least one good tea and cake stop. The speed will be sociable for all so will maintain 14mph so that we reach Eastbourne by about 15:00 to enjoy a dip in the sea and fish and chips on the beach.

We will get back to London by train, those with network or gold cards please bring. Trains come back to East Croydon.

Remember 70 miles is a long way so please be realistic for the enjoyment of the whole group.

See you all at 08:30 on Monday 31 August. Usually meeting place at Elmers End and don't forget your cash for tea and cakes, fish and chips, ice cream and train home.

Bromley parkrun launches 29 August

The 5k parkruns come highly recommended by CPT members who have competed at Bushy Park, Wimbledon Common, Banstead Woods and Roundshaw Downs. For those of you who live on the other side of Crystal Palace there is now a new Bromley parkrun in Norman Park. The first event takes place on Saturday 29 August and will be held every Saturday at 9am after that. You need to register, if you haven't already done so, and once registered you can go along to any parkrun event.

New member

ChrisWelcome to new member Christopher FitzGerald.


Bike skills - Saturday 5 September - cancelled

Please note the 08:00 bike skills session at Crystal Palace on Saturday 5 September has been cancelled.

Run schedule and cancellation of warm-up session

Carl has put together the run schedule for September, October and November. Please see the Running page for full details.

Due to lack of support, Phil will no longer be holding the warm-up sessions at 7pm prior to the Wednesday night run.

Velodrome - Tuesday 1 September

Please note there will be no coached session at the Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday 1 September.

If it's not raining a few members are planning to go along for an un-coached session so if anyone fancies joining in please do! As it's getting dark earlier be there for a 7pm start and finish when it's too dark to continue!

Race results - 22-23 August

A quiet weekend with just two results, the Roundshaw Downs 5k parkrun, which comes highly recommended. The venue is much closer than Banstead Woods, not quite as attractive, but at the moment numbers are still fairly low. The run is all off-road and takes place on the old Croydon airfield. The CPT runners get a mention on the Roundshaw Downs website.

Stephen travelled to Ireland for the Eireman Middle Distance Triathlon. It looks as though the 1.9k swim was cut very short as there are some very impressive swim times!

CPT in action at Roundshaw Downs


Most offer two distances, a longer and a shorter one.

13 September - Circuit of Kent - The event isn't full yet but usually fills before the day.

27 September - VO2 Cycling Sportive - Hildenborough, Kent - The first staging of this event.

4 October - Ride of the falling leaves - This is organised by local cycling club, Dulwich Paragons. It starts and finishes at the Herne Hill velodrome.

4 October - Blenheim Sportive - This one is untried and tested but a few members are going along.

Late results - Wimbledon Common 5k

Apologies to Niko for not reporting on his PB at Wimbledon Common on 8 August. I knew he'd injured himself while running and just assumed that he hadn't finished the event. But, despite tripping of a tree root and injuring his ankle, he managed to finish and in his quickest time ever for a 5k!

Results - 15-16 August

A Wednesday night result from the F3 Midweek series at Dorney Lake, where Grant was racing as a warm-up for Sunday's Hyde Park event!

Karen and BruceAnother close race between Karen and Bruce at the Clash of the Tritons aquathlon on Saturday 15 August, with just 14 seconds between us!

Sunday 16 August was busy with the Worthing Triathlon, and the Dextro Energy sprint and standard distance races at Hyde Park. Congratulations to Mark Thomas for coming first in his age group and Frances Greenall for second in hers.

Mark has confirmed that he as qualified for the sprint distance European championships in Athlone next year. He reports that he "was overtaken by one guy on the bike leg which I was a bit depressed about until I realised it was James Cracknell OBE", who came 4th overall in the sprint race.

Werratal Jedermanns Cross Triathlon, Barchfeld, Germany

Kati is currently on holiday visiting family and friends back in Germany. She took some time out to do the Werratal Jedermanns Cross Triathlon on Sunday 9 August. This was a short sprint MTB triathlon. She says "It's very interesting how they organise things here. Anyway, had a great time and suprisingly won second place in the female category (8 woman all together) after going round rather half-heartedly. I even got a mention in the local papers and my German family are suddenly showing a huge interest in what I am up to in my spare time!".

Results - 8-9 August

Just six days after completing Ironman UK, Simon Jackson went to Prague to compete in the ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championships on Saturday 8 August.

Riaz at Roundshaw DownsOn Saturday Riaz and Dawn decided to try out the new parkrun in Croydon, at Roundshaw Park. Here's Dawn's report.

"I decided it was time to start running again after my Ironman escapades a month ago. Unfortunately, Coach Taylor's swim session on Thursday put paid to that as during his mock open water swim session I managed to break my toe! So no running for me for a few weeks (and yes I probably am the clumsiest CPT member in the club, managing to pick up another stupid injury).

However, I decided to cycle down there with Riaz to support him and we were soon joined by about 70 other people. The instructions were straight forward enough, run round the park twice. Riaz was a bit apprenhensive as he hasn't actually done any running for about a year (!) other than a couple of club sessions in the last month. A recurring knee problem was also worrying him but he was fine and managed to get round in a respectable time of 27 minutes and only a small twinge in aforementioned knee.

I stood at the sidelines looking on jealously as really wanted to be running.... the beauty of this event is that it's held every week and is free to take part. Hopefully I'll be running there very soon. I reckon Crystal Palace would be able to shake this event up a bit as the fastest female took about 24 mins and the fastest male 18... and I know we have some runners who are quicker than that! Best thing about the event though was the friendly atmpsophere and the fact it is a lot closer than Banstead Woods! I would highly recommend it.

Ewan opted for the 3.8Km Aquasphere Long Swim, a non-wetsuit event in Bournemouth bay and found the rip current really tough. He wishes he'd joined everyone at Swanage instead!

This year's Club Championship Olympic distance race was the Swanage Classic. Jon and Suse had the fastest CPT times on the day with Greg and Karen in second place, and Jim and Louise in third. You can see this year's champions so far on the Club Champions page. A few members opted for the Swanage Sprint race for various reasons. Unfortunately there were errors in the provisional results which have affected the placings.

Despite some dreadful journeys to Swanage on Saturday, with the record standing at six hours, everyone managed to register and make it to La Trattoria in time for some carbo loading. Unfortunately those of us camping had a very disturbed night with a tent full of drunken teenagers keeping us awake for most of the night. We took great pleasure in making lots of noise when our alarms started going off at 4.30am!

CPT in action

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The weather was absolutely perfect for the race, with the sea like swimming in a salty swimming pool (very different from last time we held the Club Championships in Swanage in 2004). There was no wind on the hilly and challenging bike course and warm but not too hot for the run, which includes a 400 foot climb up the cliffs of the Purbeck Hills.

There were a number of PBs and some very close racing. Jon H and Greg came second and third in their age groups, Tim Thomas came third in his and in the Sprint race, Frances won her age group and Cathy and Audrey came second in theirs. Unfortunately Steve punctured so didn't finish the bike but did go out and complete the run. Richard was ill on the bike and had to walk after making it to the top of the cliff climb!

Although it was tough everyone seemed pleased with their times and recovered enough to meet up for fish and chips in the harbour at lunch time before heading to the beach for some sleep, sunbathing, swimming, frisbee and ice cream!

Photographs can be found on www.evokepix.co.uk

CPT in action at Swanage - photos by evokepix.co.uk

Swiss Alpine Marathon

Geoff Dillon reports that in his "continuing habit of entering marathons where I've got absolutely no chance of getting a fast time, I took part in the Swiss Alpine Marathon in Davos on 25th July".

You can watch Geoff finish, he's the one in white and probably broke his 200m PB during the stadium finish!

Geoff says "To put it into perspective, it was 25c at the start but snowing at the highest point and we had two big and constant climbs of about 45 mins each, where all we could do was walk (although it was pretty fast walking)".

Geoff was accompanied by his wife and daughter so they had a great holiday, walking around the peaks, tobogganing and ice skating.

Next year, Geoff's going to enter the Edinburgh Marathon as it's one of the flattest around!

Running events

Entry is now open for the popular Dulwich 10k. This year's race will take place on Sunday 11 October. You can enter online or download a Word or PDF entry form from the Dulwich Runners website.

A few CPT members are also doing the Barns Green Half Marathon on Sunday 1 November if you'd like to join us. You can enter online or download an entry form for their website.

Don't forget to wear Club kit at all events where you are representing the Club.

White Oak photographs

Thanks very much to Nigel for the great action photographs from White Oak.

CPT in action at White Oak

Wellies in BoltonRace results - 2 August

A busy week at the London Triathlon at both Sprint and Olympic distance, with a number of PBs.

Ironman UK took place at its new venue in Bolton, where wellies wouldn't have been out of place in transition! According to John P the route was hillier than expected which meant he didn't get to finish the run. Simon's time has been added to the Ironman Roll of Honour.

Paul Delicata went to Belgium to compete in the Antwerp 70.3.


CPT in action at the London Triathlon

New member

EmmaWelcome to new member Emma Ibell.



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