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Rich New member

Welcome to new member Rich Raynes.

Sunday 1 March - 08:30 ride

Jon will be be leading the 08:30 on Sunday from Elmers End. Average speed over the three hour ride will be 18-19 mph, Bring the usual stuff: food,drinks, good banter and two spare tubes! Please be honest about your current level of fitness.
Hopefully the sun will shine, see you there.

The 09:30 ride will leave as usual from Elmers End, at a slightly slower pace.

Details of training sessions in March can be found below.

Weekend round-up - 21/22 February

Well done to all those involved (especially Phil Taylor) in helping Crystal Palace Triathletes become the first and only club in London to have achieved both StarMark and ClubMark accreditation. Jon Train, London Regional Development Officer, came along to the training session on Saturday 21 February, to present the ClubMark certificate and cheque.

CPT receiving ClubMark


Carl Ferri (ex-member and, if Neil can persuade him, soon to be a renewing member) and Neil Barnes raced the Big Cow Winter Duathlon Series 1 race at Milton Keynes. Carl was 3rd overall and 1st vet. Times and splits are on the results page.

There were 12 CPT members amongst the 4613 runners in the popular Sussex Beacon Half Marathon on Sunday 22 February. The weather was nearly perfect, apart from a slight head-on wind on the return to the finish line, which resulted in a few PBs. Audrey came along to support, take some photos and join us for lunch afterwards! See how everyone got on ...

When entering races, even running races, don't forget to put CPT as your Club. Some events have team prizes and you only count if you've entered your Club name.

There were 97 men's teams, with the fastest achieving an accumulated time of 4:53:27. We had two teams - Ewan, David, Selwyn, Matt in 6:19:54 and 35th place, and Dave, Tom, Steve, Bernie in 7:32:13 and 75th place.


CPT in action


Official photographs were taken by Sportcam.

As part of her training for the London Marathon, Laura Boyd completed the Bury 20 on Sunday 22 February.

Carl took part in the National Cross Country Championship at Parliament Hill Fields on Saturday, representing his running club.

Frederik JamieNew members

Welcome to new members Jamie Miller and Frederik Brorson.

PhilSaturday cross country runs

Training for the Marathon or an Ironman? Then why not join us for a cross country run every two weeks starting on Saturday 28 February at 11:30. Meet at Warren Road, Hayes (link to map).

The next run will be 100 mins at an easy pace followed by lunch at the Cafe in Hayes. We'll run these every other week, same time, same place but different routes.

Monthly quiz night

Suse, our new social secretary, has been planning some alternative training for your memory muscles and invites everyone to a social quiz night at the White Hart in Crystal Palace on Monday 2 March at 7.30pm (for 8pm), £1.50 per person to enter.

It's a chance to meet up with other members of the club for a social evening that doesn't involve lycra or goggles (of course no one will stop you wearing them if you are so inclined). All members welcome, and if you're new to the club it's a chance to meet other members, have some fun and impress us with your trivia knowledge.

There will be a Special Prize for the winning CPT team, as well as the Pub prize if you're clever enough to win overall.

If you are interested please let Suse know and if there's enough interest we'll make it a regular monthly date (the first Monday of every month).

Club aquathlons

Some dates for your diary - Thursday 21 May, Thursday 11 June and
Thursday 23 July.

Open to all club members (inc Juniors), we host a series of three aquathlons at the Bridge (Thursday night swims - 7.45-9pm) to get the competitive spirit going.

Each race will consist of 500m swim followed by three laps of the playing field at the back of the Bridge, so don't forget your trainers!!

You must race at least two races out of the three dates and your two best times will give you your final score.

First prize trophy awarded to the male and female winner, so there's all to play for.

Cost of entry is the usual £4.

We normally do the races in waves, so Juniors will go first, then male and female.

NB: the aquathlons will replace the coached swim on these dates.

CarlSpring Wednesday night run schedule

Carl has put together the Spring run schedule. This lists all the runs through March to end May. There are more track sessions and, with the evenings getting lighter, several park-based runs.

Forthcoming events

Races are filling fast so if you want to enter the following triathlons which are popular with CPT members, don't delay!

Tonbridge Triathlon - Monday 4 May - Sprint event with a 400m pool swim, 20k hilly bike, 5k which usually takes place around the school playing field and finishes on the athletics track.

East Grinstead Triathlon - Sunday 17 May - Sprint event with a 500m pool swim, hilly 26k bike, 5k run with a new route for 2009. There is also a ladies only try-a-tri race.

Mid-Sussex Sprint Triathlon - Sunday 14 June - Sprint event with a 400m pool swim, fast, undulating 25k bike, 5k run.

SimonMatNew members

Welcome to new members Mat Fahey and Simon Dawson.

Weekend roundup - 15 February

A few CPT members ran the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon on Sunday.

CPT in action


Keith completed Round 2 of the Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle series.

There were 10 of us at the start of the 09:30 ride on Sunday. We decided to head for Pilgrim's Way. Unfortunately as we turned into Pilgrim's Way my chain decided to snap, breaking the front derailleur at the same time. Six of the group carried on cycling while Phil put his bike mechanic skills to good use. He managed to fix the chain but unfortunately I was stuck in my granny ring for the rest of the ride home, with my legs spinning at about 150rpm! I was very glad I'd driven to Elmers End and could put my broken bike in the back of the car! Thanks very much to Phil for getting me home, and to Brian and Neil for keeping us company. It was an interesting ride!

Six week training plan - 10 February - 22 March

JonJon has put together the training plan for the next six weeks:
10 February - 22 March 2009

This incorporates Carl's Wednesday night Winter run schedule until 25 February. Runs after that will be added to the training plan and will be listed on the Running page.

Please note the additional coached sessions that are being put on in the next six weeks:

Sunday 15 February
08:30 faster ride
Coach led

Saturday 21 February
09:00-10:30 @ Crystal Palace Track
Turbo / run

Sunday 1 March
08:30 faster ride
Coach led

Saturday 14 March
09:00-11:00 @ Crystal Palace Track
Turbo / run / circuits

Saturday 21 March
09:00-10:30 @ Crystal Palace Track
Conditioning / run

Visit the Swim, Cycle and Run training pages for full details.

Swimathon 2009Swimathon 2009

For those doing Ironman, or anyone else who fancies distance swimming, Brian invites you to join him ath this year's Swimathon either at the West Wickham session on Friday evening (17 April) or the Eltham session Sunday pm (19 April). You can choose to swim 5k, 2.5k or 1.5k and, at the same time, rasie money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Peter in actionWeekend results - 8 February

Peter ran the Great Bentley Half Marathon on Sunday. There was no snow or ice but he did get a spot prize of a bottle of Palmolive shower gel (very strange)!

Sheila ran the Sidcup 10, the furthest she has run to date, before she steps up to half marathon distance.

Early morning rides

GreigIt is almost that time of year where the clocks are soon to change and the days begin to get lighter... that means that we can soon begin the mid week early morning rides. Greig is looking to start these rides sometime at the beginning of March.

The rides are normally about 30-40 miles, meeting at Elmers End for a 06:00 departure. Over the past few years the pace has varied but is normally somewhere in the 18-20 mph average range, but this is always subject to change depending on how people are feeling, races coming up etc. The ride normally takes us on to the Kent Downs, and includes a climb, normally Star Hill, Westerham... or any of the other hills in the local area.

It should be noted that this is not an official club ride so they are not always on, emails, via the Club e-group, are normally sent out the day before stating if it is on or not. However as per club rides the wearing of a helmet, having a roadworthy bike and appropriate kit i.e. spare tubes, pump, drink etc is expected.

Bookham 10k (or was it?)

Bookham 10kDave has written a report of the Bookham 10k on Sunday 8 February.

Dave at BookhamKaren, Ruki, Haydn and myself, four of the hardier members of CPT, scraped the ice off our trainers and braved the conditions to take part in the Bookham 10k.

Race HQ was in a school hall, where tea and cakes had thoughtfully been laid on by the organisers. Luckily for us Haydn’s analytical mind had worked out the cake/competitor ratio and he had the foresight to buy the cakes prior to the race, thus ensuring our post race snack.

Karen and Ruki at BookhamAt the starting point a half hearted attempt at singing the national anthem, raised (?) everyone’s spirit, and then it was off in glorious sunshine, straight through shin deep ice cold puddles.

As it turns out, running socks function in the same way as wetsuits and my toes soon returned to a warm and cosy feeling. It was no day for PBs as the course consisted of four things, snow, ice, mud and uphill.

Karen at BookhamHaydn’s sat nav watch (whatever next…a man on the moon?) recorded the distance at 11.4k which we all agreed was much more consistent with our times, so that’s what we’re going for.

All finishers received a very nice tee shirt, and we had our cakes, when everyone else had to make do with crisps. All in all, an excellent event. Thoroughly recommended.

Our times can be found on the results page ...

CPT at Bookham

Cancelled session

The Winter of Sport run/cycle session on Saturday 7 February has been cancelled due the continuing bad weather. Apologies and hope to see you next week, which will be the last of the Winter of Sport sessions.

RoyNew member

Welcome to new member Roy McGregor.

Dragonslayer Duathlon - 19 April 2009

Dragonslayer is back in it’s original format – but at a brand new venue.

On 19 April the Dragonslayer duathlon - 7K run, 40K bike and 5K run - will be held at the Redbridge Cycling centre. The run is a mixture of on and off road and the bike is on the newly opened circuit at the centre. This is one of the London League races. It costs £23 and £28 for non BTA members.

For race details and applications please go to the East London Triathletes website.

Details of all the races in the London League series can be found on the January news page.

Pool closure

Tuesday 3 February - St Joseph's pool is closed tonight so there will be no swimming.

The Hell of Ashdown - 1 February 2009

Dawn has written a report on the Hell of Ashdown on Sunday… which, she says, was interesting!

Dawn in the snowWell the clue is indeed in the name – Hell – although in all it wasn’t actually as bad as I was expecting. With it being so early in the season and the obvious weather reports suggesting snow and ice I decided that this was a ride that I had an excuse to take it easy on. I had already decided that if it looked too treacherous I would just turn around and head home at any point of the ride.

ChrisAfter managing to blag a ride with Chris Hall we set off together about 08:45, but he soon sped off into the distance and I decided not to try and keep up so pootled along at my own pace.

The Cudham tester helped warm me up and woke up the legs… and at the top I was assured by the marshals that it was all downhill from there. They were clearly lying.

JimAbout 18 miles in there was some confusion over the route as I came across about 18 riders looking at their maps and trying to work out which way to go – as the arrows had disappeared. After much discussion we continued on our way. The next thing I know Chris Hall was overtaking me again… we weren’t sure whether I’d taken a mile shortcut or he had done an extra mile (!) as they had mentioned at the start that due to ice the route was being changed in places.

ChrisAnyway we continued to ride together for a bit. Chris then scared the life out of me when he started veering off the road into the verge as he had hit a patch of ice…. luckily his handling was superb and he somehow managed to stay upright. At this point I decided that I was going to go down the hills even slower than normal – so Chris zoomed off again.

GaryThe remainder of the race was less dramatic, and the roads seemed pretty clear of ice so I started relaxing and dare I say it actually enjoying myself. Then it started snowing as I was climbing Ide Hill. Luckily as I was so wrapped up I didn’t mind and to be honest it did look really pretty.

The last hour or so was pretty heavy snow so by the time I got to Star Hill I was looking forward to finishing and getting a nice warm cup of tea down me. I managed to negotiate the rest of the route with no mishaps and crossed the finish line in one piece – just under 5 hours.

LauraI then caught back up with Chris, Glyn and Richard L (who hadn’t managed to get a place on the ride but rode it anyway) and we made our way to the canteen for a well deserved bite to eat. Jim joined us a bit later although apparently didn’t enjoy himself too much – and kept muttering something about hills and it being cold!

Hell of AshdownA number of members had said they would be doing the ride but aren't listed in the results so guess they opted for a warm duvet instead! A few also appear to have done the shorter route, 50k instead of 110k and made their way back early for the hot tea and refreshments!

See how they all got on ...

Gary says that due to his innate lack of direction he managed to get himself lost and only completed around 45k of the 50k route as he didn't manage to find the turn around point!

Photographs taken by Sportivephoto.

Turbo/run session - Saturday 31 January

CPT in action - 31 January 2009Just a select few for Jon's turbo/run session on Saturday but not a very impressive turnout on a crisp, dry morning.

We did a warm-up on the turbo, followed by some one-legged drills then into the main set, which involved sticking to a particular cadence, beautifully demonstrated by Audrey (as the only one whose cadence was working on their computer). Several of the juniors completed the same set as the adults. We worked our way through 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 rpm with some spinning in between.

Jon then demonstrated some running drills focussing on technique, with smaller steps and higher knees. We finished off with some warm-down drills and stretches.


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