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2012 junior news - April

CPT juniors in action


Sport Relief Mile - 28 April

Elle, Sheila & Harry with their medalsOn Saturday Harry, Elle and Sheila all swam the BIG SPLASH MILE for Sport Relief.  It was a bit chaotic in the extra wide lane, but we all soon found a 'line' and managed to keep clear of Elle who was on a mission to break 30 minutes, and yep she did! 

Elle: 29:57
Harry: 32:20
Sheila: 37:25

If you would like to donate to the many great causes Sport Relief supports, please sponser Harry or Elle. Thank you.


Dulwich parkrun - 28 April

Dulwich parkrun
4th 18:05 Alex Yee (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Club Championship Aquathlon - 27 April

Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part in the opening event of the 2012 season at Trinity school last night. A great turnout, 26 members (plus one non-member) - just under half of the junior section of the Club.

It was fantastic to see so many of you there, we hope you enjoyed the first race (involving a swim) of the season!  There was some great competition with each age group setting off together, apart from T2s where there was so many, you split into boys and girls. Special mention goes to Lili, our only TriStart who competed alongside the T1s racing their distance and also Alex Y and Nats who took on the extra 100m swim to race with the Youths.  Also to everyone who competed for the first time.  The aquathlon was organised by Sheila and James R and this time mirrored the distances of the Thames Turbo race, so a good pre-league practice. Thanks to them for their input, all the parents who helped out on the night and to Jon H your race director.  Jon was so impressed with the turnout that he would like to hold another aquathlon soon, dodging the other races coming up of course!  Watch out for it on the Club Training Plan. Individual results below.

Thanks also to those of you who suggested team names for the 2012 Club Champs. Many of them were variations of Wellington, Jenkins and Brownlee, however, after careful consideration (and a Falshaw family vote), we have decided to go with a triathlete v cyclist theme; so for 2012 we have Team Don (GB triathlete and former world champion Tim Don) versus Team Swift (GB and Team Sky pro-cyclist Ben Swift). Kudos (but no prize!) to Adam E for those suggestions.

So team scores after the first event:

Team Don lead Team Swift by 40 points (150 v 110). Of the total 260 points exactly half came from the boys and girls, with the Tristar 2s also accounting for half of the points awarded.

Next event is the Hillingdon Duathlon on Sunday 6 May. Hillingdon Cycle Circuit (Minet Park, Hayes) is a purpose-built, one-mile, traffic-free tarmac cycle circuit; perfect for duathlon and for children in a safe environment. If you haven't already registered, don't delay!

Recap on teams, and welcome to Nicholas Shoppee, our newest member.

Team Don:
Oliver, Thomas, Lottie H, Lola, Alice P, Jay, Joseph Y, Lexie, Luc, Samuel B, Mali, Michael E, Elle, Joseph DZ, Jessica R, Isaac, Sasha, Niklas, Samuel C, Max, Archie, Natalie, Michael H, Louis, Olivia, Adam, Ben A, Timothy

Team Swift:
Lili, Tomas, Daniella, Nicholas, Alex C, Elizabeth, Eva, Matthew, Lottie W, Nicholas S, Harry, Alex E, Abigail, Tammy, Sumer, Moritz, Dominic, Ben H, Eliza, Freddie, Wil, Georgina, Alex Y, Morris, Sam S-R, Alice H, Jamal, Greta

29 APRIL 2012
Club Aquathlon


TriStar 1 Boys  
Swim 150m Run 1.5k Time Name
04:14 07:59 12:13 Oliver C
04:16 08:19 12:35 Tom B
TriStar 1 Girls  
Swim 150m Run 1.5k Time Name
03:09 07:51 11:00 Alexandra
03:09 08:46 11:55 Daniella
03:54 08:49 12:43 Lili (TriStart)
03:11 DNF DNF Lottie H
TriStar 2 Boys  
Swim 250m Run 2k Time Name
03:40 08:22 12:02 Michael E
04:20 08:43 13:03 Harry
04:19 08:49 13:08 Alex C
04:36 11:06 15:42 Luc
05:33 10:17 15:50 Joseph Y
05:58 09:54 15:52 Sam B
TriStar 2 Girls  
Swim 250m Run 2k Time Name
04:14 08:17 12:31 Tammy
04:00 08:31 12:31 Elle
05:38 09:18 14:56 Alice P
05:28 10:21 15:49 Mali
04:58 11:20 16:18 Sumer
05:01 11:59 17:00 Abi
04:36 12:27 17:03 Jessica
TriStar 3 Boys  
Swim 350m Run 3k Time Name
07:01 15:30 22:31 Ben H
08:10 19:02 27:12 Michael H
08:10 19:02 27:12 Sam C
TriStar 3 Girls  
Swim 350m Run 3k Time Name
06:21 15:23 21:44 Eliza
Youth Boys  
Swim 450m Run 3k Time Name
06:19 11:03 17:22 Alex Y (T3)
06:21 16:09 22:30 Adam
Youth Girls  
Swim 450m Run 3k Time Name
06:59 11:54 18:53 Natalie (T3)

14:24 20:35 Greta


Easter training camp reports - 10-12 April

RAbi and friendseport by Abi Morris

This was my third tri camp.  The weather was slightly dodgy but all 24 of us kept working hard!!!  Day 1 involved running and cycling with a couple of duathlons thrown in as an extra challenge.  

Day 2 meant more cycling but this time swimming as well.  Cycling was at the Herne Hill Velodrome and because of the torrential rain we started on the grass!  Richmond ParkHowever, after about half an hour, the sun came out and we spent an hour on the track. It was great!  I felt I improved and everybody did really well especially Lexie who started on the flat and moved up to the red line.  Well done Lexie!!  I enjoyed the swimming because it was a mix of fun and training  and even the training was fun too!

Abi on her bikeDay 3 dawned and the sun came out which was great because we met at Richmond Park for transition practice. Not only were we mounting and dismounting but some of us had to do it with cleats!  (This year no one fell off!!!)  An eventful day included almost cycling over a duck, swerving to miss the deer and then more deer trying to eat my dad whilst repairing punctures!  Apart from that, it was an energetic day. 

Tri camp is a great opportunity to try new things, practice some skills and learn about triathlons/sports.  The rewards for working hard are improving fitness and getting to know other young triathletes.  I had a brilliant time!!!

Report by Morris Pusey

Morris and friends runningDay one: We traveled to Trinity school where we headed out of town to tuck into a mini Paragon ride. My mum had a great idea to drive down to the school a little bit earlier. Well, we actually arrived 45 minutes before the session started only to have to wait in the cold. Thanks mum! During the start of the ride I was feeling slightly dizzy and a bit fatigued because it had been a bit of time since I cycled last. I also was in agony as my bike's solid seat was digging into my bottom. To sum it up - I suffered! Dean led us through some windy roads and steep hills to climb. Ah, and I had a puncture (the first one of many) which Dean fixed for me. 

Morris on his bikeDay two: was at the Velodrome. After recovering from the fatigue from the day before, we got on with some transition training until the track dried out. We then had a good riding session on the track. Then we rode off to Alleyns to do some swim training which was enjoyable as I have been progressing and attending swim sessions more regularly and was feeling strong. In my opinion that session was the most fun because it was topped off with some races on the big floats.

Day three: The last day we went to Richmond Park where we set up to do some mini duathlons. The second half was a nice ride round the park, where the birds sung and the sun was shining for us. All was good until I had another puncture which Paul fixed for me, so for the second time in three days, I had yet another puncture. Nik also had a puncture which Brian had to fix. View Brian's photosQuite rightly we earned the name 'Puncture boys'... One of our goals is to be able to fix a puncture ourselves next time as it seems we are doomed by having them quite often. 

In summary the Easter camp was an exceptional success thanks to Jon, Dean and Paul and all the parent helpers. Can't wait for the summer!!!

Thanks to Brian for the photographs from Richmond Park.

View a slideshow of Sheila's photos from the training camp:


New member

Welcome to new member Nick Shoppee.

APR 26

CPT Junior Club Championships 2012The first event is a CPT members aquathlon (Swim plus Run) at Trinity School on Friday 27 April. It's an ideal event for both those new to racing, as well as the more experienced triathletes looking to kickstart their 2012 season, so let's get a good turnout.

Full details of all Club Champ events can be found in the attached PDF.


London Mini-Marathon - 22 April

Isaac and his mini-marathon medalReport by Isaac Brown

I was looking forward to the mini-marathon this year. I’d been training a lot and my form was good and lots of my friends were doing it. Also everyone was promised a ticket for the Olympics!

But the evening before, disaster!, I tripped up at home and knocked my knee. It did not look or feel good. It was bruised and swollen, and it hurt.
On the day of the Mini-Marathon, the pain hadn’t gone away and I was wondering if I should run it. But for a reason I don’t know, I ended up doing it. I knew I couldn’t get a flying P.B. View photographsso I started at the back. I did a very fast jog around the course and this time actually noticed the River Thames! I eventually came in with a time of 18:51 (faster than I expected).

I saw loads of other CPT kids and I’m sure they all got brilliant times.

Note from Karen: I've trawled the results, but without a Club it's hard to search. Please let me know if I've missed anyone.

Thanks to Ron for the photos of Alex, Natalie and Elle running.

22 APRIL 2012
London Mini-Marathon

Full results

Borough Age Gruop Pos Time Name  
Bromley Girls 11-12 13 19:48 Natalie Falshaw Natalie
Bromley Girls 11-12 36 20:48 Tamsin Falshaw Tammy
Lambeth Boys 15-17 107 18:51 Tim Leake Tim
Lambeth Boys 11-12 39 18:54 Isaac Brown Isaac
Lambeth Girls 11-12 151 23:15 Mali Jenkins Mali
Lambeth Girls 13-14 144 24:03 Olivia Argent No image
Lambeth Boys 11-12 134 20:21 Freddie Argent No image
Merton Girls 11-12 117 22:32 Elle Horsman Elle
Merton Boys 11-12 124 20:10 Harry Horsman Harry
Southwark Boys 13-14 14 16:55 Alex Yee Alex
Southwark Boys 11-12 22 18:24 Alex Elms Alex


Dulwich parkrun - 21 April

Dulwich parkrun
68th 29:02 Lexie Webb (PB)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


New members

Welcome to new members Sam and Thomas Beadle.


Richmond Park and 2nd hand sale - Saturday 21 April

Here are the details for Saturday's session, with a slightly later start than usual, please bring appropriate clothing and ensure bikes are in good working order, with tyres inflated! 

Richmond Park details:

- Meet 10:30am at Pen Ponds car park
- Bring bike & run kit
- Finish at 12.45

After the session there will be a ‘Second hand Sale’, with all money raised going towards the continuation of our successful CPT Junior training programme.  This might be your chance to grab some bargain training kit!

A session not to be missed!


Optima Aquathlon - entry now open

Entry is now open for the Optima Aquathlon, which is a London Region event.


Athlete of the Month - March 2012

Matthew - Athlete of the Month - March 2012Matthew has made great improvements in all three of his triathlon disciplines, he attends training regularly and always applies himself well.

He is always eager to learn and hungry to improve his performance as an athlete.

Well done Matthew.


parkrun mob match challenge - Saturday 21 April


We have been taking part in a parkrun mob match between Crystal Palace Triathletes, Greenwich Tritons and Windrush Triathlon Club. The last parkun in the challenge takes place at Brockwell Park, this Saturday, 21 April.

We need as many CPT runners as possible, no matter how fast or slow, it's the number of finishers that counts, not the times! So if there are any juniors not participating in CPT training or the mini-marathon at the weekend, get yourself down to Brockwell Park for a 9:00 start.

You need to register and print out your barcode, if you haven't already done so.


parkrun results - 14 AprilWhat an amazing turnout for the first ever Dulwich parkrun at Dulwich Park today, with 161 finishers! So with everyone running for the first time it was PBs all round and some great results for our juniors!

Dulwich parkrun
9th 18:24 Alex Yee (1st JM14)
20th 19:21 Alex Elms (3rd JM14)
88th 25:02 Adam Efrat
146th 30:49 Lexie Webb (2nd JW14)
154th 32:20 Joseph Yee

Brockwell parkrun
66th 24:02 Freddie Argent (1st JM14) (1st time)
80th 24:51 Olivia Argent (1st JW14) (1st time)

The parkrun PBs page has been updated.


Dulwich parkrun launches - Saturday 14 April The long awaited Dulwich parkrun launches this Saturday in Dulwich Park, so why not come along for a dead cert course PB. The course is just under three laps of the main carriageway, starting at Queen Mary's Gate, the entrance off the South Circular.

If you've never done a parkrun before, you must register in advance, print out your barcode and bring it along with you on the day to get a recorded time.


parkrun - 7 April

Brockwell parkrun
Isaac came 5th overall and 1st in his age-group at the parkrun today, in a time of 18:42.

Bromley parkrun
Alex Elms came 17th overall in a time of 19:30.

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