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Crystal Palace Triathlon 2012

Don't forget all parents/juniors are needed to marshal on Sunday 20 May.

2012 junior news - May

CPT juniors in action


Hatch End Triathlon - photos

Thanks to Brian and Ron for the photographs from Hatch End.

View Brian's photos

View Ron's photos

13 MAy 2012
Hatch End Triathlon

Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name  
TriStar 1 - 165m / 2k / 1k
20 03:52 09:06 06:04 21:38 Lottie Hull
TriStar 2 - 212m / 3k / 2k
7 03:51 09:27 07:34 22:57 Harry Horsman  
13 03:31 11:28 07:19 24:21 Tammy Falshaw  
12 00:00 20:20 08:26 28:46 Lexie Webb  
16 03:29 10:49 08:20 25:00 Elle Horsman  
29 04:16 10:17 09:34 26:50 Joseph Yee  
50 03:40 14:11 10:06 30:50 Lexie Webb  
56 04:18 14:28 10:43 32:05 Abi Morris  
TriStar 3 - 306m / 4k / 2k
04:18 10:01 08:34 24:51 Alex Yee  
12 06:15 12:04 09:38 30:09 Freddie Argent  
18 04:33     31:02 Natalie Falshaw  
49 06:12 17:01 10:59 38:09 Wil Hutchings  
Youth - 400m / 5k / 3k
4 05:29 23:13 13:58 37:45 Greta Sharp  


New member

Welcome to new member Alexandra Fisker-van Veen.


parkrun results - 12 May

Brockwell parkrun
47th 22:27 Freddie Argent (PB) (1st JM14)
105th 27:05 Olivia Argent

The parkrun PB page has been updated.


Mini-Marathon photos - 22 April


Easter camp photos - 10-12 April


Athlete of the Month - April 2012

Elle - Athlete of the Month - April 2012Harry - Athlete of the Month - April 2012

Harry contiues to improve in all three triathlon disciplines, making huge improvements in his swimming, he is a regular at both training and races to a high standard in Tristar 2.

Elle has worked very hard to improve her bike and run skills. She is often the only female at training sessions. She attends both training and races regularly to a high standard.

View the 2012 Athletes of the Month.


Beckenham Relays - 9 May

Race report by Matthew Brogan

When I heard about the Beckenham relay race I really wanted to take part so my mum emailed the juniors and asked if anyone was interested in making a team up.

It was really great because Joseph and Luc joined me and we made a team.

CPT juniors stretching at Beckenham RelaysOn race day, we turned up at Beckenham Cricket Club to register.  As we got out of the car we saw Joseph and Alex.  We went into the club house and started to register and enter the race.  Then Luc arrived and we then had to decide who would run in what order.

Luc wanted to run first, Joseph wanted to run second so that left me to run last.  We walked up to the start with lots of other people, mainly from CPT.

When we got to the start point our team started our stretches and a warm up.  It was mild, though it drizzled with rain on and off.

The atmosphere at the start was exciting, though the longer I waited for my turn to run and the darker it got, the more unsure I became!

CPT at the Beckenham RelaysLuc ran first and when he approached the finishing line we were all cheering his name and giving lots of encouragement. He then handed over to Joseph who returned to a similar welcome of cheers and encouragement.  Joseph handed over to me and I was off, it was about 8.20pm and I started my stop watch.

As I came down the first hill it was slippery under foot and I knew I had to be careful not to slip over.  By the time I was running around the course there were only about five runners left and that included me, so I felt very lonely and would have liked to have had some company.  Though, there were lots of marshals and they all gave me lots of encouragement, which helped me get round.  As I ran it seemed to be getting darker and darker!  Then I met a marshal on a bike, he told me I was doing really well and I asked him how far I had run.  He said I was about 3/4s of the way round so that made me feel good.

Matthew running in the dark - Beckenham Relays

As I went through the gates of the park I was met with a fantastic sight ............. lots and lots of CPT atheletes, adults and juniors all cheering me on.  They started to run alongside and I must admit it was good to know that people hadn't gone home for their dinner.

I then had my last hill to climb, I dug deep and ran as fast as I could ......... as I got further up the hill I could see the timing clock and the finish line.  Everyone was cheering and calling my name and it was a great feeling and made it so worthwhile to be there.

As I crossed the finishing line I stopped my stop watch and saw that I had finished in just over 21 minutes.  I have never done this race before so a PB!

We finished with a team photo (with our mascot, Hannah!).

Luc, Joseph, Matthew and Hannah at the Beckenham Relays

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all members, adults and juniors, who lined the route to cheer me on when I was all on my own.  I must admit I don't know the names of most of the adults, there were some familiar faces but, you know who you are and I want to thank you for your support when it really mattered.

CPT is the BEST!!!

View the full CPT results.

Below: The other U17 CPT team (Alex, Ben and Adam)

CPT U17 team at Beckenham Relays

View a slideshow of photos from the Beckenham Relays:


Tooting Aquathlon

The junior event (and super competitive parents race) at Tooting Bec Lido is on Saturday 21 July and opens for entries on 10 June – it’s a London junior league race this year so a three line whip from JH.  Jon is helping with a training night in July at the Lido to help juniors get acclimatised, so look out for details.  It’s currently 9c which is really cold – normally 15c this time of year so let’s hope things warm up quickly!


Club championship update - Hillingdon - 6 May

Hillingdon DuathlonCongratulations to the 14 junior members who raced at Hillingdon on Sunday. The weather in west London held up well and there were some excellent results in the first of the London League events.

Including podium positions, a total of 149 points were earned, 82 by Team Don versus 67 by Team Swift. So after two events, Team Don have extended their lead to 232 points versus 177.

Special mention to the following podium places:

Tristart        Lili (2nd)
Tristar 1      Alexandra (1st) (not a member yet!)
T2               Elle (3rd); Harry (3rd)
T3               Alex  (1st); Morris (3rd); Nats (3rd)

6 MAy 2012
Hillingdon Duathlon

Full results

Pos Run Bike Run Time Name  
2 03:00 04:33 00:41 08:14 Lili Jenkins  
TriStar 1
1 03:17 11:32 07:44 22:33 Alexandra Fisker Van Veen
9 03:01 13:06 12:11 28:18 Lottie Hull  
TriStar 2 Girls
3 00:00 16:37 06:45 23:22 Elle Horsman  
5 00:00 17:19 06:28 23:47 Tammy Falshaw  
7 00:00 17:00 07:47 24:47 Mali Jenkins  
12 00:00 20:20 08:26 28:46 Lexie Webb  
TriStar 2 Boys
3 00:00 14:44 06:26 21:10 Harry Horsman  
5 00:00 15:34 06:09 21:43 Michael Eagling  
10 00:00 16:58 07:44 24:42 Matthew Brogan  
11 00:00 18:19 07:54 26:13 Joseph Yee  
TriStar 3 Girls
02:38 16:28 06:06 25:12 Natalie Falshaw  
TriStar 3 Boys
1 02:22 13:32 05:10 21:04 Alex Yee  
02:56 15:04 06:03 24:03 Morris Pusey  
6 03:04 16:21 07:56 27:21 Niklas Pusey  


parkrun PB - 28 April

Congratulations to Alex Elms who got a new parkrun PB at Bromley on 28 April with a time of 18:49. He was first JM14 and 10th overall.


Club championship changes

The planned Greenwich Triathlon on 10 June is now going to be another aquathlon, for TriStarts through to TriStar 3 (no Youth category). Details on the Greenwich Tritons website. We are still including the race in the Club championships but to give everyone a chance in as many races as possible we are adding the Dorney Open Water Triathlon.on 9 June.


parkrun results - 5 May

Brockwell parkrun
90th 25:18 Olivia Argent (1st JW14)

Crystal Palace parkrun
37th 24:10 Adam Efrat (PB) (1st JM14)

The parkrun PB page has been updated.


New member

Welcome to new member Thomas Giles.


View photos from Herne Hill VelodromeHerne Hill Velodrome - 1 May

Brian took some great action photos at the Club road bike session at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday evening.

Sessions take place every Tuesday from 18:15-20:00. See training schedule.

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