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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Super Saturday mini-camps

The Saturday sessions continue on a fortnightly basis through the winter, providing slightly longer, cross discipline training

Current planned dates:
10 January
31 January
14 February
28 February

See training plan for details

2014 junior news - December

CPT juniors in action


parkrun results - 25 & 27 December

25 December

Dulwich parkrun
94 Lola Rafferty 27:02

27 December

Dulwich parkrun
84 Lola Rafferty 31:23
86 Bessie Rafferty 31:48 (1st time)

Eastbourne parkrun
1 Alex Yee 16:15
35 Joseph Yee 23:06 (PB)

Roundshaw parkrun
44 Madeleine Smith-Londono 25:55

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parkrun results - 13 December

Dulwich parkrun
88 Madeleine Smith-Londono 25:15

Wimbledon Common parkrun
61 Reef Boericke 23:38


Meeting Sir Chris Hoy & Ned Boulting

Sir Chris Hoy
I rushed into the Evans Cycles of Cavendish Square. Inside, somewhere out of sight, stood Sir Chris Hoy. I, My Dad and around 40 other people waited patiently for the clock to chime 6 ‘o’ clock. As then, Sir Chris would step out of the shadows and greet the audience for his talk.

Once Sir Chris entered the small stage he was welcomed with a round of applause which he smiled at truly. He sat next to the presenter and began answering the presenter’s questions. The questions were in chronological order so the first few questions were about his childhood and up to the present. Sir Chris replied enthusiastically, often talking to the audience and giving tips and his opinion. One of the questions that was answered was ‘How do you handle the race day mentally?’ The reply was – “I’ve done everything I possibly could during my training, so I am confident that I am ready. I also visualize the perfect lap in my head over and over again so the thought’s stuck in my mind”. I thought that it will be useful on my next race day. Then, after the presenter asked all of his questions, the talking finished, and then the autograph signing began.

Everyone formed an orderly queue almost immediately and Sir Chris waited for the first person to come. As the queue gradually moved forward inch by inch, the butterflies in my stomach increased with every step and I still had nothing to sign. I ran around frantically looking for something for Sir Chris to sign. Some of the Evans Cycles staff were happily handing out “HOY” water bottles and I was cheerily asked if I’d like one. I took one and ran to my dad, only five people stood before us. Five minutes later I found the courage to lift myself up onto the stage and greet Sir Chris.

His smile was pure and calming so my butterflies escaped and it was as smooth and slick as possible. He asked me my name so I answered politely, he was so positive and I felt no worry, I gave him my bottle and he signed it with a smile. I took my picture and I walked away feeling extremely happy and relived that everything went so well. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I had just experienced it.

After that, me and my dad caught a train to Crystal Palace to see Ned Boutling at Cadence Performance Cycling Centre.

Alan meeting Sir Chris Hoy

Ned Boutling
I sprinted to Cadence from Crystal Palace Train Station, with my dad lagging behind. We were 15 minutes late and I hoped that we didn’t miss too much. I took my seat two spots from the back and enjoyed the rest of the show.

It was absolutely fantastic! Every hilarious comment or story recalled was sending people into hysterical laughter. It was just amazing. I loved listening to every single story he told. The whole procedure was brilliant and all his stories seemed inspiring and they sent me into a state of complete awe. He sat there as the questions rolled past. Finally, the prepared questions had been answered and so the audience asked some more. The questions were amazing, mostly about Lance Armstrong and Ned’s exciting encounters with him. The answers to the questions about Lance were full recaps of seeing him and describing Lance’s behaviour; I could and probably most other people could see that he was deeply enjoying these moments and didn’t want to miss out on a single bit of information or description. I loved it completely.

Then there came a huge round of applause which echoed round the room and everyone stood and sprinted to the table where he’d sign the copies of his thrilling new book ‘101 damnations – dispatches from the 101st Tour De France. I can’t wait to read it!!!

I took it easy. I calmly waited until there was an actual queue then walked to it, albeit shouting to my dad to come along with me. Unlike before, I had not a single butterfly bouncing around, only pure adrenaline filled my stomach. As the line shuffled forward I felt yet even more adrenaline pumping through my body (I was even turning red with excitement!). Once I reached Mr Boutling I was just a kid but still I was buzzing with excitement. He asked me all the standard questions such as: ‘What is your name?’, ‘Would you like my signature?’ Then my dad told Ned about my writing, and made him intrigued in my doings. We had a small chat about it and he happily signed the book and I cheerfully thanked him for the book. I went upstairs to reflect, the moment seemed so amazing and I felt amazing. It was hugely pleasing. I left the building with a huge smile on my face and Ned’s assurance he’d check my writing work on the Crystal Palace Triathletes website.

“This evening couldn’t have gone better.” I said to my dad joyfully. Four hours, two idols, one signed book and one water bottle. I cannot believe my luck.

Alan meeting Ned Boulting


Christmas Cracker Duathlon - 14 December

Congratulations to Lola, 1st place TriStar 2, and Bessie, 3rd place TriStar 1, at the Lee Valley Velo Park Christmas Cracker Duathlon. No results published yet, but will add when available.

Lola and Bessie


parkrun results - 13 December

Roundshaw Downs parkrun
82 Madeleine Smith-Londono 25.37


parkrun results - 6 December

Dulwich parkrun
82 Madeleine Smith-Londono 23:56 (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.

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