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2013 Club Championship teams

Isabelle Thompson, Joshua Kubrycht-Ellis, Lili Jenkins, Maddy Smith, Tomas King, Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen, Kai Chatterjee, Daniella Robson, Alex Cahill, Elizabeth Grace, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Eliza Palmer, Nicholas Shoppee, Harry Horsman, Alex Elms, Abigail Morris, Tammy Falshaw, Sumer Eaglestone, Dominic King, Ben Hull, Freddie Argent, Wil Hutchings, Jack Ryan, Alex Yee, Morris Pusey, Alice Hoolahan, Hayley Williams, Susannah Snowdon

Imogen Sutton, Oliver Cahill, Thomas Beadle, Lottie Hull, Carla Da Silva, Lola Rafferty, Thomas Giles, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Samuel Beadle, Charlotte Morris, Mali Jenkins, Michael Eagling, Elle Horsman, Jessica Robson, Isaac Brown, Niklas Pusey, Samuel Cotton, Max Sudbury, Natalie Falshaw, Michael Humphreys, Louis Lord, Adam Efrat, Ben Allan, Liam Duke, Tom Gosling, Madeleine McGuigan, Thomas Cahill, Daniel Pinn


2013 junior news - June

CPT juniors in action



Annual picnic, rounders match & awardsIf the heavens stay closed and there is no torrential downpour like last year, then there will be a picnic after the Trinity Triathlon on Sunday 30 June.

Please bring your own food / drinks / plates / cups and eat your fill and join in the rounders organised by Jon.  

To celebrate triathlon success within our own Club, Paul Eaglestone (our regular Friday swim coach) has kindly sponsored awards for the top three Crystal Palace Triathletes in each age group and gender.  These will be presented at the picnic.

For those of you not attending the triathlon but still want to join in, the picnic will kick off at about midday.

Trinity School, Shirley Park,  Croydon CR9 7AT


Greenwich Tritons Aquathlon report - 9 JuneAdam swimming at the Greenwich Tritons AquathlonReport by Adam Efrat

On Sunday, I went to Colfe’s school to take part in the Greenwich Tritons Aquathlon.  To be honest, I only entered because I knew that most of the other Youth competitors would not be entering as they would be competing at Blenheim so I would be able to gain extra points in the London league.   Roughly a week before the race, I knew that only one other boy would be competing so I was guaranteed a podium place!.  After checking out his results from the Crystal Palace Triathlon (he completed the run over 3 minutes quicker than me), I knew it was Adam on the run at the Greenwich Tritons Aquathlongoing to be second place for me (mum is so supportive)!

The few days running up to the race, I had a cold and sore throat so was not 100% for the race.  However, being the trouper I am, I carried on regardless!!  (He’s such a hero) My mum obviously has low standards for heroes.  The weather was nice and cool – just right for the run (not for the spectators – it was cold and windy, rather unpleasant).

Paul told me what time to aim for on the 400m swim (5:50) telling me not to go too hard for the first 100m and to save it for the middle 200m.  I obviously Adam's medal from the Greenwich Tritons Aquathlonthen went too hard on the first 50m so after tried to ease into a better pace. After starting 4th in the swim, I came out of the pool 2nd into transition. However now was the run (my least favourite part).  As usual everyone in the race passed me.  All I had to do was keep going and finish - only two male youths, I was guaranteed 2nd place. 

I had a nice day out, watching the rest of the CPT competitors compete and cheering them along  both during their race and on receiving their trophies (as well as watch mum stuff her face with cakes!).  A good day out for all!


Saturday sessions - 15 JuneDetails of the junior sessions this Saturday:

Bike/run session with Audrey 09:30 @ Crystal Palace Park

Road ride led by Jon and Dean 09:15 meet at Elmers End, back at 11:30

On Saturday afternoon, there is a sports psychology session with Dr Victor Thompson from 12:30 - 13:30. Please let Kati know if you are planning to attend and she will confirm venue.

Don't forget, there is no swim session at Trinity this Friday.

Have a good weekend.


Blenheim Triathlon

8 june 2013
Blenheim Youth Super SprintFull results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
6 05:33 22:16 09:46 41:10 Alex Yee
63 07:08 30:40   12:40 56:07 Daniel Pinn



CPT Juniors out in force at Colfe's Junior AquathlonCPT had a great turn out for the aquathlon at Colfe's hosted by Greenwich Tritons Tri Club on Sunday.  It was fabulous to see so many of you at this London League event.  Our 14 strong juniors raced hard and all collected points for their CPT club champs team, along with bonus points for CPT podium places for Adam, Michael, Elle, Tammy, Lottie and Alex FvV.

A big well done to everyone who competed and thank you to everyone who supported.  Results can be found below. 

Why not share your race report or send your photos for extra club champs points for your team?

9 june 2013
Colfe's Junior Aquathlon Full results
Pos Swim Run Time Name
TriStar 1 - 100m swim / 800m run  
4 03:03 06:02 09:56 Lottie Hull (1st F)
5 02:50 06:24 10:07 Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen (2nd F)
18 03:39 07:06 11:43 Lili Jenkins
21 03:29 07:08 12:00 Madeleine Smith-Londono
30 03:55 08:38 14:11 Tomas King
TriStar 2 - 200m swim / 1500m run  
24 05:10 09:19 15:25 Mali Jenkins
29 04:43 10:14 15:55 Lexie Webb
TriStar 3 - 300m swim / 2000m run  
1 05:36 11:14 17:43 Michael Eagling (1st M)
5 06:24 12:32 19:43 Elle Horsman (1st F)
7 06:29 12:34 19:58 Nick Shoppee
8 07:00 12:25 20:15 Tammy Falshaw (3rd F)
14 07:53 14:14 23:18 Dominic King
16 07:53 15:43 24:35 Sumer Eaglestone
Youth - 400m swim / 4000m run  
6 05:43 21:23 27:55 Adam Efrat (2nd M)


Weekend sessions - 8-9 JuneJon confirms this weekend's sessions:

Saturday: bike/run and race preparation with Audrey @ Crystal Palace, 09:30

Sunday: Colfes School Aquathlon (London League Race

Good luck to those racing at the Blenheim Triathlon.


Sainsbury's Active Kids VouchersSainsbury's Active KidsWe are once again collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers.

Sara would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given her their collection of vouchers. "I think we are on for a record breaking year!"

If you have any more of those coulourful bits of paper knocking around, gather them up and please bring them to the next training session and give them to whoever is taking the names, they need to be submitted within the next couple of weeks.


Lexie's win - Windrush Aquathlon - 2 June

Congratulations to Lexie Webb for winning the TriStar 2 age group at the Windrush Aquathlon on Sunday.

Lexie collecting her prize at Windrush

Pos Swim + T1 Run Time Name
1 4:32 8:48 13:20 Lexie Webb

Lexie celebrating her win at Windrush


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