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2012 junior news - August

CPT juniors in action


Bank holiday ride to Bexhill

Well done to Greta and Adam, who joined the social ride to Bexhill, for their longest ride yet. You can read a report and see the photos on the August news page.


Midweek mile

Congratulations to Alex and Adam who joined 14 senior members to take part in our midweek mile challenge at Crystal Palace on Wednesday 23 August.

Another midweek mile challenge will be added to the schedule at the end of September.

I've created an Excel spreadsheet of the mile times and will add to these after future runs.


A hard lesson learnt

Very best wishes to Sam who had a very lucky escape following a serious cycling accident while on holiday. He only suffered a minor cut/bruised head, road rash on knees, elbow and shoulder, and cut finger. The helmet was damaged and his bike was completely unscathed apart from some damaged thread on the crank.

Cycle helmetJames, who was with Sam when he had the accident, has the following advice:

1) Safety equipment is worse than useless if it is not fitted correctly (or not used at all),
2) If you dismantle parts of the bike, check it is fitted and tightened up again before riding it.
3) If there is a route that avoids using main roads, use it, even if it is a little longer.

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