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Annual Training Fees

Find out more about our Annual training fees.

2013 Club Championship teams

Isabelle Thompson, Joshua Kubrycht-Ellis, Lili Jenkins, Maddy Smith, Tomas King, Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen, Kai Chatterjee, Daniella Robson, Alex Cahill, Elizabeth Grace, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Eliza Palmer, Nicholas Shoppee, Harry Horsman, Alex Elms, Abigail Morris, Tammy Falshaw, Sumer Eaglestone, Dominic King, Ben Hull, Freddie Argent, Wil Hutchings, Jack Ryan, Alex Yee, Morris Pusey, Alice Hoolahan, Hayley Williams, Susannah Snowdon

Imogen Sutton, Oliver Cahill, Thomas Beadle, Lottie Hull, Carla Da Silva, Lola Rafferty, Thomas Giles, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Samuel Beadle, Charlotte Morris, Mali Jenkins, Michael Eagling, Elle Horsman, Jessica Robson, Isaac Brown, Niklas Pusey, Samuel Cotton, Max Sudbury, Natalie Falshaw, Michael Humphreys, Louis Lord, Adam Efrat, Ben Allan, Liam Duke, Tom Gosling, Madeleine McGuigan, Thomas Cahill, Daniel Pinn

Crystal Palace Triathlon

Christmas party date

Junior Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony 22 December
Details to follow on the e-group

London junior series

Find out more about the London junior series and rankings.

Forthcoming events

21-23 March 2014 - Swimathon

2013 junior news - November

CPT juniors in action



Bike training and sports talent

Until the Committee has finalised bike specific junior training, we would encourage all juniors to attend the Saturday bike skills/run drills and the Monday turbo/run sessions.

To inspire us all, please watch this video produced by Sport Scotland. Put in the hard work and you will benefit in the long run.


parkrun results - 23 November

Dulwich parkrun
151st Lexie Webb 30:02


November time trials

Previous TT results can be found on the Time Trials page.

11 november 2013
2k run
Dan P 07:11  
Harry 07:22 - 22 secs  
Elle 07:30 - 28 secs
Matt 08:30  
Adam 08:51 - 5 secs
Lottie 09:20  
Eliza 09:52 - 7 secs
Joseph 10:20  
Maddy 10:27  

15 november 2013
200m swim
Lilly 04:19
Hayley 04:28
Tomas 04:49
Imogen 04:50
Charlotte 04:54
Susanna 05:56
15 november 2013
400m swim
Sumer 07:06
Jessica 07:07
Frankie 07:20
Matthew 07:30
Dominic 07:32
Mali 07:36
Eliza 07:36
Ben 07:39
Lottie 07:41
Ethan 08:02
Joseph 08:05
Daniela 08:28


Change of venue - Saturday 23 November

Audrey has advised, that due to a school cross country event at Crystal Palace this Saturday, the junior bike/run session will move to Dulwich Park.

Session time 09:30-11:00
Meeting place Dulwich Park car park

Please make sure you have everything you will need for a bike and run session and that you are suitably dressed for the weathe (see Ron's outdoor winter training advice below).

If any parents/coaches are around to assist that would be great.


Outdoor winter training advice

Ron has put the following recommendations together to help our junior members make the most of outdoor winter training sessions. Please remember to come dressed in long trousers and long sleeves.  If it is a turbo or bike session don't wear baggy joggers - leggings are a better choice. Also come having had a proper meal beforehand as it will help your body create warmth and give you the energy to train.

When it is cold wearing a hat and gloves is essential as most of your body temperature is lost via your extremities. A neck buff is also a good piece of kit as it can be flexibly worn.

During the session you will soon warm up, so to avoid overheating, wear several light layers (at least three) so you are able to regulate your temperature.

1. Your BASE layer should be close fitting and made of synthetic material to wick the moisture off your skin to stop you getting chilly.

2. The MIDDLE layer/s insulates you by creating additional air space and is/are the layer/s that you take off when you get hot.

3. Your OUTER layer should be wind and water proof and ideally breathable. This layer should be kept on whilst you are training or put back on if you have taken off a middle layer.

Even though it is cold, you will loose quite a lot of moisture during your training session. Our coaches recommend that you drink at least 500ml of liquid per hour (ie one small water bottle) and that you should also drink before you feel thirsty! You shouldn't need to eat snacks during our normal training sessions but it's a good idea to bring along a snack to eat immediately afterwards.

Having the right kit and wearing it will help you enjoy and get the best out of your training. It's no fun if you are cold, wet, thirsty or hungry.


Juniors in action - 16 November

Audrey putting the juniors through their paces at the Saturday morning session at Crystal Palace.

Saturday 16 November


New member

Welcome to new member Ethan Foley.


London Region Awards night - 2 November

Jon - Performance Development Coach 2013CPT are very proud to have the following juniors acknowledged at the London Region Awards night:

London Region Junior Tri Series 2013
1st Male TriStart - Christo Chilton
1st Female TriStar 1 - Alexandra Fisker-Van-Veen
2nd Female TriStar 1 - Lottie Hull
1st Male TriStar 3 - Michael Eagling
2nd Female TriStar 3 - Elle Horsman
2nd Male TriStar 3 - Reef Boericke
1st Male Youth - Alex Yee

In addition Jon Horsman was awarded Performance Development Coach of the year.



New member

Welcome to new member Reef Boericke.



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