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Annual Training Fees

Find out more about our Annual training fees.

2013 Club Championship teams

Isabelle Thompson, Joshua Kubrycht-Ellis, Lili Jenkins, Maddy Smith, Tomas King, Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen, Kai Chatterjee, Daniella Robson, Alex Cahill, Elizabeth Grace, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Eliza Palmer, Nicholas Shoppee, Harry Horsman, Alex Elms, Abigail Morris, Tammy Falshaw, Sumer Eaglestone, Dominic King, Ben Hull, Freddie Argent, Wil Hutchings, Jack Ryan, Alex Yee, Morris Pusey, Alice Hoolahan, Hayley Williams, Susannah Snowdon, Frankie Light, Jack Thomson, Max Rowley, Alex Chilton, Caitlin Chilton and Christo Chilton

Imogen Sutton, Oliver Cahill, Thomas Beadle, Lottie Hull, Carla Da Silva, Lola Rafferty, Thomas Giles, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Samuel Beadle, Charlotte Morris, Mali Jenkins, Michael Eagling, Elle Horsman, Jessica Robson, Isaac Brown, Niklas Pusey, Samuel Cotton, Max Sudbury, Natalie Falshaw, Michael Humphreys, Louis Lord, Adam Efrat, Ben Allan, Liam Duke, Tom Gosling, Madeleine McGuigan, Thomas Cahill, Daniel Pinn, Max Samuel, Oliver Petch, Oscar Henry, Reef Boericke, Ethan Foley and Christian Georgiades

2013 junior news - December

CPT juniors in action



Membership renewal due

This is a reminder that your Club membership for 2013 expires on 31 December and is due for renewal by 31 January 2014. You must renew online.

If you are not planning on renewing your membership for 2014 please let Lisa know, otherwise she will be chasing you up!

We would also like to encourage as many members as possible to pay the Annual training fee, as this offers extremely good value, even if you are only planning to attend one session a week. The annual training fee needs to be paid separately from the membership subscription. Details of how to pay can be found on the Annual training fee page.


Christmas party photos - 22 December

Congratulations to all this year's Club Champions.


2014 junior weekend winter training programme

The Club's coaches and junior coordinators have been reviewing the current Saturday training sessions for our junior athletes. In response to feedback and suggestions from the athletes, parents and the coaches we are launching a rather different approach to this season's winter training. The changes are significant and the Club’s investment in hiring additional training venues considerable – particularly the racing pool at CPNSC, Hillingdon Cycle Circuit and Herne Hill Velodrome. We hope it will enthuse our athletes and encourage all ages and abilities to commit to attending the sessions.

Weekend training sessions will take the shape of mini 2-3 hour training camps in a variety of locations and covering at least two disciplines. There will be seven mini-camps between early January and the end of March, with coaches to cover different skills/performance levels, providing lots of action and focus - hard and fun!  Some sessions will be on Saturday, others on Sunday in order to access the best training facilities possible and there won’t be a session every week.

The mini-camp sessions will be included in the Annual Training fees
£100 for juniors
£125 for juniors who have permission to train at adult sessions
or for PAYG there will be a £10 session fee to cover coaching and facility costs.

As always there will be real benefit in attending as many of these sessions as you possibly can and with fewer, more concentrated sessions this will hopefully make it easier to fit other commitments around Club training!

We are also very keen to encourage parents to join in and exercise at the same time – parents are very welcome to cycle at HHV and Hillingdon at the same time as the junior sessions, swim at CPNSC (although in the public lanes!) and join the fun at the Scout Camp.

We look forward to a great CPT turnout and results from both juniors and parents at the Hillingdon Duathlon races on 30 March ;-))

The regular weekday training sessions (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) will continue as usual!! Ideally our Juniors should try to run and swim at least once a week in addition to the weekend mini camps – this can, of course, include school or other training sessions outside CPT.

The revised constraints from British Triathlon for young riders on the open roads has curtailed a key element of training for our stronger junior athletes. This currently limits to those aged 14+, unless accompanied by a parent or authorised adult on a 1:1 basis. This increases the importance of all athletes attending the Hillingdon and HHV camps.

Please do get these dates in your diaries and be sure to let Jon know which camps you will be attending.

2014 Weekend Winter Training Dates

Saturday 4 January - No session
Saturday 11 January - No session

Saturday 18 January - Mini-Camp 01
Swim & Core
CPNSC pool

Saturday 25 January - Mini-Camp 02
Run & Conditioning
Scout Centre, Grange Lane

Saturday 1 February - No session

Sunday 9 February - Mini-Camp 03
Bike & Run
14:00-16:00 HHV
(Parents welcome to use track)

Saturday 15 February - No session

Sunday 23 February - Mini-Camp 04
Bike & Run
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit
(This will be a junior and adult coached session)

Saturday 1 March - Mini-Camp 05
Swim & Core

Sunday 9 March - Mini-Camp 06
Bike & Run

Saturday 15 March - No session

Sunday 23 March - Mini-Camp 07
Bike & Run
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit
(Adult members and parents welcome to use track)

Sunday 30 March - Race Day
Duathlon races for all ages including adults
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit


Water polo at Trinity - 20 December

CPT juniors playing water polo


parkrun results - 7 December

Hilly Fields parkrun
1st Alex Yee 15:54



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