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2014 junior news - April

CPT juniors in action


Olympic Velopark duathlons

Triathlon England and a number of triathlon clubs from the region (including CPT) are staging a series of duathlons and training opportunities at the road circuit in the Olympic Park, including a Childrens Duathlon:

1 June                
Childrens Duathlon, various distances,
£8 for TE and £10 for non members.

Information on the programme of duathlons over the summer and other activities can be found on the Velopark Duathlon website.

Lisa's posters for the Velopark Duathlons


parkrun results - 26 April

Dulwich parkrun
44th Christo Chilton 21:26 (1st time)
81st Alex Chilton 23:45 (1st time)
106th Madeleine Smith-Londono 25:39
168th Lola Rafferty 34:33

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


parkrun results - 19 April

Congratulations to Alex on another parkrun win.

Eastbourne parkrun
1st Alex Yee 16:03 (1st time)
111th Joseph Yee 26:06 (1st time)

Dulwich parkrun
82nd Madeleine Smith-Londono 24:53

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Gravesend Cyclopark Duathlon - 6 April

Full results

Age 11-12
4th Matthew Maginn 19.55

Age 13-14
1st Harry Horsman 23.05
1st Elle Horsman 24.16

Race report by Harry Horsman

After enjoying the Hillingdon Duathlon so much (as much as you can enjoy a duathlon!) I thought I would race the following week at the Gravesend Cyclopark, which I am very familiar with.  Once again the rain clouds were looking down on us, typical Cyclopark weather, however after a few drops when we arrived, it then remained dry, leaving just a strong wind to deal with.

Harry, Elle & Matthew at the Cyclopark

Mum soon made some friends, as per usual!  Of course we knew Matthew who was the only other CPTer apart from Elle and I and we chatted with him as we set up our kit. 

After a couple of lively races from the younger age groups we cheered on Matthew racing as a T2, who made a very good fourth place. 

Next it was mine and Elle’s turn to step up to the mark.  It began with a 1.5k run which I soon found good legs on and I came into transition a couple of seconds ahead of Elle.  Our transitions went well and my mount was applauded by the crowd, that’s a first! 

Harry & Elle on the run

I entered my time trial mode for the 7.5k bike leg and made a bigger gap on the rest of my competitors.  I was happy that I did not suffer with a stitch and was glad that I had enough in the tank to really push it home on the last 1k run. 

Harry on his bike

I was really pleased to get a chocolate bar at the end but most of all a trophy!

After a good mornings work we tucked into a Sunday roast with relatives who live nearby, which really hit the spot.  Altogether it was a great day and would definitely recommend these events organised by The Bridge Triathlon Club.  They might be having an open water Children’s Triathlon on 22 June! Watch this space…

Harry & Elle with their trophies


Virgin Money London Mini Marathon 2014

A very big well done to all our CPT athletes who qualified and represented their Boroughs at this year's London Mini Marathon. Your fellow athletes, coaches and parents are very proud of you!

Results - Borough Challenge

U17 Boys winner 3 miles 14:35
223rd Dan Pinn 18:17 Team Croydon

U15 Girls winner 3 miles 16:31
34th Tammy Falshaw 20:06 Team Bromley

Lola after the mini marathonU13 Girls winner 3 miles 17:49
38th Elle Horsman 20:30 Team Wandsworth
120th Lottie Hull 22:10 Team Lewisham
164th Lola Rafferty 23:33 Team Lambeth

U13 Boys winner 3 miles 15:56
3rd Michael Eagling 16:45 Team Bromley
76th Nicholas Shoppee 19:17 Team Lewisham

In recognition of your achievements and dedication you have all been awarded an extra Championship point. Congratulations!

Remember you can also earn yourself an additional point by submitting an article or photos for the junior website.


parkrun results - 12 April

Dulwich parkrun
107th Madeleine Smith-Londono 24:32 (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Sainsbury's Active Kids 2014

Sainsbury's Active Kids

Active Kids vouchersDon't forget, we are once again collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers to raise funds for the Junior section.

Please hand your vouchers to whoever is collecting money at Club sessions.

Thanks for your support.


Easter training sessions at HHV

Two few changes to next week's Monday and Tuesday sessions due to Easter Holidays.

Monday 14 April 16:00-18:00 at HH Velodrome  (this will replace normal run session)

Tuesday 15 April 16:00-18:00 at HH Velodrome  (public session will run as normal)

You will need to bring your bike / run kit, drinks and snacks as we will be practicing bike/run and transition skills.

Please make sure you put these changes in your diaries.


2014 Junior Club Championships

Details of this year's Club Championships and a full list of all team members has now been published. Make sure you read how to score points for your team, including bonus points for attendance, racing, baking, writing for the website etc.

Here's the first Club Championship update:

After last weekend's race the following have earned their team and themselves two extra points for racing the London League Hillingdon Duathlon - Alan, Lili, Madeleine, Caitlin, Oskar, Alex C, Ethan, Lola, Madeleine, Alex FVV, Reef, Harry, Mali, Sinead, Orla and Joseph Browne.; Jack, Christo, Lottie, Michael and Elle also earn a further point each for podium spots. Alan and Elle get bonus points for their submissions to the website (see below).

2014 teams are as follows:

Morris Pusey (Captain), Louis Lord, Natalie Falshaw, Isaac Brown, Max Sudbury, Jessica Robson, Elle Horsman, Michael Eagling, Reif Boericke, Charlotte Morris, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Mali Jenkins, Lola Raferty, Jude Watson, Max Rowley Sanchez, Max Montgomery, Thomas Giles, Lottie Hull, Oliver Cahil, Thomas Beadle, Tom Borrett,  Imogen Sutton, Madeleine McGuigan, Caitlin Chilton, Christo Chilton, Bessie Rafferty, Hannah Yee, Thomas Cahill, Archie Borrett, Sam Kubrycht Ellis, George Rates, Joe Browne, Ines Henry, Sam Beadle

Alex Yee (captain), Niklas Pusey, Abi Morris, Alex Cahil, Dominic King, Nicolas Shopee, Harry Horsman, Sumer Eaglestone, Tamsin Falshaw, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Sinead Brown, Frankie Light, Eliza Palmer, Alex Chilton, Daniella Robson, Matthew McGinn, Alex Fisker Van Veen, Ethan Foley, Maddy Smith Londono, Thomas King, Oscar Murman, Lili Jenkins, Josh Kubrycht Ellis, Susannah Snowdon, Hailey Williams, Tilly Welsh, Oscar Henry, Isabel Thompson, Alan Klejn, Jack Sutton, James Rates, Matthew Wall, Orla Browne


parkrun results - 5 April

Crystal Palace parkrun
17th Christo Chilton 21:44 (1st time / 1st JM10)
80th Alex Chilton 25:52 (1st time / 2nd JM11-14)

Dulwich parkrun
88th George Rates 23:54

Hilly Fields parkrun
1st Alex Yee 15:44 (PB & Course Record - Read report)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


March new members

A belated welcome to new members who joined the Club in March: Jude Watson and Orla and Joseph Browne.


Hillingdon Duathlon race report

Alan with his Hillingdon medalReport by Alan Klejn

Hillingdon is stunning. The jewel of the crown is the bike circuit. Mind-blowing is a word to use if you were describing it. And on 30 March it played host to the first round of the Triathlon London Junior Series.

This was my first ever duathlon, also only my second event, and it was properly tiring. It was astounding this year as CPT had 22 entries (not all in the same class), which was great. If you were there you probably had an action-filled day, it was great.

First up for the juniors was the under 8s. I saw most of the action, and I saw how much they were pushing on. They were so self-motivated, and focused, and I have to throw my hat off to Jack Sutton who finished a brilliant third. They had to run 400m, cycle 1.5km and a 200m run which is amazing for their age.

Here are the results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd:
1st Max Smith - Thames Turbo – 7:15 min
2nd Oscar Barbe - Thames Turbo – 7:27 min
3rd Jack Sutton – CPT – 7:38 min

I cheered on everyone in this race as it was stunning that 17 kids finished that in less than 13 minutes, and please remember that these kids were under 8!

The next race was Tri-star 1 which had 5 competitors from CPT (including me!). The age category in this race was 9-10 years old and a massive 42 kids completed the race which covered a total 6.75KM (750m run, 4.5km bike, 1.5km run).

Doing a duathlon for the first time, as well as it being at Hillingdon, was fantastic. I was exhausted but really happy with my 11th place.

Here are the top three results with Christo Chilton from CPT grabbing the win:

1st Christo Chilton – CPT – 19:03min
2nd Samuel Newman - Tri-Force – 19:19 min
3rd Spencer Bateman - Thames Turbo – 19:20 min

Alan congratulating Christo at Hillingdon

The weather on the day was brilliant, except from the morning, with the sun out most of the day. It was the perfect day to have a duathlon, especially one of the most gruelling ones. Towards the end of the day around 12:30 I saw many people completely drenched as well as many others suffering from the heat, it was a tough race. But most people were completely focused.

After the Tri-star 1s, the Tri-star 2 girls were out on the track, pushing really hard. From CPT, we had 4 girls competing in the 16 girl race. I watched the race start to finish and it was extremely competitive, but I’ll throw in the penny for Lola Rafferty for creating an excellent chase on the bike. Lottie Hull (another CPT girl) took 2nd place after fantastic run, coming from middle of the pack. The results were very good.

I have to mention Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen who had horrible pain, but she did not give up and she finished the race. I admire such courage, it was inspiring!!!  

Here are the results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st Katie Painter – Medway Tri – 22:07 min
2nd Lottie Hull – CPT – 22:25 min
3rd Phoebe Fennell - Thames Turbo – 22:27 min

After the Tri-star 2 girls we had the boys, who were dominant in their doing. This time round, better that last year, we had 3 boys in the group of 25. There were battles everywhere! There was a massive one containing 4 boys for 2nd. Another big battle was towards the end of the race with 4 boys fighting for position. It was exhausting just commentating about it.

As usual I was cheering on everyone, and they did extremely well.
Here are the results of how the front 3 did.

1st Tom Hall – Amersham Tristars – 19:38 min
2nd Jacob Patterson - Thames Turbo – 20:21 min
3rd Ryan Mullen - Thames Turbo – 20:32 min

All CPT results can be found on the March news page.

The final race was the biggest, with 47 entries. This includes the 13-14yr old and the youths (15-16yr old). Normally these two categories would be separated, but on this occasion organizers decided to run them together.
It was so enthusiastic watching them ride round and it gave you that extra feeling that you want to do it.

It certainly made me want to do it again. It was amazing watching them but I must say well done to Michael Eagling and Elle Horsman for doing exceptionally well as always. In my opinion the most exciting battle was between Elle and Freya just before the finish line. Freya looked over her right shoulder, looking for Elle who was breathing down her neck, and Elle went for left side and gave one last push to win with one second between them.

Elle's push for a win at Hilingdon

Here are the top three results for all three categories.

Boys 13 & 14
1st Gregory Atkins - Optima Racing – 23:30 min
2nd Tom Simpson - Greenwich Tritons  - 23:59 min
3rd Michael Eagling – CPT – 24:30 min

Girls 13 & 14
1st Elle Horsman – CPT – 27:07 min
2nd Freya Thomson - Thames Turbo – 27:08 min
Alice Patterson - Thames Turbo - 27:23 min

Youths (15 & 16)
1st Aurel Sinko-Uribe – SSC – 29:33 min
2nd Sebastian Garry – Evo TC – 29:47 min
3rd Dennis Houston - Thames Turbo – 30:10 min

Alan & Harry supporting CPT at HillingdonI really enjoyed it and hopefully everyone who went there enjoyed it too. I could of gone home before the Tri-star 2s had started but I chose to stay and have a good time and support my Club. I congratulate every one of the CPT competitors as well as the other 165 competitors who did these races. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Triathlon London Junior Series, I hope it will be an exciting season.

Thank you very much to Alan's dad, Ralph, for the amazing photos of the day. They can all be viewed online. If anyone wants original copies of any photos please let me know and I'll pass on your requests to Ralph.

View Ralph's photos of CPT in action at Hillingdon


Elle's Swimathon challenge

Elle with her Swimathon medalOn Saturday 22 March I took part in the Swimathon taking on the 2.5km individual challenge at Crystal Palace 50m pool.  This is my second year swimming this distance and last time I had no idea how long it was going to take, but this time I had a PB to get.  I was really pleased to complete it in a time of 38 minutes and 15 seconds, which was 4 minutes and 15 seconds quicker

Thanks to everyone at the Hillingdon training session the next day who donated money to Sport Relief, I hope you enjoyed my cakes... and the final total I raised is £62.

Elle's cakes



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