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Weekend round-up - 30 - 31 May

The highlight of the weekend was our own annual triathlon. We were really lucky with the weather this year and had a good turnout on the day. There was a junior race before the adult event which proved to be very popular with the juniors. The CPT team did a great job, despite Jon H cycling an extra lap on the bike! You can see how our members got on on the May results page.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to put on such a successful event, especially those who set-up on Saturday and marshalled on Sunday. The feedback so far has been very positive and competitors really appreciate the friendly support they receive from everyone around the course.

Photographs by ProSport Photos are available now and hopefully Brian will have some good shots taken around the course and at the prizegiving. These will follow soon.

Anthony completed Ironman Brasil and three members raced the Edinburgh Marathon.

Beaver Fest - Race report

Report from our roving reporter, Cathie Greasley:

Belvoir CastleI headed home to Leicestershire to take part in the middle distance triathlon at The Beaver Fest at the weekend. No, nothing to do with small, fury creatures - they aren’t native to Leicestershire – and sorry boys, nothing to do with the misogynistic banter to be found in certain lad’s mags - rather named after the spectacular stately home, Belvoir Castle (pronounced Beaver) where the event was hosted.

The Beaver swimAlarm bells should have started ringing at registration. Along with my race number and timing chip, I was presented with an enormous bumper pack of High Five paraphernalia and a rather lurid T-shirt. In hindsight, the energy bars and gels were to keep me going, on what turned out to be one of the toughest races I’ve ever taken part in and the fluorescent orange T-shirt obviously given to each and every competitor for health and safety reasons, as I’m sure that there must have been loads of people still trudging round the course well after the sun went down!

Run to transitionThere was lots of friendly banter and a few “me duck” greetings. Momentarily, I felt happy and reassured to be back on home turf! That was until I realised how hilly my home turf was! The bike course comprised three and a bit laps around the Vale of Belvoir and contained a mishmash of climbs, descents and flat road, with a few gusty head winds thrown in for good measure. And the run bit involved a horrific traipse up to the castle and back. I saw Ross beforehand (he had done the Little Beaver) and he had warned me about the unsympathetic, winding hill, but it was much worse than he described! Apparently ‘Belvoir’ is French for ‘beautiful view’; although the only views I saw were grown men doubled over in agony – not pleasant!

On the bikeThe hill was bad enough the first time, but after doing it three times my legs were shot – beavers are rodents, which mean vermin in my book, and this one had a nasty sting (or slap) in it’s tail! It would have been nice if there had been a bit of applause from the duke and duchess after reaching the summit – funnily enough they (and no one else for that matter) were anywhere to be seen! Even the swim was capped with a cheeky 500 metre run uphill to transition – they couldn’t get enough of them in!

On the runI think that the swim (which was cold, dark and filthy!) was the only part of the race that I enjoyed! That involved a bit of argy-bargy with a girl I’d befriended in transition. She soon became the enemy as she kept swimming in ‘my line’ and nearly took my goggles off. I had the last laugh though, neatly tucking in behind her and drafting her practically all the way round the last lap.

Halfway through the run, myself and a fellow competitor had the usual “why?” conversation and decided that we were going take up a more sedate sport. In the end we decided on darts and went our separate ways.

The runI’m not sure that I enjoyed the race, but it served its purpose as a good pre-Ironman warm up and a chance for me to test out my kit, nutrition and equipment. A lunchtime kick-off made a welcome change to the crack of dawn starts and also provided a useful opportunity to race in the heat. Just need a double top now… (Whoops wrong sport, that’s darts) or rather to double the distance in Nice in less than five weeks time! Body double required. Apply here.

See how Cathie got on in the Beaver and how the other CPT members did in the Little Beaver.

Saturday 30 May - training session

Before the Race set up this Saturday, there will be a coached turbo/run session 09:00-10:30 outside the CPSIC, bring normal kit and £5. Members can then help with the race set up from 10:45 onwards.
Don't forget there's another open water swim session on Monday 1 June at 19:00 onwards at Haysden Lake, details below.

Wednesday 24 June - Dulwich 5k

Following the success of the Beckenham relay race a couple of weeks ago it has been decided to follow this up with the Dulwich 5K Road Race on 24 June. You will need to enter beforehand to take account of the discount available or simply turn up and make a late entry on the night for the sum of £10. Full details on the Dulwich Runners website.

There will therefore be no officially led session at Crystal Palace on this night.

It was great to see everyone, well almost everyone, turned out in CPT kit at Beckenham so please try to make the effort and turn out again both in force and in CPT gear if possible.

New member

RiazWelcome to new member Riaz Rahman.


Weekend round-up - 23 - 25 May

A very busy weekend with lots of members racing all around the country and abroad.

John on his bike in LanzaroteIronman Lanzarote was the first race of the weekend on Saturday 23rd. Congratulations to Katie for an impressive time. John had a tough time and spent an hour in the first aid tent after getting to the half way point in the marathon.

MarcelMarcel completed day one of the Tour of Wessex cyclosportive.

On Sunday 24th there was the Wokingham Half Marathon, the Hillingdon Triathlon, where despite a PB, Jon came 2nd overall, the Little Beaver and the Beaver triathlons, the Southwell Sprint Triathlon and the ETU Duathlon European Championships in Budapest.

Bank holiday Monday saw PBs being smashed at the Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon. Bruce was disappointed not to finish, due to a calf injury, but was pleased to have improved on both his swim and bike. Karen and Frances both came 2nd in their age groups. This is a really friendly race, where the marshals call you by your first name. Even the swim starter asked everyone, by name, if they were ready to start! It's a pretty flat course so is good for a fast time. The swim is in an outdoor heated pool that you can use after the race has finished. There's also a cafe for a well-deserved, post-race bacon baguette!

Photos from Les Sables

Here are Phil's photos from Les Sables, France.

CPT in France

Club Aquathlon - 21 May 2009

A slightly disappointing turnout for the first in the series of three Club Aquathlons at the Bridge. Greg took the usual route around the back of the cricket nets on his first lap while the rest of us ran around the lines of the football pitch but still managed to retain his lead. Kirsten also went wide on the run but wasn't able to catch Suse. Glyn only completed the swim as Phil had worn him out on the track the night before!

You must race at least two races out of the three and your two best times will give you your final score. So make sure you put these dates in your diary - Thursday 11 June and Thursday 23 July.

Caledonia Etape - 17 May 2009

Report by Cathie Greasley

Audrey, Glyn, Phil, Dawn & CathieDawn, Riaz, Chris H, Audrey, Kirsten, Selwyn, Phil, Glyn and I made national news at the weekend when we were caught up in the commotion at The Caledonian Etape. I’m sure that you’ve all seen the reports, for those that haven’t, some nutter decided to sabotage the race by scattering carpet tacks on the course! I always thought the stereotype of Scottish people being tight was harsh, but this was doing nothing for Anglo-Scottish relations! Loving a bit of drama, I thought that this might have been a modern day Robert the Bruce, trying to ward off the dozens of English men and women that had made the pilgrimage and headed north of the border for the only closed road, 81 mile epic to be held in the UK. Much to my disappointment, it was merely a disgruntled local - upset that they couldn’t attend church and get a Sunday morning paper because of the closures!

DawnI’d never seen so many people puncturing simultaneously – the road was littered with casualties of the ‘Etape Tack Attack’. I’m good at geography but for a moment wondered whether we had crossed out of Perthshire into Flintshire and that it might have been something to do with the road surface/topography! I quickly gathered myself and realised that Flintshire was in fact in Wales and that something else must have been occurring.

ChrisI found myself held at the top of the course’s climb section, until the Police and organisers were happy that it was safe for the race to continue. Here I met up with Dawn, Chris H, Selwyn and Phil who had all punctured, too. I felt smug that I had got away with it, only then to check my tyres and find a foreign body lodged in my Continentals! Of course, as soon as I removed it – down it went!

Riaz celebrating with ice cream!Most people were in good spirits despite being shocked and frustrated by the emerging news. Frankly, I was quite relieved to have a rest (and a pee!) Others were diverted or turned back. Some people were apparently given the option of being bussed back. Oh and Audrey was miffed that she’d missed the opportunity to bag a few free inner tubes which were being handed out!

Thankfully we all made it back in one piece. A special thanks goes to Chris H, who was my wing man on the final leg. He escorted me back to the finish as I was riding on my final inner tube.

Despite the stoppages and mishaps - I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Despite the chilly, gloomy weather, the atmosphere was cheery and the scenery was spectacular, with some lively pockets of support along the way.

Phil, Glyn and the van!Previous to the race, the weekend turned out to be a challenge before it even started! Our very own train expert/extraordinaire, Dawn managed to book myself, Riaz and Audrey onto a direct train – what a coup I thought! The downside was that national Express couldn’t guarantee a place for our beloved bikes! Check the organisation – on their part, not Dawn’s!

So we made our own contingency plans, which involved Glyn and Phil driving a van load of bikes up to Pitlochry. Unfortunately for them, the wretched van had a 50mph speed limiter on it, so what would have been a long trip, turned out to be an even longer trip of driving through the night and enduring the embarrassment of being overtaken by articulated lorries!

In hindsight, it was really quite comical and the bizarre happenings gave us lots to talk about. Glyn likened the whole affair to a Dennis the Menace plot! Personally I think that the culprit was Phil who was trying to slow down Dawn as she breezed through the race…ooops sorry, it’s not a race… I mean sportif!

Audrey“What else could possibly go wrong” to coin one of Phil’s favourite phrases? Well Dennis the Menace struck again and Phil and Glyn were stranded in the van for a while after… ahem… puncturing!

Still not sure what time they finally got home. Next year anyone?

Selwyn has added the following:

"It was quite upsetting seeing hoards of cyclists on the side of the road fixing their punctures as I cycled through. No joke, I would say over 500 cyclists got punctures, was like cycling through a battle field with wounded soldiers tending to their fallen comrades! I couldn’t believe my luck but as I jumped off my bike after crossing the finish line as if on cue, my front tyre deflated with a puncture! Kirsten’s dad made it all the way through without puncturing but everyone else I spoke to had a puncture!

I think the times are pretty weird and no idea how they were calculated! I started at 7:30, crossed the finish line at 12:27 (just under 5 hours) and my time is 5h 15 mins odd! Plus we were stopped close to an hour! Kirsten also started same time as me and finished five minutes after so no idea how they worked out the times.
But that’s what the website says so don’t think you can deny Kirsten her moment of glory!"

Photographs can be found on the Sportcam website.

Saturday 23 May - training sessions

There will be two training options this Saturday for Club members:
CPT members are invited to a wetsuit swim at Brockwell Lido 08:00-09:00 alongside the Windrush Tri club cost £2.50. Jon will be there but the session will be uncoached.
At 09:30 Jon will be coaching a turbo / run session under the Jubilee Stand at CP, next to the Sports Injury Clinic. All abilities are welcome and session will last 1hr 45min - 2hrs. Cost £5.
If you're really keen you can do both sessions!

Weekend round-up - 18 May

Eton Super Sprint Triathlon – Tim Thomas

Congratulations to Mark Thomas who beat off a strong field to win the 45-49 race at a wet and windy Dorney Lake on Sunday.  Carl’s track sessions must be paying off as I watched Mark do a 'Seb Coe' and burn off the race leader with 100m to go.  For those old enough to remember David Coleman’s famous commentary,  'he just opened his legs and showed his class'.  Mark’s efforts earned a £50 Tri and Run voucher!

And me, well I managed a credible 3rd (and £40 voucher) in my first ever 50+ race complete with new CP tri suit. My new and untried rather bling deep section wheels should in hindsight have probably stayed in the car as was nearly blown off the bike. Make sure you try out new kit before race day! 

Anyway, a great day with first ever podium finishes and 'pro' winnings all round!  Bring on Windsor.

Jim, Ruki & BruceBruce and KarenJim Lucas should have stood on the podium at East Grinstead, but unfortunately due to torrential rain there were problems with the timing chips and results were seriously delayed and there are no splits (we know that feeling!). Jim came third in his age group. Conditions at East Grinstead were pretty dismal, with a hail storm, torrential rain for the whole bike leg for some, and wind that almost brought you to a standstill in places. There was a close battle between Karen and Bruce, who both got PBs, but which Bruce won fairly and squarely by 18 seconds (although he didn't put his cycle jacket on, have as much rain on his bike leg or dismount at the wrong line!). There is a new two lap run route which winds around the high street, through the field at the leisure centre and back to the finish. Photographs by Sussex Sport Photography.

CPT at East Grinstead

Peter Mack decided at the last minute to do the Larkfield 10k and managed to miss the worst of the rain.

Noel's Ride to Rye set off on Saturday morning from Elmers End. They were lucky with the weather on Saturday.  Frances was very pleased when it was time to stop for lunch but kept up fairly well, except for a couple of the steeper hills. Everyone enjoyed a very good meal on Saturday night, with plenty of alcohol. Unfortunately those who were cycling home again on Sunday got soaked heading out of Rye, then the sun came out, but as everyone was feeling pretty tired they decided to bail at Wadhurst Station, only to find that the trains were ending at Tunbridge Wells, so ended up cycling home from there anyway, covering about 125 miles over the weekend. Hopefully there will be some pictures to follow.

No news yet from the Caledonia Etape but it doesn't sound as though it went to plan. Local protestors scattered tacks on the course, causing hundreds of punctures. The ride had to be stopped until safe to continue. Hopefully we'll hear more from our riders soon. Report and photos to follow soon from Cathie and Dawn.

Club training camp - Les Sables, France

No-one has come forward with a report of the spring training camp at Les Sables in France. I've picked up the following snippets from various conversations I've overheard! So if anyone would like to write a proper report, please do so. Otherwise, take a look at the photographs kindly provided by Dan.

CPT at Les Sables

Open Water Swim Training - Monday 18 & 25 May and 1 June

Jon H will be running some open water swim training the next three Monday evenings at Haysden Lake, near Tonbridge from 19:00 to 20:30. This lake swimming session is operated by Sevenoaks tri club and other triathletes can swim there provided they are BTF members - you must bring your BTF card to gain entry. 7oaks tri club are charging £3 to use the lake and CPT will charge an additional £3 to cover coaching costs so please bring some cash. We ran this session last year and it proved popular and very useful ahead of the main race season to get in some wetsuit practice and learn some open water swimming skills coached by Jon. All BTF members welcome to attend.

It's a bit tricky to find and these directions below are copied from the Sevenoaks tri webpage. Might be handy to share lifts if you know someone else going.

Directions - From the A21, follow the road around to the right towards Tonbridge. At the first roundabout turn left towards Tonbridge then at the second one, follow the signs for Haysden Country Park. Go past the first turning on your right for Barden Lake through Lower Haysden, and follow the road until you come to a group of houses. Go straight on past these houses until you pass under the bridge for the A21. Once under the bridge, turn right up the lane towards the lake. At the barrier park in one of the car parks either side of the road and walk up to the lake (about 200yds) under the A21. (You now need to obtain a parking permit from the person in charge at swimming to display in your car window, otherwise you may get a parking ticket).

Click on map images to enlarge.

Haysden Lake    Haysden Lake

New member

StewartWelcome to new member Stewart Laing.


Club Aquathlon - Thursday 21 May

The first in the series of three club aquathons is on Thursday 21 May and is open to all club members (including Juniors).

Each race will consist of 500m swim followed by three laps of the playing field at the back of the Bridge for adults. The distance for juniors will be shorter depending on ages.

You must race at least two races out of the three and your two best times will give you your final score. The other dates are Thursday 11 June and
Thursday 23 July.

First prize trophy awarded to the male and female winner.

Cost of entry is the usual £5 for adults, £3 for juniors.

We normally do the races in waves, so Juniors will go first, then male and female.

NB: The aquathlons will replace the coached swim on these dates.

New club kit

ShortsThe long awaited new kit is now in stock. Please see the Kit page for further details and an order form.

We have trisuits, male tri-tops, female tri-tops and unisex shorts.

There is still some stock of the Louis Garneau kit and a few items of Torelli kit at bargain prices!

There are still stocks of the new Foska running vests. Details of all kit are on the kit page.

Southwater Relays - 6 September

The entries for the Southwater Relay triathlon are now open and the race organisers expect them to fill quickly. For those who haven't done this fun but competitive race before then CPT usually enters many teams from our fastest teams going for the prizes to the 'fun' teams who wear silly hats and the like and just want to finish. Relays comprise a team of three and each person swims (400m in lake), cycles (18.5km) and runs (3.8km) before tagging the next team member who does the same and so on. See the A2 Tri website for further details.

CPT will enter teams on your behalf so don't enter yourself individually but if you want to race, please let Cathy know by email, pay your £25 entry (£75 per team of three) to the Club (cheque to CPT, cash at a swim session or transfer direct to Club bank account - Barclays account: "Crystal Palace Triathletes", Account Number: 50309478, Sort Code: 20-94-67). Don't just pay your entry fee without telling Cathy direct you want to race, as she may not find out from our Treasurer 'til too late!!

Also let Cathy know if there's someone specific you want to be in a team with otherwise she'll allocate you a team slot.

Dulwich Prep closed

Don't forget there will be no swimming on Friday 15th at Dulwich Prep as the pool will be closed. Back to normal on the 22nd.

Weekend round-up - 9-10 May

Firstly, congratulations to Mark Thomas. Here's his news:

Mark at Grendon - Phil O'Connor PhotographyGood news at the Grendon Triathlon as I managed to book my slot on the GB age group sprint team for the worlds in September. Ross was there although I didn't see him and Carole Jackson was down to race but I didn't see her either (and she doesn't appear in the results). The boys and my wife came along and the boys were proudly wearing their new CPT Junior hoodies and cheering their old man on all the way home. My wave had about 100 in it so the swim start (first of the season for me and many of the field) was a bit frantic but after the first buoy things settled down a bit and I got some sort of rhythm going. The bike was 23km and the run a bit shorter than the advertised 5km but not short enough as my lungs were screaming all the way round!

Paul at Tewkesbury - Phil O'Connor PhotographyResults from the Ranelagh Richmond, where Malcolm was very pleased to get round and not to walk, and Tewkesbury Half Marathons, the Sevenoaks Seven, which Ruki had forgotten was so hilly, she was disappointed with her time but enjoyed the scenery, the Hairy Legs MTB Duathlon and the Morden 6x6, where Jon (PB) and Greg were 2nd and 3rd male vet and Charles also got a PB. Let's hope we get some London League points too!

Sevenoaks 7You can now enter the Clash of the Tritons aquathlon on 15 August, which is also one of the London League races.

Apparently there were just five out for the 08:30 ride this week but 15 for the 09:30. The group split up, some intentionally, some by accident, for a Pilgrim's Way ride of varying lengths. This was followed by brunch at the cafe in Elmers End.

New Forest race report

Haydn has written a race report from last weekend's New Forest Triathlon.

New forest swimAudrey, Simon, Bev and myself found ourselves in the New Forest for a short Olympic distance tri, 1100m swim, 36km bike and 10km run and thankfully the sun was breaking through the clouds as the start approached. Unfortunately that was the last we saw of each other as the start, finish, refreshments area and parking are all quite some distance apart and we hadn't been sharp enough to agree a meeting place.

Haydn exiting waterThe first lake swim of the season is always met with some trepidation but fortunately the water was really quite suprisingly warm (Audrey would beg to differ!) and sparkling clear. That didn't stop me having difficulties breathing on the first leg of the swim despite a good warm up. Lesson 1 - make sure you get some lake swimming in if you can before your first event. The second half I was flying and felt great but ended up with a time of 26mins. Not a good start.

New Forest poniesThrough transition and it was out onto the New Forest roads which were undulating and pretty traffic free and with a few new sparkly bits on my bike. The road surface was good with only a few rutted sections and no pot holes which is a welcome relief from my training routes. Wild horses and donkeys lined the route but were very well behaved not like a great black and white wooley bull that ambled across the road right in front of me forcing me to come to a complete stand still. The new sparkly bits were also playing up and I had to stop twice to stop my brakes from rubbing despite having tested it immediately before the race.

Haydn runningThe run was a mix of on and off road, more off than on and it started with a long up hill section that slowed progress. 46 minutes wasn't good but not a disaster.

The finish was some way from the start so the logistics of being able to benefit from the showers and changing meant we wandered back to the hotel to change after spending some time trying to find the others.

Overall the event was well organised and the New Forest at this time of year is really nice so one to keep in mind for next year, just try to get a lake swim in before hand though.

Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon - 20 September

The popular Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon is now open for entry. The organisers expect the race to fill quickly so if you want to race get your entry in now to avoid disappointment.

Beckenham 3 x 2.6 relay

Ewan and trophiesEwan collecting trophiesInstead of the usual Wednesday night run we put five teams forward for the Beckenham 3 x 2.6 relay, matching SLH, not bad for a triathlon club!

Our fastest team, Ewan, Mark and Carl were the 3rd fastest male team and Ewan collected trophies on their behalf.

It was great to see so many out in Club kit for a friendly but fast event. Thanks to Malcolm and James for turning up to support. I'm just glad I wasn't last!

CPT at Beckenham

London Marathon - how it all began

DerekFollowing publication of this year's Marathon results, Derek Chitty was prompted to search out his results from the first three years of the London Marathon, 1981-83, to be added to the Club Roll of Honour.

Derek got his best time in 1983 despite coming down with German measles the following day! Derek says looking back at this era brought back quite a few memories, which he has shared for those who are interested.

Zone3 wetsuits - try and buy

James Lock, from Zone3 based in Guildford and a GBR elite Triathlete has been working on this new brand for the last three years. He says "It's taken a huge amount of R&D but with the help of a huge number of other athletes, I feel that these products really are better than any other brand on the market. As we are a British owned brand, we are able to offer significantly lower prices than the other imported brands".

Products can be seen on their website - www.RaceZone3.com

You now have the opportunity to put these products to the test. James will be bringing a selection of wetsuits along to St Joseph's on Tuesday 12 May. You will be able to try the wetsuits on and have a swim in them. James will be available during both sessions but if the pool is very busy during the first session, please have a trial swim during the second session. We will keep a lane free for this purpose, depending on numbers.

Crystal Palace 50m pool

The 50m pool at the National Sports Centre has now reopened. The pool is currently open from 2pm-9pm while they get up to speed and then back to normal hours. Check the GLL website for more details.

Bank holiday weekend round-up

Lots happening this weekend as the tri-season really gets underway.

On Saturday Karen and Sally ran through the bluebells at the Banstead Woods 5k parkrun in glorious sunshine. Johnny, one of our junior members came 34th overall.

CPT at Banstead

There were only a few of us out for the 09:30 ride on Sunday morning. We did a fairly brisk Pilgrim's Way ride, finishing with breakfast at Elmer's End. While other members were busy racing in the New Forest and Steyning.

On Monday there was Tonbridge, where Greg came 5th overall and 1st in his age group, and Thames Turbo where Mark got a PB.

CPT at Thames Turbo

Dave has written the following report on the Tonbridge Sprint Triathlon:

A nice early season sprint offering the opportunity to occasional cyclists like myself to get the bike/run legs co-ordinated, and working in perfect harmony for the coming season. The weather conditions were excellent, bright sunshine, but not too warm. On arrival the car parking and registration were well organised and I soon had my bike racked for a 7.25am start. Start times were flexible, I got pool-side a few minutes early, and was directed to a lane straight away. I think the clock was started prior to entering the water which is unusual. I’m sure I was counted out two lengths short, so I will not be claiming a massive improvement in my swim time. Any time gained in the swim was quickly lost when I turned left instead of right out of the school grounds on my bike. This was despite two policemen guiding me in the correct direction. I blame the early start. Anyway, a quick U-turn and I was on my way. The bike course is OK, a few uphills for the first part, and a very steep downhill section later on. The run is around the school grounds, on grass, with a two lap finish on the running track. Changing facilities are excellent, and tea and bacon rolls are available. No T shirt to the finishers, only a medal but definitely recommended.

New members

FrancisLiisaWelcome to new members Rob Baxter, Francis Cooper, Liisa Kaakinen and Nick Woods.


Beckenham Relay - Wednesday 6 May

Instead of the scheduled track session we will be putting together CPT teams for the Beckenham Running Club 3 x 2.6 mile Relay. See the April news page for more details.


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