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Turbo/run session - Saturday 31 January

Jon will be coaching a run technique and turbo session this Saturday from 09:00 - 10:30 on the track at Crystal Palace. Please arrive 10 minutes early to set up your bike, so we can get going on time! The session costs £4 and you need to pay your track entry at the pool office (£3.40). If you need to borrow a Club turbo, please let us know.

New member

Welcome to our first new member of the year, Trevor Aslan. Trevor has been running with us a few times on a Wednesday evening but has decided to join the Club and attend some other sessions.

Running results

Bernie at BenfleetPeter came 20th in the Portland Trail Half Marathon on Saturday 24 January. He says it was a pretty tough challenge, across rocky coastal paths and trails, but the hardest part was about two miles along a pebble beach! He also completed the Dubai 10k while visiting friends and Bernie ran the Benfleet 15.

Results from the following races are available on the Results page:

White Oak entries now open

The Club Championship Sprint and Novice race will be the White Oak Sprint Triathlon on Sunday 12 July. Entries are now open -

Online | Paper (pdf)

If you enter online and have already renewed your Club membership, you should be able to login to their system and all your details will be remembered as they are also using ActiveNetwork. Another benefit of using this system!

Visit the Club Championship page to find details of all this year's races.

EGM - Thursday 5 March

There will be an EGM at 21:15 after the swim session at The Bridge on Thursday 5 March. Further details will be circulated nearer the time but we will require your votes on the Junior section and changes to the Constitution. Please try to be there as your vote counts.

Entries now open for 2009 Crystal Palace Triathlon

Online entry is now open for the Sprint Triathlon and Junior Triathlon to be held on Sunday 31st May 2009.

All Club members are required to marshal on the day, with the only members eligible to enter are those who have joined the Club since the last race in September 2008, and those selected to represent CPT by Jon.

We expect both events to sell out quickly, so if you have children, young relatives, family and friends who would like to enter, then don't delay, enter them today!

Weekend round-up - 24-25 January

Three adults and one junior joined the Winter of Sport session on Saturday morning and joined in with the regular juniors, Karen, Sheila and Ron, for some warm-up drills on the track, then some circuit training on the indoor track before heading out into the park to practice some cycling skills, being careful to avoid the icy patches!

The weather was pretty wet on Sunday morning but that didn't stop Jon from leading the 08:30 ride out through the flooded roads in Kent. They started with five and finished with two (not sure what happened to the other three?!). Jon says "conditions were very bad for the first hour or so then improved". They did a brisk 2hr 30 min along Pilgrims Way.

Haven't heard any reports back from the 09:30 ride, although I know Phil wasn't out to lead it. He took one look at the weather and decided not to brave it. He joined Bruce and I for a short run later in the morning when the rain had eased.

According to the race matrix there wasn't anyone racing this weekend so no results or race reports. Don't forget to let me know when you have entered races so that I can track down your results and report back.

Very belated photos - Crystal Palace Triathlon 2008

I have just discovered some fantastic photographs from the Crystal Palace Triathlon on 21 September 2008 that I had forgotten to publish. These were taken by Dan and Brian (apologies to both). There are some great shots of CPT in action as well as from around the course and celebrating once it's all over!

Dan's photos -

CPT in action


Brian's photos -

CPT in action

Cassie Patten Swim Clinic

DanDan Norwood reports on the Cassie Patten Swim Clinic he attended on Sunday 18 January.

It's not often one gets a chance to learn from an Olympian, and Cassie, the 10km Open Water Bronze medalist, made the trip up to Hackney Fields Lido in the depths of winter very worthwhile.  The twenty minute chat in the changing room introduced us to each other - we twelve were all capable swimmers, a mixture of triathletes, endurance swimmers and general water addicts - looking to hone our techniques.  Cassie gave a brief talk encompassing all aspects of preparation and motivation from goal setting to nutrition. 

Despite her apparent success at the Olympics, she confided in us that, only earlier that day, had she been able to show a stranger (the taxi driver on the way to the pool) her medal.  She had been held back, approaching the line, by a German swimmer who had taken silver, so for months had felt the nag of disappointment.  The taxi man had responded with true British pride, waxing lyrical about her achievements before giving her a huge bear hug.  She decided there and then to get the medal out more often.

Next it was on with the wetsuits for the triathletes; the outdoor swimmers shrugged and mumbled something about breaking ice on their last dip, and we headed out to swim some lengths under Cassie's gaze.  Of course, we only had minor faults, certainly those of us lucky enough to swim regularly with a vigilant coach.  Over the course of the hour in the pool, Cassie did pass on some great tips though: the 'skating' drill - gliding between strokes with the rhythm of a skater; looking for clean water with the pull of your stroke (keyhole); and the killer tip - elbows up, fingers down.  While all these ideas are familiar to us through our coaching sessions, it was reassuring to have it affirmed by one of the world's best.

Cassie is a patron of the Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS), and will be holding more clinics in the future.  Log on to the OSS website to find out more.

2009 membership renewals now due

The new online membership system is now live so you can renew your membership for 2009. Apologies for the delay but hopefully the benefits of the new system will make it worth it, it's easier to manage, more secure and will enable you to log in at a later date and update your own information. This system can be used for membership renewals and for new members. Use the button below to go to the membership form -

Go to the CPT online membership form

Weekend roundup - 17-18 January

Only seven members turned up for Jon's turbo/run session on Saturday morning. Perhaps the weather forecast had put people off on Friday night and they didn't set their alarm clocks!? It actually turned out to be a lovely day with bright sunshine for the whole session.

The session started off with some warm-up drills then a 10 minute warm-up on the turbo. The main set comprised 12 minutes on the turbo then a 400m run, 8 minutes then an 800m run, 4 minutes then a 1200m run. The session finished with some more drills then Greg led us through some stretching.

The next Saturday morning session will be at 09:00 on 31 January. Hopefully we'll have a better turnout then.

A few mad members took part in the Box Hill Fell Race on Saturday. See the race report and results below.

Jon had 10 out on his coach-led 08:30 ride on Sunday, through the flooded roads in Kent.

There were nine out on the 09:30 ride that went out via Tatsfield. Audrey reports that it wasn't too windy but, despite her sealskin socks, her feet were still cold! It was a faster than normal ride, with little stopping. On their return to Elmers End, they had a warming sausage and bacon sandwich and a cup of tea in the cafe.

Dan Norwood attending the Cassie Patten swim class on Sunday 18 January organised by the Outdoor Swimming Society. He says it was really good and Cassie gave some really key tips that of course he's going to keep to himself! Dan will be writing a bit more about the session soon.

Geoff Dillon also competed in the Blackheath & Bromley Open 10k Cross Country and Bernard Finerty in the Les Witton Memorial 10 Mile (Dartford 10) road race.

Box Hill Fell Race - 17 January

Thanks to Mark and Tim Thomas for reporting on their first experience of fell running after completing an extremely tough and energy sapping 7.5 miles, with a combination of running and in parts walking up steep muddy paths, climbing over styles and crawling under a fallen tree!

In a mad moment and because a mate suggested it, Tim and I (no relation!) entered the Box Hill fell run which we completed last weekend.

This was the first time either of us had done a fell run. I read an inspirational book about fell running last year titled 'Feet in the Clouds' by Richard Asquith and thought this would be a good soft southerner's intro to this mad pursuit. I understand this is the only fell run not organised north of Watford.

Many grizzly and wirey runners, most with Yorkshire accents, were at registration but we were encouraged by the sunshine and so did not back out even at this late stage.

Quite a few Thames Turbo triathletes were there as were a team from Dulwich Runnners. There were also two other CPT members competing, although Katie was running for Serpentine. We were informed that conditions were 'sticky'. As it turned out, sticky is fell-speak for gloopy clods of mud and treacherous lumps of south down chalk concealed in innocent looking bundles of grass.

The course is a 7.5 mile round trip with 1700ft climbing of what felt like the equivalent of five climbs of Box Hill thrown in (Tim says it was actually only three!). The flats and even the climbs are fine (as soon as you accept that speed walking is all you can manage up some of the slopes). However there is a lot of ground to be gained, it seems, by flinging yourself off the top of the hill in 4-5 metre bounds and relying on the terrain flattening out at some indeterminate point below. These people are MAD and I was overtaken by pretty well everyone that I caught on the flats and climbs. The real pros run in Walsh studs or similar, which are the kit of choice, if you need an excuse to buy yet another piece of footwear. I ran in trail shoes but many were in normal trainers. Tim thinks he might have done better if he had been wearing his old rugby boots!

For Mark, the end came in about 73 mins. Tim had been chasing Mark’s red shirt all the way round but never seemed to get closer and he finished in 74 minutes, confident that losing a shoe in the mud had cost him that extra minute! Although there were no medals or race mementos, just pride and muddy kit, Tim and I congratulated ourselves on yet another milestone and the fact that we had escaped uninjured. However this proved premature as both our respective pairs of legs felt very much post-marathon for the next three days with every descent of the stairs requiring heavy use of the bannisters.

I think we would both do it again so long as we did a lot more hill training beforehand.

If you fancy a grass roots event, only £5 to enter, and a lightly eccentric atmosphere give it a go!

Visit the results page to see how all four members got on.

Reliability trials

Glyn, our cycling coordinator, has found a couple of local reliability trials that are happening next month.... like sportives, but cheaper. normally cost £3-4.
Reliability Trials are not races but organised rides over a set route and riders finish the event within a time frame. Some go fast, as if it's a race, but most are just content to complete the course.

Old Portlians CC - 8 February
The Old Portlians event offers two rides one of 100Km and the other of 68Km over hilly Kent countryside.
- Halstead Village Hall, Halstead, Kent.
- 100k starting from 09:00, 68k starting from 09:30

Sydenham Wheelers - 15 February
Two rides 64km/107km
- 09:00 start
- Knockholt Village Hall

Weekend sessions - 17-18 January

Jon will be coaching a turbo/run session on the Crystal Palace Track on Saturday 17 January. The session will run from 09:00 - 10:30am. Bring: bike, turbo, trainers and drinks.

Please pay track fee at the swimming reception.

If you need to borrow a club turbo contact Karen or Cathy.

Jon will also be leading the 08:30 Club ride on Sunday 18 January. Leaving from Elmers End the ride will last approximately three hours and will be at an average speed of 17-19mph.

Track session - Saturday 10 January

There was a combined junior and adult track session on Saturday 10 January, as part of the Winter of Sport promotion. Unfortunately the weather put paid to plans for running on the athletics track and cycling in the park. It was much too frosty so, after a warm-up on the indoor track, we had to resort to a 400m time trial, 200m with a turn before the ice and 200m back (times below)! We then returned to the indoor track for some circuit training, finishing with a couple of games, before presenting Athlete of the day to the junior members. There will be another time trial at the last session on 14 February to compare times.

Ron 1:15
Peter 1:23
Peter C 1:42
Karen 1:43
Gabrielle 1:46

Get well soon

LaurenBest wishes to Lauren for a quick recovery. Lauren had anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery last week and will be out of action for quite a few weeks but is hoping to get back into swimming in February.

Anna, Dawn, Ron and Audrey all had cycle mishaps in the frost and ice last week, with Anna having to attend hospital to have a nasty cut on her chin glued back together. Please take care in these conditions and use public transport instead!

Forthcoming events

The Paddock Wood Half Marathon is popular with CPT members, especially those doing the London Marathon. It's a fast, pretty much flat, scenic course with a friendly atmosphere and regularly appears in the Runner's World Top 100 races.

So if you would like to join Audrey, who has already entered, at this event then enter online before it fills up.

More belated photos - Riccione September 2008

Another belated batch of photographs from the Club cycling holiday to Riccione, Italy, in September 2008!

27 Sep | 28 Sep | 29 Sep | 30 Sep | 1 Oct | 2 Oct | 3 Oct | 5 Oct

CPT in action in Riccione

Triathlon London League 2009

When planning your 2009 season, why not enter races in the Triathlon London League series. Last year the League was won by Ful-On Tri, with CPT coming in joint sixth. We need at least five athletes including one female and one vet in at least three races in the series to score. So let's see if we can come higher in the League this year!

The Triathlon London League 2009 will consist of the following eight races:

13 Apr Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon Entries now open
18 Apr Ful-On Duathlon Entries now open
19 Apr Dragon Slayer Duathlon Entires now open
10 May Morden 6n6 Aquathlon Entries now open
31 May Crystal Palace Sprint Triathlon All members required to marshal. Jon H will pick a CPT team in due course
28 Jun Hillingdon Sprint Triathlon Entries now open
15 Aug Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon Entries now open
25 Oct Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon Not yet open

Further information can be found on the Triathlon London League page, together with details of how to score.

For Goodness Shakes member discount

For Goodness ShakesCPT members can now get a 15% discount on For Goodness Shakes, this is on top of the 20% discount currently being given on online purchases. Members will need to use the member discount code. If you haven't received the email with this information, please contact the webmaster.

A clinical trial has shown that simply swapping your water or isotonic sports drink for a For Goodness Shakes! after training will help you recover more power and do up to 40% more at your next session.

Visit the For Goodness Shakes website for more information about the products and their benefits.

Go to the online shop to make discounted purchases and have them delivered direct to your door.

Southwater photos

I have just come across a disc that contains all the photos that Brian took at the Southwater Relays in September last year! Apologies for the delay in posting but I'm sure you'll enjoy looking back on a fun filled day, even if it was cold, wet and muddy.

CPT in action

Online shop - Use our webshop to help raise money

Please use our fundraising webshop links when you're shopping online. You don't pay anything extra - and you help raise funds for us.

When shopping online, you can access over 100 leading retailers - such as BT, Thorntons, Marks & Spencer and HMV - using our webshop. Every time you use our webshop to go to a retailer's web site and subsequently buy something, you'll automatically earn money for the Club.

Find our webshop at buy.at/CPT.

All funds raised will go towards improving Club training sessions and purchasing equipment, turbos, swimming aids etc.

Happy shopping and thank you for your support!

Thanet Duathlon

While some members were slogging it out at Tadworth, three CPT members, Geoff and Richard were competing in the Thanet Mountain Bike Duathlon.

Geoff's excuse for missing out on a top 10 finish was that he was still attaching his number to his bike (he'd forgotten to do it!) when the gun went off 200yds away, so he lost over a minute. Although it was still a much better performance than he was expecting after, in his own words, "my appalling 40 minute 10k before Christmas".

Geoff and Richard both achieved PBs. It was the same course, but Geoff says "it shows what a difference it makes when the first section of the bike and run course are frozen hard rather than mudbaths".

Tadworth 10

13 CPT members (including one racing for Serpentine and one for Dulwich Runners!) completed the Tadworth 10 on Sunday 5 January. It was a very cold morning and the ground was frozen solid, with a couple of icy patches to contend with on the downhill roads! Some were racing the hilly and challenging course for the first time and others were returning for more torture!

There were PBs for Ewan, Peter, Suse, Robin and Berit. Results can be found on the January results page. Although I was 10 minutes slower than last year, I was just happy to finish as I wasn't sure I'd actually be able to run 10 miles. I didn't enjoy running with frozen hair though and wished I'd worn a hat!

Thanks to Cathy, Mitch, Charlie and William and to Greg (who just did one lap as a training session) for their cheering and support. Bruce was there to shout abuse at the finish line and to hand out home-made muffins.

A few of us then made our way to The Chequers for some lunch and warm drinks.

The readers of Runner's World have just placed the Tadworth 10 at number 33 in their top 50 races of 2008.

Photographs were taken by Graham Russell.

CPT at the Tadworth 10

Box Hill Knacker Cracker

Jason, WWI figher aceJason completed the New Year's Day Box Hill Knacker Cracker, reputedly the toughest 10k in Britain, dressed as a WWI fighter ace.

Jason thoroughly enjoyed the race, on a cold, overcast day, and will definitely do it again, perhaps even making it an annual thing. Although next time he'll make sure he has trail shoes, as four times up and down Box Hill on stony and muddy ground was made extra hard in ordinary trainers.

Jason climbing Box HillFancy dress isn't compulsory for the event but is definitely encouraged. Jason's WWI fighter ace costume was all home made and he enjoyed saluting the marshals and saying 'tally ho!' as he went by. Other outfits included a guy dressed as Mr T, another in just a loincloth and tribal paint (plus spear) and the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz.

Although the hills were a killer, Jason didn't feel like giving up as he knew he'd make it eventually. Everyone was very encouraging and the marshals were great too. Jason was also supported by his wife and daughter, who braved the cold to cheer him on. Getting to the top of the last hill was the highlight of the race for Jason, as he knew it was all downhill from there.

The race was well organised with really great goodies - an ace medal, usable long sleeve hi-viz running top with competitors names on and a mug.

Race goodiesJason celebrated New Year with a couple of glasses of champagne, but made sure he was hangover-free next morning. He didn't make up for it with his post-race treats either as he celebrated with a cup of hot soup and a rest!

Although he was over 20 minutes slower than his 10k PB on a tough course, Jason says "it was one of the most enjoyable I've done. It was more about fun than serious running for most entrants (i'd guess) and I certainly wasn't worrying about a time on this one".

Winter of Sport - Triathlon taster sessions

Winter of Sport


We would like to encourage new people into sport and to the Club and therefore invite everyone to spread the word and encourage anyone interested to attend these fun based introduction to triathlon sessions.

From Friday 9th January, for six weeks both the Friday and Saturday training sessions will be free of charge for those who come along for the taster sessions (Existing Club members will have to pay the normal swim session fee, but the Saturday sessions will be free, apart from the track entry fee). These sessions have been sponsored by the London Winter of Sport program in conjunction with Limelight Projects and the London Development Agency.

Please note all abilities are welcome to the Saturday session, however for the Friday swim session a minimum distance of 25m front crawl is compulsory. You need to complete a PAR-q medical form and bring to the first session you attend.

Activity Day and time Where and how to get there

Friday - 19.45 - 20.45

Dulwich Prep - You must be able to swim a minimum distance of 25m front crawl. Please be on poolside at 19.45.

Don't forget to bring a drink.

NB: Do not enter the water until a coach is present on poolside.

Please bring your swimming costume and goggles. Fins, kick-board, etc. will be provided if you don't have your own.

Running / Cycling Saturday - 09.00 - 10.30 Track session at Crystal Palace.

Wear non baggy clothing suitable for running/cycling and trainers and bring something warm to wear over the top when you have finished or something dry to change into. Don't forget to bring a drink too.

NB: Due to the continued bad weather the session on Saturday 7th February has been cancelled.

More information about the Winter of Sport can be found on their website.

Forthcoming events

The following events are popular with CPT members. Entries are now open for -

Bookham 10k - Sunday 8 February - This is a tough, hilly cross country 10k that has been supported by CPT members for the last couple of years and comes highly recommended if you aren't looking for a PB! Tea and cake available afterwards.

Tonbridge Triathlon - Monday 4 May - Sprint event with a 400m pool swim, 20k hilly bike, 5k which usually takes place around the school playing field and finishes on the athletics track.

East Grinstead Triathlon - Sunday 17 May - Sprint event with a 500m pool swim, hilly 26k bike, 5k run with a new route for 2009. There is also a ladies only try-a-tri race.

Christmas Day cycle

Suse, Dawn, Riaz and GregDawn, Riaz, Suse and Greg ventured out for a short Christmas Day cycle. Although they didn't go far, it was very cold so they were very appreciative of Noel's kind offer of hot tea and croissants to warm them up!


Six week training plan - 30 Dec-8 Feb

Jon has put together the training plan for the next six weeks: 30 December - 8 February 2009 (PDF).

This incorporates Carl's Wednesday night Winter run schedule. Runs from December through to end February 2009 are also listed on the Running page.

Please note the additional coached sessions that are being put on in the next six weeks:

Sunday 4 January
08:30 faster ride
Coach led

Saturday 17 January
09:00-10:30 @ Crystal Palace

Sunday 18 January
08:30 faster ride
Coach led

Sunday 25 January
09:30 improver's ride
Coach led

Saturday 31 January
09:00-10:30 @ Crystal Palace Track
Turbo / run

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