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More Photo Gallery updates

Thanks to Louise for the following pictures. Sorry it's taken me so long to get them posted.

Weekend roundup

CPT at Banstead WoodsWhile Jon was busy leading seven 'fast' members on his bike skills session, six of us took part in the weekly Banstead Woods 5k Time Trial. This is a free to enter event, it's very friendly, and takes place on a two lap course around Banstead Woods. You can see how we all got on in the results and view a few more photographs taken by Louise. We retired to the Ramblers Rest to warm up and enjoy some light refreshments!

Jon was pleased with the bike session on a very cold morning and covered all the skills in two and a half hours. Greg was still thawing out on Sunday morning, when he ran to Elmers End to say hello to the 9.30am cycle group!

14 of us were out on the 9.30 ride, two on fixed wheels, for a slightly different route to usual, along Layhams Road, Hessiers Hill, down Jail Lane, through Downe and back through Keston to Elmers End. We were slightly delayed by two punctures but it was dry and not too cold.

Photo Gallery updates

CPT on tourPhotos from the Club cycling trip to Riccione in October have now been added to the website.

I have also uploaded photos from the Ballbuster on 10 November. I'm not sure whether some are out of focus because I was shaking with cold or whether the subjects were just speeding by too fast!

News from Azerbaijan

Neil cycling in AzerbaijanNeil and Lucy Atherton are in Azerbaijan for two years working for CARD. Neil reports that he's managed to do a couple of excellent rides on his mountain bike in the Caucaus mountains. He says "It's amazing, no tougher than some of our north downs rides in gradient - but jaw dropping scenery with snow capped peaks and long steady climbs (basically out and back rides). Road surface is so much better than I thought and saw from 2004 so could have maybe got away with bringing my road bike. Also there is a brand new swimming pool in town that beats most pools in London - and its barely used as no one can swim". Neil has joined up with another volunteer from the US to do some triathlon training over the winter.

Weekend roundup

There were 10 of us for Jon's turbo/run session on Saturday morning. We did an hour on the turbo and then a short run, including some reps up the old Palace steps and some sprints across the terraces, with some core stability thrown in for good measure.

The second in the Body Sense seminars was well attended for a very interesting talk on nutrition by nutritionist Becky Stevenson of Proactivate. Tea and biscuits were kindly provided by Bevan. We were also given a free sample from Infinit who also gave us some useful nutritional advice.

Greg, Suse and Ruki took part in the Nike Supersonic 1k time trial. They qualified in the Crystal Palace heats and went to Battersea Park for the final on Saturday 17th. They were rewarded with a pair of Nike trainers and an iPod.

A number of members raced at the Brighton 10k on Sunday 18th. Peter Mack, one of new members, was very pleased to break 40 minutes for the first time.

New Committee

Elections were held at last night's AGM. The new Committee are as follows:

London Marathon places

Don't throw away your London Marathon rejection slip, it might give you another chance of gaining a place. The Club has three guaranteed places. So hand your rejection slip to one of the Committee members and your slip will be put in the draw, which will probably be held at the Bridge on the last swim session before Christmas, but we'll confirm that soon. First three out of the hat, but those who had a Club place last year can't enter the draw again this year.

Victor on Diet Doctors

VictorVictor was on Channel 5's Diet Doctors on Wednesday 14th November. It included a brief story on how his water balance became imbalanced during Ironman Switzerland in July. His bit was the 'worst case scenario' piece of the programme. Victor lost a lot of salt and fluids (stomach shutdown in race), he was then given fluid (but no salt) and ended up in hospital (in a bad way). Victor warns how endurance events can be dangerous, even for those who have done a few races and prepared quite well.

Ballbuster on YouTube

Spot the CPT supporters proudly sporting their Club cycling tops in this clip from last weekend's Ballbuster on YouTube.

PB at Crystal Palace Canter

RonCongratulations to Ron for his fastest time this year at the first Tuesday in the month Crystal Palace Canter.

Sunday bike times

With the mornings getting darker and colder there have been rumblings that the 08:00 (fast) bike time should be changed back to 08.30. So that we aren't forever discussing when this should happen, after consulting with some of the regulars, the Committee proposes the following:

08:00 (April to end October)
08:30 (November to end March)

There will be no change to the 09:30 ride.

We would also like to issue a 'no ice riding' request to all members. So please use your judgement, be sensible and stay at home on your turbo trainer if the weather looks particularly bad.

You could always swap your Sunday ride for one of Jon's Saturday morning turbo sessions.

Injury prevention and nutrition lectures

Reminder re seminars taking place at 10.30 on the following rescheduled Saturdays - 17th November and 15th December. Find out more.

Weekend roundup

Jon's hill session was attended by 10 members, for a pretty tough workout. Scott was complaining about very tired legs on Sunday's bike ride!

Audrey and Karen did their own hill workout while supporting CPT members at the Ballbuster. Congratulations go to first timers Chris Hall and Cathie Greasley and especially to Carl Plumpton, who managed to knocked nearly three minutes off last year's time and finished in a very respectable 19th place overall. Cathie was the first CPT lady to tackle the Ballbuster, at least according to archives going back to 2002. Nigel also came along to support and was hoping to do some mountain biking, but after two punctures he had to push his bike around and enjoyed entertaining Carl's daughter Emily instead! Mary and Nigel had a supply of chocolate biscuits and there was home made malt loaf for the CPT finishers and supporters.

Ballbuster 2007

Results from the Lee Valley five2Go Festival - Marathon and the Bluewater 4k Time Trial aren't available yet but will be posted as soon as possible.

What a bunch of fairweather cyclists! There were only seven of us out for the 09:30 ride on Sunday and the weather wasn't that bad. There was one heavy downpour but the sun actually came out later on. Karen punctured within about 500m of leaving Elmers End Green but Scott's very handy PocketRocket pump and help from Phil soon had us heading out to Downe. Some just did one loop and others did a second lap before cycling back to Elmers End in a very strong head wind. Phil took his new fixed wheel bike for its first outing and certainly knew that his legs had been working continuously for over two hours!

Weekend roundup

Saturday morning's turbo session was held in glorious sunshine. Those who made the extra early start had a great workout under Jon's supervision. Glyn managed to puncture before the session got underway and Gavin fell off his turbo trainer! There was a mixture of turbo, core stability and running. Check the schedule for forthcoming sessions.

Saturday also saw the first Endless Pool session at TriSport Coaching UK in Sutton. 10 members turned up to have their swimming skills assessed by Jon. Swimming against the current took a bit of getting used to but everyone agreed that it was very useful to actually see the faults Jon, Phil and Chas are repeatedly pointing out to us at Club swimming sessions. Thanks to Berit for organising this session, which will hopefully be repeated if there is sufficient demand.

Geoff Dillon is the only member who has let me know about a race this weekend. He ran the Ronhill Classic 10k at Nonsuch Park. This was Geoff's third best 10k time ever.

Sunday's 09.30 ride had such a good turnout on another crisp, sunny morning, that we split into two groups and headed in separate directions. Nigel led a shorter ride along Pilgrim's Way while the rest headed off to Box Hill, competing with the London to Brighton Vintage Car Rally on the A23! We were joined by Andy who turned up for an 08.30 ride! (Remember to check e-group and website regularly!) Chris and Neil were spotted cycling back from Box Hill as we were arriving. It was such a beautiful morning some did the Zig Zag twice before a well deserved tea and cake stop at the top!

Banstead Woods 5k Time Trial

For those who don't qualify for Jon's Advanced cycle training on Saturday 24th November, is anyone interested in joining me for the Banstead Woods 5k Time Trial?

This is a weekly event and it's free to enter, you just have to register your details via the above link.

The organisers have arranged with the Ramblers Rest pub to open from 09:30 for coffee and pastries. What more encouragement can I give you?!

Events are also held at Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park and Bushy Park. Find out more.

Let me know if you are going to join me and we can work out car shares.

Friday night post-swim food

We usually go the Alleyn's Head for a few drinks after Friday's swim session at Dulwich Prep. They stop taking food orders at 9pm so we don't get there in time to eat but they are happy to take phone orders - 020 8670 6540. So you can order your food while getting changed and it will be ready when you arrive! Please see the attached PDF menu for the current selection.

Club AGM and Xmas party

Don't forget the AGM is on 15th November after the swim session at The Bridge and the Xmas party on 1st December. Find out more.

Saturday training schedule

Details of all the Saturday morning turbo and run sessions for November and December are available on the October news page or on the Cycling and Running training pages.

Injury prevention and nutrition lectures

Reminder re seminars taking place at 10.30 on the following rescheduled Saturdays - 17th November and 15th December. Find out more.




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