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2018 Junior news - January

CPT juniors in action



Goal Setting

Yesterday we met for a goal setting meeting with our wonderful coaches and each junior went through their strength and weakness, achievements last year, short, mid and long term goals. 17 brilliant juniors turned up with their parents. It was a very good gathering of people with good information and help. We also held a second hand kit stall which made £50. And Lisa (Caleb and Esme’s mum) and Amanda (Matthew clutterbuck’s mum) have taken over this job from Martin which is so great.

Below is a report by Graham Little for you Parents and juniors that didn’t make it- you were missed and see you next time.

Anna Moorhouse
Hi Anna, Jon, Audrey, Brian,
Thankyou to you all for another excellent meeting.
Here are some notes on the meeting:
A good full room at the scout hall with birds chirping outside and silver grey pink skies. To talk of goals for the season.

Short term goals: better pedalling technique, faster swim time through streamlining etc.

Middle term goals: to compete at more races next year or higher London series ranking.

Long term goals: gain a top three place in a triathlon, win the olympics or very least not to trip over again coming out of transition.

An encouragement to register now for future events, particularly popular ones like crystal palace which can sell out within a few days or sometimes hours.
Plan and book up your year now.
Do you have all the equipment at the moment for future races? Go through in your head what you will need at each moment in a race or ask a coach to list off all the stuff needed.
If it's your first year at the club just choose what feels manageable and relaxed in terms of events whether thats just registering for one or none or a handful.
Do make sure you have definitely understood which triathlon age category you are to be racing in the coming season.
The category is only decided on the age you will be on the 31st December at the end of the year you are competing in.
Remember to put your head low in the swim and the cycle and high in the run and you will be just fine!


parkrun results - 20 January

Bromley parkrun
229 Oliver Wright-jones 00:26:40

Dulwich parkrun
230 Dana Benedek 00:28:05

Let me know if I've missed you on the parkrun PBs page.


parkrun results - 14 January

Crystal Palace parkrun
190 Eloise Downing 00:27:26
324 Dana Benedek 00:31:44

Let me know if I've missed you on the parkrun PBs page.


Weekend Results

Surrey XC (Under 13)
1 Christo Chilton 00:10:04 (Winner)

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