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Annual training fees

There will be no Pay As You Go fee options in 2015. All members will be required to pay the annual training fee in order to attend Club training sessions.

Crystal Palace Triathlon

  • Find out more about the Crystal Palace Triathlon
  • Weekend training dates for your diary

    Saturday 23 May - am session (time TBC) - Richmond Park - bike and run (for all athletes)

    Wednesday 27 May - Half term camp - 10:30-17:00  South London Scout Centre, Dulwich - Cost £10

    Sunday 7 June -
    OW swim practice for selected individuals

    Saturday 20 June - Super Saturday, details TBC

    Monday 29 June - Tooting Lido, swim and run

    Saturday 18 July - Herne Hill Velodrome - 14:00-16:30, Private hire for CPT juniors & adults

    Full details on the Training schedule.

2015 junior news - May

CPT juniors in action


parkrun results - 30 MayPeckham Rye parkrun
41 Finbar Percy 24:13

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Half term campJoseph celebrated his birthday at this week's half-term training camp.

Joseph celebrating his birthday


Greenwich Junior Aquathlon - 17 MayUnfortunately results are still not available for the Greenwich Junior Aquathlon that took place on 17 May.

Brian has posted his photos on Facebook.

CPT juniors at the Greenwich Aquathlon


parkrun results - 16 MayDulwich parkrun
202 Jonathan Miles 29:40

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New memberWelcome to new member Daniel Snowdon.


Crystal Palace Triathlon - 10 MayA big thank you to all our members, parents and friends who gave up their weekend to support and marshal our 11th annual triathlon, our biggest and best yet!

Well done to everyone on some great times and podium places for:

Youth: 3rd Michael Eagling
T2: 3rd Oskar Murmann and 1st F Lottie Hull
T1: 1st Christo Chilton

View photos from the Junior races.

Crystal Palace Triathlon 2015

Many thanks to all of you who contributed yummy baked goods to the Race Bake Sale and helped on the day.  There was a dizzying supply of treats, overwhelming all the athletes and spectators who came to buy.  Through everyone's combined efforts, a phenomenal £390 pounds was raised for the CPT Juniors.

CPT cakes

10 MAY 2015
Crystal Palace Triathlon
Full results

Youth - 350m / 11k / 3k
Winner - 36:50

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
3 04:41   10:04 37:53 Michael Eagling
5 05:44   11:23 39:45 Harry Horsman
13 05:04   13:58 41:49 Reef Boericke
14 05:19   12:00 42:33 Elle Horsman
21 06:12   12:49 46:51 Tammy Falshaw
23 05:58   15:12 50:13 Sumer Eaglestone
24 05:27   14:33 50:15 Lucy Marchant
28 06:42   16:32 52:58 Abi Morris
32 05:56   16:48 56:05 Jessica Robson
TriStar 3 - 300m / 8k / 2k
Winner 29:46
5 04:41   08:52 31:54 Zach Purnell
11 05:30   10:06 33:48 Joseph Yee
23 04:42   11:23 36:31 Alex Chilton
26 06:22   11:12 37:18 Sam Beadle
28 05:43   11:33 38:01 Mali Jenkins
33 05:03   12:19 38:58 Matthew Maginn
38 05:58   12:16 39:51 Sinead Browne
43 06:18   13:33 42:25 Lola Rafferty
44 05:14   15:10 42:26 Franky Light
45 06:26   13:43 42:46 James Wheeler
52 05:44   15:56 45:25 Daniela Robson
53 05:54   16:10 47:19 Charlotte Morris
56 05:57   24:29 1:02:30

Krishaan Sivagnanam

TriStar 2 - 200m / 6k / 2k
Winner 25:00
3 03:28   06:33 25:28 Oskar Murmann
6 03:45   06:21 25:55 Lottie Hull (1st F)
9 03:51   06:46 26:21 Alan Klejn
24 04:11   07:02 28:39 Joseph Browne
30 04:42   06:39 29:41 Tom Borrett
32 03:48   07:24 30:03 Ethan Foley
37 04:25   08:34 31:08 Hayley Williams
42 04:26   08:29 32:23 Madeleine Mcguigan
44 04:43   07:50 32:47 Imogen Sutton
45 05:12   07:19 33:14 Jonathan Miles
48 04:56   08:18 33:52 Millie Lavington-Owen
50 04:32   08:26 33:59 Isabelle Thompson
51 04:34   08:43 34:37 Caitlin Chilton
54 05:23   09:56 35:48 Orla Browne
61 05:06   08:37 43:30 Susannah Snowdon
TriStar 1 - 150m / 4k / 1k
Winner - 18:35
1 02:47 09:21 04:45 18:35 Christo Chilton
5 02:35 10:01 05:12 20:00 James Rates
10 03:16 11:50 04:55 22:23 Zachary Crowther
13 03:56 11:09 05:18 22:41 Patrick Mcguigan
17 03:32 11:13 06:03 22:58 Jack Sutton
30 04:26 10:57 06:25 25:17 Archie Borrett
37 03:58 14:15 07:10 27:45 Hannah Yee
42 04:12 14:05 07:01 28:01 Bessie Rafferty
50 05:47 17:40 07:19 33:57 Daniel Snowdon


parkrun results - 9 MayBromley parkrun
199 Oliver Wright-Jones 24:57


New memberWelcome to new member Theo Chapman.


New memberWelcome to new member Finbar Percy.


Kingfisher race report by Alan Klejn

AlanFor the first time ever in the London Regional Junior Series, the Kingfisher Aquathlon, on 19 April, was accepted into the elite series of events. Set in Morden Park’s beautiful scenery, it was a promising race. Though no competitors stopped to look at this stunning landscape; we were racing in Round Two of the London Regional Junior Series.

The course marked for the day was a wonderful one. The Tri-Starts ran half of the lap in the park. The Tri-Star 1s, 2s and 3s had to run round the loop in the park, but the youths and adults had to complete their course through laps of the trails around the park – it was a unique event. Also, most run legs on the calendar last year were flat, not hilly, unlike this race where you can find a slight downhill and lengthy uphill section. Plus, instead of the normal 25m pool, we had a different 33m one. In my opinion, more races should have a course just like that, it was really nice.

First to power up that hill were the Tri-Star 3s who had a 400m swim and a 3km run. The fastest swim belonged to winner, Abel Sinko-Uribe with his 5:10min but the run was set by 2nd place Zak Wort and his 10:59min. Congratulations to CPT's Zachary Purnell on 3rd place in 17:15 min.

The weather, in contrast to Hillingdon was absolutely brilliant! The radiant sun shone all over Morden Park and I believe all of the kids and the adults enjoyed the sun shining, over the rain pouring down at Hillingdon. Good weather makes races even better as they improve everyone’s performance; they also improve everyone’s mood. I was feeling a bit nervous before the race but I felt better once I had relaxed and sat in the sun for a bit; it wouldn’t be the same if it’d be raining.

After the Tri-Star 3s had raced off, the Tri-Star 2s – including me - were speeding through our 200m swim and 2km run. The fastest competitor over the 200m swim was Jessica Mayer with her 2:53 min. But the fastest run was the 7:22 min set by winner Mack Downey.

A few races in the series have sponsor stalls (Eton Dorney, Crystal Palace) and at Kingfisher there were two really nice ones. Tribe, in collaboration with Zone3, had a nice stall set up with an array of garments and Tri-Suits; whereas the Moju Juice stand had set up some wonderful samples for us to taste and buy. But, the stand behind the Tribe stall, even though it was not a sponsor, was definitely noticed the most – the cake stall. A humongous array of cakes had been set up covering three whole tables! After our tiring races we were allowed to hop on over to the cakes and help ourselves to one. They were delicious!

After the Tri-Star 2s had finished racing round our course, the eager Tri-Star 1s stepped in to take our place. They had a gruelling 132m swim followed by a 1km run. The fastest athlete to complete the swim was Cerys Howells’ 2:08 min, and Christo Chilton had the fastest run with his 3:28 min and coming first overall.

A food truck was on service that day. It served many different things ranging from hot chocolate to yummy bacon baps (though I’m not suggesting you should eat one before the race). It was a brilliant idea for the truck to be there as after the race, all the parents, racers and spectators could huddle up over there and enjoy the hot food. You don’t normally get a food truck or any sort of caterer with hot food at an event, so it was a great idea and a nice feature.

After the Tri-Star 1s came the little ones – the Tristarts. They had a tough 33m swim followed by a 600m run. The fastest swim was 7th place Lara Sollewijn Gelpke with her 48 second swim, but the fastest run was winner Leo Riggs’ 3:24 min.

Finally, the youth racers stepped out onto the course for their 400m swim and their 4.5km run. The swim and the run was won by CPT's Michael Eagling with his 5:22 min swim and 16:55 min run, with Reef Boericke, 3rd in 24:28 min. For the girls, Elle Horsman was 2nd in 27 min.

At the end of all our tiring races, we got to lie back, watch the adults’ race and see the winners collect their prizes. Overall, I think the location was absolutely great for an Aquathlon and the management was amazing. I seriously can’t wait to race next year (I hope my Dad will sign me up!).

View Ralph's photos.

Next race – Crystal Palace Triathlon!

CPT juniors at Kingfisher Aquathlon 2015


parkrun results - 2 MayFulham Palace parkrun
107 Lola Rafferty 24:25 (1st time)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.

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