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2013 junior news - February

CPT juniors in action


New membersWelcome to new members, Susannah Snowdon and Max Samuel. .


Sainsbury's Active Kids VouchersSainsbury's Active KidsWe are once again collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers.

With your support we did fantastically well last year and banked over 4000 vouchers, so we can go for something very exciting this year!

Please remember to collect as many vouchers as possible and to hand them to either Sheila, Kati, Karen or Sara at any of the sessions.

We have until 22 May to collect as many as we can so get shopping!


Change to training schedule - 2 MarchThe planned session at HH Velodrome ths Saturday has been cancelled due to track improvements, so an alternative session at Richmond Park will go ahead for all juniors.

We will meet at the Pen Ponds car park for a 10:00 start for a XC run and bike session.

The session will finish by 13:00

Bring bike and run kit, snacks and drinks.

As usual we will need some parent helpers to assist on the rides, let Jon know if you can help.

Please bring a completed parental constent form (PDF) with you, if you have not previously filled one in, allowing you to ride on the park roads.

Jon hopes to see a good turn out!


Photos from the TT vs CPT duathlon - 9 February

View the photos on Flickr.


Michael's duathlon reportTT vs CPT - 9 February
Report by Michael.Humphreys

It was all good apart from when I had to get up at seven and go to Kempton Park to do a lot of exercise when I was very tired. The journey there took about an hour but it was quite fun listening to Sam (Cotton) singing with the radio. When we got there we signed in and we got given our numbers. Mine was 433. We missed most of our warm up/training session because we got a bit lost.

Kempton Park duathlon circuitAfter about five minutes of doing the last bit of the warm up, we were told to put our bikes on the railings. But there wasn’t enough space on the railings so we and a few others had to put our bikes on the grass by the side. The course was at Kempton Park horse race track where we had to run 500m then cycle 5 laps then run another lap, 1.5km.

I knew straight away that the running would be bad for me and I was right the 500m running put me from about 10th to 4th to last. But then the cycling came and I went up to approximately 14th from 31st. and then when it came to the running I only went down three places because the cycling had spread everyone out. I checked with the place keeper at where I came and she said I had come 17th overall but because the race was separated into two groups of about 12 she said I came 5th. Sam came last but if it was a full triathlon he wouldn't come in the same place because of his great swimming.

We didn’t win any awards for our Club but I did get the Athlete of the Month Award – which pleased Mum and Dad. It was a good day overall and I prefer running and cycling to running and swimming.

Photos to follow soon.


Road rides - Saturday 16 February Here are the stats from yesterday's "Breakaway Group", another great ride!

Jack, Harry and Morris; 60km in 2hrs 30min, Avg speed 25 kph.

Elle, Louis; 55km in 2hrs 30min, Avg speed 21 kph.

Special thanks to Mark Thomas for helping out and regulars, Neil, Kati and Sara.

Reminder from Jon: Make sure you all clean your bikes before putting them away.

Best wishes to Dan for a speedy recovery after he took a tumble. Luckily nothing is broken and he should be back at training soon.


Athlete of the month - JanuaryThe winners of the January Athlete of the Month award are Michael Humphreys and Lola Rafferty.

Michael put in an outstanding performance in the weekend's Duathlon and continues to improve in swim, bike and run.

Lola has attended sessions in swim, bike and run in the past six weeks, had a great Duathlon race and always trains with a smile on her face!

Congratulations to you both, you will receive your award at a training session soon.


Thames Turbo vs CPT duathlon - 9 FebruaryJon would like to say "Many congratulations to all the juniors who competed at the inter club duathlon on Saturday against Thames Turbo.It was a great event with superb organisation and lots of encouragement and good spirit for all.

Dan racing at the CPT vs TT DuathlonTeam CPT had a good turn out with 24 triathletes battling it out against the 55 strong Thames Turbo Team. With just under half our membership there we scored slightly lower than Thames Turbo for participation.

Our strongest performances were in the Tristar 1 girls, Tristar 3 girls, Tristar 3 boys and Youth boys. CPT didn't manage to field competitors in all age groups to be able to score, but saying that Thames Turbo put on a grand show and won the day 20 points ahead of us.

Final team scores and individual race times per age group (pdfs)
- TriStar 1
- TriStar 2
- TriStar 3
- Youth
- Overall team points

Our thanks and congratulations go to Thames Turbo who invited us to their training venue to promote healthy competition within the London Region.

I am very proud of everyone who competed and my' triathlete awards of the day' go to....

Down on the drops - Lola Rafferty
Coolest kid! - Tomas King
Most improved - Michael Humphreys
Sibling rivalry - Harry & Elle Horsman
Most unorganised - Alex Yee
Smiliest - Charlotte Morris and Lexie Webb

I hope everyone took away a positive improvement they can work on in the lead up to the race season.

Thank you to Audrey for coming along to support and referee on behalf of CPT and Sheila for organising things for our club with Thames Turbo.

And of course, thank you as always for your ongoing support as parents.

If anyone would like to write a race report for the website then please forward with any photos.

Here's a report from one of the Thames Turbo mums.

Alex and Ant at the CPT vs TT duathlon challenge

Here are Ant and Alex in 2.5 degrees of thin, so so English drizzle before the race at Kempton - seldom has so much pale bluish English flesh been seen...

Alex paid Ant the compliment of bringing his better bike, Ant paid Alex the compliment of 'sick man' on seeing what he was going to ride. Alex adjusted his seat pin up by about a foot (I duly tsk tskd). What is that all about - okay 2 cm but still ..... ?

So off they went - tragically (and cunningly from a TT perspective) Alex was still trying to get dressed (taking his top OFF with helmet still ON) as the race started, with the CPT coach shreiking "Alex have you NEVER done a duathlon before!!!...."  The field were away - Alex somewhat underdressed (still) galloping after - and so the field entered T1 - those with thermal gloves took somewhat longer to get into their shoes/helmets than those with 'specialist' equipment (not having a dig here but Ant arrived 2nd into T1 Alex somewhere back - still putting on his makeup and finishing touches)....... the exit order was considerably different...

T1 exit Alex up the road a fraction (?3rd) Ant finally helmeted... about 5th but frankly nothing in it. Thence the vast pudding set off leading the sleandour beansprout to start their five lap epic  (its a smidge under the mile for the circuit almost identical to Hillingdon).  The gap about 5 secs? - Alex unable to close, Ant unable to crush... the freezing drizzle, the miserable weather, the muddy corners.... Obviously as Ant can't count the chances were he'd mess up the laps but no - by the 4th lap the elastic didn't snap as much as elongate and there was a slowish but noticeable drift off the pace from the beansprout whilst the vast pudding powered forwards and started to open up a very healthy gap... into T2 with Ant on a good gap  - obviously to beat Alex over a mile he needs a good half hour but hey! Ant failed to undo his helmet before exiting the transition and chucked it just after (occuring censure from the judges). Frankly I think there should be - it's FREEZING rule and some laxity - but if your son can't get dressed my son can't get undressed, a curious symmetry methinks... As predicted the beansprout galloped past the pudding at about a third of a lap (possibly more if my motherly bias intrudes and they finished 1 2 winners of their respective age groups and of all other comers.

Next fixture CPT vs TT we need a bike leg of about 4x preferably more complex - and a run of about 100m then it truly will be GAME ON!


Treasure hunt - 2 February

Congratulations to the Rafferty team for winning the Treasure Hunt on Saturday, the only team to get the correct total number!

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