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Saturday swims at Crystal Palace

Saturday morning swim sessions have now been booked through to the end of September. Please note there will not be a swim session on 22 September.

Ironman Switzerland

Good luck to Andy, Brian, John and Phil who are doing Ironman Switzerland, this year's long distance Club Championship race, on Sunday 24th.

League update from Nigel

Congratulations this month particularly go to Cathy Cooke and Lauren
Whitmore – Both won events and consequently each scored a perfect “1”.

Matt Lawrence has had a strong month as well. He’s been competing in a
number of events and is currently in second place behind Jon H. In
Weymouth Matt also showed it doesn’t make much difference whatever the
distance you do – his scores are very consistant.

Carrying on in L1, just look how close it is between Greg, Carl,
Andrea and Victor! After that there are a number of other close battles
being fought.

In L2 Cathy is well ahead (and not just in the domestic battle). James
is close behind, having also raced well this month. He’s also completed
the necessary three races (as have David D and Haydn).

Despite her win, Lauren isn’t having it her own way in L3..... They’re
obviously having three weetabix for breakfast in the Nellist household as
Emily is very close behind in second place. Faith is another to have
been out and bagged three results with a strong 1.300 score to show for it.

Finally, in L4 it looks like Cathie G and Tricia could have a good ding
dong if they do a couple more races. At the moment there’s only a score
of 0.02 in it at the top.

NOTES: From the above I’m sure you will have worked out that a score
in red means at least the three necessary races have been completed.
Where more have been done, the best three have been calculated. At the end
of the year, the red scores will have priority. Full details regarding the League can be found on the League page.

As agreed, results have been calculated from race results listed on
the CPT website. If you think one should be included, please let Karen

If there are any other issues, complaints or disputes please speak to
my co-horts (Dawn and Phil) I’m just the number cruncher :-)

Excel document League update - 3 June 2007

Forthcoming road races

Here are a few road races that you might be interested in later in the year.

2008 Ironman Lanzarote

Looks as though Ironman Lanzarote is going to be popular with CPT members next year. If you are thinking of entering, don't leave it too long as this one gets full up pretty quickly.

Late results

Here are some late results from Peter Campion. Don't forget to let me know which races you are doing, preferably before the event, but happy to add in afterwards as long as you let me know!

Weymouth race report

NigelThanks very much to Nigel for the race report from the Middle Distance Club Championship race at Weymouth on 3rd June.

You can also read Fintan's personal race report on his website.

If you've competed in a race and want to write a report, even if it's only describing the course for people who might consider doing the event in future, please do. You can e-mail your report to the webmaster for publication.

More results

LaurenCongratulations to Lauren Whitmore for another win at the Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon on Wednesday 13th June. Brian Morris was 2nd male vet at the same event.

AndyRonJust like true team mates Andy & Ron finished within a few seconds of each other despite the 5min wave seperation! Ron reports that conditions were terrible - very wet, very windy and very cold. Even Andy a young macho Scot felt the cold (11 degrees). The course was oval loops up and around Arthur's Seat, long steep 10% climbs, which felt more like a mountain than a hill! Consequently the times are much slower than the pancake flat course in Hungary. Ron also got punctured on the last lap but didn't stop as he had gambled on not carrying a spare - it got a bit bumpy towards the end! Ron has promised to write full reports on both races soon. Comedy moment of the race was when the announcer thought Andy with his pony tail was the leading woman!

Weekend results

Results from another busy weekend. These events all took place on 10th June. I'm still awaiting Phil and Ruki's times from the 30k North Downs Run.

Ron Yee came second in this month's Crystal Palace Canter which took place on 5th June.

Also a late result from the San Fairy Ann CC 118K cyclosportive back in May.

Middle Distance Club Championship

MattCongratulations to Matt Lawrence for taking this year's Middle Distance Club Championship at Weymouth. Runners up were Greg Lewis and Nick Driver.

Latest results


Congratulations to Cathy Cooke, the first female at the inaugural Macclesfield Sprint Triathlon. You can read the press release to find out more.

LaurenCongratulations also go to Lauren Whitmore, the first female at the Tooting Aquathlon at Tooting Bec Lido.

The following results are from races that took place on 3 June.

Wednesday night run schedule

CarlCarl has put together the Run schedule for June, July and August.

Change to Sunday bike times

The early group will now meet at 08.00 on Sunday mornings at Elmers End.

Tooting Bec Aquathlons

The South London Swimming Club are organising a series of Aquathlons at the Lido.

13th June: Evening Aquathlon Series Race 2
27th June: Evening Aquathlon Series Race 3
11th July: Evening Aquathlon Series Race 4

Visit their website for more details.



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