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2013 junior news - May

CPT juniors in action

May 31

Photos from Hatch End Triathlon on 12 May

May 31

Photos of CPT in action at the Crystal Palace Triathlon

Other photos
- General shots of the day
- Winners on the podium
- Brian's photos
- Photos by Jonas

May 29

parkrun results - 25 May

Brockwell parkrun
54th Daniel Pinn 21:20 (First timer)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


BTF Youth & Junior Super Series Tri - 26 May 2013

Alex and Jack competed in the BTF Youth and Juniors European Qualifiers at Eton Dorney. Alex came 4th Youth and 10th overall but unfortunately Jack crashed and DNF. Jack is currently recovering in Slough Hospital where he is being kept overnight with a broken elbow.

We all wish Jack a very speedy recovery and hope he's back to full fitness and training soon.

Alex running at Eton

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
Youth - 400m / 10.6k / 2.5k - Winner: 30:35  
10 5:22 16:15 8:28 31:34 Alex Yee  



Trinity Triathlon - 30 June - marshals needed

We have another big ask for support from everybody coming up on 30 June. As you know we have the use of the lovely Trinity School pool on Friday evenings (at a discounted rate) - in return we are committed to providing the support they need to help run the Trinity Junior Triathlon. It is a very special event which makes full use of the school's facilities and involves a major road closure!

It is a great event with an early start - the good news is that everything is done and dusted before lunch! Please could you let Ron Yee know (by return if possible) if you can possibly help out? We do need your help!

19 MAY 2013
Crystal Palace Triathlon
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
Youth - 350m / 11k / 3k  
1 04:42   08:34 34:40 Alex Yee  
2 04:05   09:59 36:54 Jack Ryan  
9 05:46   11:45 41:31 Morris Pusey  
17 04:58   13:51 44:50 Adam Efrat  
TriStar 3 - 300m / 8k / 2k  
5 04:12   09:18 33:43 Michael Eagling  
8 04:45   10:01 34:14 Elle Horsman (3rd F)  
9 06:40   09:03 34:21 Isaac Brown  
13 05:46   10:20 34:54 Freddie Argent  
24 04:56   10:46 37:46 Nick Shoppee  
25 06:23   10:18 37:58 Wil Hutchings  
30 05:08   11:02 38:46 Tammy Falshaw  
36 05:57   13:41 42:09 Dominic King  
41 05:43   13:38 43:19 Sumer Eaglestone  
51 05:45   16:34 47:10 Abi Morris  
TriStar 2 - 200m / 6k / 2k  
18 03:15   07:05 27:48 Alex Cahill  
20 03:57   06:55 28:18 Sam Beadle  
21 04:01   07:33 28:29 Joseph Yee  
23 04:03   06:52 28:42 Mali Jenkins  
26 03:53   08:11 29:01 Matthew Brogan  
30 03:34   07:52 30:59 Luc Hoolahan  
33 04:35   07:18 32:23 Elizabeth Grace  
35 04:32   07:21 32:40 Thomas Giles  
39 03:37   08:05 33:44 Lexie Webb  
40 04:42   07:57 33:48 Lola Rafferty  
42 04:17   08:03 34:02 Eliza Palmer  
52 05:35   09:20 37:38 Charlotte Morris  
TriStar 1 -  

May 24

Dan and Matt at EtonEton SuperSprint Triathlon - 19 May

Dan race at the Eton Supersprint Triathlon.

He was 2nd out of the water on the swim and pushed himself so much that he was a bit dizzy on the first cycle lap, but he beat Matt!

Results below.

19 MAY 2013
Eton SuperSprint Triathlon
400m / 21k / 5k
Winner - 58:07
585 finishers - Full results | Previous results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
199 7:20 44:32 22:06 1:17:10 Daniel Pinn Dan

May 24

Bike/run session cancelled - 25 May

Audrey apologises for the late notice but tomorrow's session has been cancelled as there are events taking place in both Crystal Palace and Dulwich Parks.

May 21

Team championships

Well done to to Adam and Joseph for earning bonus points for writing articles/taking photos for the website. Also well done to Alexandria (x2), Lottie H (x3), Michael E (x2), Alex (x3), Jack R and Isaac for earning bonus points for podium places at London Region Races.

Imogen Sutton, Oliver Cahill, Thomas Beadle, Lottie Hull, Carla Da Silva, Lola Rafferty, Thomas Giles, Joseph Yee, Lexie Webb, Luc Hoolahan, Samuel Beadle, Charlotte Morris, Mali Jenkins, Michael Eagling, Elle Horsman, Jessica Robson, Isaac Brown, Niklas Pusey, Samuel Cotton, Max Sudbury, Natalie Falshaw, Michael Humphreys, Louis Lord, Adam Efrat, Ben Allan, Liam Duke, Tom Gosling, Madeleine McGuigan, Thomas Cahill, Daniel Pinn

Isabelle Thompson, Joshua Kubrycht-Ellis, Lili Jenkins, Maddy Smith, Tomas King, Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen, Kai Chatterjee, Daniella Robson, Alex Cahill, Elizabeth Grace, Eva Sudbury, Matthew Brogan, Eliza Palmer, Nicholas Shoppee, Harry Horsman, Alex Elms, Abigail Morris, Tammy Falshaw, Sumer Eaglestone, Dominic King, Ben Hull, Freddie Argent, Wil Hutchings, Jack Ryan, Alex Yee, Morris Pusey, Alice Hoolahan, Hayley Williams, Susannah Snowdon


Beckenham Relays - 15 May

Congratulations to our junior runners who helped make up the six CPT teams out for the Beckenham Relays on Wednesday 15 May. There was some pretty close dads vs sons racing with Isaac and Mark and Neil and Morris going head to head.

Here are Brian's photos from the night:

May 15

parkrun results - 11 May

Crystal Palace parkrun
48th Adam Efrat 25:31


London Youth Games - Team Lewisham

Congratulations to the following CPT members who have been selected to cycle for Team Lewisham in the London Youth Games on 6 July at Crystal Palace Park: Adam E (captain), Alex Y, Sumer E, Lexie W, Joseph Y, Alex FvV, and Lottie H.

12 MAy 2012
Hatch End Triathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
TriStar 1 - 165m / 2k / 1.2k
6 02:50 07:15 05:05 17:09 Alexandra Fisker-Van Veen
(1st F)
8 02:59 07:25 05:13 17:51 Lottie Hull (2nd F)  
TriStar 2 - 212m / 3k / 1.8k
28 04:07 09:15 08:59 00:25 Joseph Yee  
TriStar 3 - 306m / 4k / 2.4k
4 04:22 10:51 08:37 25:54 Michael Eagling  
11 04:37 11:02 09:47 27:20 Elle Horsman  
17 07:08 10:21 08:39 28:53 Isaac Brown  
38 05:25 13:37 13:20 35:03 Sumer Eaglestone  
Youth - 400m / 5k / 3k
1 05:18 08:23 09:24 26:52 Alex Yee  
12 06:22 09:34 13:43 34:17 Morris Pusey  


Photos from the Optima Aquathlon

Thanks to Ron for the photographs from today's Optima Aquathlon.

11 MAy 2012
Optima Aquathlon

CPT at Optima

Full results

Pos Swim Run Time Name  
1 06:59 12:59 20:00 Alex Yee  
2 06:22 14:01 20:25 Jack Ryan  
TriStar 3
1 05:36 08:22 14:00 Michael Eagling  
TriStar 2
17 05:49 09:28 15:19 Lexie Webb  
TriStar 1
4 04:35 05:24 10:01 Lottie Hull (1st F)  

5 MAy 2012
Hillingdon Duathlon

Full results

Pos Run 1 & Bike Run Time Name  
TriStar 1 - 750m / 4.5k /1.5k
5 13:16 6:49 20:05 Lottie Hull  
6 13:26 6:48 20:14 Alexandra Fisker-van Veen  
TriStar 2 750m / 6k /1.5k
24 19:50 9:21 29:11 Lexie Webb  
TriStar 3 1.5k / 7.5k / 1.5k
2 5:13 13:38 5:50 24:41 Isaac Brown  
3 5:37 14:47 5:47 26:11 Michael Eagling  
5     6:28 26:53 Elle Horsman (1st F)  
Youth 1.5k / 10.5k / 1.5k
1 4:30 16:59 4:55 26:24 Alex Yee  
5 5:41 18:23 6:18 30:22 Morris Pusey  
11 5:40 19:36 7:42 32:58 Daniel Pinn  
13       34:17 Adam Efrat  


CPT vs TT rematch

As you know Thames Turbo challenged our clubs to go head to head at a duathlon at Kempton Park back in February.

It was a great event hosted by Thames Turbo, which promoted friendly competition within the London Region. Now it's our turn to host a return event, inviting Thames Turbo to a duathlon on our turf!

When: 28 September
Where: Herne Hill Velodrome
Time: 14:30 - 17:30

Please put this date in your diaries now! This event will be part of the new CPT Club Championships 2013, so you will earn points for your team as you train, race and represent our Club.

Jon would like to see full attendance at this event.  Further details will be sent out nearer the time.


Club Championship team names

After some excited last minute lobbying, the count is in and we are able to announce that Rhubarb and Custard was narrowly beaten by Blue Door and Cadence.

The author of the winning suggestion was Hannah (Joseph and Emma really) commiserations to Joseph, Nick, Adam's Nan and Lottie who all emailed in the other nominations. However since Hannah did not want the prize it will go back in the bag for another occasion!

Ron will be announcing who's in which team soon.


Bank holiday ride report - 6 May

Report by Adam Efrat

Despite not wanting to go on the ride and preferring to stay in bed and sleep, I enjoyed the bank holiday ride to Box Hill very much and am glad I dragged myself out of bed (rather mum dragged me) and joined the ride.

We set off all in one group which soon became two groups- as was the plan.  I was with the fastest group (wanted to give my new bike a good breaking in).  We made our way quickly down past Epsom race course.  I started dropping off the back and Dean and Aunty Karen came past so I joined in with them, Louis, Elle and Brian.  We decided to miss out the extra loop and headed straight for Box Hill.

When I approached Box Hill I decided to pace myself because it’s Box Hill and I expected it to be harder than it was.  However, the first time I went up Box Hill I did exactly the same, paced myself and then found it easier than I expected.  Unfortunately I obviously don’t learn from my previous mistakes as I did exactly the same thing again!! (I would like to see mum try it – fat pants!!  She typed in the comment about me not learning from my mistakes!!)  A third of the way up I realised it was much easier and I didn’t feel I had put in enough effort.  I saw Elle in the distance and put on a spurt to try to catch her up.  Just as I got within 7 metres of her back wheel, we had already reached the top!

I had just put my bike down and was contemplating what delicious cake to stuff down my throat when I heard Louis saying, “That was quite enjoyable and I would like to do it again!” (or words to that effect).  I thought to myself, “I didn’t work that hard getting up the hill and it was quite fun.  I might do it again too!”  Aunty Karen then volunteered Selwyn to accompany Louis and I back down the hill in order to bring us back up again.  I started chickening out and saying that I might not really do it as I was really looking forward to my cake (it takes a lot to keep an athletic body like mine!) when Aunty Karen then said that if I didn’t do it she wouldn’t buy me a birthday present (Wednesday 8th May)!  That was the deciding factor, even though I had no idea what she was planning to buy me.  However, a birthday present is a birthday present and I wasn’t going to miss out.

Box Hill

On the way down, it was pretty good fun and quite fast.  We were being followed by an Italian or French guy on the way down, who also – like us- turned around at the bottom to go straight back up.  Louis was quick off the mark and managed to get on his back wheel and I didn’t catch him again.  I then started up the hill, not pacing myself, cycling and enjoying myself.  I was ahead of Selwyn then at the first hairpin turn, I realised I should have paced myself a bit better!! Selwyn caught up and had joined me.  We cycled along looking at Louis in the distance.  Selwyn then sped off and abandoned me after the second turn.  Left on my own I poodled along enjoying the beautiful scenery, glorious sunshine and view from the top of the hill.  I poodled on up to the top, putting on a bit of an effort for the non-existent crowd!  When I stopped at the top, Louis and Selwyn were already standing around drinks in hand!

The ride back was pretty fast.  However, at the beginning we had to wait behind slow cars – spoiling our decent.  When they eventually put their foot down, we had a very fast ride back which was very enjoyable. 
My bike lived up to expectations and I felt a difference on the hills.  As I was leaving Cadence, after eventually having something to eat (didn’t get my cake at Box Hill!), Jon marvelled at my skill of getting my legs covered in bike oil, even on the inside of my left knee – no gears on the left side of a bike – so extremely skilful!  Not many people can do that!

PS Sorry for my mother’s sarcasm and silly comments.

Adam on his new bike



Junior Team Championships 2013

With the race season fast approaching the CPT Junior Team Championships is back starting 1 May. The aim of this is to increase participation, put into practice all that training over the winter and have a fun competition between your teams.

You will be in the same two teams as last year (new members will be allocated a team shortly).

Points will be awarded for:
- participating in Club training sessions (1 point/session);
competing in London League Races - as listed on the Junior Events page (1 point/race);
- participating in other Club endorsed events i.e. TT CPT inter club challenge, Dulwich Park Fun Run etc. events and dates to be confirmed here soon (1 point/race)

However this year there will be opportunities to earn bonus points  for your team by:
- attending Club training sessions for all three disciplines (i.e. run, bike and swim) in a calendar month (1 bonus point/month);
- achieving a podium place at a London League Race (1 bonus point/athlete);
- writing an equipment review/race report/athlete interview etc. for the junior section web page (1 point/article);
- appearing on TV, in the local or triathlon press wearing CPT kit (1 bonus point/appearance);
- achieving a PB for your time-trial performances (1 point/discipline)

There will also be individual prizes for the person who earns the most points for their team.

Your first task is to think of a good name for each team. E-mail your suggestion together with your name to Ron. Suggestions will be put to the vote on Friday at the Trinity swim session. The author of the winning design will win an Ironman bum bag.


New member

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