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Tour of Wessex cyclosportive

Richard - Tour of WessexThe three day Tour of Wessex cyclosportive covered 295 miles and took in Glastonbury Tor, Cheddar Gorge, Exmoor National Park, and the Jurassic Coast. But the weather wasn't kind over the bank holiday weekend and must have made the riding tough. Three of riders completed the first day (95 miles) but only two made it to the second day (105 miles), with no-one completing the full three days. Not sure what happened but will report back if I hear anything! (PS. Glad to see Richard was sporting his CPT cycle top on day 1).

Weekend round-up

Saturday was warm and dry so those who didn't show up for Jon's turbo/transition training missed out on the best of the weather! Those who did turn up benefitted from a 45 minute turbo session, followed by some transition training, mainly mounting and dismounting the bike. On the traffic free road in Crystal Palace Park we pretty much mastered mounting our bikes with our shoes in place on the pedals and taking our feet out of our shoes before dismounting while still moving. It remains to be seen whether we are brave enough to attempt this in a race without making fools of ourselves but it's definitely a skill worth practising!

Sunday and Monday were completely marred by pretty much continous rain. I cycled to Elmers End for 9am on Sunday but as there was no-one there and I was already soaked through to the skin, I turned straight around and went back home! On Monday I didn't even attempt to leave my bed in time for the 9am start! Did anyone?

There were a number of races over the weekend, including Lanzarote Ironman, where there was actually rain during the swim and bike legs! Phil was very disappointed not to break 13 hours, just missing out by 1:26 but he was still almost half an hour quicker than when he last did Lanzarote in 2003!

Congratulations go to Jon Horsman who was the overall winner at the Hillingdon Triathlon on Sunday. Mark and Frances also raced on Sunday at the Dorney Lake triathlon, where Mark got an Olympic PB for the run, and David Rose braved the rain on Monday for the third in the series of Thames Turbo sprint triathlons. Well done, also, to Chris and Paul who completed the Edinburgh Marathon.

Club Championships

We had a really good turnout at East Grinstead for the Club Sprint Championship. 31 CPT members raced, with a number of others cycling down to support. Despite the wind there were quite a few PBs. All results can be seen on the Results page. Congratulations to our winners:

1st Jon Horsman
2nd Greg Lewis
3rd Victor Thompson
1st Suse Fairfax
2nd Cathie Greasley
3rd Cathy Cooke

Thanks to Nigel and Brian for taking photos. I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

CPT at East Grinstead


The first our of Club Aquathlons was held on Thursday 22nd May at The Bridge. We didn't have a very big turnout but there was some fierce competition! Dates for the next two races can be found on the Club Championship page.

Congratulations to the winners. Full results can be found on the results page.

1st Jon Gidlow
2nd Greg Lewis
3rd Brian Morris
1st Suse Fairfax
2nd Cathie Greasley
3rd Cathy Cooke

CPT in action at the Club Aquathlon - 22 May 2008


Thanks to Brian for the photos. I'll get them posted on the website soon.

Bank holiday social ride - Monday 26th May

Hopefully there won't be any snow this weekend, so we are going to attempt the St Ives tea house ride on Monday 26th.

The ride will be leaving Elmers End at 08:00 – allowing about 4/5 hours for a leisurely two hour ride to St Ives tea house - an hour for tea/cake etc and then a two hour trundle back home.

In the words of Coach Taylor – ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ See you Monday if it's not pouring with rain and freezing cold!

More race results

Phil - Beckenham RelayCongratulations to Dan Norwood, Syreeta Stracey and Phil Taylor who made up the winning mixed team at the Beckenham Relay on Wednesday 7th May.

Lauren and Haydn did the Hayle Middle Distance Triathlon in Cornwall on 18th May. Lauren reports 'We both survived (just!) and were pleased with our times, although despite his best efforts, my dad didn’t win the slowest transition of the day award! Now we just have to do that twice over, argh!' Lauren had hoped her bike time would be a bit quicker, but says it was very hilly and she found it depressing to be overtaken non-stop for 3 hours but says she still felt OK at the end of the run. So going around again shouldn't be a problem then!

Dawn reports from the Etape Caledonia - Scotland was amazing - would definitely rate it.

Dawn and AnnaAnna and I got the train up early on Saturday morning and soon bumped into Jo and her friend who were also cycling. In the evening we bumped into Mike and Rollin and had a few beers, much to the horror of a couple of guys we met from Sevenoaks Tri - in fact they nearly choked on their orange juice when Mike and Rollin went outside for a quick fag! Everyone we spoke to seemed to be from London. One guy from Croydon even recognised Anna and Mike and Rollinher bike from the London to Canterbury ride last year! Anna needs three minutes knocking off her time, as I was meant to be setting off in the same group as her but got stopped by the officials and was made to go in the next group. This meant Anna had gone over the timing chip sensor but rather sweetly waited for me until I was allowed to start!!!

Dawn and Anna before the raceAll in all it was a beautiful experience - the scenery was breathtaking - as was the weather - lovely and sunny but very fresh. It was brilliant having no cars to contend with and really made it very enjoyable. Course was undulating with one climb at 50 miles - which actually was no tougher than any of our Kent hills. We had been told it would be tough so had paced ourselves up to that point but if we were to do it another time we'd know to go flat Dawn, Anna, Jo, Mike and Rollin at the finishout as it really wasn't that bad!!!

A curry and a few beers in the evening rounded off a fab experience. Definitely going back next year - hopefully without the remnants of a sprained foot and will knock a substantial chunk off the time!

Congratulations to Dawn for completing the Stratford Triathlon , her first triathlon in two years. Dawn says she felt a little bit achey after her exertions!

Unfortunately the two minutes she got stuck in traffic at the end trying to get back into the leisure centre car park won't get accounted for, which she says is very annoying - as her bike time was going quite well until that bit.

In her come-back race, Dawn was very happy to knock over a minute off her swim time and although the run was quite painful she was 19 seconds quicker than 2006.

Training session - Saturday 24 May

JonAfter observing many of you in action on Sunday at East Grinstead, it was felt by our head coach that our club members are in need of some specific transition training (I won't repeat the actual words he used to describe what he saw in transition...).

This Saturday as a one-off session Jon will be coaching some specific transition skills to help you race more efficiently and speedily during the race season now that it's upon us. Details as follows:

Date: Saturday 24th May
Time: 08:30 to 10:00
Cost: £4
Coached by: Jon Horsman
Ability: This session is open to everyone of all abilities and everyone from novice to 'expert' will benefit
Place: Outside the sports injury clinic at Crystal Palace NSC
Equipment required: Turbo trainer, bike, bike shoes, trainers and anything else you use in transition
If you need to borrow one of the Club's turbo trainers, please can you let Cathy or Jon know in advance so we can ensure one is available.

Change to 09:30 Sunday ride time

As there has been very little interest in the slower 09:00 ride, it has been decided that, for the summer months, the 09:30 group will move to 09:00. If there are slower riders out then the two groups can set off together and naturally split into two groups as necessary. This will take effect from Sunday 25th May. In November, we'll go back to the 09:30 start. Details of all Club rides can be found on the Cycling page.

Clash of the Tritons

The Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon organized by Greenwich Tritons Tri Club will take place on Saturday 16 August at Eltham College.

On-line entry is now open.

This is a London League race so would be good to get a good turnout from CPT members.

And what better way to celebrate afterwards than attending the club BBQ in the afternoon. Tickets on sale soon!

Wednesday night Summer run schedule

CarlCarl has put together the Wednesday night run schedule for June, July and August. The full schedule can be seen on the Running page.


Good luck!

MattPhilGood luck to Matt and Phil who are both doing Ironman Lanzarote on Saturday. Hope you get your goal times and enjoy your rest and the sunshine next week! Phil is competing for the third time and this is Matt's first time in Lanzarote. Unfortunately Brian won't be racing as he's suffering from a calf injury.

Race results

Apologies for the back-log of results. I've been away cycling in Rimini so have some catching up to do.

More results to follow when I've got some spare time!

I went along to support Bruce at Thames Turbo, which was a new experience for me! It felt very strange taking photographs and not competing. Bruce was very pleased as he knocked over a minute off his time from last year. Carole was just relieved the sun was shining and it wasn't snowing! Unfortunately she had a problem when she set off on the bike and despite dismounting several times to try and fix the problem, cycled most of the 20k with her brakes locked on, leaving her legs pretty tired for the 5k run!

CPT at Thames Turbo


Alan and David were trying to go sub 1.30 at the Richmond Half Marathon, but did Penshurst followed by a run on the Saturday and both cycled to the event as well.... Not the best preparation for a half marathon, but good Ironman training!

Good luck and best wishes

StaceyBest wishes go to Stacey who was knocked off her bike during a time trial. We hope you get your new bike sorted soon and that you manage to complete your last few training sessions before Race Across America.

Brian, Stacey and crewBrian and Stacey are going to be the first British mixed pair in RAAM, which involves cycling 3,000 miles from the West coast to the East coast of the States. They start on 11 June and have a nine day cut off. The record for a mixed pair currently stands at 7 days and 18 hours.

They will be raising funds for Parents for Children. You can sponsor them via their Just Giving website.

Update from Stacey: Picture on right shows Brian and Stacey with their crew for RAAM and Stacey's new Planet X bike.

Article by Victor

VictorVictor has had an article on race day nerves published in the For Goodness Shakes on-line magazine - Fit for Sport.


New member

Welcome to new member Gary Blunt.

Swim Safari

DanOn 6th - 8th June Dan is doing a 'swim safari' round Burgh Island in south Devon, and some other open water dips over the weekend, organized by the Outdoor Swimming Society. There's 15 places so get in there quick if you're interested in joining him.

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