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Annual Training Fees

Find out more about our Annual training fees.

2013 Club Championship teams

Isabelle Thompson, Joshua Kubrycht-Ellis, Lili Jenkins, Maddy Smith, Tomas King, Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen, Kai Chatterjee, Daniella Robson, Alex Cahill, Elizabeth Grace, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Eliza Palmer, Nicholas Shoppee, Harry Horsman, Alex Elms, Abigail Morris, Tammy Falshaw, Sumer Eaglestone, Dominic King, Ben Hull, Freddie Argent, Wil Hutchings, Jack Ryan, Alex Yee, Morris Pusey, Alice Hoolahan, Hayley Williams, Susannah Snowdon

Imogen Sutton, Oliver Cahill, Thomas Beadle, Lottie Hull, Carla Da Silva, Lola Rafferty, Thomas Giles, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Samuel Beadle, Charlotte Morris, Mali Jenkins, Michael Eagling, Elle Horsman, Jessica Robson, Isaac Brown, Niklas Pusey, Samuel Cotton, Max Sudbury, Natalie Falshaw, Michael Humphreys, Louis Lord, Adam Efrat, Ben Allan, Liam Duke, Tom Gosling, Madeleine McGuigan, Thomas Cahill, Daniel Pinn

Crystal Palace Triathlon

London junior series

Find out more about the London junior series and rankings.

HHV Cake Stall

Cake stall at HHVThank you to all bakers, sellers and eaters for making our Tuesday evening cake stall at the Velodrome such a success and raising valuable funds for our juniors. If you can help out in any way, please let Rosie know.

2013 junior news - July

CPT juniors in action



Herne Hill Velodrome cake stall

Thank you to all bakers, sellers and eaters for making our Tuesday evening cake stall at the Velodrome such a success and raising valuable funds for our juniors, on average over £50 per week.

We desperately need more volunteers to bake and sell, especially during the summer holidays, so if you can help out in any way, please let Rosie know.

HHV cake stall


Summer camp and TT times

Jon says a big well done to all those who attended the camp last week, the weather was good for all three days and the positive attitude shown by all was fantastic!

Many thanks to Dean for his coaching on all three days and to Audrey, Paul, Brian, Ron and all the parent helpers at Richmond Park.

Also a big thanks to Brigit for her help on the road ride and her core routine and expertise on Thursday.

A few stats from the camp:

Thurs road ride:
Jon's group: 63km including Cudham Lane and Titsey Hill
- (Elle, Louis, Anna) 2hrs 25min @ av speed = 26 km/ph
- (Alex, Harry, Isaac) 2hrs 18 @ av speed = 27km/ph)

Dean's group: 50k in 2hrs 25min @ av speed = 21 km/ph

Saturday was a mix of bike and running + duathlon races, (Jon only has stats for his group) Isaac, Harry, Louis and Elle covered approx 40km on the bike in total.

Time trial times from the Velodrome are listed below.

Well done for a FAB few days.

Velodrome Time Trial
2 laps   1 lap  
Alex Y 1.13.57

Alex FV 



Luc 44.54
Isaac 1.21.67 Alex 47.26
Harry 1.22.16 Maddie 47.54


Josh 49.16


Christo 49.67
Michael 1.28.07 Lizzie 50.20
Matt 1.28.26 Oscar 50.29
Joe 1.33.83 Lola 51.07


Charlotte 52.45
    Caitlin 55.70
    Imogen 56.95


    Izzy 57.77


Alex on the podium at London TriathlonLondon Triathlon

Congratulations to Dan and Alex who raced in the Youth Super Sprint category at the London Triathlon on 27 July.

Alex took 2nd place and thoroughly enjoyed a champagne fight on the podium! (results below).



27 july 2013
London TriathlonFull results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
Youth Super Sprint   400m / 10km / 2.5km
2 05:41 16:53 10:09 36:29 Alex Yee
10 08:39 21:07 12:04 47:17 Dan Pinn


New members

Welcome to new junior members:

Christo Chilton,
Caitlin Chilton,
Alex Chilton,
Christian Georgiades,
Oskar Murmann,
Bessie Rafferty,
Max Rowley-Sanchez,
Oliver Petch and
Jack Thomson


Sir Chris Hoy at the Velodrome

Some of our juniors got the chance to see Sir Chris Hoy when he visited the Herne Hill Velodrome on 15 July.

Sir Chris Hoy at the HHV


Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon

Congratulations to all the CPT juniors who took part in the Tooting Bec Lido Aquathlon on Saturday 13 July (results below).

Podium places for Christo, Lili, Mali, Adam and Ron in the parents' race!

13 july 2013
Tooting Bec Lido AquathlonFull results
Pos Swim Run Time Name
1     4.37 Christo Chilton
TriStar 1    
4     8.23 Lili Jenkins (3rd F)
6     8.57 Imogen Sutton
7     9.05 Caitlin Chilton
TriStar 2    
6     14.16 Alex Chilton
8     15.21 Mali Jenkins (3rd F)
10     17.13 Joseph Yee
4     24.58 Adam Efrat (3rd M)
3     25.39 Ron Yee


Tooting Bec Lido training session

Monday 1 July
Report by Dan Pinn

Tooting Bec Lido: It was the first time going to this outdoor lido. I was expecting a it to be similar to the one at Brockwell but as we went through the entrance it seemed as if it was endless. The weather was very nice which made the pool warmer than usual and the training session was very useful; this was due to the fact that we had to practice our turns around a buoy and then drafting from one another.

Tooting Bec Lido training session

I was paired with Elle for the swim and when we had to draft that’s when her stamina helped, I tried to keep up but she was too quick and I soon lagged behind. Overall, swimming in the Lido was a fantastic experience and was very beneficial; it helped massively with pacing and getting used to drafting.

After the swim, Harry and myself went on the Turbo Trainers to do a couple of sets of fast and slow paced cycling. Once that was over a run was next and Matt and myself had to do a lap, while the younger athletes had to do shuttle runs. Elle shortly joined us to do the second lap. Once again we were too tired to keep up and we soon trotted behind her.

So the training session was like a small triathlon; I just want to thank Jon for a very helpful session.

Tooting Bec Lido training session

Tim, a CPT member and Tooting Aquathlon race director, says "Many thanks to all you CPTers who took part, marshalled and helped us organise our best junior aquathlon so far. Particularly to Shelia and her finish line team and also the CPT manned drinks table which was a saver!! The first year we've had no time and placing issues to sort out afterwards. Hope to see you all next year and we want to target 100 entrants!".


London Youth Games Aquathlon

Photographs of Adam, Alex and Sumer representing Lewisham at the London Youth Games on Sunday 7 July. Results below.

7 july 2013
London Youth Games AquathlonFull results
Pos Swim Run Time Name
Year 7 (Male)    
1 03:33 03:13 07:14 Michael Eagling (Bromley)
Year 8 (Female)    
22 04:08 03:45 08:23 Tammy Falshaw (Bromley)
35 04:23 04:23 09:14 Sumer Eaglestone (Lewisham)
Year 10 (Male)    
1 04:08 06:12 10:44 Alex Yee (Lewisham)
Year 11 (Male)  
12 06:50 15:24 22:41 Adam Efrat (Lewisham)



London Youth Games Cycling

Congratulations to Lottie H, Alex FVV, Joseph Y, Lexie, Sumer E, Ben H, Adam E and Alex Y for being selected to represent Team Lewisham and also to Harry H and Elle H for being selected to represent Team Wandsworth in the London Youth Games Cycling on Saturday 6 July at Crystal Palace.

Ron reports: It was a very good days racing at Crystal Palace. Chapeau to team Wandsworth (managed by our very own Jon Horsman) who came 2nd overall out of 33 London Boroughs. Also special mention must go to Adam Efrat, Sumer Eaglestone and Elle Horsman for competing in the Road Race with extra hats off to Elle for a decisive individual 3rd place (against girls potentially up to four years older!).

The juniors (up to and including year 7) did a two lap time trial then those between year 8 and year 11 did four laps. Racing culminated with a male (Adam E) and female six lap road race.

Year 11 and under - 5km individual time trial
08:07 Alex Yee (Lewisham)
08:12 Sam Ripley (Wandsworth) - Team Silver
08:19 Harry Horsman (Wandsworth) - Team Silver
09:07 Freddie Argent (Southwark)
09:49 Adam Efrat (Lewisham)
10:13 Ben Hull (Lewisham)
10:36 Elle Horsman (Wandsworth) - Team Silver
11:24 Sumer Eaglestone (Lewisham)

Year 7 and under - 2.33km individual time trial
05:08 Joseph Yee (Lewisham)
05:18 Alex F v Veen (Lewisham)
05:23 Lottie Hull (Lewisham)
05:51 Lexie Webb (Lewisham)
06:10 Mali Jenkins (Bromley)

Individual Road Race - 8km  crit circuit Boys year 11 and under
7th Sam Ripley (Wandsworth)
18th Adam Efrat (Lewisham)

Girls year 11 and under
3rd Elle Horsman (Wandsworth) - individual Bronze medal
15th Sumer Eaglestone (Lewisham)


Dorney SuperTri

Dan at DorneyDan reports that it was very hot for the Dorney SuperTri on 7 July. It was 30c and wetsuits were optional but Dan competed in his. Dan was very happy with his times getting a PB for a 400m swim and 10k bike. He also proudly wore his CPT kit for the first time!

Congratulations to all CPT juniors who took part. Results below.

Race report by Michael Eagling

Human RaceOn Sunday, I had two triathlon related events. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I had to rush off from my London Youth games aquathon, which I competed in for the London Borough of Bromley, (big thanks to Alex Yee, Adam Efrat, and his mum, for their support and help, sorry I could not watch you compete,) to Eton Dorney for the 13-14 Fun triathlon.

Michael - Swim exit at DorneyMum and I made it there for about an hour before the race which should have been enough time for the race. However, due to the fact of the long walk to the race base, I had to wait to be registered in registration, and having to walk a long way to set up transition, I was putting my wetsuit on, (for practice as it was my first competitive open water swim,) and got in the water with 7 minutes left of my 10 minutes to acclimatise.

Swim7 minutes later, the starter was wishing us the best of luck over the megaphone, then the siren went, and we were off.

At the start of the swim, it was like the start of a flash mob, and it was everyone for themselves. I managed to break away with about 4 to 5 others. Halfway towards the second buoy, I was around 3 meters in front, and was only caught up by one swimmer around three quarters of the way to the swim finish pontoon.

Michael on the bike at DorneyT1Once out of the water, it was a short run up the ramp, and into transition. Unfortunately for the T3’s, the race organizers had decided to put us furthest away from the swim pontoon, (obviously because we were so hard core,) but eventually I reached my bike. I took my wetsuit off, a lot quicker than I expected, put my shoes and crash helmet on, un-racked my bike, and ran out of transition.

BikeOn the start of the bike, I felt strong, until I got around the home straight on my first lap, and the wind hit me like a freight train (except a bit softer) but I managed to fight through it, only to have to do it again, on the next lap. At the start of the second lap, I was still in the lead, but had one person on my tail. I soon found out that he was a very natural cyclist, as when I took a bend just a little bit wide, he shot right past me, and was off before you could say, “Where did he come from?” He stayed ahead for the rest of the cycle section, and into transition.

Michael on the run at DorneyT2In transition, I quickly racked my bike, and turned my number around while running out towards the run start.

RunOn the run, I was planning on going out fast, and stuck to my plan, as I did not want to risk being overtaken by the boy who came into transition behind me. I felt strong on the run, and was quickly gaining on the boy in front. However, I was not gaining fast enough, and did not really make enough of an impact on the distance between us.

I finished 2nd, and was rewarded with a freezing wash down, by a man with a hose pipe, (even though I did not ask for it!)

7 july 2013
Dorney SuperTriFull results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
8-10 fun   100m / 3k / 1k
13 03:08 06:34 04:29 16:14 Alexandra Fisker-van Veen
23 03:34 06:48 04:27 17:00 Lottie Hull
11-12 fun   200m / 5.3k / 2k
135 06:12 12:10 08:25 28:58 Luc Hoolahan
143 07:23 10:48 08:35 29:20 Matthew Brogan
149 05:19 13:29 08:26 29:54 Lexie Webb
191 07:50 13:16 09:16 33:27 Lola Rafferty
13-14 drafting   400m / 10.6k / 2.5k
30 06:14 20:01 05:57 33:58 Elle Horsman
50 06:29 20:51 06:26 36:16 Nick Shoppee
15-16 drafting 400m / 10.6k / 2.5k
26 06:39 20:01 05:57 35:06 Dan Pinn



Trinity Triathlon

Congratulations to all the CPT Juniors who took part in the Trinity Triathlon on 30 June (results below).

A big round of applause for Alex, Michael, and Elle who all got podium places.

Adam and Alex at Trinity

Alex and Michael even got a mention in the Croydon Guardian (sorry about the greasy splodge, my son used the paper as a placemat!).

The Croydon Guardian

Read a race report on Tri 24/7.

30 june 2013
Trinity TriathlonFull results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
TriStart   50m / 1.1k / 600m
10 01:18 03:10 05:18 09:47 Thomas Cahill
29 01:52 06:13 04:02 12:08 Sam Kubrycht-Ellis
TriStar 1   150m / 4k / 1.2k
7 02 48 09:50 05:18 19:21 Alexandra Fisker-van Veen
9 03:09 09:56 05:07 19:39 Lottie Hull
24 03:02 10:33 05:58 21:31 Thomas Beadle
27 03:40 10:14 06:09 21:50 Lili Jenkins
30 03:41 11:15 05:45 22:17 Madeleine Smith-Londono
47 04:05 11:38 06:16 23:44 Imogen Sutton
53 04:15 11:31 06:17 24:56 Oliver Cahill
57 03:52 11:21 07:18 25:12 Tomas King
TriStar 2   200m / 6k / 1.8k
38 04:31 13:57 08:58 29:43 Sam Beadle
40 04:06 13:13 11:13 30:00 Matthew Brogan
41 04:24 14:42 09:14 30:01 Mali Jenkins
44 03:45 15:12 10:49 31:08 Luc Hoolahan
47 04:56 16:45 08:01 31:47 Lola Rafferty
48 04:33 15:44 09:48 31:50 Lizzie Grace
49 04:18 13:48 12:27 32:16 Joseph Yee
TriStar 3 250m / 8k / 2.2k
3 03:37 16:20 08:02 29:24 Michael Eagling
11 04:02 16:45 09:10 31:33 Elle Horsman (3rd F)
26 04:18 19:18 09:01 34:12 Tammy Falshaw
31 04:06 18:01 11:14 35:18 Nick Shoppee


04:58 19:08 12:14 38:05 Dominic King
44 04:39 17:23 13:55 39:21 Nik Pusey
Youth   300m / 10k / 2.5k
1 04:12 17:35 08:05 30:58 Alex Yee
14 05:30 21:25 10:54 39:33 Dan Pinn
15 05:10 19:26 13:17 39:35 Morris Pusey
18 04:25 21:19 12:41 39:50 Adam Efrat



Thames Turbo Junior Aquathlon

Congratulations to all the Juniors who took part in the Thames Turbon Junior Aquathlon on 16 June (results below) and earned points for their teams. With a special mention to Susannah who competed in her first race.

Apparently the TriStar 1 results are not 'official' as there seems to have been problems with the timing and the Youths only have T1 and run splits.

Adam and Morris

16 june 2013
Thames Turbo Junior AquathlonFull results
Pos Swim Run Time Name
TriStar 1   150m / 1500m
  04:01 07:23 11:24 Lottie Hull
  03:34 06:59 10:59 Alexandra Fisker-van Veen
  05:11 09:21 16:06 Susannah Snowdon
  05:47 09:38 16:28 Tomas King
TriStar 2   250m / 2000m
42 04:44 11:17 16:32 Lexie Webb
TriStar 3   350m / 3k
2 05:05 12:09 17:39 Michael Eagling
15 06:16 13:58 20:31 Tammy Falshaw
27 07:10 15:40 23:32 Dominic King
Youth 450m / 3k
      12:53 Morris Pusey
      13:57 Dan Pinn
      16:31 Adam Efrat


Club Championships update

The scores are in and to date
CADENCE have 620 points including 80 bonus points.
BLUE DOOR have 565 including 74 bonus points.

Highest point earners so far are:
Lottie H - 61 points including 14 bonus points for racing in London Series Races, achieving podium placing and for attending at least one training session for each triathlon discipline per month;
Adam E - 61 points including attendance at 52 training sessions boosted by 9 bonus points for attending at least one training session for each triathlon discipline per month, racing in London Series Races, achieving podium placing and for contributing material to the CPT junior website.

Other notable bonus point winners are:
Michael E with 10 bonus points for racing in 5 London Region Races and achieving podium places in each one!
Elle H who earns 9 bonus points for racing London Series Races, achieving podium places, multi discipline attendance and contributing material for the CPT Juniors website.

Special congratulations go to Harry H for contributing material to the London Region Website.

Congratulations also go to Lexie W who earns a bonus point for being featured wearing her CPT kit on the Windrush Tri website!

Remember there are many non-performance ways to earn bonus points including writing articles or race reports or submitting photos for the CPT Junior web site. You can now earn bonus points for baking cakes/biscuits for the velodrome sessions and/or helping to sell them! (bonus cake points earnt previously will be added to the next report)

Well done all.

Note: These results do not include the attendance or podium placings at Thames Turbo Aquathlon.



Apologies for the delay in catching up with the news and results for June/July. Thank you very much to those of you who have sent in race reports, photos and results.

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