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Annual training fees

There will be no Pay As You Go fee options in 2015. All members will be required to pay the annual training fee in order to attend Club training sessions.

Crystal Palace Triathlon

  • Find out more about the Crystal Palace Triathlon
  • Weekend training dates for your diary

    Saturday 2 May -
    Race Prep (course ride)

    Saturday 23 May - am session (time TBC) - Richmond Park - bike and run (for all athletes)

    Wednesday 27 May - Half term camp - 10:30-17:00  South London Scout Centre, Dulwich - Cost £10

    Sunday 7 June -
    OW swim practice for selected individuals

    Saturday 20 June - Super Saturday, details TBC

    Monday 29 June - Tooting Lido, swim and run

    Saturday 18 July - Herne Hill Velodrome - 14:00-16:30, Private hire for CPT juniors & adults

    Full details on the Training schedule.

2015 junior news - April

CPT juniors in action


London Mini Marathon - 26 April

Well done to CPT juniors Lottie, Oskar, Lola, Michael E and Joseph Y on completing the London Mini Marathon on Sunday 26 April. It was very pleasing to see you all put your training into practice!

Borough Challenge (3miles)

U13 Boys (winner 16:12)
173rd Oskar Murmann 20:48

U13 Girls (winner 18:07)
85th Lottie Hull  21:08
200th Lola Rafferty 24:05

U15 Boys (winner 15:30)
13th Michael Eagling 16:30
54th Zac Purnell 17:39
191st Joseph Yee 20:49

U17 Boys
1st Alex Yee 14:04

Very sorry if I've missed anyone. Please let me know and I'll you to the list.

Joseph running the London Mini Marathon


CPT Junior 'Fun'draiser morning

A great morning of running, how to look after your bike, games, cakes, kit and prizes!  Even the sun shined (eventually) on our morning of activities put together to get everyone in the mix and raise some funds for Crystal Palace Junior Triathletes. 

The morning started with our coaches giving some tips for training and racing, followed by a few words of wisdom from Alex Yee, one of our home grown juniors who is now an adult member and in the British Triathlon English Talent Squad. We'll add the slides to the website as a resource when it is revamped towards the end of May. 

Next getting into groups our junior triathletes rotated around a running session, Ralph's bike care class and games.  Just a bit of time in between to grab a cake and sort through the kit on offer.  

CPT juniors fundraiser - bike maintenance

The raffle generated much excitement, Jon just about controlled the crowd.  The finale was the Brownlee and Ennis auction.  Jon worked the crowd, apologies to those who bid with their hands firmly in their pockets!  Jonnie Miles and the McGuigan family took home the Olympic medalists framed autographs. 

We hope everyone had a great time and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to make it such a success by donating, helping and spending!  Our juniors are very lucky and will benefit from the funds raised.

CPT Junior 'Fun'draiser

View all the photos from the 'Fun'draiser.


No swim on Friday 1 May

Due to a gala there will be no swim at Trinity this Friday. 


Photos from KingfisherThanks to Ralph for his action shots taken at the Kingfisher Aquathlon on Sunday 19 April. View the photos.

CPT juniors at the 2015 Kingfisher Aquathlon

19 april 2015
Kingfisher Aquathlon
TriStar 1
Pos Swim Run Time Name
1 02:19 03:38 05:57 Christo Chilton
28 03:45 04:44 08:29 Patrick Mcguigan
33 03:33 05:32 09:05 Bessie Rafferty
TriStar 2
Pos Swim Run Time Name
8 03:22 08:28 11:51 Oskar Murmann
23 03:49 09:16 13:06 Alan Klejn
26 03:47 09:27 13:15 Ethan Foley
27 04:15 09:06 13:22 Joseph Browne
38 04:28 10:18 14:46 Caitlin Chilton
39 04:29 10:17 14:46 Madeleine Mcguigan
47 04:40 13:36 18:16 Orla Browne
TriStar 3
Pos Swim Run Time Name
3 06:13 11:02 17:15 Zachary Purnell
13 06:06 13:04 19:11 Alex Chilton
21 07:10 13:33 20:44 Joseph Yee
24 07:05 14:42 21:47 Matthew Maginn
28 07:34 15:26 23:00 Sinead Browne
31 08:37 15:01 23:38 Lola Rafferty
33 07:45 16:14 24:00 Danielle Robson
34 08:07 16:11 24:18 Eliza Palmer
36 08:09 18:20 26:29 Charlotte Morris
Pos Swim Run Time Name
1 05:22 16:55 22:17 Michael Eagling
4 05:49 18:38 24:28 Reef Boericke
6 06:07 20:52 27:00 Elle Horsman
(2nd female)
7 06:49 20:11 27:01 Harry Horsman
13 06:13 24:49 31:03 Lucy Marchant
15 06:48 27:04 33:52 Jessica Robson


'FUN'draising event - Saturday 25 AprilDon't forget, our 'FUN'draising event is just over a week away!

What? - A get together to celebrate all things triathlon and raise some money for CPT juniors! (see below)
Why? - To subsidise training camps, buy new stock of wetsuits, fireworks at the Christmas Party.....etc
When? - Saturday 25 April 09:30 - 12:00
Where? - South London Scout Hut - Dulwich
Who? - It's for everyone!  Athletes, siblings, parents, rellies....

Please email Sheila to let her know if you can come and how many adults and juniors you'll be, this will help immensely with planning some of the activities shown below.

Help? - It's a team effort (as all these things are!) if you can assist with donations of... raffle prizes, good quality used kit to recycle, cakes and treats.

Raffle prizes – Great bike goodies, vouchers, cash and much more to win!!!
Cake sale and free drinks
Basic bike maintenance – Come and learn how to care for your bike so it’s always great to ride
Auction master Jon with Brownlee Bros. and Jessica Ennis autographs
Preparing to train and race – Practical tips from your coaches
New Club kit and recycled triathlon clothing for sale – try for size
RUN in the woods (with a difference) and games for ALL!!!!
New to Triathlon? – Find out what’s on offer in the triathlon world


Hillingdon Duathlon - 29 March - race reportReport by Alan Klejn

Lots of rain and a chilling wind met the eager triathletes as they paraded down to Hillingdon Bike Circuit. It was much worse than last year’s weather. But, as usual, the kids and adults carried on joyfully; it was the opening round of the London Regional Junior Triathlon Series.

After a cold winter’s training, it seemed like a joy to be finally racing again, despite the conditions. The amount of athletes who actually raced in comparison to those who registered was around 65%! Head organiser, Dave Wardle, even said, “Lots of people didn’t turn up and I think they just thought it was not appropriate weather for the race. So, had we known, we could’ve combined a few races.”

First up, ignoring the rain was the nimble, little tri-starts. They had a speedy 400m run, then a 1.5 km cycle and a 200m run. The winner was Maddison Emment with her time of 7 minutes 21 seconds.

All the kids that raced were amazing and raced brilliantly. All 16 kids finished in less than 13 and a half minutes and they were all under 8s!

Next up was the Tri-Star 1s who put a brilliant show for us with their massive 40 kid group. They had to cover a total 6.75km (750m run, 4.5km bike, 1.5km run) and the winner, William Roake, did it in 18 minutes 36 seconds. The fastest person to run the 1st run and blitz the bike was the winner with his 11:53min split. The fastest 2nd run though was by 12th place Maddie Hughes with her 6:27 min run. Blistering quick.

I interviewed many different people during the day. Starting from the winner of the Youth race, to Tri-Star 1 19th & 20th  place athletes and, a London Triathlon official as well as the organiser of the race. When I asked them whether they liked it or not, their immediate response was ‘It’s brilliant, It’s great fun.’ 1st place in the Tri-Star 3 category, Zak Wort, said, “This has always been one of my favourite races. I think it’s managed brilliantly. I don’t think I’d change anything as well, I come here every year I can and I really enjoy it.” It just shows that Triathlon is a great sport. That’s why we do it.

Next up were the fast-riding Tri-Star 2 boys & girls (My category!) We had a menacing 750m run followed by a 6km bike and a 1.5km run. We all finished it in less than 34 minutes which is brilliant. The fastest 1st run and Bike was winner in the boys, Ben Taylor, with his 14:50 min split and the fastest 2nd run was set by 2nd place in the boys, Oliver Curd with his 5:50 min run.The fastest girl was Lottie Hull from CPT.

Strategy was a key element in the race as treacherous conditions seemed to hamper almost all athletes. Abel Sinko-Uribe, when interviewed, said that he drank too much water before the race, which affected him during his race. Tom Simpson said, “Before, in other duathlons, I’ve always gone too hard on the bike and had nothing left on the run. But this time I paced myself well and it went well.”

Before her race, Elle Horsman had lost a nut on her rear brake making it unusable. If she hadn’t noticed it, she would not have been allowed to take part. Luckily, the Crystal Palace Triathletes mechanic managed to fix it just in time. We really need to make sure we prepare well and check our equipment before the race to get the best result possible.

Next was the Tri-Star 3s. Their fantastic pace obliterated their 1.5km run, 7.5km cycle & 1.5km run. The fastest time on each split was: 1st run + Bike – Winner Zak Wort with his 15:33 min and the 2nd run was won by Tom Simpson who came 2nd place with his 5:12 min.

Finally, our last group of the day, the youths did their perishing 1.5km run 10km cycle and 1.5km run. The fastest 1st run was set by 3rd place, Hal Crampin with his 5:41 min run. The 10km bike though was annihilated by Harry Horsman with his 18:38 cycle, over a full minute faster than anyone else. But the last run to the finish was won by 2nd place, Ben Scott with his 5:40 min run.Harry won and Elle came second in this age group.

Overall, I and many others believe that it was a brilliant race and the organisers did an outstanding job. It looked like everyone was trying to improve on last year’s result, even in the wet and wind. This year’s weather definitely didn’t dampen anyone’s motivation or determination. I know that we all enjoyed it, let’s hope for better weather next time!

Next race: Kingfisher Aquathlon, the first aquathlon of the London series.

CPT results can be seen on the March news page and don't forget to look at Ralph's photos.

Alan after the Hillingdon Duathlon


Christo ChiltonOn 29 March Christo raced, running and swimmin, in the Pentathlon GB British Schools Modern Biathlon 2015 at the QE Olympic Park and London Aquatics Centre. Well done Christo on winning the national title in his age-group.  

Christo has just been chosen to receive a GLL Sport Foundation Achievement Award, for which Christo and his family wanted to say a massive thank you to all the coaching and support team at CPT.


New memberWelcome to new member Krishaan Sivagnanam.

6april 2015
Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon
426m / 21.5k / 5k
Winner - 55:43
328 finishers - Full results | Previous results | PBs
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
114 7:16 40:10 24:39 1:14:58 Reef Boericke
(1st M15-16)

4 april 2015
Tour of Flanders
Full results
Time Name  
6:04:28 Harry Horsman Harry

31 March 2015
10k TT
Club time trial at Herne Hill Velodrome (22.2 laps)
Time Name  
16:55 Harry Horsman Harry
17:35 Elle Horsman Elle
14:54 Joseph Yee (? laps) Joseph

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