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2012 junior news - June

CPT juniors in action


View Brian's photosMore photos from the 1000 lap challenge

Brian also congratulated everyone on a fantastic effort.

Brian was busy behind the camera on the night and has sent a link through to his photos.


New members

Welcome to new members Isabelle Thompson and Imogen Sutton.


Velo 1000 lap challenge - 19 June

Superb effort by all our juniors who successfully completed the 1000 lap challenge in glorious sunshine on Tuesday evening. With only 16 juniors present it really was a challenge, but everyone worked extremely hard, with some completing more laps than they'd expected, ranging from 20 to 65 laps per member.

No prizes were awarded on the night to give everyone a further two weeks to get more sponsors but each rider was given a Windsor Triathlon drinks bottle for completing the challenge. Karen and Louis also provided post-ride Milky Bars and Mars Bars which went down a treat with the riders and lap counters, thank you!

First prize: Velo Scalectrix (sponsored by Yee Associate Ltd)
Second prize: £25 voucher at Bon Velo at Herne Hill
Third prize: £15 worth of tri goodies

Phil has calculated 1059 laps equates to a whopping 476 kilometres, that's 297 miles in old change. or a ride to Cornwall. He congratulated everyone on completing in a very good time with very tidy groups and suggests Land's End to John O'Groats (+800 miles) might have to be the next challenge!

If you can't see the slideshow above go to our Flickr site.


Thames Turbo Aquathlon - 17 June

Congratulations to all our CPT juniors who raced at the Thames Turbo Aquathlon on 17 June. I hope I've found all the results (they are listed by school rather than Club, so hard to find!), but please let me know if I've missed you off.

See results below.

View Adam in action in the following slideshow and view Ron's photos to see everyone else!

If you can't see the slideshow above go to our Flickr site.

17 jun 2012
Thames Turbo Aquathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Run Time Name  
Tristart Girls - 50m / 500m
4     04:26 Lili Jenkins
Tristar 1 Girls - 150m / 1500m
7     11:43 Lottie Hull  
Tristar 2 Girls - 250m / 2000m
16 05:43 11:17 17:00 Mali Jenkins  
Tristar 2 Boys - 250m / 2000m
2 04:05 08:46 12:51 Michael Eagling  
TriStar 3 Boys - 350m / 3000m  
1 05:06 11:16 16:22 Alex Yee  
Youth Girls - 450m / 3000m  
2     20:53 Greta Sharp  
Youth Boys - 450m / 3000m  
5     22:37 Adam Efrat  


Nuffield Health (High Performance) Drafting Triathlon

Report by Alex Yee

Alex - 1st place Tristar 3 - Nuffield High Performance Drafting TriathlonSurprisingly on 27 May the weather had really come out for the Nuffield high performance triathlon. We left our house early due to Dorney being far away and considering how early I had to start. When we got to Dorney I was shocked by the sheer turn out of the race with hundreds of cars lined up but then I found out there was a swim race before our race and there was only 30 people in my race when I found this out I felt very confident but after registering I went to rack my bike and was shocked to see the spec of the bikes lined up, I mean quite literally carbon everywhere. This made me seriously nervous but excited at the same time as it felt just like an elite race.

We entered the water at 9:20 for a 9:30 start and I had decided to use a wetsuit for the swim though it was optional. When the race started the sheer pace that everyone set off at was shocking and after the 400metre swim I felt spent only coming out around top 10 but then had a really good transition coming on to the bike leg in the top 5. Once I had set off on the 10.6km I caught up to 2nd and 3rd and made a group with them we worked hard and then caught onto Hayden Burton who was in 1st place and who is also current national champion in Rristar 3. We then finished up the cycle and travelled into transition. I then had the worst transition ever due to someone already racking in my place meaning I had to put my bike elsewhere and then come back to put on my running shoes on so came onto the run 3rd after that confusion.

On the run I caught up to second place pretty easily but then struggled to catch 1st place but I dug deep and caught him I carried on running hard and won my race by over 30 seconds in the end.

Apart from my chip falling off in the water and my dodgy transition I had a good race and believe the course suited me well.  Also a big well done to the other CPT partcipants at Dorney triathlon last week.

27 may 2012
Nuffield Health Youth and Junior Drafting Triathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
Tristar 3 Boys - 400m / 10.6k / 2.5k
1       35:02 Alex Yee


Dorney SuperTri Open Water Triathlon - 9 June - photos

If you can't see the slideshow above go to our Flickr site.


Going for Gold at the Herne Hill Velodrome - 24 June

'Going for Gold' this Sunday at Herne Hill Velodrome!
 + Brixton Supermad
 + Rollapaluza Youth Championship 2012

Herne Hill Velodrome has joined forces with the Dulwich Picture Gallery to present 'Going for Gold' a bike themed event celebrating the spirit of the Olympics. This will be an excellent family day out and includes a vintage cycle parade, free entrance to the Dulwich Picture Gallery permanent exhibition, music, food, drink and so much more... 

Also at the Velodrome on Sunday at double helping of great racing:

- Rollapaluza Youth Champtionship from 12:00- 17:00. Race on a stationary bike over 250 meters to win a cool prize!
- The Brixton Supermad at 13:00 - Madison track racing, this event is part of the Herne Hill Superseries

All the above are free to spectate.

More info on the Velodrome website.


Weil's Disease

Not wanting to cause any alarm but just to make you aware, there are rats at Chipstead and no doubt Haysden and any other open water venue where we might swim....only two-three people die from this per year but the key is early detection of symptoms and alerting your doctor to the fact that you have recently swum in dirty water. Cuts etc. should be well-covered beforehand, wash well afterwards....etc. etc. keep your mouth shut!! For more information go to the Leptospirosis website.


Tooting Bec Aquathlon

Entry is now open for the Tooting Bec Aquathlon on 21 July. They are also holding a free taster evening on 9 July at 7pm – 8pm at the Lido. The session is free to all juniors and parents racing on 21 July. Jon H is helping out with coaching on the night.


In the wars

Broken armWe are all very sorry to hear about Harry's accident in Richmond Park on Saturday. Harry and his bike were caught by the wind and clipped Adam's back wheel. Unfortunately Harry has broken his arm. We hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back to training as soon as possible.


Clash of the Tritons Junior Aquathlon

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Greenwich on 10 June. Podium places went to: Alex Yee and Tammy Falshaw (1st), Nats Falshaw and Michael Eagling (3rd). See results below and view Ron's photos.

View Ron's photosAfter last weekend’s qualifying events in the CPT Juniors Champs Team Don lead Team Swift by 486 points to 445!

19 Jun - CPT Velo Lap Challenge
8 Jul - Trinity Triathlon
21 Jul - Tooting Bec Aquathlon
Oct - Dulwich Park run
16 Nov - CPT Sprint Swim gala

10 jun 2012
Greenwich Aquathlon

Full results

Pos Time Name  
Tristar 1 Girls - 150m / 1k
6 08:42 Lottie Hull
Tristar 1 Boys - 150m / 1k
12 10:20 Oliver Cahill  
Tristar 2 Girls - 200m / 1.5k
1 10:05 Tammy Falshaw  
5 10:47 Elle Horsman  
Tristar 2 Boys - 200m / 1.5k
3 09:53 Michael Eagling  
5 10:35 Nicholas Shoppee  
6 10:38 Harry Horsman  
7 10:46 Alex Cahill  
15 13:03 Joseph Yee  
Tristar 3 Girls - 300m / 2k  
3 13:23 Nats Falshaw  
TriStar 3 Boys - 300m / 2k  
1 11:33 Alex Yee  
7 16:40 Wil Hutchings  


Ealing Aquathlon

Apologies for the late results from the Ealing Aquathlon on 26 May. Congratulations to Nats and Greta who took first place on the podium and to Tammy and Micheal for second places. Well done!

26 may 2012
Ealing Aquathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Run Time Name  
Tristar 2 Girls - 125m / 1.2k
2 4:10 8:26 12:36 Tammy Falshaw
6 4:35 10:12 14:47 Lexie Webb
Tristar 2 Boys - 125m / 1.2k
2 3:53 7:57 11:50 Michael Eagling  
Tristar 3 Girls - 225m / 2k
1 4:58 12:35 17:33 Natalie Falshaw  
Youth Girls - 300m / 3k
1 4:38 13:28 18:06 Greta Sharp  


Adam at Dorney LakeSuperTri Open Water Triathlon - 9 June

Congratulations to the CPT junior members who raced at the SuperTri Children's, Youth & Junior Open Water Triathlon at Dorney Lake on Saturday in very windy conditions.

See results below.

Photos will be available on the SportCam website soon.

9 jun 2012
SuperTri Open Water Triathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
Youth/Junior (15-18 years) - 400m / 10.6km / 2.5km
17 06:53 22:17 13:09 44:09 Adam Efrat
13-14 Years Fun - 400m / 10.6km / 2.5km
58 08:43 27:27 19:02 58:46 Louis Lord  
11-12 Years - 200m / 5.3km / 2km
18 04:13 12:25 08:55 27:21 Elle Horsman  
23 05:10 11:16 09:06 27:38 Harry Horsman  
85 06:34 13:04 10:29 32:45 Matthew Brogan  


parkrun results - 9 June

AlexDulwich parkrun - Congratulations to Alex Yee on a new PB of 17:51 and finishing 3rd overall.

Joseph and Ron came 105th and 106th in a time of 32:56.


I'm back!

Apologies for the delay in catching up after my cycling holiday in Spain and a very cold weekend in Wales. I think I've covered all the results and news while I was away, but if I've missed anything or you have any contributions to make please let me know.


Velo 1000 lap challenge

The challenge is to accumulate, all of you juniors together, a staggering 1000 laps cycling at the Herne Hill Velodrome during the training session on 19 June at 18:00 to raise money for our CPT junior section. 

Before the event we need you to ask as many people you can think of to sponsor you. (download sponsorship form).

Three prizes go to the juniors who get the highest numbers of sponsorships over £1.

First prize: Velo Scalectrix (sponsored by Yee Associate Ltd)
Second prize: £25 voucher at Bon Velo at Herne Hill
Third prize: £15 worth of tri goodies

We need each of you to make this event a success! 

Go and get sponsored and come and support the event on the night. By taking part you also will get 10 points for your Club team "Don" or "Swift"! 

Happy cycling!


Dulwich 5k - 20 June

The Dulwich Runners Midsummer 5k replaces the adult Club run on Wednesday 20 June. If any CPT juniors want to join this fast flat route starting and finishing in Dulwich Park, the run starts at 19:45 and you are advised to enter in advance. There is also a one mile fun run (entry on the day only) at 19:15. Let's see CPT colours out in force!


Athlete of the Month - May 2012

LouisCongratulations to Louis who was awarded athlete of the month for May.

Louis has been attending training more regularly and has been enjoying the sessions and working hard. He also raced well at the Crystal Palace Triathlon.

Good work Louis, keep it up and keep smiling!


Tomas and his trophyLondon League 2011

Congratulations to Tomas King who was 3rd Tristart in the 2011 London League.

He has has just been united with his trophy (from under Phil's bed!), with apologies for the delay!


Junior Club Champs - Update

Welcome to our most recent joiners, Thomas Giles (Team Don) and Alexandra Fisker-van Veen (Team Swift). There are now 58 CPT junior members. For more details about the club champs, please see the Club Champs page.

Congratulations to the 30 athletes who competed in the Crystal Palace Triathlon. A fantastic turnout, and despite a very competitive field there were outstanding results. I am sure you would like to thank the race committee, senior members and parent helpers that put on another great event.

Including bonus points for the following podium places, that was 311 points earned for your teams:

TSF - Lili - 1st
T2F - Elle - 2nd
T3M - Alex Y - 1st
YF - Greta - 1st

Team Don lead Team Swift by 45 points, 394 versus 349

Next event is Greenwich Aquathlon on 10 June. As the Greenwich event was originally planned to be a triathlon (and now does not include Juniors/Youths), club championship points will also be awarded to those taking part in the 'SuperTri' event at Dorney on 9 June.


Crystal Palace Triathlon

Photographs from the Crystal Palace Triathlon:
Ron's photos
Brian's photos

If you can't see the slideshow above go to our Flickr site.

20 MAy 2012
Crystal Palace Triathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
Youth - 350m / 11k / 3k
5 04:59 23:51 11:59 43:14 Greta Sharp (!st F)
9 05:22 24:35 13:06 45:11 Adam Efrat
15 06:24   14:08 50:48 Sam Singer-Ripley
20 09:30 31:58 19:06 1:05:32 Jamal Williams
TriStar 3 - 300m / 8k / 2k
1 04:33   08:38 30:08 Alex Yee (1st M)  
12 04:44   10:18 36:25 Natalie Falshaw  
17 06:34   10:51 37:17 Freddie Argent  
18 05:32   11:40 37:18 Morris Pusey  
24 06:08   12:16 40:16 Archie Dunhill  
27 06:01   13:18 42:16 Nik Pusey  
34 05:06   16:08 50:00 Eliza Prentice  
36 06:27   16:29 51:34 Louis Lord  
TriStar 2 - 200m / 6k / 2k
4 03:44 12:44 06:08 24:47 Harry Horsman  
6 03:23 13:56 06:20 25:43 Elle Horsman (2nd F)  
8 03:05 14:32 05:52 26:04 Michael Eagling  
14 03:32 14:57 06:09 27:14 Tammy Falshaw  
16 03:25 14:41 06:25 27:33 Nick Shoppee  
20 04:27 14:11 07:02 28:07 Matthew Brogan  
27 03:37 14:34 08:26 29:06 Alex Cahill  
28 04:58 15:04 07:34 30:01 Dominic King  
30 04:32 15:23 07:49 30:28 Joseph Yee  
32 04:33 17:04 07:08 31:00 Mali Jenkins  
33 04:05 16:58 07:31 31:13 Sumer Eaglestone  
35 04:25 16:39 08:32 32:28 Abi Morris  
38 03:56 18:01 08:09 32:45 Luc Hoolahan  
39 05:26 19:57 06:49 35:20 Alice Prentice  
TriStar 1 - 150m / 4k / 1k
16 03:52 11:59 06:15 24:15 Lottie Hull  
35 04:32 15:14 06:14 28:52 Lola Rafferty  
36 04:56 12:27 08:35 29:20 Tomas King  
37 04:3 15:29 06:42 29:27 Oliver Cahill  
TriStart - 50m / 1k / 600m
2 01:36 02:32 01:40 07:34 Lili Jenkins (1st F)  


Trinity Triathlon

Message from John P: Now that you’ve all recovered from our race, I’d like to remind you that the Trinity Triathlon is on 8 July.

Trinity need as many helpers from our Club so that they can put the event on. You don’t need to be there the day before, only on the Sunday and hopefully we’ll have a picnic on the school grounds after the race.

It is important to have as many of you there as possible, so please send me an email confirming you can attend.

This is only a children’s event, therefore the last children racing should be finished by 13:00, which leaves you the rest of the afternoon for the picnic or to go shopping!

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